What is the relationship between libertarians and fascists?

I'm sorry for this poor quality thread, I just want to understand this friendship between the cucks

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"Libertarianism" on its own is an incomplete ideology. It calls for the abolition of the state - and nothing else, from there the person who's thinking about it fills the blanks. In classical libertarianism, anarchists considered the libertarian society an opportunity to free themselves from the shackles of the feudal oligarchy, capitalism and imperialist states, and then freely associate with each other. They filled the blanks with a classless society.

Contemporary American right-wing libertarians, however, don't want to see society to change much more beyond "I want to smoke weed", "I want to pay more taxes", or, in the more extreme cases, "I want to get rid of the age of consent laws because —————". When they attempt to fill the blanks, they do it with the elements of their worldview, which can't go too further away from the status quo because they don't have the material means to deconstruct their own ideology. Therefore, when they're asked: "Who will build and maintain roads?", they'll reply what the dominant ideology would dictate: "Private investors will do it! It'd be in their interest to provide a good service!".

You can pull the rope to its logical conclusions, and they will either propose to replace contemporary police forces and armies with private mercenaries. Despite wanting to get rid of the State, they won't realize that private property exists because the State makes it possible. At that point, they will either take more moderate positions or take the bite and defend that "private property is human nature" or that "private property will exist after the State is gone" anyway. However, once the rule of law (or its pretense) is gone, the only thing that will guarantee that something is your private property is your capacity to hold onto it, whether it is through your own means or by contracting a private force.

Let's compare this situation to the main demand that real anarchists and libertarians had through history: "The land should belong to those who work it". Suddenly, the classical project of collective emancipation stands in opposition to a bunch of college-aged kids who believe that the land should belong to them because they inherited from their grandpa the exploiter and they have the means to employ a private army (assuming that the private army doesn't rebel).

TL;DR: Libertarianism on its own is an incomplete ideology, and when you realize that you prioritize other values you previously held. Since the majority of libertarians you meet online hold a majority of right-wing values, when they see find that their proposed ideal society is a Swiss cheese, they'll attempt to fill its holes with repression.

They want the state to defend their ""right"" to capitalism.
That's pretty much it.

One calls it a state, the other a business

Lolberts are radical liberals in the actual sense of the term, and as such react violently when capital is opposed in any way. They're ahead of the curve because the other liberals will do the same in time.

If we're talking about the origins of the term libertarian, then it was just a way to say anarchist without getting harassed, and like anarchism is inherently anti-capitalist and for the classless socialist society. Lolbertism is liberalism with pedophilic characteristics and has never been for the abolition of the state, the ancaps are a small minority in this and even then they prefer to privatize the state rather than abolish it.

I always thought ancaps were just arrogant "Chaoists" who wanted a lawless society to force slave labor and rape children.

It all has to do with the whole liberals vs conservatives thing. Given that liberal in the US is used as a synonym for "left" (and yes, I'm aware it's dumb), and since most radfems are actually liberal, then the whole left was tainted with idpol morons, so the so called "skeptics" jumped ship to the "libertarian" right, if anything for purely aesthetic purposes to pretend that they are actually anti status quo.

Of course, the proto alt-righters that started getting involved into actual libertarian principles and "anarcho"-capitalism didn't quite like the idea of complete open borders, freedom of association and laissez faire, mostly because a laissez faire system can (at least in theory) potentially benefit the very people they despise. Add that quite a handful of them already had reactionay views and of course they started drifting towards neofascism.

In reality, most of the so called "anarcho"-capitalists and right wing "libertarians" are the virtue signalling version of fascists, much like the alt-lite are pussified reactionaries. Think of Stephan Molyneux and Christopher Cantwell; both originally called themselves "an"caps, but they are actually alt-right, with the latter being an overt white supremacist.

Long-story-short: Right wing "libertarianism" is yet another tool of the bourgeoisie to delude the right working class into supporting the very system that exploits them, while also fooling them into thinking the poor are the problem. Besides, there is no country in the world that succesfully implemented their utopian version of "libertarianism"; unless you count somalia, which is a monumental shithole.

As it is understood by socialists the state is the instrument that maintains class society. By retaining classes ancaps are keeping the state, they just call it something else like private defense forces or McDonald's Death Squads.

Ignorant burger here. Outside burgerstan, aren't most languages' analogs of the word "libertarian" taken as direct synonyms for "anarchist", complete with all the connotations of being bomb-lobbing pinko scum?

Also, aside from a few very recent metastasizations such as the krauts' FDP, my general impression of foreigners is that ayncraps are an almost entirely burgerstan-exclusive phenomenon.

I'm a burger, libertarian should mean anarchist, as it originally did for a long time, but lolberts have spread beyond burgerland thanks to the internet so "libertarian" has a muddled meaning. See no book muke's libertarian leninist phase for an example.

The term "libertarian" was originally used by Joseph Jejacque, himself an anarcho-communist, to define his ideology, given that the french government outlawed the term "anarchist" as being related to "terrorist".

If by libertarians you mean ancaps, they are fascists.

for real fascists and beefsteaks, non-existent.

libertarians believe in freedom of association and looking out for one's own profit. you believe in either of those under a true fascist state, you will die.

I love how they are only able to see those things in conceptual terms that are disconnected from the actual functioning of any given society.


Libertards do get most of their theory from novels, so that would make sense.


I have, dumbass

brother I'm Nazbol

Libertarians support corporate fascism. Fascists want the government to tread on us, libertarians want billionaires to tread on us. Different approaches for the same end result.

What part of lolbertism is Lovecraft-y? The few societies he describes other than our own are either theocracies or this weird hybrid of Classical greek democracy with a socialist-y economic structure in the case of the Elder Things (IE free Elder Things, egalitarian with the exception of keeping Shoggoth slaves).

Maybe that the world is utterly doomed and entirely populated by crazy assholes, so we may as well speed our own destruction along?

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The Hoppean HOA does pretty well.

in theory its because libertarians still believe in the existence of a state which protects private property and as that increasingly comes under threat from proletarian class struggle it justifies the expansion of state power to combat this, in practice, esp today, its because politics are just aesthetics for assholes who lack a real personality and libertarianism/fascism appeals to the same demographic of middle to upper "class" straight white guys

again I'm not a lolbert

I would apply Lovecraftian beings to a third world shithole

dunno, as I'm not a retarded religious political activist, but I know enough to know you're retarded.

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Sounds like Locus Eyrie

what did he mean by this?

Libertarians are people who believe that everyone needs to obey their boss.
Fascists are people who believe that everyone needs to obey *one* boss.

libertarians are good people and fascists are left wing

libertarianism is literally about having no boss and taking responsability from your actions

Probably this

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Is there a particular brainlet wojak anyone'd like me to post in response to this or…?

They're usually against corporatism, which means that in practice they will end up aligned to our cause.

Im in a unique position to awnser your question as i am a republican who was a libertarian from the time i was 14 with my discovery of ron Paul till i was 26, with the trump election an i started to realize the value of government regulation in things like banking and media.

The relationship between fascist an libertarians does exist. But its not exactly what you think it is. The first time i heard this meme was from weev, (a jew larping as a white nationalist an former libertarian) an again with richard spencer. Its true that a very small group of people did make the jump to White nationalism. Although i have never seen it outside of the Internet. Politically they can have a ton in common or nothing at all. I personally believe that this fractional controlled political outlook among the alt right was designed from the get go. So for instants there are actually alt right racist Who are communists, libertarians, fascist, populist, republican, socialist, and anarchists.

So in general libertarians have nothing in common with fascist. Its just that some libertarians did become fascists, and this was stated again an again by the alt right leadership to the media around 2015. Most of the normal people i talk to online on Zig Forums or republican/ libertarians forums believe at this point that the alt right was a controlled opposition based on the fact that many of the leaders where jews pretending to be white nationalist. Set up to make money, and get the general public to associate people on the right with actual fascists. So it would be easier to push bug governments and silence dissenting voices which regardless if that was the plan or not is exactly what happened. People like Ben Shapiro Trump pro gunners conspiracy theorists anti government people etc. are all called Nazis or alt right by the mainstream media at one point or another. The general consensus among people I speak to seems to be but this was just another attempt to de platform our views.

To sum it up ideologically libertarianism and fascism have almost nothing in common. it takes a really dishonest ignorant person to pretend like they do. So while I’m not denying there are people who do they are very small. I suggest learning more about libertarian ideas to come to understand this for yourself even just reading the Wikipedia page would be enough information for you to realize this fact. That essentially a person who claims to be a libertarian and fascist makes about as much sense as A anarchist claiming to be a communist. The two ideas are antithetical.

Or you can ask this of the liberty bord on Zig Forums here and here actual libertarians ideas on it instead of fithy communists.

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good sassenach!
okay Al Gore

I never would of thought it could of been done. Thanks fam.

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You went from being a libertardian to being a libtard. It's not much of a change.

The only relevant difference between a lolbert and a liberal or fascist is the latter want the age of consent 4-10 years higher.

Damn straight.

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shouldn't you be making shit-tier political spectrums for reddit

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That seems to about what you’d expect from the anarco communist community.

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I think he is an ancap

it doesn't prove anything except that dumb people have too much time on their hands


Actually 1. No they are not. 2. Yes they are