Memory Hole - Islamic School Shooter Training Camp in New Mexico

This shit got memory hole'd HARD. Last news we have about it was the article back in November last year I've attached.

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Yeah well the judge is a kike, so.

Is their degree plan comparable to the mainstream State Institutions? I feel like I'm missing out on some classes.

>(((Islamic School Shooter Training Camp)))

This. Just bestest ally doing some Mossad exercises with their muslim pets, funded by the US tax payer under the ironic term "war on terror".

FBI had something to do with it since they knew 3 months in advance.
I think local police blew a state op.

And the difference between FBI and Mossad is…?

Exactly, you stupid nigger.

What if it isn't ironic? What if it's "war on terror" in the same kind if meaning as "overdosing on meth"?

Hey OP, Didn’t the Feds Bulldoze the joint a few days later ?

It was considered hazardous. Forgot to mention that.

This entire thing was so ridiculous. The FBI even bulldozered and buried the camp. All the evidence, gone.

They did the same thing to that place in Tucson where those vets found a kids skull and brown hair dye

They bulldozed it the monday after all the shit went down. The feds destroying evidence at a crime scene is always the biggest indicator of shady shit.

Even forgotten slides are still slides.

Yeah, I remember this being the case.

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Or maybe the Judge threw out the charges because the government didn't have a case.

They did the same to the sandy hoax school as well.

It wasn't a child's skull, and that was clearly a homeless camp. The problem with Trumpniggers is that they associate autism like that with things that have actual basis, like this.

Lewis Arthur (who wasn't even a real ZOGbot) told people to start downloading all the child porn they could find and look for the camp in it.

I've got an elephant's memory.


 (Judge Who Set New Mexico Compund
Muslims Free)

720 Monroe St NE
Albuquerque NM 87110-6312
Associated Phone

(505) 266-3073

Mabel E Chavez




 (Judge who granted New Mexico
Compound Muslims bail, claiming

607 Critcher Rd
Taos NM 87571-4408

[email protected]

Associated Phones:

575 758-3735

It was a child's skull actually.

Why would they need brown hair dye