Asian Women Are Highly Sought After Because They Are Perceived By American Men As Being More Submissive.

When New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged with soliciting prostitution at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida, it was billionaire names like his that made headlines. But the more significant story is that of the women whose names we may never know, Chinese immigrants who police believe were lured to America with the promise of jobs, but instead found themselves in "sexual servitude."

The Orchids of Asia Day Spa is one of 10 shut down in Florida this month with links to Chinese sex trafficking and one of more than 9,000 illicit massage businesses in the United States, according to Polaris, a non-profit that operates the National Human Trafficking Hotline. The vast majority of women reported to have been trafficked into these contemporary brothels are from China, with the next highest group from South Korea, and others from Thailand and Vietnam, all countries with high rates of gender disparity.

"Economics are a huge contributor to how Asian women are victimized and also how they are deceived and coerced into exploitative situations," said Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco, author of Hidden in Plain Sight: America’s Slaves of the New Millennium and an expert witness in criminal and civil court cases related to human trafficking.

"With that being said, Asian women are highly sought after because they are perceived by American men as being more submissive. In my interviews with commercial sex consumers, and through research into the forums where many of them post about these Asian massage parlors, they talk about their dislike of American women, who they perceive as more opinionated and more recalcitrant to their sexual and social demands."

A 2018 report from the State Department ranks China among the worst offenders of human trafficking. Experts say women in countries with high rates of gender inequality — where women's education is undervalued, women's political power is weak and the economic gap is wide — are more vulnerable to sex trafficking.

Trafficking experts say racial and sexual stereotypes of Asian women have origins in military sex tourism. Asian women sexually served US troops during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

This became the primary source of stereotypes framing Asian women as "fragile, docile, but sexually available," said Katharine Moon, a political science professor and Wasserman Chair of Asian Studies at Wellesley College. "Those three wars shaped the sexual imagination of American men."

After Japan surrendered during World War II, the country set up a brothel system for American GIs, which American authorities allowed to operate despite reports women were being forced into prostitution, a 2007 Associated Press review of historical documents found. During the Korean War, the US military frequently used South Korean prostitutes. Last year, a South Korean court ruled the government had illegally detained prostitutes who serviced American troops in the 1960s and ’70s and forced them to undergo treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

In a 2008 paper, White Sexual Imperialsm: A Theory of Asian Feminist Jurisprudence, Sunny Woan wrote that "white sexual imperialism, through rape and war, created the hyper-sexualized stereotype of the Asian woman. This stereotype in turn fostered the overprevalence of Asian women in pornography, the mail-order bride phenomenon, the Asian fetish syndrome, and worst of all, sexual violence against Asian women."

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If there are any racemixers with nips in this thread with children, tell me: do you feel guilty for the happa's awkwardness in trying to fit into either race, or if they show health issues?

Daddy said "Asian Women's Pussies are Sideways and when they spread their legs it gets tighter."
Maybe good for smallcox disease.
Yucky, as in gross, not her name

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Ching-chong, ding dong, your ancestor's line won't last long

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Is there a>>12865264
There are uglier hapas, at least is not as freaky looking as the Supreme Gentleman.

There is something more neotenic about asian women than white - just like white women are more neotenic than black.

But it is funny that yellow fever victims often get crappy yellow women.

It's all bullshit anti-white racism.
Riddle me this why does the term yellow fever only exist for white men? there is no other term for any sort of other group.

Truth is asian women have a sexual obsession for White men.
Try being a handsome White man around asian women you you constantly get hit on.
Its got nothing to do with "colonialism"
Asians found white looking men attractive before colonialism. Thats a purely asian cultural phenomenon.

Its really simple asia women are hardwired to find White men attractive as they seek out genetic upgrades and to become more White.
They want White attractiveness, intelligence and masculinity.

Asian women look more pedomorphic. It's probably men who missed out on prime teen pussy - like myself, though I'd never lower myself to fucking gooks. So they look for the closest fascimile that won't land them in prison.

if you apply this to both sexes and all races, you end up with a scale of most apparently masculine race (with mannish women) and most apparently feminine race (with girlish men)
there's also the odd difficulty of highly educated and financially successful women to find a mate, as opposed to low educated poor background women who make better housewives

Hapa here - Anyone who racemixes should be as good as fucking dead.
I never asked to be asian/german, only full deutsch.

Same reason why coalburning only applies to white women, you fucknut — you're throwing your genetics and bloodline away just for a quick fuck.

You didn't understand or answer the question you retarded cuck. Try again.

I thought it was because they have small hands so they guy's dick looks bigger xD. Do I even want to know what free site your archive points to? These geezers wanted a quick rub and tug not a fucking relationship with the slanty eyed sluts. tf is wrong these weirdos? If you give a cunt money to do sex shit, she'd better do wtf you paid her for. If the bitch doesn't, then she gets cracked one.

I've never gotten this either. I could understand falling for the cream of the yellow crop, but settling for average Asian when the average white woman is far more attractive by default baffles me.

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Average white woman is a fat, leathery, feminist alcoholic Pedro.

Doesnt negate your original thesis of 'pedomorphic' girls being more attractive by all objective measures. Sorry user you are (also) a pedoman.

Cryptonormie stormanon logic everyone.

You can still redeem yourself user.
Find an edgy asian or happy girl, breed A litter of cute mark 2 happa loli's. Supplement the white ethno-pire with hapoa loli maids. Profit. You get to redeem your existance and contribute to society, while your honorary brothers get to avoid cavebitch 3dpd's. Everybody wins.

There's some jack shacks with american girls around here but you could go to the chink place like three times for the same price.

The attraction is a result of ignorance. People fall for the submissive asian girl act because they perceive the destructive feminist degeneracy of White women as a cultural, or in some more aware cases, a racial advent. The truth is that all female Homo sapiens are forces of rot and ruin whenever they are given slack. The solution to all reactionary attraction to asian girls, the low birthrate among whites, female promiscuity, and other social ills is to strip women of their rights in the West, relegate the whole sex to the position of property, and enshrine the authority of men as the head of the household. Anything else is a fruitless half-measure.

Jesus this thread is nothing but leftypol and azncel retardation.

I used it because it is accurate to the dictionary definition. Yellow Fever is a direct reaction to White Roastie behavior.

Yellow fever doesn't exist. It's a racist anti-white (male) term. That only exists in anti-white male conversation.
As said earlier no other equivalent term exists.
It is never applied to men of other races and its applied generally to white men as a discriminatory accusation lile "all men are rapists"
Its purely leftists dribble cooled up by roastie feminists and asian racists.


Did you just invent patriarchal socialism(patbol), or has communism always been crypto-mysogenist?
Anyway never seen A socialist spew mysogeny on Zig Forums.
Anyway thats never going to happen because it would be the beta uprising. Ur all over the place user.

When do you ever hear these nigger terms used or used in the negative?
another term applied exclusively to white men but with no widespread coverage or criticism
You basically made that up and there is zero criticism of that anywhere.

You damn nigger

Communists were extremely anti-woman in the past, they are the ones that post women are a capitalist conspiracy.

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I can't imagine anything worse than being caught between these two proud cultures and yet part of neither heritage.

Found the jew/fag


seriously, you want him to breed you lolli's so that you can fuck them like a pedo? Jeez why didn't he think of that.
"You got a bright future, kids, just bring me some of your offspring so that I can fuck them without going to jail."

White men fuck asians because the pool of fuckable women who aren't landwhales is ever shrinking, so you can't afford to be picky, and gooks are thin on average. Only niggers are content to fuck lard.

Don't you have a fucking life, anglin…if fucking bug tranny's is so great why don't you ever GO DO IT?

Pretty much because its a numbers game.
Average asian woman is of a more acceptable quality than the average White woman.
So there is more supply of the first.
Now if you could reverse this itd be the opposite. More supply of white women who are on average higher quality than the asian average.

White women basically excluded themselves from the market with an unhealthy pozzed culture.

All you mentally ill aznmasculinity faggots should be ban on sight.
This thread is just azncel rage 2019 edition.
Anti-white racism disguised as larping bullshit.

Elaborate, post links.

Accepting cuckframe of 'pedo' canard put on you by central planners and corporate owners
As opposed to becoming cumdumps for hundreds of sociopaths niggers while being reduced by ZOG to either midlevel thought-crime managers or simply units of production like make wagecucks

I like the obscuring wordplay.
"American Men" instead of "White Men".
"Perceived as more submissive" instead of "Perceived as more feminine".

There are some really cute Asian ladies, they're all very physically petite though. Pushing my fat cock into their poor little bodies would probably cause walking issues the next day. The sad/funny part about it though is that over in Asian countries the White Male/Asian Female pairing is forcefed to the public just as hard as Black Male/White Female to the west. Also doesn't help that Asian women, when polled, openly admit they like white men more on a vast majority.

How is that odd? I don't understand why these sociologists act baffled by Human nature. We've been doing shit the same way for thousands of years for a reason.

Fuck This board is slow as fuck right now. You anons got lives all of A sudden? Fucking borderline normalfags (you) me already. Did Everyone go back into the matrix or what.

/po/ 2019:

Race-mixing in a women's issue nya~
Women control the future of the human species, unless rape is legalised nya~

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…Or women go back to being property of their Father or Husband

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nya-kun user..
coming trough to save thread

Explain metaphor of folder bird to me..
Am europoor




*is… fuck, not enough sleep or just general cognitive decline fuck nya~


So Zig Forums stop discussing men and their dating choices because women actually control reproduction unless rape nya~

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At least someone in this board still has class.
It seems to be a repellant for niggerist shills that have scurried

Asian Women are simply superior

White Women are trashy sluts brainwashed by jews. and they age badly. you can use them only when they're 5-16 year old

All men are pedos. most are just in denial or repressed. little girl is superior to adult women in all areas.
men need to get redpilled and stop hiding their pedo needs.

Kill yourself porncuck

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also, non-whites like indians obsess with white women 100x more than whites like asians. I admit that I like asians because they dress nice and present themselves well, but that appreciation for how they look is much different than mud obsession with white women.

The funny thing is that poo women in my city always bleach their hair and put in coloured contacts and I'll sometimes see a poo man with his wife and think he's with a white women but it's really a crypto-poo fellow white woman.

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Fags like you are killing the white race.

Whites should start using the term white fever in the same way people use yellow fever.
Lets be honest white fever is a bigger obsession and problem than supposed "yellow fever"
Japanese anime and manga is essentially white fever.
And the msm in the west is pozzed with white wamen shilling to minorities.
Brown virgins never shut the fuck up about da white wamen.
And its one of the major pulling forces for illegal immigration by loser brown males into Europe.
Its also pushed in the anti-white degenerate porn industry.

おかえり, おやすみ

No they're not faggot. They are, in fact, more traditional. A much more important, yet too subtle for your soyboy brain, issue.


OutB3 you Google Ashwaira Ray grill

That is one 'pedomorphic looking bug whore right there user >>12865746…I mean, IDK about you but it just screams 5 year old like you are looking to fuck to me…how the mods even allow your bullshit on this board is completely unknown to me. Are you seriously telling us that you think a 5 year old girl would be 'reproductive material'…OH GOD GIVE ME THE POWER TO SLAUGHTER YOU;

Don't you have a street to shit on?


How could you think that was a 'White/European' user?

I dare u to post a pic of the grill i named iTT.

I couldn't find an exact pic with full bleached hair.

Show men what the average asian girls look like. Men fetishize asian supermodels which practically warps their perception of the average asian.

also, the poos will dress like white women (they have their own particular style where I live), so if you just glance at them you'll see blonde hair and clothes that white women likened then when you zoom in on the face you realize its a crypto-pooess

what asian supermodels? asian women are discriminated in the modeling industry and media by gate keeping roasties.

Your retarded. The only thing you would do is kill her, even if you COULD get her pregnant. DIE user…PAINFUL DEATH LOTS OF BLOOD AND SCREAMING.

You failed my dare. Faggot. Do it then.

Everyone who opposes this is a shill or a nigbrain.

This should be part of the official ethos of Zig Forums.

Loli-blocker feminist playerhaters get the arbeit.

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I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAMING WHILE YOU DIE AS WELL…both of you are reported for your disgusting fucking pedo BULLSHIT.

Virtually every cute asian actress that looks like that naturally. Combine the ones whom cake on makeup, complete with fake nose, and you have a false perception. Even really old magazines with drawn covers make asian girls that specific appearance.

yes I would fuck a 5 year old and make her pregnant. Arabs fuck kids, that's why they win, white race is going extinct because you got brainwashed with the pedo meme and thinking that wanting sexy fertile 12 year old girl is something bad

jews made you believe it's only good to fuck old used 21 year old sluts. the point is so that young white girls are fucked by niggers and other shits. and so that jewish media can brainwash girls into feminism and other jewery

user there are virtually no asian models in western media and the modelling industry you retard.
They are actively discriminated against by white/black feminists.

Dumb fuck the modeling industry is for fags and women. Women don't find asians attractive at all. Only men with really tiny dicks want asian pussy…it is pretty much what I look for when I want to judge if someone has a micropenis. Is he dating an asian? Yep, micropenis.

asian women look good without makeup. white women look like shit without makeup (except little girls)

they are discriminated because they are superior

tight pussy is always better, even with medium or big cock
that's why best pussy is asian pussy or child pussy



No retard. White/minority women block attractive asian women from the media and the modelling industry because they are afraid of them.
If you dont think women do that sort of thing you are retarded.
Thats why there are no virtually no attractive asian women in western cinema or entertainment media.
Not just fashion model runways you fucking low iq retarded fuck.

anti-white racism


The (male feminist nazi) cries out in respect as he respects wahmen

Kill yourself larping idiot. Stop making whites look bad you nigger.

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Shut your stupid tranny banging piehole Anglin


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We should encourage white women to behave better so that white men will find them more appealing, tbh. Women on Zig Forums are going to hate hearing this but here it is anyways: women shouldn't behave like abrasive slags.

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white roastie detected. you are just jealous you will never be as hot as asian women or as hot as little girls

This, this is the essence of real rightwing non-larp cultural politics.

Daily reminder: Women are property and Patriarchy is the medicine we need.

yes I would fuck a 5 year old and make her pregnant. Arabs fuck kids, that's why they win, white race is going extinct because you got brainwashed with the pedo meme and thinking that wanting sexy fertile 12 year old girl is something bad

jews made you believe it's only good to fuck old used 20 year old sluts. the point is so that young white girls are fucked by niggers and other shits. and so that jewish media can brainwash white girls into feminism and other jewery

user is a boomer or white old hag(over 12) reformed slut? I cant tell.

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Found the roastie

Fuck off micropenis.

Sadly, I don't think that idea can gain traction while there's always a bigger loser willing to go slumming around with horrible roasties and make his own life hell to get his little willie in some pussy or have kids to look normal and status signal, or a degenerate that's willing to use them for a pump and dump.

You're 14 for 15 with delusional/uninformed/completely retarded posts. You're partially illiterate with a low IQ and the intuition of a brick. How did you find this place and how soon can you leave?

nice retort, (1). did you rack up a couple of goypoints for that one?

I suppose you didn't you have anything to address my basic position?

And a ching ching wing wong to you too, my good man.

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Found the micropenis…muh asian pussy so tight…

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spoiler that shit dumbass, this isn't /b/.

Find me a photo of an asian woman whose eyes look in the same direction user. Kek…I'll wait.

Not sure where you're even trying to go with that. Are you referencing some inside joke that only you are party to, retard? Again, how soon can you leave? You're disturbingly imperceptive and completely unable to assess the validity of any of your strange, disjointed thoughts. You're not mentally competent to post here. You need help.