Catholic E.Michael Jones destroys Richard Spencer

Catholic E.Michael Jones destroys "alt-right" controlled opposition atheist Richard Spencer.
How will the Alt-Jew ever recover from that ?

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E.Michael Jones did win that one.

Are we having a Catholic raid tho?


Ask him the race question. Christians invariably fail that one.

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He talks about the supposed "Jewish race" in the Spencer video.
And I can cherry pic too.

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It's not cherry-picking when all christfags are fine with racemixing.

is it wrong i agree with everything spencer says?

Well, we are all equal under god after all, no?




Christians are against pride in one's "race", because that's exactly what it means to be a jew.
However, christians do believe that each ethnicity has the right to live with themselves and that each nations has the right to have it's border tight (Just like Poland or Hungary, not letting mass invasion.
Christians are usually not inhenretly against "race-mixing" if it's a rare and natural occurrence. However, the Scripture is clearly against the mass immigration and the mass race-mixing propaganda pushed by the Jews, because it's just purely evil and it destroys nations.
For example…Ethnicity. The word "race" is a fairly recent one for humans. Before that, your """race""" was your ethnicity. And the main foundation of ethnicity is language, meaning that you went along with people you spoke the same language because they were the only people you could talk too. Pretty much no-one saw themselves as a "race", as a biological identity and that across the whole world.
But anyway, all these ethnicity evolved in ethnics population, in ethnic nations (see Europe with Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, …) and like that, they each have their own distinct """race""", but really, the foundation was first language.
Why do I say all that?`It's because I want to recall you that the Tower of Babel is a VERY GRAVE SIN. It's destroying many tongues and thus destroying many people to form one single people. That's absolutely anti-christian. It's not up to men to reassemble men, but it's up to God to reassemble men. And thus the Tower of Babel is like destroying many ethnics """race""" to form a single language, a single """race""". That's evil, that's a sin and that's anti-christian.
And do you know what? The cosmopolitan Marxist Jews want to recreate that in Europe, with the European Union, they don't even hide it, they show it plain as day as some sort of demonic ritual. The want to engage the Americanization of Europe and destroy all the true ethnics identities by flooding Europe from inside and out and then turning us all into one single unified people…Those are JEWISH people behind this, not Christians. Catholic Christian country are the ones like Poland and Hungary who fight back against the Jewish EU diktat of destroying their countries…Italy too is starting to come back to resistance. And yet, the most atheists countries or protestants countries in Europe are welcoming millions and millions of 3rd world immigration now.
So no, Christian Teaching is all for preservation of one's people ethnicity, language, culture, tradition, nationality (in the true sense of the word), …

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Richard Spencer is old friends with Trump spokes person (((Stephen Miller))) who is friends with ultra-zionist Rabbi Ben Packer. (((Alt-Right)))
and (((Trump))) has been greatest ally ZOG plan for years. THEY WENT ALL IN. How to get out?

We are all equal in the eyes of God, but we are not equal on earth. That is the enlightenment thinking, that's not the Catholic Church teaching. Christianity doesn't say that we are all equal…In the contrary. Men and Women are not equal in the bible for example, or the Jews are to be treated by a lower standard according the people, and many other examples. "Equality" on earth is an atheist concept, not a Christian concept.

Whats with all the crister kiddie-diddlers lately?

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1st pic: "I'm my own grandpa"

Probably because the Jews report on them and ignore every other venue of society engaging in the exact same thing. When you elevate homosexuality and dismiss objective morality, fucking kids is what you should expect to get. This is a problem of modernity, not Christkikes, since it's pretty obvious every other institution of power is involved in the same activities but the media has less interest in vilifying people who are predominantly Jewish.

you sound like you are twisting words. Like those soyboys that are trying to justify the soyim gaming lifestyle.

E.Michael Jones says it clearly. As soon as you go away from the objective Logos (the objective Order/Logic) of sexuality, which is procreation, then you will end up with degeneracy.
For example, if you allow contraception like condoms or the pills, you go against the Logos of Sexuality and you separate the procreative act from sexuality…It's textbook degeneracy. You turn sexuality, something that is fertile, into something sterile. And when you accept that, then you'll have to accept heterosexual sodomy, and then homosexual sodomy, because you already established that you can just remove the procreative act from sexuality, and just turn sexuality into fornicaiton or some form of masturbation. And then, when you established that you can cut the procreative act from sex inside of marriage, then you'll have to legitamize homosexual marriage too and homosexual rights…Because they are doing the same exact things in the end, sterile fornication…And you go down the line and you legitimize homosexual identity, then you legitime gender "fluidity", then you legitimize transexualism, you'll soon legitimize pedophilia, …
So yeah,when you are having sex with a woman and you are using some sort of contraception, you are basically acting like a homosexual…You are fornicating in a sterile way. Worst, if you part-take in the hookup casual sex culture or all these smartphone sex apps and have a lot of "sex", you are totally being a homosexual, because you are having a lot of transiant and sterile relationship, shut like a faggot.
So do not pervert the Logos of Sexuality, which is marriage and then fertile sexuality open to procreation.
And I think that in a way, you could make the argument that "solo" masturbation could also directly lead to sexual degeneracy and even homosexuality, because it perverts the Logos of Sexuality, masturbating is like acting as a homosexual, having a lot of sterile and transiant sexual "gratifications" and thus destroying you from the inside.

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That is all fucked up, dude. Feminism doesn't make women like that redhead, it makes that redhead look like this.

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Hitler's isn't a moral compass to begin with. Furthermore, you shall know that there was a catholic political group at that time, why would catholics vote for a neo-pagan when they would vote for a catholic political group ? It makes way more sense for protestants for voting for Hitler, since they love to engage in activitist that are against the catholic church.

Having any sex other than missionary position intercourse for procreation with your wife is homo

I'll bet you are diddling ALL the jailbait in the congregation, Farher.


Almost correct, but wives are for pleasure as well as creating a family with. If this is not true, then it would be a sin for women past menopause to have sex with their husband. It would also be a sin to not nut in your wife. After all, in both cases those are acts of non-reproductive sex and effectively no different than wearing a condom. However, there is no theological or meta-theological basis for this being a sin. We even know from Genesis that Eve was created so that Adam could have someone to enjoy spending time with in marriage.

This is the problem with you Catholics. You are too into trying to further extend the laws of God according to what you think they should be. You've written a pile of nonsense which has no Biblical basis. If you disagree, fetch me the verses that objectively support your argument. No fuzzy stuff and you aren't allowed to interpret it. Go and get the actual scripture that claims that. I'll wait.

If you want to actually understand logos, first you have to understand logic. Marriage precedes procreation and consequently has a higher purpose than procreation. Jesus taught the uniqueness of human marriage as the most perfect natural expression of God’s love for men, and of his own love for the Church. Therefore, it's primary purpose is to teach man to understand God more and become more aware of his (man's) own nature and essence.

t. Eastern Orthodox

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I'm no papist, but Mikey Jones is a big brained nigger you do not want to casually fuck with.

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You sound like an apologist.Indeed,many,no, most .gov and social institutions have tentacles within them that consume children,but the Catholic hierarchy seems to be solid shit all the way through.

Then you must be the biggest turbofaggot of ALL time Father!
Do the daddies of all those tweenie boys& girls ever go after you?

You wanna get those kids all up in her cervix you gotta put that bitch on all fours like the retarded animal she is.

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