Will Zig Forums show for the presidential election our are they demoralized...

Will Zig Forums show for the presidential election our are they demoralized? Is there alternative to trump I'm not aware of?

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Tell your employers that we're all demoralized now. You can all stop commenting here now.

Fuck man, if I wanted to I could vote in your election. Im not american though. Is this what you want?

I'm voting Gabbard

For me, it's Alexandria Cortez. We need our first black spic democratic socialist president.

I'm voting Democrat, as no right-winger has any chance given the death-grip the Zionist kikes are preparing to unleash to hold onto power for another 4 years.

Trump failed to produce results, and a false ally is more dangerous than an obvious enemy. Hence, I shall vote Democrat.
Going forward, however, I will be on the lookout for right-wingers - not that I'm right-wing, but the US political paradigm is a false dichotomy of Kosher Marixsm and Hyper-Individualist Judaism - who do not support Israel.

If you support Israel, I will not vote for you in any election to follow.
If you do not name the White population openly, I will note vote for you in any election to follow.
Those are my primary concerns. If you can't or won't address them, you are worthless to meeting my goals, and are only either a stepping-stone or an impediment to my aims.

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This is what it's called to be an intolerant minority. Jews are 2% of the population but why is every liquid drink in America kosher? Because goyim will buy kosher drinks but jews won't buy non-kosher drinks. It's worth it for any national brand to pay the rabbis their grift money to get the (u) stamp to pick up an additional 3% of the market.

Likewise, GOP needs every percentage point it can get to even have a chance in the future. If 2% of goyim will not vote GOP under any circumstances when they support Israel, the GOP will have to abandon zionism.

This is why always voting for Republicucks "because they're better than the democrats" is a loser's strategy. That mentality keeps you from ever getting your interests represented. And if you're not getting your interests represented then you're just voting to give tax breaks to Mark Zucc and you are the enemy.

excellent posts

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voting has always been for fucking retards

just vote for chaos, as usual.

I'm writing in Ann Coulter.

personally I think I'm forced to go trump. Don't know much about gabbard maybe I'll change that when I see her debate. Does kinda feel like I don't have a choice.

love ann coulter but i think she burns the coal


EVERYONE is an better than Trump

You can't be serious are you a Bernie bro or some shit.

Go back to reddit, magatard.

Who is better? Literally no one.

Thinking I might write in "that mule-faced beaner."

Kosher is a racket. Don't want to pay $100k/y? No advertising for you. Still somehow manage to exist? You probably put dead babies in your food.

Patrick Little 2020 for president.

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Trump will still win. You always lose.

Yes, the guy is brilliant.

Bernie would be better. Not even retards like you would mistake him for being a positive in any way. With Trump many whites are under the false impression that they're actually winning, so they're not doing anything, while the "left" thinks they're losing, and are fighting hard. The winners are trying, and the losers are resting on their imaginary laurels. kys

The Democratic party at this time are literally an anti American group. If you look at their agenda from front to back it is, quite literally, anti American with not a single agenda/narrative point which deviates from this. Reparations, hate speech laws, gun confiscation, free housing, free medical care, forced multicultural education, forced curriculum changes to include trans/fag "history", removal of all identifying American symbols as not to "offend" anyone, and the list goes on.

They have no plan for the economy, they have no plan for national defense, they have no plan for the longview, they literally have nothing… fucking nothing and that isn't even an exaggeration as they have absolutely fucking nothing except identity politics baiting, corrupt business contractual desires, personal gain or, worst of all, connection to foreign donors and powers to weaken or harm the nation.

I am utterly appalled that even a quasi intelligent human being who mildly loves their country would even consider… yes even fucking consider still being a Democrat. It isn't even debatable at this point, that is how clear it is. Additionally, it is now the party that literally wants to do away with white males who are straight and is right on the cusp of saying the same about straight white females as they are now being told that they alone do not "count" for the lefts agendas which they want to make more "diverse". So on that point if a person is white and a member of the Democrat party they are beyond the biggest fucking idiot in the history of mankind since they are supporting a party that wants them dead.

So you have a party that wants to destroy the country and wants to see gone the majority of the country in terms of population and said party has absolutely no plan and nothing other than short term drama inducing bullshit to try to cause issues and personally benefit.

A person may dislike Trump, they may think the Republican party is whatever the fuck they think. However, when it comes to an issue such as the current Democrat party it isn't even a fucking question. You either vote Trump or you cut your own head off because the party you just supported will be doing it for you soon enough anyhow and you might as well get a head start.

On top of that, another thing that amazes me Bernie bros have yet to find out about but here you go. This faggot is connected with Harris and is a mainstay with DNC groups.

Then of course you had CNN set Bernie up a few days back with placed DNC assets and the Bernie bros are still yet to go bananas since they are doing the exact same thing to him they did a few years back and are eliminating him by any means… and yet people still associate with the Democrat party. It's fucking embarrassing.

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Gabbard aligns more with Zig Forums than Trump at this point.

I'll vote for Hitler if I bother to vote at all.

I'm never voting for another jew puppet again.

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Really the only legitimate, non-cuck choice.

ill continue to read wikileaks and vote accordingly

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Bernie Sanders fans did the world a huge favor by taking the DNC to court and proving that we root for candidates like WWE fans root for wrestlers but the matches are predetermined.


I will be rooting for the nigger because watching special forces, navy seals, rangers, etc die for nigger glory fighting China is more amusing to me.

Hey that's great nobody cares.

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All this propaganda does is help jewish leech leaders present a strong case to Xinping for giving jews refugee status and plenty of gibsmedat.

Okay but it's a controlled system so you're voting for the same shit no matter who you vote for.



it's your worst nightmare. we're memeing Ann Coulter FTW

Or second thought I'll be rooting for Bloomberg since there is no way jews want a jew prominently in charge of a sinking ship.He just wants the history books to write, "If only Americans weren't so anitsemitic, Bloomberg the jew might have saved them." Since all the dems are limpdicks, he'll probably run as an independent to ensure there is no chance in hell of cancelling episodes of ebil racist toxic white man attacks sweet Warren.

David Duke
Patrick Little

I believe that RIchard Spender is a shitty speaker and a poor excuse for a White person. But even Richard Spencer is superior to Trump because at least he has publically praised White people. WHat has Trump ever done?

Sage for your lazy ass thread.

Who better to belittle and make the alt right look small than.. Patrick Little.

Vote Bloomjew. Don't donate. Just vote.



Remember where you are nigger.
If it was possible to demoralize Zig Forums, it would have happened years ago.
All the people who have tried over the years have only ended up exhausted and humiliated.
Shills have a presence on Zig Forums right now because its the dead period between elections. Nobody here cares at the moment.

Once voting time comes around, we will fire up our meme cannons and blow those fuckers away as if they are nothing. Like we always do.

As the saying goes: the more I learn about the type of people who hate Trump, the more I like him.

This is how I know this board is compromised.

The Wikileaks psyops is dead. It worked in 2016 and will never work again. Trump is a Jewish plant and we fucking know it. Neck yourself kike.

praise kek fellow pede

She's Jewish.


Same here.

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It DID happen years ago. imkikey destroyed this fucking website so completely that GENUINE Trump supporters actually think they're welcome here.
So what do we have to show for the last three years, dumbass.
Uh… No, they have been here 24/7 since the day Trump announced his candidacy, and before that, too.
No, you fucking subhuman.

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Reminder that voting does nothing.

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Patrick Little is a fed

sauce or gtfo

The propaganda was the so-called allies won, but they actually lost everything to the jew. Real history is basically that tv show in reverse, where the white man is allowed to believe he won something so the jew can squeeze us dry unmolested.

dont forget jewissh

moarpheus isnt white

I do shill for Drumpf at election time but I only get paid in lulz and salt.

That is infinitely more plausible.

god you're fucking dumb