A reminder for you to never underestimate the enemy

A reminder for you to never underestimate the enemy.

No matter what anyone says, you should be prepared for him to be the absolute best he can be and be ten times better than that.

General prepper/fitness thread.

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I like that fire hole idea. Very discreet if it was hidden.

Have some more.

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Find a river

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Learn to Fish
Learn to Hunt
Learn to Trap
Note to self, do not search Trap Girl without safe search on.

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any newer gun chart?

There is a newer one, but I don't have it, sadly.

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fuck that bitch for killing a beaver, their whole existence only helps others.

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Solar stills are shit having tested them extensively, even in very hot conditions over several days they barely produce any water, certainly not enough to merit digging the holes/collecting the leaves. Better off using the time and energy to find water elsewhere, best bet is following birds or animal tracks, even if you find a dry river you can usually dig and get something there.

is there a guide how to make this?

oh, it costed $120 and is n longer available, nevermind

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Informative. Thx

You ever tasted beaver?

Yes, and I'm ashamed of every time.

You get water from a well or a pump you can defend with your team.


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Here's v2.0, there's a 3rd version around somewhere but I couldn't find it quickly.

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Why would I need to steal?


Learn to reply Sunshine Sachs


I have been waiting for this thread for a long, long time. These are what we need more of on Zig Forums. Thanks OP

Agreed. Good shit OP ( ), saved everything here.

Reminder: "Zombie Prepping" is a codeword for preparing against ZOG. Comb through Zombie Prepper information and you will see how applicable the info is to realistic situations.

Daily reminder that our enemies tend to underestimate us too often while overestimating themselves.

They doom themselves by this.

Remember to test and verify all this information yourself(safely). At the end of the day, I'm just some guy on the internet, and for all you know I'm giving you shit info.

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Finally some good fucking thread

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Why do you self-sucking faggots always feel the need to flood this board with this shit? You have your own board. >>>/fit/

You have a board too!


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Yet you faggots are the ones trying to shuffle actually Zig Forums related topics off to /v/ and /tv/.

Nah. I'll just filter you instead.

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