So lab grown meat is limousine liberalism, right? They want us to eat the lab grown shit...

So lab grown meat is limousine liberalism, right? They want us to eat the lab grown shit, while the ultra rich eat a real cow. This strikes me as the same as GM food.

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Gotta agree with the kikepost this time, OP. Your thread is shit.

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No, they want us to eat soybeans and vitamin tablets while the rich eat suckling pig and beef wellington.

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Learn how to read.

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and just wait until you find out what rare meats the ultra-ultra-rich eat. hint, hint: not cow, but long pig.

and it looks something like this:


Torposting should be a bannable offense. I have never seen a torposter that wasn't a shill, a retard, a pedo or some combination of the above.

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no meat. it causes animal farts thus global warming or something.




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It's fun to make fun of these people though. You should try it sometime.


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make some deer jerky
that's that good shit

Are you sure? That meat can be of higher quality than regular, imagine selecting best available meat, them massively producing it, in clean lab conditions, without animals rolling in their own shit, having contact with outside bacteria etc. That would be an upgrade, even for the rich.

Whatever. I will eat my pleb kobe beef hamburger all the way to the bank. The biggest challenge to making synthetic meat is getting fat to grow in between the muscle fibers. If they ever master that you'll end up with the most succulent and juicy ultra-kobe beef that has ever been tasted. I think it will be the other way around though. They'll keep the highest grade synthkobe for themselves and put the rest of us on the waste product without any fat in it., grind it up and pour bacon fat into it, and call it hamburger.

It's called cooking, dickhead.

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good with pasta

I heard deer meat is kinda gamey depending on which part it's from.

He's half right. I despise people who push 30+ year old used up roasties on me while they themselves got to enjoy prime (14-19 year old) women.
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Food has nothing to do with politics. Shut it down.

would lab meat be loaded with antibiotics and hormones?

would it be loaded with foreskins and aborted fetus?

Vat meat! I’d been reluctant to even hope it might be cheap, but I know the potential exists! Oh OP, I hope you’re right!

Once things commercialize to the benefit of the general public, that’s when real improvements happen. Cheap protein keeps people smart and healthy. Can we also roll out vat meat in a way that productively employs a bunch of people? Production environments require maintenance and sterilization after all! Ooh, it might even appeal to the hate-obsessed VIP crowd to require the slobbish public they hate so much to work in sterile places!

Fuck off


In some ways yes in other ways no
The chemical load would be more innovative because the production environment would be more controlled and specific. New flavors of meat are likely possible, and perhaps also meats of different storage profiles. At the same time, crossover chemicals of conventional bioactivity should be less important, since many drugs that affect the whole animal’s development will be inapplicable or unnecessary.

Get help from a psychologist, please. You’re either lying or you aren’t; either way you’re under civilization’s minimum functional human dignity.

Yeah! The products rich people use are often the same mass-produced substances everyone else uses. The best universal answers make the best universal products. UAUP: the real hidden lore of civilization.

If you are eating "Processed" foods, you know, warmed up leftovers from a FF chain (not even a restaurant now, as nothing is actually cooked, just steamed warm) you are already eating garbage and garbage-meat from China, Mexico, and etc. as no Country of Origin is required on meat since; The FY 2016 omnibus appropriations bill repealed existing regulations requiring meat be labeled by country of origin..
USDA, Angus, Grass fed, etc. all mean nothing, only USA "Sourced" means from USA, if several countries listed as possible source, there is a percentage for that listing (prob 10%) to list USA.
Taco Bell; 36% beef in "meat" "filling" it turns out TB violating USDA rules, which require a minimum of "40%."
Meat from where? What "other" animalS are in the other 60% of the "filling" Horse, Pig, Chicken, Squab, or NONE?
McRib? So what's the meat made of? Pig innards and plenty of salt. Typically, "restructured meat product" includes pig bits like tripe, heart, and scalded stomach. WHERE IS THE PIG FROM?
Conditioned to eat garbage from childhood; youtube dot com/watch?v=mKwL5G5HbGA

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UAUP is actually one of the basic reasons why hatred doesn’t win. Customers sometimes have loyalty to stores; stores rarely have loyalty to customers. Loyalty preserves different services for different people, defying UAUP, but even billionaires eat fast food.

Maybe I should’ve dubbed it BUABUP. Is boo-a-bup a better or worse sound than the you-u-yup I imagine for UAUP?

14 year old girls are not children - or at the very least, I shan't call them "children" if they've already had a dozen sexual partners or more. Can't have your cake and eat it too.

One of the reasons why new innovations are held back as long as they are is to prevent prosperity from falling on those deemed unworthy. Massive expansions create wage tensions and pull harder into the ranks of the hated people subject to exclusion from society (like racists - and though black people have trouble owning it, this applies to their racists too). Technologies are studied and restricted to a few curations of the cautious until such time as they can be rolled out in ways that amplify rather than ameliorate injustices in society; the risk that people targeted for hatred may learn patterns other than the hatred they’ve been targeted with is not to be tolerated.

OP is a faggot who has scope insensitivity. Animals vastly outnumber humans, so creating lab grown meat reduces suffering massively from an effective altruist perspective.

This is like saying cars are for poor people, and the rich will still ride horses. There's no reason why rich people would want cows instead of lab grown meat, and OP is a retard.

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Are you 14? Are you 21? Maximum charity here is seven years, bub, and that still blows out the rule my grandmother taught me. I didn’t say 14 is a child, I said you’re too undignified to function in society. Have some self-respect. And if you’re not lying about how desperate for sex you are, learn some biology; muscles don’t go slack from use.

domesticated animals only exist due to domestication
with no incentive to keep them alive, what will happen to them? hippies going to keep them as pets?
sure 'altruism' because less suffering, but there is only less suffering due to less animals. That's like saying killing 99% of the human population will reduce suffering, because there are less people around to suffer. Granted, that's a poor analogy because just removing 99% of the population randomly will remove a majority of shitskins, but my point still stands, kinda.

Have you ever been to a farm? Cows and chickens are the dumbest animals.

Go eat your solyent green and shut up.

I have no problem with liberals eating this shit.

Damn right I'm owed all the sex those sluts have been giving left and right to others since they were 14. If the society is going to lie about "equality", they should provide it to me.

That table is beyond retarded. You're making the same dishonest conflation vegans always do. Factory farming causes suffering, therefore we must stop eating meat. Wrong conclusion. All industrial agriculture causes suffering, including of humans. So we stop industrial agriculture, we don't stop eating meat.

No, it's capitalism. If cultured meat can provide equivalent mouthfeel and taste while lowering production costs, it'll be successful. The market will decide.

A fuckload less than in factory farm meat.

I think I can resolve the paradox, but kekked nonetheless.

Though it worries me with the genetics of said lab meat. While it won't have the hromones, but its genetic composition might make it yield something worse. Think GMO corn on steroids.

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Dude, your kind of idiotic soccer mom shit is precisely what helps fast food chains. You whine about complete non-issues and ignore the actual real fucking problems. It is like taco bell pays you to post phony "problems" so they can come debunk them and look good. On twatter they even offer coupons after doing this charade.

I doubt he has much to worry about from you and your pasty noodle arms, faggot.

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kek you are really going all in, no strings or filters attached

What a fucking cuck.

What could go wrong?

You mean, you can't eat your cake and have it too. If you have your cake, you CAN eat it. But if you eat your cake, you won't have it anymore.

Okay, satan.

If they can make the taste and health the same or better, who the fuck care? They only really argument I can see is how they might pump it full of crazy shit, but they already do that with regular meat.


I don't trust this because I don't trust the scientists. This has been a meme heavily pushed by establishment types like The Economist. It's much easier to ensure the proper dosage of brain-eating, sterilizing, or effeminating drugs when they control the entire process and what portion size gets sold to the public. There's only so much they can do with vaccines when they're a limited dose done once a year, and fluoride is a crapshoot because you have no idea how much or how little people eat. But a refrigerated food product is perfect for all those fat soluble drugs, especially if it's something consumed several times per week. Get used to seeing more trannies, zombies, and school shooters.

The kikes hate school shooters because 9 times out of 10 the school shooter is someone with a soul killing NPCs (chads etc). The jew needs those NPC golems as his taxpaying worker drones, and to vote Democrat or Republican.

You have no idea what capitalism is.



I don't mind it. I am a small business owner saving up to be a farmer. People refuse to pay for food properly. One of the slams against our Canadian Dairy Cartels is price fixing. It's true they do this and it was the farmers who brought the system in.
4L is about $3.99 to $4.99CDN. Roughly $1 a litre for a product from a living creature. America by contrast is able to produce cheaper milk but at a cost to the animals and end product. There are no hormones in Canadian milk and Canadian dairy farmers pay their mortgage.
In order to produce cheap food something suffers and today it is the animals and environment.
If grown meat can get clean protein to the dinner table great. Fantastic. Meat used to be a luxury. Perhaps "making ends meat" might mean something again. For Sunday you buy a real roast beef as a treat. Taco Tuesday, grown protein.
My .02C

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Cows are a big problem with methane pollution.
I'm not saying to stop eating cows, but I'm all for alternatives that aren't soy.

But to be honest, its not so much meat cows that cause this shit, but those dairy cows that are just force fed all day. So we really need an alternative to dairy farms. I personally already love goat cheese.

And I'm not saying milk is bad, its a staple of the white man, I'm just saying the production needs work.
I'm actually trying to find some unpasteurized milk this weekend, since I found out it's legal here

for fucks sake, selective breeding and GM are not the same fucking thing.

no, one is a natural process with countless built in failsafes, and the time between generations allows the environment to adapt to the new strains.

the other is attempting to edit genes manually to both skip the failsafes and the ability of the surrounding environment to adapt to the changes.

We'll get a lot better at this. (Love meat < 1300 gal/Lb water)

You might look up a 70's short Si-fi in Analog named
The chicken heart that ate Cincinnati, ( It's pretty funny.)

It's okay to eat meat.

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It's supposed to be both better and cheaper than actual cow in the end so i have no idea why would anybody want to get "the real thing"
Also this op is terrible, you should commit suicide

Let me help you out here. In short, lab grown meat is being promoted as a way of reducing the amount of space we'll need in order to feed our growing population. Some environmentally activated folks are getting on board in hopes of preserving that land for wildlife. The cattle fields arent going to be left to be reclaimed by nature though, it's right there on the tin if you've been taking your redpills. They're going to fill those fields up with shitskins, and we arent talking about mass graves

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