CBC Blatantly Encodes Israel Star in Power & Politics logo for Canadian Election coverage

A golden Star of Remphan is encoded in the X, and the border of the graphic.

They are mocking Canaduh, the "Power & Politics" header is surrounded by the symbol of their masters.

Bernier's first foreign policy plank is in defense of poor little Israel against the mean old UN.

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We should ask Beijing if we could move to Beijing, all expenses paid, to suffer no more the wrath of bubble jew dictators.

Do you even geometry? Precisely 120º and 60º angles. If the graphic is moved a fraction of an inch the hexagram would not be symmetrical.


The images prove that it is, asshole. You must have a sub European level IQ.

((( )))
There is no way any random X's would resolve into a symetrical hexagram like that. Why don't you try it and prove it to the class. I've shown the evidence. Did you fail geometry class? All your IQ devoted to verbal fluidity?

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What's the matter Schlomo, you seem nervous?
120º and 60º, math and geometry doesn't lie

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non sequitor, Schlomo… where is your hexagram? Can't do it with your X randomly on the page huh? It has to be at a precise spot.

I like how you move the star off-center of the X. Lining it up imperfectly really shows how everything lines up perfectly.

You have a low IQ. My sympathies.

Geometry doesn't lie, look at all the damage control in this thread. The alert siren and the red flashing lights must be on at Hasbarat HQ.

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Nothing to see here, right Mordecai?

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Seek help.


60 degrees precisely

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fuck me, this is the kind of autistic shit i come to this board for.
Zig Forums is always right. i'll admit i thought OP was paranoid at first but now i''m yet again reminded as to how sneaky kikes are.

This is more of a stretch than even OP's asshole.



You aren't fooling anyone. Kikes love to get in people's faces like this without really revealing anything. It's one of the ways they like to flex their power.







It's part of the and you useless shit.

Hey OP. I am involved in post doctoral Mathematics research across elite institutions in 7 nations. I won the Fields prize amongst many others and have more papers published than Erdos. I took the Cambridge Math Tripos as a drunken joke and won honors. With my credentials I felt it necessary to weigh in and inform you that

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The frantic yid damage control ITT speaks volumes.

Does your father also work at Nintendo, Chaim?

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My father ran the DMT program for open gates to inter-dimensional space aliens and forged me as a cross species chimera. WHY DO YOU THINK I HAVE A FRIGGEN 230 IQ!!!!!!!

I mean obviously the CBC is jewish owned and operated, just look at the people in charge but this is a pretty fringe proof when stuff that is obvious and overwhelming is right in your face

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What happens when you let a jew join the party.
Why do jews ruin everything they touch? Is it some kind of curse or something?

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schoolchild detected

kill yourself

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Wtf is this thread.

Damage control? For christsakes man it's the fucking CBC.

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You were a bit hysterical here. I hope you had some cool manischewitz and relaxed a bit.

Yeah OP their symbols are encoded everywhere. This is very far from something new.

Good effort on the clips and everything though, well done.

Woah, looks like the schizo train has rolled into town. Saged for extreme newfaggotry and mental illness.



X Could this hateful letter be the new hate symbol sensation? X

i thought their not aloud to draw the letter x

why is this not anchored


based schizo poster