What do you do to avoid being demoralized?

I'm trying to stay strong, but it's rough. Every time I come to a place like pol to find out what's going on in the world, it's page after page of bad news. But the main thing that gets me down is that every girl I meet has something about her that disqualifies her from being the mother of my children.

I'm not giving up, but I am feeling the weight of it all.

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I am also beginning to take the blackpill on women and I hate it. Modern culture is finely crafted to appeal to a woman's base desires and reward her for it. Her most valued possession, her reputation, no longer suffers after bouts of degeneracy and its now the social norm to just ride the cock carousel until they hit the wall then snatch up some beta bux provider to grind into the dirt and divorce rape when she's done with him.

Keep improving on yourself, user. That's the only thing that works for me. Pursue perfection of the self and hold your head high for keeping your high standards.

Give into the darkness, and then either kill yourself or man up and do what your ancestors did: accept that reality is out to get you and accept that your life is forfeit but that securing the perpetuity of your tribe is the only thing worth spending your life on.

No man ever did anything great by lying to himself about the enormity of the task before him, or by how many people wanted him to fail. By becoming demoralized you see the world as it truly is, and your worldview becomes more accurate and predictive, and even when you're wrong you've only pleasantly surprised yourself.

pro-tip: do you think any men out there are worthy of being husbands? no, both men and women are disgusting failures in the modern world, those who arent end up pairing up pretty quickly.

become a gymcel and live a life doing cool shit, the good women will come to you if you're worthy

or maybe you should stop being such a picky nigger and realize that all women are shit-tier and you'll never find the perfect wife material

You start by cutting out the msm from your life.
Start engaging with real people or if you are an introvert only consume classic media and literature made by real people.
Drop the ego and dont be a douchebag. Become a good representation for an alternative to degeneracy.
Do physical masculine activites weightlifting, wilderness sports and hobbies etc

If you meet a woman you like and she is a degenerate. Learn to walk away and forget about it. If you keep focusing on the degenerates you wont notice the non-degenerates.
Also be honest to yourself if you aren't you are no better than a degenerate.

Good advice, and I will keep doing that. I'm in a great place now. I did 4 years in the Army to pay for school, so I have a degree in a STEM field and $0 loans. I have a job in my career field making pretty good money. I'm in good shape. I'm self-sufficient and masculine - not tall enough though, 5'9" which is way below what women on Tinder want, so I quickly gave up on that. I'm confident and funny, which makes me good socially, and I've had a lot of luck picking up girls at social functions.

But around me is chaos and degeneracy. When I get my hopes up that I've found a worthwhile girl, she starts throwing red flags. A week ago tonight I had a date and she just disgusted me (even though when we met a week before that she seemed great and we had chemistry).

I think that the ratio of good men to worthless men is probably as low as 1:100. Masculinity in white males is punished from the moment they enter public school (all that shit about "toxic masculinity" - they only say that to the white boys. Other races can be as masculine as they like) - and of the white males who survive that and don't turn into cucks or soy boys, a lot of them become "chads" which means they take advantage of the easy sex, and while this doesn't ruin them in the same way that whoring ruins a girl, it does make them not husband material.

…however, I think that the ratio of good women to worthless whores is far, far worse. I am convinced that a girl in her early 20s who wants to get married and have a family will have no trouble finding a man who is thrilled to devote his life to that goal.

I sure as fuck don't post faggot threads on hate/pol/ expecting positive affirmation.

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I forgot to say if you are a non-white asking for advice.
Kill yourself instead.

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Done. I don't even have cable TV.
I'm not an introvert so that's not a problem. I live in an okay place for tech work and I go to as many professional organizations as I can. I don't pick up girls there, but I make friends and get invited to parties and meet girls that way. I also do pseudo-sports like for example I'm on a kick ball team (lame, but a good way to meet people). And I go biking but I prefer to do that alone.
I've never been told that I come off as a douchebag. I think I'm pretty good at the art of conversation - which is mostly about taking an interest in your partner.
Solid advice.

It takes discipline, but when I've compromised I've always been burned. Spent two years with a girl who I planned to marry, but kept getting more and more trickle truth - wasted 2 years, should have walked away at the first flag.

That's what I did last week. I had a date with a girl who was perfect in every way - we had even discussed politics a bit and I thought that was straight. But no, for whatever reason last week she starts going on about white privilege. Very disappointing. So, I walked away but it's got me down.

Knowing there's things you can be doing to counter jews jewing.

Advice is not affirmation. You're a paid kike shill and what you see in this thread is a white man looking for advice on how to make his life better, and you want to put a stop to it. Fuck off jew. We see through your tricks here.

You do this crap every week moshe.

Note how kikes operate kids. White man points to specific facts and tells, showing what is out of place. Whereas kikes project a story.

Tindr? That's just an app to get off-duty prostitutes.

I'll summarize the typical profile translated:
"I want a Chad to have sex with. Must be the chaddest chad of all so I can have sex and enjoy and hopefully trick (yes, pun intended) him into supporting me financially, whether through Long Term Whoredom or Getting Knocked Up.

I have never looked at Tindr, and never will. It requires a Faceberg profile, for one thing. But, it's just like all the other "dating" sites.

You know what this random whore I was forced to interact with once said "I date men for money."

Shouldn't that TELL you what "dating apps" are about?

Forget Tindr, Grindr, Match(with an overly-picky blown-out roastie).com

Teen girls are not destroyed yet. A chick who is 20 and unmarried? Isn't that like being a man who is 30 and has never had a job? Where's he getting his money?

Let the town young ladies know you are available get a "no cherry don't marry" shirt or something LOL but put the message out, and don't be a whore yourself. A teen girl would be THRILLED to be COURTED by an already-established man on the down low while all her friends compete to see how many nigger dicks they can get stuffed up their asses at once.

Once you take just ONE young lady on a casual date, word will get around, and they will find YOU.

Nothing calls to the not-yet-destroyed-young-lady like a chivalrous family-minded man.

Don't worry about 6 feet with 8 inches only must apply "dating" apps. That's a playground for mentally ill nymphomanical off-duty whores.

Look at how triggered you are. What is it?? You don't get paid if someone calls you out? Is that what is setting you off? 'fraid you're going to lose a sheckle little buddy?

You're right. It was a lesson learned for sure.
I have really not experienced that. But I'll keep trying.

Nothing. What kind of fucking idiot thinks there's any hope for 90% of just the redpilled people? We're going to be swarmed and exterminated by nonwhites and their brainwashed white allies.
7% of women between 16 and 25 are virgins of a healthy weight. That's it, and with no other considerations. That includes smokers, drinkers, drug users, tattoos, daddy issues, and political leftism (the last one can and should be easily changed by a man's touch). SEVEN. PERCENT.

watch hitler speeches

A few years ago i worked as a deckhand on a sailingship. I was a year at sea and abroad and did not hingmore than glance at the foreign headlines on the newspapers. It really disconnected me from the mainstream chaos. That ship was like an island, excluded from the world. We sailed for 20 days, i worked, ate, exercised, talked with my mates and read books.

When i came home i was so inspired from what i had seen around the world, but no one seemed to grasp it, or really care. I ate dinner at my family, and after that they turned on the news and drank coffee, it kept going on for an hour. Watching those 'very' serious reporters talking about things that did not concern me made me burst into laughter. My family didnt laugh though, they were concerned. I took about a week until i was a normie again, the same old chores, bombardment with news, advertising.

I found back to that state of peace i got by disconnecting. I stopped watching television, only an old classic movie now in a while, i read books do crosswords, and i focus on becoming something i really want to do. Care about yourself, not about things you can't change or influence.

Also, don't drink or smoke weed. If you feel down go for a jog, you will feel great afterwards.

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Well clearly she wasn't perfect.

literally one thing:

After all of the bloodshed
After all of the death
After all of the struggle

Remember; we are going to win.

Improve yourself, seek perfection and excellence in everything you do, stop fantasizing about sexual perversions. Sex is for pro creation and that’s it. If you can’t find the strength to do this then dedicate yourself to your people

I go somewhere private and alternate between gut-laughing and primal screaming in rotation until I am spent of all human emotion
It's quite helpful, tbh.

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Who says.

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Obligatory ur a faggot for believing in equality in any way redpill

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Remember that better men have suffered worse to do what needed to be done.

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How? The details are anonymous and it helps to others to understand which degeneracy or red flags are prevailing.


who gaf what that nigger says or does. also

Women are like AI, they are easily programmed.

They are all consensus thinkers by instinct like 10x that of man. So, eventually you will be dealing with an NPC, not your special soul mate that completes you and with whom union is the fruition of your being.

I find this is a major thing men are brainwashed into believing these days, that a women will complete them or will be anything more than the mother of their children. As a men, you are always alone, or at least must always remember you must always return to your inner solitude, or you're insane, in that you have lost touch with serenity.

Asshole brothers will actually understand you the most in the long run, not women, unless you knowingly program her to do so and then she is only knowing the you that you know you know enough to make anyone else know him as well.

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Morning lads, an old but gold Fieldsports Britian vid about hunting Geese, getting a few of the fuckers thinking of nesting near me but I don't have the proper gear to take them out (Gun is old so I don't want to risk butting BB cartidges through the barrels). Gods I wish this were me

And now two more recent ones

Golden Button Challenge - Britain's craziest horse race

Giant stags of New Zealand

realise part of this covers the race smh smh

Fucking hell wrong thread mods delete this please

You sound like some cuckservative faggot but you simply don't care what your enemy says and push through your politics

At this point it's all about inflicting as much damage to the enemy as possible hoping that few pockets of decent whites can survive the upcoming global collapse. If not, then burn the whole world down. It's about surfing the tidal wave, not trying to stop it.

I've seen that before and generally agree with it. I don't expect my future wife to be my equal. I have never, and would never lean on a woman for emotional support. The proper role of a husband as far as emotions go is to be a rock for the wife's emotions - she can lean on me, our children (when they're very young) can lean on her (and when they're older I'll teach my sons stoicism).

>which degeneracy or red flags are prevailing.
The chain of events starts when a homeless black guy approached us and I told him I didn't have any cash (I didn't). She started digging through her purse even though he's already walking away. I tell her "that's okay, just let it go" but she calls him back over. So I'm now having to watch the dude like a hawk because I'm expecting him to grab the whole purse.

I would label that a red flag because she should have just followed my lead. But, it's not a deal-breaker on a second date. I let it go and resumed our conversation which had nothing to do with social issues. At some point later, the conversation does go to social issues and she actually brings up the homeless guy and makes a comment about how I "wouldn't" help him. Rather than get defensive (because I really didn't have any cash) I make a joke, which she ignores, and the next words out of her mouth are about white privilege.

I pretty much bailed out right then. It was 10:30 and we both had to work the next day so the date was over anyway. I'm not sure if she picked up on how I nexted her at that remark. I texted her that night saying I had a nice time. She texts me back the next day at noon! I might be reading too much into that, but my suspicion is that when I didn't take her home and fuck her, she went to some other guy's house.

We had one more text conversation, and as of this morning it's been 5 days of no contact so it's safe to say we both get the message that it's not going to work.

You asked what red flags "prevail" - you have to keep in mind, I'm filtering girls out long before we get to the dating phase. Most of them, I just get a sense that they're too wild. It's weird how loud and obnoxious most women are. They're not even trying to be feminine - they're sexy sure, just not feminine. And they have so much confidence. It's just astounding to me. Their self esteem is through the roof. I suppose that's a result of the constant validation they get from social media.

Note that I'm not looking for a girl with low self esteem - just one with appropriate levels of it. A bit of humility is actually quite attractive.

Usually what I do in a group of people is make note of which girl is talking the least and go for her. I've had a lot better experiences than the dudes I hang out with. I've never gotten involved with anyone legitimately crazy. The most common reason I have to next them is that they're liberal/leftist/hate trump types. Second most common reason is that they're too serious about their career. I have never in my life had a girl tell me that she wants to start a family - like, that's one of her goals.

What you say is true, but it's not the whole truth - a woman can be ruined beyond all hope by the programming society gives her. And a man who tries creating a family with her is going to fail.

I'm not looking for a woman to "complete me" or be my equal. But I am looking for one that I believe is capable of having a strong family.

Get off this subverted board, where lefties and discord trannies are boss.

Gotta work with what you've got. You think the women of the Third Reich just descended from heaven after the end of the Wiemar Republic.

Artificial wombs will make women obsolete. The men of the future will be mass produced in artificial wombs and will be genetically engineered to be high IQ Übermensch Chads, and women will go the way of the horse.

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I use this analogy some.

I tell people they confused when they see me marching towards the incoming tsunami.

They think I intend to stop it, which I of course cannot. They see the board in my hand and laugh, saying, "he thinks he will stop the wave with his little board". I tell them I will triumph, but they will not realize I have won until they see me come surfing by their homes, as they sit upon the rooftops among the rising tide, waiting for the incoming wave I'm riding to obliterate them.

Stop. You are not perfect either. Don't expect your future wife to be squeeky clean. You and she are human and are, de facto, flawed.

I can have my own kids now without fear of a biofem not suing for 50k alimony a month? I seriously doubt this.


I try to filter out as much LowIQ content away from my life as possible. It has helped a little and cleared my mind some.

Getting rid of TV, magazines, blocking certain youtube channels etc etc. cleaned the lowIQ pollution somewhat. But there are still many things to do to remove he brainlet pollution once and for all.

I’m not bigoted, I don’t stress about the stock market, and I think climate change is pretty solvable, so the big three demoralization patterns are SEP. I pretty much just have to browse around for favorable trendlines when I want a pick-me-up.

Real wealth at this point in civilization’s development seems to be energy. Let’s build more energy banks. Buttressing the electrical grid with gigantic battery installations will make whatever changeovers or experimentations we want to perform into something cheaper and less disruptive. Energy banks can even arbitrage between each other so neighboring regions can help each other handle fluctuating conditions.

Eventually we really will want to run solar encapsulation, but that’s a long way out. Middle-term… can we get a research hub built undersea? Some experimental community schtick built down where everyone dies if the wrong wall breaks. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised how broad a swathe of humanity is capable of caring about all the right walls under those conditions, and it’ll be good for the human architectural knowledge base plus interpersonal faith factors. Getting people down where they can have benthic organisms for neighbors will tell us more about how to mine the seas without ruining their ecology, too; we aren’t exactly past the era of mineral wealth just yet. And hey, people worry about the oceans warming up. Maybe we need some great heatsinks down there.

Yeah, wouldn't it be paradise if fathers raised girls to be encouraged to their natural instincts to want families? I guess most men would rather have "impressive" daughters than more mouths to feed, poor fools and poor tools really.

I think you should have brought the homeless siti-ation to the forefront immediately, probably would have ended the date and the girl would have never talked to you again, but she would have thought more about it later and maybe influenced her to get right for your brother.

Like, say "alms to sots will not calm their rot" and propound that she has done a diservice to him by allowing him mercy against your will, the man, who should always be the father sky around mother earth, you see she must know that her world must be small enough for you to save it, or "it'll never work".

Also, you might have explained that privilege is from French for "private law". And that private laws exist and are kept, between individuals, races, and parties within the State, that is the real state of nature, hence communism is a utopia (utopia is Greek for "nowhere" as in it does not exist)

He would probably reply:

Straight is a sexuality; breeder isn’t. It’s been pretty nice to see the way reproduction rates sink with higher QoL. People are finally starting to respect the long-term of their own pleasure and the good of the species, too. This is pretty important in the dawning era of senolytics, organ printing, dementia cures, and cancer cures. We’re coming up on the apotheosis of medicine - when at last repairing people is about something more wholesome than creating new babies for culturally manipulative people to mistreat. We will at last be able to preserve cultures by the cleanest, most voluntary method: indefinite individual exemplification.

Global warming is a cover for the Grand Solar Minimum to mislead and misdirect the masses so they will be unprepared.

The whole idea humans aren't beneficial organism to Earth is wrong. We fix more nitrogen (make more fertilizer) than all other bacteria combined, so the Earth is twice as green with us than without us, again the whole point of the original sin of human caused climate change is demoralization.

Oy vey goy, atomize and because aethereal atomic assholes.

>paid jewish shill continues to spam his (((transhumanist))) hoax

Any recommendations for learning how to sail? Any good books?

Do they still use a sextant for navigation at all for fun? I find very little on how to use those things.


My friend, you are employing a technique known as, "fallacy of the excluded middle"

I say I don't want someone completely degenerate. You reply that nobody is squeaky clean.

But here's the thing, when I say I don't want someone completely degenerate, I'm not saying that I demand someone squeaky clean.

It's like if I said I don't want to date a 1/10 and you reply, "not every girl is a 10/10!!" I know that dude. I'm not holding out for a 10 either.

Worth a shot I guess, if it ever happens again. I'm a bit leery about allowing a girl to "change" for me. If she changes in order to lock me down, then once she's got what she wants, she'll go back to her old ways. I'd much prefer someone who was raised right and has the instincts to trust her man.

Shit, one of the reasons I had high hopes for this girl is the way she talked about her dad. She really respected him. I really thought she was a keeper.

Just know the truth, them you wont be demoralized, you going to grow hate and put that to some use.
Like, enemies want to make you praise rus, chink and sandniggers (the fake oposition) at the same time they degenerate your people, making you have shame of your people and letting foreginer culture advance to take it all.
Why you think the same people who promote feminism are the ones who want sandniggers enter the country and preserve their monkey behavior?
Or promote degeneracy at the same time praise ant westerm political powers like russia and china?
Its all conected to the plan.
Learn the truth, hate and use in your favor against them.

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Have a fucking brain. Just as no one can offend you, the fucking news hahaha can't 'demoralize' you unless you let it. The only way that can happen, is if you forgot the source and purpose of all this shit. You see articel by Shlomo Fuckingstein and you think your getting the truth? That's not the business he's in. Doom sounding shit makes you imagine you need to read it. That means clicks and clicks is what he's about, because that's how he sells ADS. Ads equal money and making money is why the shit exists. Very fucking simple.

No it isn't and the UN admits it's redistribution of wealth.

Most of us are. That's the secret. Reason being that anyone who consistently lurks here can not be fully resistent, even if he has super-human shill detection abilities, everything contained here is a trainwreck to look at.
This is place is full of inconvenient and fucked truths and half-truths to give you a vision of pure hatred against everything in it's present state. Is it an unavoidable side-effect or intentional? What is necessary knowledge and what is useless dead weight for the mind? Should I care about X? Is this relevant to me or the broad scale of things?
I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but you simply have to understand the nature of this place and prioritize.

Stop masturbating. Stop any behaviour that seems destructive to you, like addictions. This place can be your addiction. Try cutting certain topics out that drain you and lurk on positive threads or cut everything out for some days, cut down on browsing time and live instead. When lurking here if you don't want to make things worse, just don't browse white victim threads, XYZ hate threads. It's always a bunch of niggers posted doing nigger things and fucked up stuff. Any clear demoralization attempts, meaning that there's no information gain from it should be avoided obviously. Check what drains you always and don't feed it. Don't write an essay of a reply if it is not important to you or if you don't feel like others might gain from it, but only an impulse to "strike back" at a stupid/angering statement: Take a fucking deep breath and check first if there are already half a million replies pointing out the same thing to him already. If you don't add something to it, don't bother. Likely most of the replies that are (1) posters and cause a lot of impulse is a shill or some newfag.

The funny part is both of you are right.
It is a scheme to push money and industry to the turd world, but it involves complete ignorance the reality of science and nature. My opinion is though that the people involved may be completely oblivious to the real science involved in Earthly climate cycles though and even if some people discover inconvenient things, he will be ignored or get backlash from the academics. It's a bunch of jerks suck their own cocks while the money flows for this bullshit "science" they invented with a thousand iterations of computer simulations, but of course "science has nothing to do with politics"

Why would the colors of the Hetrosexual Pride flag be pink, white and blue? What the fuck?

I dunno. I assume because blue means male and pink means female? And I guess white means pure?

Add to this that you should go find yourself a Protestant church to join. Not one that's fucking flashy led by pedos like Hillsong or Bill Graham, but one that is community based and modest. If the pastor drives a Porsche or wears expensive suits, run for your life and don't look back. Those guys are false prophets who use spirituality to mislead and deceive and get wealthy.

Spirituality is important and a major factor that is missing in your life. Looks, wealth, health - all obvious factors. But if you want a girl who is not buying into the moral decay that society and Hollywood are feeding her, then start developing a spiritual relationship with your creator and start going to church to find like-minded individuals. If you want a girl who shares your same values, then you need to start spending time in places that promote your values IRL. That place is usually church, where people tend to uphold conservative traditions like God, family and country.

And as another user commented, stay the fuck away from Tindr, etc. Those sites are nothing but breeding grounds for spiritually empty sluts riding the cock carousel looking for a dumb cuck to dine off of.

Notice that I write "slut" and not "whore". You want to know what the difference is between a slut and a whore?

A slut is too dumb to make money from fucking strange cock.

So yeah - stay the fuck away from sites like Tindr.

Not true at all

Christ man, just tell her she doesn't seem to have had good influences in her life for you to spend the rest of your life with her. None of that "you gotta wait 7.667 hours and then you text her this and then you stay silent the whole weekend and then…"

I'm all for SIG but part of it is a shill operation b/c they think depression causes Nazism.
They may be right but one shouldn't have their philosophy determined by their gut size or lack of pussy anyway.

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Every challenge is an opportunity to be a creative Champion, no matter how small, banal, or "seemingly" impossible. (pic related)
Take out the small chunks you can handle, one at a time, in order of operations.

Consistent Dedication is far more valuable than Motivation.
Your reason is the Future.
Your inspiration, your Blood.
Your impetus, our Enemies.
Your reward? …likely, none.
True Warriors do not distract themselves with expectations.

You're already here, young man, simply remove the "education", and infectious doubt ("weight"), and quietly recognize and remember yourself.
We're all here.
This is our time.

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The good news is that we have a place like this to discuss these topics, though even this is compromised to some extent. Honestly, I think we're long overdue for finding some reliable method for sorting legitimate versus shit posts. When I browse pol, almost every thread includes at least one person telling another person to fuck off, or something to that effect. I think that kind of behaviour harms our progress. We should focus on the common goal and ignore those that hinder progress.

In my experience, you need to bend the girls in your favour. That is to say, they will start off bluepilled. Once they fall in love with you, it's just a matter of reshaping their opinions according to your own ideals.

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What are you smoking? I never suggested that I have to wait 7.667 hours, nor that I need to stay silent the whole weekend.

It's really strange to me when people have such poor reading comprehension.

But surely there are limits to this. Surely you wouldn't date a crack whore with three interracial kids, right?

I cut MSM, boycott pozzed entertainment, indulge in old media, and learn new skills by becoming preoccupied with projects/bokos. I code, 3d model, and do art. If you want an activity that preoccupies your time, check out animation.

People claim that it's unfun, but most modern entertainment is garbage that wastes your money and time. Makes no sense to pay for mediocre content that wastes your money and time.

call someone a nigger, faggot, shitskin, or jew at least 3x a day.

If you worry at "The News", and check back after a few commercials, you ARE the whole point. What if it were that simple at the first level?


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This user has the answer.