after manny manny tries i have came to conclusion that i suck at suscide.

so i am here to enlist help of individuall or organisation whom would do this for me for free (you can offcourse harvest whatever remains).

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Ask your local synagogue fren.

Make sure you take as many as (((them))) with you as possible.

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Looks like Vice is gathering material for their next alt-right is coming to get you hit piece. Yawn.

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where do you live?

Don't commit suicide. That's for Jews and faggots. Keep walking white man.

i live in civilisation (europe) not nazzi states of America,
suscide is good call for manny reasons for me,
religeous extremism is not common here,
and i am basically just looking for really potent sleeping pills i have my CO2 plan pretty much ready

I live in germany and I can travel almost anyhwere. I can assist you as I was trained at the University of Berlin in medicine. I'm veery good at chemistry and biology. I can help you end it as quickly as possible. I really want to help you. Email me at

[email protected]



Enjoy the spam, fag. Sage.

Do a flip faggot

oh look an edgry spambot,
well regardless you are not helping annyone are you?

i do not hae all the money but i cna muster up just enough to get the aforementioned CO2 + some extra if annyone has good anesthetic that is more effective than OTC ones please let me know it would help alot.

Spam is set to auto-delete for me, so too bad. Don't listen to these guys, OP. I have helped over 13 people commit suicide. Most of them were from r9k or pol. I will take care of you and make sure you enjoy your ride out.

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Report instead, sage does nothing except prevent bumping you know.

well jumping of the bridge is so uncivilised.
thats why i did attempt the CO2 poissioning before.

Just contact me. I have CO2, clinical grade sleeping pills, horse tranquilisers, whatever you need.

i can help you user.

you should come to the following addresses for your intake processing. feel free to drop by anytime at your nearest convenience. we are prepared to euthanize you and recycle your organs and harvest your adrenochrome. if you are deemed suitable after examination by our doctors, you may be entered into our multi-month long MKULTRA program, your mind wiped, and programmed with a new persona. if you survive the brainwashing, you will most likely be given a new life as one of our Servitors tasked with managing our Pizza parlors and our underground child sex slave dungeon/buffets.

here are the addresses of our East coast and our West coast HQ and our contact emails. again, you can come in anytime when you are ready.

888 7th Ave, New York,NY
[email protected]

10100 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
[email protected]

yeha allready explained that i live in Europe cant get to there, mailed the posed address above that tho

Chaim Saban died 10 years ago.

Where are you located OP? I'll do it for the right price.

Thanks, I just replied. I am living in Weiden which is only a little outside Czech so we should be able to meet soon!

why did he get to die 10 years ago and i did not?! that is just not fair

I'm not far from Weiden.
Send over some bitcoin and we can discuss the possibilities.

do not post your real life loc here ppl are crap.
much appritiate the help if you genuinly wnat to help me die ofc i reserve right to take this thakns back incase you are not

in celebration of possible impending death:
pain - fade away


Retard, I am not OP and no one is sending your Jewish ass Shekels. Go away.

i do not belive annyone was implying you are OP?

calm down my death might be within reach, this is time for celebrations.

Use all your money to buy equipment on silk road knockoffs then go attempt to assassinate George Soros, you'll die from suicide by cop and will have done this world a great service.

i wish my demise to impact only one person - myselve. that is because i do not have anny interest in complicating work for police officers and or anny potenciall victim of my murder attempt.

murder by police is unescesarily hard and violent end. Especially if you sugest i kill somone i never heard about.

Run through your nearest african ape reservation screaming NIGGER as loud as you can, for bonus points shoot as many as you can, then if/when the pigs come to cull you, you can either go for double or nothing or take your winnings home and try again at a different reservation.
Good luck!

OP and I have already organised a date. We will be meeting quite soon. I have granted him his wish to die peacefully and easily.

Don't be a faggot.

You and OP are faggots, you could have done this world a favor by going full snack bar, BUT NOOOOO, just gotta get muh O1 an have nice peaceful sleepies, like the little faggot you are, whatever nigger, pussy out and never have any fun, fuck if i care

Did you get close to dying? Did you see anything on the other side? Assuming you're not some kind of attention seeking faggot liar.

Even if the possibility of you being a fed is true, I still like you.


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