Jews are termiting Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu facing possible corruption indictment.
Jews are literally termites in their own country.

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Band of thieves swindle and loot a country by acting in unison.

Thieves quarrel in a drunken murderous rage over division of the loot.

You're confusing internal politics in IsraHell with the end of IsraHell.
Netanyahu is corrupt. And one of the many factions of Zionism have moved against him to accomplish their own ends.

Think of it this way; White nationalists fight for the goal of preserving our race. But we also exert as much energy against each other over petty disputes.
The kikes suffer from this weakness as well. They're just better than us at maintaining a seemingly united front in public.

Sage for your lazy ass thread. Show some self respect you reddit tire newfaggot.

check the catalog

For the same reason biological warfare was outlawed the kikes now face the consequences of their own subversion. What else would. you expect from a hive of psychopaths incapable of learning from the past?

I'm not sure I understand Zig Forums's usage of sage.

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Thanks user

What you goyim fail to see, is that the Israeli experiment was a failure, it simply takes too much effort to defend that miserable patch of sand and far easier to move back to the west and take advantage of the sympathy of the "how poor old Israel was taken over by the anti-Semites!". After Hitler we feared that maybe the goyim are going to wake up one day. But after 70 years of deep deep slumber, it's clear it's never happening… the demographic timebomb has already gone off in 90% of the west.

And no, we're definitely not afraid of 300 guys on a Nepali kite-racing forum. You guys have no clue how fucked you are. Fuck Israel, it was started by Hitler afterall.

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There is no honor or love amongst thieves, just opportunities to fuck eachother over.

Kikes can't even get along with each other. How do they expect to get along with other cultures?
They have, and will always be, self-destructing sand-niggers that ruin societies.
They literally ruin everything they touch.
Will the U.S. back away from them?
Fucking Neo-Conservative Zionist Evangelical Christians is why.

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I wonder how they will react to this news - does CBN even report on it? Fox? What other channels do they follow?

Too bad we both know that'll never happen and whites are simply too soft to take care of business.

Christfags are such buddyfuckers.

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yea you guys are really going to enjoy being hated again I'm sure…..

I'm guessing this is the kind of funny shit that comes out of a kikes mouth when you have him at gunpoint "IS killing me really going to satisfy you everything was doomed from the start anyway"

"Well um mr. Kike yea killing you is going to make everyone feel a bit closer to heaven"

Yeah, they will definitely fuck a fellow citizen over for their magic "chosen people." Bigger subversives then the communists ever were.
Their ranks are growing, apparently.

If we could get rid of the parasites this planet would be as close to heaven as most people will ever get. It really could be paradise…but there is this little problem of subhumans…

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You guys have had these moronic fantasies for decades, but 70 years later are not even one step closer to achieving them then you ever were. You WNs are all bark and no bite, like you lack the ability of long term planning so you prefer to masturbate to scenarios where everything just "snaps" overnight and you're this big hero.

That is because they are better people than you are. I am not.

Isn't that usually how these things go down buddy? I mean read about how jewish expulsion works. One day yea we just walk up and kick you in the face and everyone claps.

Go ahead, do something. You won't. You'll beat your chest, clean your guns, and never do anything.

At VEEEEEEEERY most, you'll do some moronic lone wolf attack like Dylan Roof that does nothing more than build more effective propaganda at whittling down the last pieces of resistance against us.

I am doing something nigger. You just can't see it.

At this point I think the massive amount of browns are going to be the first ones at your doorstep. Your own pets are turning against you at alarming rates you can't control these idiot animals like AOC running around. You think trump is just a wrinkle in your democratic timeline. It's the opposite, the jewish democratic system is a wrinkle in time. It's over.

This simplistic short term thinking is why we continue to have you on a leash. Whites are simply to us, like schwartzes are to you. We're on another level entirely and it makes you upset. But don't worry. Another 50 years and your race will no longer even exist.

You have no plan, noninstitutions, nothing. Fucking nothing.

What about those Yellow Vests? Another weekend is upon us.

Every single non-White friend I have hates Jews, and due to the unfortunate circumstances of my geography the majority of people I know are non-Whites.


That's what they all say, nigger-tier chest beating. Hey maybe you can run for government like George Lincoln Rockwell and actually get more votes than a dead dog unlike he did.

Which is why you have niggers in congress talking shit about jews and they are in your own controlled party. Anti semitism is on the rise worldwide.

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They literally only talk bad about us because they consider us white, and they love the brown muzzies so much they want to accelerate the death of the white race. You're so blind. I guess the dying man has to grasp at straws when everything is hopeless for him.

Hating the jews is not important to jews, they want you to hate them…they feed on it like parasites.

Do you think your subhuman freinds are going to start doing that in the next 10,000 years? Prolly not, right user? We are the last stop in their world domination scheme for the next 10,000 years. Once we (Europeans the civilization builders are eliminated then the civilization will as well leaving some 10,000-100,000 people to populate the planet and about 300 kikes to lord the whole thing over them. They have don't this so many uncounted times that it is routine now anons)…there is nothing unusual about them slaughtering the entire planet for their own purposes and restarting the whole thing in 10,000 year cycles.

It is all fun and games until you are dead user.

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Now I know you're LARPing. Not a bad run.

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You realize that the european race will outlive you infact every race on planet earth will outlive you and your ideologies. In less than 1000 years jews will be so inbred they won't even be recognizable people or as what is currently going on with the sheer amount of racemixing that's occurring among secular jews you will all get high on your own supply and become niggers.

Congratulations jew you ruined america. I will give you points for that.

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Yes. Probably before Whites do actually.

Israel is a Jewish Ghetto, where Jews got to do Goy work and are subject to Propaganda 24/7 hence the reason for a 10 point IQ reduction in Israeli Jews. Soon it will be Open Borders for Israel to avoid sanctions by the UN unopposed by the US’s new NeoLib POTUS and another Diaspora with a bagel shop opening near you.

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Surprise I've already done things. And guess what you fucking idiots think I'm one of you half the time. Your mother especially would love me I come across as a mensch just with aryan features.

You forgot some of us are significantly smarter than any of you.

I don't think Jews are better than WN's at maintaining a solid public facade, the average normie thinks WN's are broadly monolothic I think. Scary…but monolithic. They probably have a MORE nuanced version of Jews because they don't see any reason to see them as acting in accord with one another.

Jews have many factions. They have been trying to get rid of bibi for some time.

Since before Trump? Sorry to bring him into this thread but could they be related?

WN public image is portrayed by people who hate us. Public image of jews is portrayed by jews.

Yea but now people are starting to see through the blatant self promotion and fake heroics of the jew. People are starting to doubt their ethics on a worldwide scale. Jews are under more scrutiny now than they have been for 70 years.

Keep up the good work user. I too have been perfecting my kike impersonation/infiltration routine. It's been going swimmingly. These parasites think I'm just wonderful especially the women. It's hilarious to me and incredibly damaging to them, they just don't know it.

you know whats to fun to do around kikes. When they are engaged in lofty conversation just interject here and there and comment ultimately agree with their statements and premises but just throw a little backhanded compliment or dagger in your rhetoric they will sense it and be both intrigued yet fearful.

It sure is great how public opinion swings against you while you're more outnumbered than you've ever been in all of human history. You want to talk numbers, ayy lmao. There are more Europeans than there have ever been. I hope you faggots like winning one battle in a 3000 year war only to lose it all within a century with permanence. I'll remember you guys and all of the dumb shit you used to mouth off about, I promise. I'll use the knowledge to educate everyone I know on why what happened had to happen and we'll all have a good wholesome laugh because the lot of you are dead.

I think he's either larping or just one dumb angry leftypol KIKE that can't even see the freight train coming.

They are learning from the past, they swindled their way everywhere always and the result is what we have

The jew is literally the anti human incarnate. He is the reverse button on the human wheel.

all shit stories in america is to hide from the people of israel hating Netanyahoo.

That propaganda will be always, there is no way we can stop it. Except with our propaganda and action. Every lone wolf should be hailed a hero and we should make positive propaganda about it.

Not be silent in fear and apologetic, blackpiller.

Parasites, nothing more.

Wew. That's pretty anti-semetic

No.. no… that's…. impossible… how will Zig Forums react to such a relevation? It's like another shoa…

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Judaism in its entirety, as in every individual, is homeless, it undermines every people
and every state in which it nestles, it eats as a parasite and culture-killing worm into it
Host people, sprawls and overgrows like weeds in state, community and family and contaminated
from the blood, humanity around.
This is, in a nutshell, the pestilential nature of Judaism, against which every nation, every one of them, is opposed
State, every nation, they should not and do not want to fall prey to this bloodshed
and subject.
Wherever Judaism has appeared, it has never and never built up there,
but always and everywhere snatched or torn from others, others out and fully sucked.
From the earliest times of the Romans up to our days, Judaism was present in all centuries
to all peoples who are by lies and deceit, cunning and cunning, murder and manslaughter
to steal and settle, foreign body, and it remained that was
Destroyer of real and ideal values, Verneiner of any up and up, was plague for
Body and soul.

What if the Jews Secede in holocausting each other where Hitler has failed? That would be beyond ironic.

That’s spooky and all, but all of this hinges on the assumption that only whites are capable of anti-Semitism. And Semites are always conspicuously silent about this wee oversight.

You sound really fucking desperate kike. So go on. I want to see how hard you will kvetch. Because we both know that kikes have ALWAYS overdrawn the bow and were kicked or killed in several hundred nations over the world.
The next time will simply be the final one, that's all there is to it.

Where can I find this weapon though?

Because the jews are nomadic and can't stay close to each other. Thousands of years of living like that has played a number on their mental and genetic structure, just as much as thousands of years of religious indoctrination has shaped all our perception of life.

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When you found your ideology on contradictions for the sake of contradictions, at some point you have to come full circle and self terminate.


Let the subhuman be smug. He has no idea what's coming for his tribe.

Bibi should be charged with war crimes. Jews are charging him with relatively nothing and replacing him with somebody worse.

Who is Jewing who?

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I mean for the Jews to be termites in this case they'd have to charge a non-corrupt person with corruption.
Jews charging a corrupt Jew with corruption doesn't seem like Jewish subterfuge to me.

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It's no wonder Breitbart hates him if he wants open borders for Israel. Maybe this kike isn't all that bad if he wants to destory Israel

Why didn't you lurk? Is that too much to ask? You don't understand our culture and you insult us with this shitty-ass thread.

Maybe. I certainly hope so. Unity is strength. Projection of unity gives the appearance of strength.
The best possible outcome (that's realistic) would be that the kikes develop a serious internal dispute that prevents them from coordinating against us.

fuck off shill. this isnt new and not some revelation. his son was on tape with corruption bullshit and nothing happened. nothing will ever happen. now fuck off back to reddit or whereever you came from. they'll accept your retarded fake emotions and shock at corruption in pedo haven israel.

So true user.

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Jews Jew jews. It’s their nature. But Jews truly love jewing goyim.

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What’s this kike up to?

He wants to split Jerusalem down the middle between Israel and Palestine. He wants them to have open borders. The Kikes really don't want that, so why do you think that story about him just got leaked?

If BiBi loses reelection, there's a good chance this might happen. BiBi doesn't want peace. Kushner also could care less about Israel. He is in it for himself

Do you have one with a swastika? one that spins? like a jew killing nazi saw.

Well that was sure easier than reading the bible

Just doesn't sound like the best plan, user.

Even if that was true (it’s not). What the hell do you think is going to happen when you people are the only “whites” left.

All your anti-whites propganda is going to back fire in your face and the shitskin nigger populace you thought were going to be your slaves are going to slaughter your kind in the most gruesome ways imaginable.

God humbles the arrogant.

this is how a jew actually thinks

he really believes that his institutions of control are the pinnacle of achievement and standard by which other cultures should be judged.

your influence is a fickle mistress, my fellow degenerate. soon you will learn what power truly is


nice poem, I like it

Do you know anything about the Protocols of Zion?
Is it something taught?

I'm a hypocrite for saying this, but if I was Jewish I'd be kinda proud of it

How many synagogue shootings were there in American history?

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kushner and his 'wife' are both transgender luciferian fucks

I wouldn't be surprised at all if they put him forward as the moshiach

Not Enough

You never tried.
You’re a lazy bunch of insufferable faggots that if there are no goyim to feed of, cannibalize each other and make your life living hell, you are just demons.

You really believe that is going to work, cut out your jewish parasite paradise from Germany or Poland?

You see that is your biggest problem with that plan, kill the goyim in there own land by other much more violent ones, you push ahead like no tomorrow.

Ahhh, mkay…
That is why your multi-billion “think tanks” don’t assemble to crush this nekid fakir loin cloth weaving forum, no?

You know what the problem is with that? You better make not a single error or there is nowhere to run.

The 1066 Granada massacre took place on 30 December 1066 (9 Tevet 4827; 10 Safar 459 AH) when a Muslim mob stormed the royal palace in Granada, in the Taifa of Granada,[1] crucified the Jewish vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela, and massacred much of the Jewish population of the city.[

Usually those that feel the need to brag about are not.

lol I like you, user.

you might find it interesting that I've read every study published about jewish IQ and it's literally no higher than mexicans. And in most studies that's by averaging spatial, logical and verbal intelligence. Given other studies' claims that they have higher verbal intelligence (people of the book) this means they are even more inferior at logical and mathematical reasoning. They take all our inventions and implement them for self-congratulatory purposes

God forbid he's as indifferent to being religious as every other jew/christcuck.

are you retarded…? These guys are explicitly religious, they believe in the 'grand architect' of the universe and follow directions from the god of this world aka lucifer

do you explain programs such as MK Ultra as 'indifference to religion' or as induction of demonic possession? Do you know who funds the atheists? Are you aware of Lucent technologies and RFID chips, or is that all just harmless, religious dogma? What about rebuilding the third temple and establishing a New World Order, is that the same in your book as the other religions?

I'm not buying what you're selling, faggot. Fool someone else on some other site.

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you can't make this shit up

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I'll say one thing about the Israelis.
They take corruption in their own country a lot more serious than we do in USA.
Shit they got Ben up on wouldn't even be noticed in USA where its SOP to enter Congress as middleclass then quietly become wealthy after series of "really smart investments".

did you forget to check the Vatican influences behind Hitler?

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you can't blame the jannies for waging war properly, we can only flip the script and use their methods against them