Hitler was a tool of the Jews

Hitler was used by Jews in a long term plan to get total sympathy and make people forget their past corrosive behavior. When you get people to believe that genocide was committed against them, you are morally untouchable.

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OP spammed the same shit on /b/ and got btfo

Genocide is literally being done to us, retard.

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If you are suggesting he was a compromised pawn, i'm not even going to bother explaining to you how you are wrong.

If you are suggesting they lied about him in order to advance their agenda, no shit, sherlock.
I understand it's fun to make posts, but you really should find something informative and discussion worthy to post about.


jews needed holohoax in order to get free country. they got it

There would have been a holohoax with or without Hitler.

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highly organic

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Hitler's grandfather was a Jew named Leopold Frankenberger.


Hitler was the 9th Avatar of Vishnu, and therefore couldn't be any mere mortal jew's tool.

Yeah this is why we have the Constitution in USA. The freedom to fuck comes before the freedom to bear tools.

The right to fuck horses and cows comes before anyone's right to bear dumb white niggers against us to prevent it.

Can you explain how that works?

if it's dying where did all people go?

stop fucking crossposting here with /b/ you POS. lurk two years.

If you shit talk Hitler, you hate White people. As simple as that.

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pretty sure it went right up into your rotting anuses, you pathetic cunts.

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What wrong with this new type of genocide

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No not their tool. You could say they helped feed the "lion", trying to orchestrate the final result… but hey, surprise surprise, even the bad guys know to 'ride the tiger'.