"New Car Graveyards"


Why the fuck don't they at least replace old models of cars with the new ones for a small fee and let the old models rot?

Because (((capitalism))).




Fuck yeah, sounds about right. They're going to rot and rust in the desert and all the material and energy used to build them gets spat right back in our faces as a net loss.

In a communist country, people like up for cars.
In a capitalist country cars line up for you.

I mean line up. Like bread lines.


We knew what you meant, and you're wrong. Natsoc Germany had government micromanagement in industry, and they did well by their people. You know why? No jews in the highest echelons of power to exterminate the populace, as in Russia.

All of those cars are bailed out by the state with tax paid money, just so that the paycheck slaves could keep their pointless paycheckslave robojobs.

Pic related?

Always remember that every cent you spend into this system will be used to bring harm to yourself and others.

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Are you saying that paying tax can be dangerous?

About as deadly as not paying taxes.

Where does that bread end up? I know it doesn't go in any stores I've ever seen, 'cause there aren't any heels. It's all middle slices.

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That's not the point, no.

Fuck off, kike, you know exactly what I was talking about.

Government has no legitimate authority over roads, much less the right to claim them as justification for their mass redistribution of the public's money.

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Something like this for bread lover.

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Thanks for backing up what I said.

French toast plant.

Get the fuck off our website.

Reminds me of the paperclip maximizer that wont stop until the entire universe has been turned into paperclips.

Why don't you kike away to some other kikespace to kike?

Even during wartime in Germany, you could go to store and buy bread. Reality doesn't back up your (((narrative))).

Why do most giant car plants have a big car park of new cars outside them?

Lets say a company makes 10 million red cars, 10 million superior white cars and 10 million brown ones.
Its perfectly normal for market demand to change from month to month, say 10% of the red cars dont get sold and people chooes white instead.
The surplus red cars will need to be stored for a month in a big car park. Next month red cars might be 50% up, and they will sell all those red cars and more.

user…. I….

It's the jews, not some nebulous concept of "government". Jews.

Because the jews lose more money that way retard, and it proves to the normalfags that cars are being built like shit on purpose.

You can leave now, you must have an IQ of at least 100 to post here.

If as one person said there were bread lines in Nazi Germany thats due to the socialism part. Collectivism enriches greedy people at the expense of the poor.

If as you claim, there were no bread lines in Nazi Germany thats due to the nationalism part. They just about made socialism work by not transferring yuge amounts of wealth out of the country.

Keep paying tax then. Maybe you should just pay 100% tax to make it easy for the taxgov. That would make them the happiest, since they got all your money once and for all.

Daily reminder: Being a bootlicker is actually a good thing.

You've never seen how many old cars are pristine and still on the road in Arizona, have you?
They don't rust. The sun fades the paint.
Moisture and the lack of salt on the roads in winter.
And you're calling me the retarded nigger.


How's that market equilibrium working for you faggot?

You will never be white nor welcome, yid.

Nazis being high on their own supremacy propaganda, making terrible decision of starting war with everyone and loosing to mongols?

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Not 100% but I think most of those images of the cars in the desert were from the recall of diesel engines a few years ago.

The worst part is when I saw you faggots doing this on other boards I thought it was Zig Forums false flagging, but you are really this stupid.

Go jerk it to Thomas Sowell, morons.

Nationalism is socialism. They're inseparable. Collectivizing for a common cause is socialism. If your leadership is not part of your nation (because they're jews), as in Soviet Russia, then obviously things are not going to go well.

Obviously I'm against jewery, then I'm against the current government, you fucking retard.

Nice kike story, bro.

At this stage it could be /leftyfags/, since it's that type that generally defends corporations, and jewery, the most these days.

The state isn't what it used to be son, its now a cesspool and clusterfuck of bribed warhawks, shills, deciets liars and other psychopaths that only cause harm. The state doesn't love you.

GO AND GET ONE…you know how to hot wire a car, right?

Kill yourself blue pill maggot.

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Fun fact, that painting is based on a photograph that was staged by the Soviet army for propaganda but since the lower soldier had two watches on it implied that they were looting so the photo was doctored to remove the extra watch.

Rusting occurs at a slower rate but still happens. You see plenty of rusted old heaps out in the desert, and so what if it takes 50 or 60 instead of just 20 or 30, they will still end up the same way unless someone goes out of their way to recycle the materials while they are still salvagable.

Hitler invaded Polan becos Poles were gathering their armies at the border with Germany wich ,acording to the versallis treaty, counted as a declaration of war and becos he wanted to save the ethnic Germans being ethnically cleanced by commies in eastern Prussia
then the eternal anglos declared war on Germany cos they feared the power of National socialism and becos their international banking cartel overlords ordered them to, then they had to get Merica involved cos they were both getting theyr shit kicked in
all of this despite Hitler asking for peace and help to stop the Red Terror in Russia numerous times
his greatest mistake was allying himself to Itally and Japan, Itally for being incompetent and losing every single fight they started and Japan for getting full of themselves and giving Rostvelt the excuse he needed to join this profitable war

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meant for


Go to bed tankie

>You what the REAL problem is?
>The State
The state is jews, retard.

My is that it wasn't wasn't. It was a nation of a singular people looking out for their own interests, whereas communist Russia was a bunch of kikes trying to destroy the slavic peoples, and using them as a cudgel against other non-jews.

My *point is that it wasn't.

The communist and National Socialist models were not alike at all. Soviet communism would have failed under a 100% Aryan management too.

You're arguing against something I never even said. Fuck off.


Because corporations caused mass immigration and not states that failed to protect the borders. Remember, its big corporations that legislate and write bills, not my holy and innocent statesmen that have an infinite PR budget. Politicians are soo good and caring, I can't believe everyone isn't a politician paid by immorally enforced taxes for no reason! But it won't matter, i bet everyone would pay tax anyway even if it wasn't enforced since paying tax is safe! All that privacy? Let's face it, copyright is what matters and my politician had to sign it because he knows what is morally right!

If I vote the next time, when jews are gone, it will be physically impossible for statesmen to get bribed. The system is 100% secure and unflawed. You should trust those that enforce you to bay absurd taxes too, they do it for the right reasons you know (who else would finance the mass immigration if not the important taxes) ?

Putting aside the free car thing, why are the resources being used – extracted, refined, forged, machined into parts, assembled into finished products – just to fucking sit on a desert lot if there is no one to buy them? Why was the process even undertaken?

You can easily keep bullshit production doing this. Hell, if you wish to be a jew completely scrapping unsold cars and using the metal for expanded production can easily keep prices up for cars and parts.

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What do?

Most if not all socialist governments are overtly globalist.
Which I guess you're going to say is why they dont work.
Look, im not saying that socialism wouldnt work with a very nationalistic population and a benevolent leader like uncle Adolf. But you cant have those conditions in perpetuity it seems. Hitler wouldnt have lived forever. So my criticism of national socialism is that it would inevitably lead to global socialism. Which as we know is totalitarian hell for everyone who lives under that system except for the elites in power.

Donny, is that you?

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reddit kys

sure why not

What's wrong with you?

>if you're not a (((capitalist))), you're a (((communist)))
Eat lead, yid.

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Because its state in capitalism, so capital owners are really one. You are the state in socialism, no oligarchs to take over.

Didn't they teach you in the warroom to change vpn before responding to yourself? Damn, these junior shills have no clue…


Well slap me silly, those are quite the quints of truth.

What do you mean to myself, different id, you dickwad.

What's more of a waste? This thread, for being filled with such cancer it's all but confirmed to be a sign of a raid, or all those resources rusting away untouched while even more resources are burned making new things.

This is what communism does.

So jews and zionists. Got it.

Germany was invaded first.
German citizens were raped, tortured and murdered for years before Germany said enough.


OP, there are worse ways to drive traffic to Snopes. Well done.

Producing and disseminatjng fake news in status-free spaces is a way to keep status-obsessed narcissistic people assured of their superiority. It’s part of a vain effort (in two senses) to keep a high-risk population from screaming at or beating their children.

What do you mean "for you", go get one, try, they just sit there.

Where and when that invasion happened?

woops , my bad. id bugged out and still kept old selections highlighted. oh well back to drinking piss and being a pointless taxpayer paying to people I don't even know. And If I feel bad I can just buy some overpriced SSRI's that for some strange reason are cheaper on the darkweb (But buying stuff from there is illegal).

Illegal? To buy something?

A: Jews

I fucking knew it
( ( ( they ) ) ) sucker goyim into buying new cars when they make MILLIONS of them that don’t sell
We’re being ripped the fuck off again anons

We need something that isn’t BASED in kike civilization. I mean, aren’t you guys tired of living in kike civilization already? I know that you all know that the entire structure of government, finance and politics is 100% kike engineered and kike driven (that is why they always ‘win’ [aka steal everything]). The entire civilization is engineered by kikes, we need a breakaway civilization that is engineered around our own values.

You should see what they do with weapons. I think they make millions of those as well that are never used or needed. Got to keep the White/European men ‘busy’ making shit that no one wants or needs.

They may yet be used, Mordecai.

uh, they send them to ISIS


The only "fun" thing about that fact is how you outted yourself. Go back or, lurk moar. That is not new news around here.

I did just buy a car recently from a big lot with lots of cars. I just went up there and got it and drove away.

It wasnt like in Nazi Germany, where you send in your payment every month and fill out your coupon book to get your volkswagen. And then because a war happened they didnt even start to make the car you were paying for because they had to repurpose the factory and the money you paid to help with the war effort.

Wow its literally nothing. Weclome to 2015.

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If the market produces more cars than people will buy at the current price, then the price should go down. This isn't happening.
Thus, the entire working theory under which people defend capitalism is a lie. The system does not work the way libertarians claim it does.
The solution is National Socialism.

Who the fuck would willingly ingest that poison without guidance of some kike doctor? I understand the demographic is already degenerate but if you're shopping on the dark web, chances are you want things that actually make you feel good(meth, lsd, mdma, etc) and not just want to be numb to all feeling

Capitalists and jews are and have been bedfellows for a long time, no wonder the system they defend tooth and nail is horseshit and a vile lie.

capitalism is a farcial meme ideology thats sold to retards in good times for bread and games

The U.S.A. is just another oligarchy ruled by a cabal held together by blood and backrubs as is China, that will drop hundred billions of subsidies at industries and hand over billions of tax cuts bribes to kikes threatening to move over another factory to Mexico or Vietnam to keep "the economy running" aka keep people occupied on assembly lines of cars or farms growing soy shipped to China for half the price it costs to produce them just to keep the debt machinery milking their souls alive and prevent them from burning down the White House .