The Bern-out VP will be Cortez

So the Kike hired an illegal to be his spokes"woman." But the interesting thing has been the little white at the bottom. Sanders is looking for a "young female" to be his VP.

This is the Bolshevik version of McCain/Palin. WHY would the media push this Sephardic Spiccess so hard if she can't run for 5 years?

The (((Media))) has been pumping her up like nothing I have ever SEEN.

No more puppets, no more pretenses. They are assuming direct control this time. Borders will be a thing of the past. There will be no "war." This is what they were accelerating towards.

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Jews want Trump to win. Trump's /TheirGoy/

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They don't care who wins, Kosher sandwich, etc.

Pat Little 2020

She can't be VP, you stupid fucking faggot. Get out.

OP is a Jew.

I hope the real democrat candidate is strong enough to follow his lead.

He just blew the election for Warren.

Maybe. But Trump's still the best thing to ever happen to the Jews.
Unlimited ($50 Billion-ish so far) funding to Israel
Trannies in the Military
Antisemitism Bill Signed by Trump
Regime change in Syria guaranteed
Regime change in Iran guaranteed
Zionist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia almost sold nuclear weapons (probably were tbh)

Why? The fuck she can you moron. She's a natural born kike.


The Constitution sets the age of candidacy at 35 for both POTUS and VPOTUS. I would suggest that you neck yourself, if wanted ignorant fucks like you around here we'd be leftists.

People like you are what guarantees Tha r when she runs she wins.

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Nobody said this election cycle faggot

She'll win because of demographics and the alt-right cowards kicking the can down the road for the next generation.

Take it to court. No one gives a shit about the Constitution. It'll be a rallying cry. If they lose they replace her.

Also, Lol @ discord trannies saying Jews want Trump over an ACTUAL JEW. That split is 15/85. At least say Both candidates are compromised, don't try to UnJew Bernie the Uber-Jew who want abolish borders and give reperations.


If you ever want to win, you must do everything you can on borders. Have as many kids as possible, and discourage brownies from having kids. Thanks cults, abortions, and feminism for them could help, we just don't want to get the pozz on ourselves the way Reform Jews did


Reported for not even fucking trying.


Trump is an actual Jew, though, Mr. Bot.

She's not going to run, you fucking subhuman faggot. You were wrong. Get over it.

Why the fuck do these shill threads always take a nosedive and start sucking up the memory and bandwidth? 21 replies shouldn't be enough to make 32gb of ram blink.
Weu, desperate to shut shit down. I hope to fuck they run together, just means more Trump, dumbshits. As for pushing the other jew, they'll drop her last minute for someone they can use officially. It's a jew bait and switch to "steal" beaner and tranny votes from those who wouldn't vote for Boiny.

The constitution also says you have to be a natural born citizen. They ignored that requirement for obama and they will ignored the 35 age limit thing.

Besides, all she has to do is say she identifies as a 35 year old.

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Bernstein can never, ever, win. Ever. He has no support among the shitskins he keeps targeting and he told the only people who support him they don't know what it's like to be poor.

while I cannot abide AOC, if the republicans want to win the next election they should wipe their shitty asses with an old rag and stuff it in Ivanka's mouth and then hold it in there with duct tape from now till Nov 10 2020.

No way is America giving up its burgers to that kike/spic/female/vegan/animalrights/enviroMENTAList 6 for 1 SJW special.

Just millions of dead niggers, spics, and jews? Cool, thanks.


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Nope, tens of millions of dead whites. We refuse to fight back in any capacity. We've been exterminated for decades.

The shitskins will do what they are told.
And they would never vote for Trump no matter how much he cucks for them.

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Let's say you own some land. Let's say, due to some catastrophe, you're basically forced to be self-sufficient. There is no wider economy to trade with. So you grow your own food on your land with the help of crofters who you took in. They are white folks, decent folks, but they didn't have the agency to buy land and prepare for the catastrophe like you did. So they work for you, and you take care of them. This arrangement has made you a very powerful man. Like a king, in fact.

Now, as king, you know that if you banish a crofter, he is likely to die. These are your people, and you might feel a bit responsible for them. So you've got this guy, let's call him Cletus. He works really hard for you, and is in the militia too so if you get attacked he's going to be there to help protect your lands. But he doesn't have a wife, and he's sharing a house with 2 other families. Don't you think, as king, that you have an obligation to see to it that a hard worker gets a wife and a place to live of his own so he can start making more hard working crofters for you?

Socialism is common sense, as long as it's national socialism.

what happened to you Bernie?
12 July 2013 (embedded)
28 July 2015 interview with Ezra Klein too:

At what point did he pivot and start supporting open borders? Or has he always supported them secretly and just pretended to be for controlling immigration?

Every business large and small now depends on labor whose basic necessities are paid for by the government. It was brown dishwashers, maids in hotels like Trump's, warehouse workers and pizza delivery guys in the beginning. Now its also brown people on welfare whose vocational school was paid for by the government taking what used to be middle class jobs. With 22 trillion in debt, occasionally profitable, too-big-to-fail corporations that take more than the niggers in welfare and give nothing back, there's no way wages go up. Any news of something going up in America is fake news. Nobody has ever brought up a sunken ship and put it back in business. They get brought up from the sea to examine what went wrong.

And AFAIK the repubs ignored it for leaf born cruze missile.
I could never fucking figure out why he was allowed on the debate stage.

You couldn't get any further from revolution if you picked Santa Claus 2020

Is this not 'illegal' to hire a criminal?

I can give him land and the materials to build a house in payment or in gratitude for loyal service or sufficient funds to buy a house and land, but I won't force a woman to be his wife because that's something best left between them and God. A king may have power over his people, but it isn't absolute because he doesn't lead a nation of slaves.

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Did she buy him the car?