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So the AmNats got the boot, but antifa like Chapo Trap House, Jewish subversives like Laura Loomer, and a few based niggers all got in. Needless to say, Whites have no political representation in CPAC, or the GOP. ITT we laugh at AmNats, their brain-dead strategy, and the jewish rabbi in the back that pushes this dead end gameplan.

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Spic Fuentes, Pat Casey (IE) and Faith Goldy (Canadian) all got banned.

Good. Shit like this is needed to remind up and coming Nationalists that the the old Republican guard is owned by jew money. The more people that wake up the better.

They're trying to blend in by keeping their mouths shut as best as they can.

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Is he channeling Jesus?

Don't they make 100k a month or something? You'd think they could afford clothes that fit. Or is that an antifa thing to show off how skinnyfat you are by wearing clothes that are too small.

It's an Antifa thing to LARP as a working class underdog when they're wealthy bourgeois types who cut others away from their bank accounts and payment processors. That's why a lot of the prominent leftists on Patreon have their funds hidden.

Those hideous degenerates make the based nigger look handsome by comparison.

Yeah, it's obscene how much they make. If they were talented, that's fine, but their humor is 95% miss, and occasionally they will say something funny. IOW, less funny than a lot of people just hanging out and talking with their friends.

They don't really engage that well on any issues either, they simply look down on everyone and act superior. Here's a perfect example of them making talking about various Youtubers, every one of which is more talented a communicator than they are.


Their forced faggot voices are like nails on a chalkboard.

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Eat shit and die nigger.

Trump's due to speak in a few minutes. Hail Victory.

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Neck yourself, faggot.

Another thing to notice: There are literally zero fucking protests happening at CPAC. No Antifags, no pussyhat-wearing #theresistance liberals. Nothing.
Movement conservativism is defeated. Apart from a few exceptions they've tripled down on every fucking point of the cuck playbook from importing brown helots, to corporate taxcuts, to blowing up a endless stream of money up Israels ass.
All of this was caused by Trump (better yet, the intentions behind electing Trump) and the good news is that stage is set for cuckservativism to implode in a spectacular way in the next decade.

It's the same goon snark these fucks did when they emigrated from SomethingAwful to twitter over a decade ago.
Their primary audience are white and jewish upper middle class millenials who use them as a friend simulator to replace the epically witty hipster friends from Williamsburg who dunk on conservatards and their ugh just ugh racist grandma these people don't have.
The fact that they, for a time, dared to have an opinion on trannies and homos that was not 100% in line with GloboHomo added to their appeal to these people. Of course this has since been rectified, making six figures for low effort podcasts is too attractive.

Except them to shill for the anointed candiate of the Clinton machine and dunk on everybody else regardless of their political positions btw.

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B-B-But Trump said "bullshit," so isn't he based again??? He's /ourguy/!

Surprised they got banned.

Yo yo yo whats this? Why did Juden Peterstein ban Goldy from the event before?

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Damn, that is real. WTF is wrong with her? Does she really think that is going to win her points, or does she actually believe it.

Great post.

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Remember when shills were saying everybody who didn't worship her for saying the 14 words in a video was "anti-White"?

Everyone from Rebbe Media is on the side of the enemy,

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>The Truth About CPAC | Actual Conservatives Banned, Leftist Activists Welcomed

The one defense I will make of her is that I don't believe there is anything to support the claim that she is Jewish. However, she is extremely Christian, one of the ones that genuinely believes in it. Those types are always compromised when it comes to Jews.

If she was really "extremely Christian" she wouldn't be shilling for Christ-killing kikes whose Talmud says Jesus is in Hell boiling in semen and won't even use a "+" sign in Israel because it looks too much like a cross.

She has a precious metal in her surname. If she isn't a kikess, then she's a shabbos goy who's owned by jews, like all the gentiles affiliated with Ezra Levant.

Yeah a woman at age 29 with no husband or children, and also into politics which the bible clearly preaches against and that the woman should only be in charge of the household staying in the house, also a true unkiked christian know of the tricks of jews and about the laws of racial purity

She is a used up slut lmao. Wtf about that is cucktian?

Just money. They dont care who is working for them, as long as profits rise and they keep their luxury living.

Anglin shills inbound

So she worships a jewish rabbi as her lord & savior? Cool. Cool cool cool.

Yeah, I mean she worships an ancient Jewish Rabbi named Yeshua! Like, how fucking woke is that? I mean really anyone who's taken some red pills and knows the truth about the JQ definitely loves Rabbi Yeshua!

Tell me more about these marvelous Jewish fairy tales, user!

That's an oxymoron, friend.

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Minor footnote; after initially getting let in Laura Loomer got the boot for heckling a reporter.

Remember how much fun politics was when Trump suddenly popped up out of nowhere and said Mexico was sending us its rapists?

The point of letting in communists/leftists is to police the nationalists in the republican party. The jews who run the republican party are ok with other jews making sure there aren't any NEO-NAZIS around. Then, the nationalists are banned from the convention altogether. The point is to limit the growing third position that is quickly overtaking the republican base, so anyone somewhat adjacent to nationalism will be kept out (e.g. Nick Fuentes, despite being a castizo civnat)

Did they even invite Ann Coulter this year? I don't think so, though I might be wrong. I can't find any mention of her there.

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She's so hideous

there is no “third position” taking over. matter of fact there are way less decent posts here than 3 years ago. being pro-white is less acceptable day by day not more. if you disagree with me fine but at least give me a reason based on evidence why you think im wrong.

That disgusting mug is evidence that plastic surgery should be banned.

Thank you for your work.

All I did was point out that Faith was very Christian, which is obvious to anyone who has watched her, and I get all of these No True Scotsman arguments.

C'mon if you were riding in a dark school bus going home late at night from a high school ski trip and you were drunk on cheap wine and she started bouncing her fat ass packed into ski pants on your knee like a sex crazed nymphomaniac, you'd molest that bum right?


OK, sorry I mentioned it.

There was a time, but I'd rather not remember it.

i hate christcucks

Tic toc


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Go to bed dude. Either you're retarded or a shill. We're turning the population against ZOG, and there's no amount of siegeposting and/or brigading trannies that's gonna stop that.

People like you are the biggest cucks. You refuse to acknowledge your failures, and never learn from them. To you, every loss is a secret win.

I wonder who

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Any thread like this one where brigaders are trying to destroy it is worth effortposting on. I will not reply to IP switching shills.

The jews have overextended themselves, pushing woke POC's onto US congress like Ilhan Omar. And what did they get? #AIPAC trending on twitter and normalfags talking about Israel's zionist influence in America. Additionally, you have people like Tucker Carlson dogwhistling white nationalist talking points and pushing the overton window to the third position. The idea that a nation is not an economic unit with ideas, but rather a people that make it up is gaining major traction. Rome was not built in a day, and neither is defeating ZOG. It literally doesn't matter how many IP's you switch, how many bait posts you make, how many trannies you get brigading from Zig Forums. Actual rightwingers get angrier the harder the fight, not more defeatist.

This is why I'm optimistic about any scenario that faces white America. There is growing sentiment among the white populace that the people of the country, not the economic system, should come first in a country. Currently these whites do not see a racial angle to nationalsim entirely, but have already started to. Many normalfags I spoke to have discussed the issues with immigration and how this racialism has gone too far. You know they're not full 1488 yet, but this is how people get started on the path. And it's why they're trying to keep anyone who's a potential gateway to white nationalism out, because it threatens ZOG that hard.

White nationalism has only been growing in public approval, and is getting close to exploding. Extremist ideas are adopted by the greater population en masse around 10-15% (where approval of the 'altright/WN' is right now). This is why Tucker Carlson keeps BTFO'ing NeoCohen shills and kikes in debates, because Tucker is going the third position.

Crowds cheer when nationalist and third position talking points are made, and are silent when talks about more immigrants are made. We're breaking the conditioning

keep doing that forever because thats how long itll take. reality is, everybody has been exposed to various redpills in these last 10 years of the household internet age. yet they still never cared to look deeper. youre trying to redpill people who already refused even more entry tier pills. what we should be doing is talking about how to effectively use what small numbers we do have. youre trying to get your numbers up before action when action is what will drive people to you. forget it, these are just words because nobody is willing to risk losing their comfort.

soon enough youll be praising tucker carlson as sleeper cell hitler when hes reduced to his most radical position being “we should probably try and keep some white people alive in the future for diversities sake”

This. You are allowed to be a conservative, a liberal, a progressive, a commie, anything but a nationalist. As soon you move out of the realm of impotent civ-nat cuckery you become a target and if you're a white nationalist or anti-ZOG in any way, they mark you for extermination. Vid related.

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Pretty sure it's a dude, the other jew plant as well, Faith Goldy. Dudes.


It's all so tiresome.

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And that's why Shabbos goy Alex Jones interviewed "Faith Goldy" a million times. It's all so tiresome.

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This will be the moment people look back on and say, "that's when Trump killed his presidency". Not that he hasn't done plenty of stupid shit up to this point but I think this speech is what seals his fate.

It took the liars and deceivers more than a hundred years to break down western civilization, we're not going to rebuild it in an afternoon.

You are right, we should use our small numbers as effectively as possible, but at the same time we should continue to hand out red pills.

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97% of threads on here are Perez Hilton spam. Literally just saw like 5 threads in a row that were omg guyz here's your leaders follow them they have your back so what if there's 100 pics of them in Israel they are saving America!

Ever heard the term glow in the dark, Jared?

All you faggots do all day is analyze E celebrities

Every single fucking thread

This is the 21st century, almost every "celebrity" is an "E celebrity".
Ultimately they are a distraction, but we ignore them at our own peril.

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Holy shit. Jack wasn't killed after all.

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checking based tranny poster trips

It's becoming obvious to everyone at this point that conservatism is not going to be the answer. What a fucking circus.

Great post.

I don't even care about her other positions, Ilhan Omar is one of the best people in Congress.

The 2020s will be the turning point decade. It doesn't matter who wins. Trump may even be the worst choice. I like Tulsi Gabbard, but maybe we need Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren or someone similarly bad.

would marry/10

Trump lost his core supporters months ago. People don't really believe in him anymore,he is just another politician. We will probably see a lot of stupid liberal shit like video to make people think that Trump stands for something.

All he has to do is tweet something edgy and 90% of "former" Trumpniggers start worshiping him again.

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Nope. /qresearch/ is still at least 4 times as large as Zig Forums and growing. The eternal boomer loves him more than ever. They still believe that sending weapons, money and footsoldiers to Israel is in our national interest. They believe unemployment is below 10%, because they are retired, they believe inflation runs at 2%, because they only buy food and the only immigrants they see are people who mow their lawns, because they live in the suburbs. It never ends with these cucks.

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Take your meds.

Take your meds.

Meds are no longer an option for you. You require surgery.

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Yeah, I overstated the situation, but we could probably agree that things have changed. The days of guys wearing a MAGA hat in a hostile environment and ready to eat a fist or face verbal abuse are mostly behind us. His supporters still like him, but not as wholeheartedly as they once did, with one exception. Chistcucks love him for moving the embassy to Jerusalem and his rhetoric on things like abortion. Any of Trump's failings they will just blame Democrats and an exceptionally antagonistic media for.

Most of the genuine youthful idealism has been lost, and now it is evangelical conservatives who form the most solid part of his base.

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Do you see how angry they get when you point out that white consciousness is growing? Suddenly the thread is flooded with low effort bait posts with new IP's.

It doesn't matter if Faith Goldy isn't Hitler 2.0. It doesn't matter if Nick Fuentes is 25% spicish and a civnat. What matters is that ZOG is trying to ban them because they've correctly identified the threats nationalism poses to the international economy and military industrial complex. Increasingly, white rightwingers are giving up the free market platform for a more national approach to the economy (AKA third position). Go watch any of Tucker's interviews, especially one in front of an audience. The people go fucking crazy with applause/cheering when he mentions that a nation is its people, NOT ideas. This is often to the chagrin of neocons and Ben Shapiro, who try to atomize people as just economic units.

This is why Trump was a blessing even if he's a dumb zionist boomer. He reintroduced politics into many whites' minds and got them back into the fray. One thing posters like and fail to realize is that we're not as neurotic and defeatist as leftists are. We literally had AIPAC trending on twitter and kikes sweating bullets, things are going well in our direction. The Spaniards managed to push the muslims out of Spain outnumbered 100-to-1, us being outnumbered means literally nothing.

Which again, is why CPAC had to ban nationalists, because they can spark a larger civil war in the republican party, one between ZOG and white americans.

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He was a huge blessing as a candidate, and probably a net negative for his first 2 years in office.

The next 2 years will be less about Trump. Notice that there really wasn't Trump obsession at this year's CPAC, the dialogue has shifted without him. His hardcore faithful aren't about ideas.

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That image explains a lot. Holy shit. These are the people I've been arguing with for months now.

Ya the dialogue has shifted away from Trump, which most of anyone on the dissident right was not actively aware would happen. 1488 does not end with Trump, arguably it didn't even start with him, probably Ron Paul as an actually white candidate that energized whites in America.

The harshest criticism of Trump must come from the right.

We are building a new social network, which will be explicitly Pro Aryan, and anti Degeneracy.

Using the network, we plan to coordinat mutual aid, and organized action. We also plan to build a network of Aryan Folk communities, with a portion of the proceeds.

National Socialist Germany, won the People over with an economic program that legitimately made their lives better, we will do the same and more.

By creating our own social media, and subsequent media outlets we will completely shift the narrative to one of Ethno Nationalism.

Hail Victory.

Is ZOG also behind the ban on Faith's comrade Laura Loomer?

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We shouldn’t be so hard on the Boomers, it was the decadence that got them, and the innocent ignorance.

We will need the boomer class ,since they will be tHe financiers of our Bulkinization efforts.

Nazi boomers

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how about you actually check the context of this befoer you just spew shit.
ib4 eceleb shill
No I'm just so sick and tired of this mindless chronic shitposting here

big oof

Malkin went this year. Apparently Malkin and Coulter hate each other so maybe that's why Ann wasn't invited

If she wore it as a goof, that's fine, but she has a long history of being an extreme defender of Israel on Rebel Media; I remember one video where she talked about the One-State solution, basically Israel taking over all of Palestine. So, for her to wear a hat like that ironically is not too fucking obvious. Unfortunate, because she has come a long way.

She was hanging out with Laura Loomer very recently.

wow, CPAC, what a waste.
Imagine still being any form of civcuck amnat.

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If that isn't what they want, why are they even conservatives? Did anyone ever think that CPAC was really some kind of pro-White event? These people are our enemies just as much as any demokike.

There are people who actually believe they can be saved. I say we purge them with fire.

They look and sound like complete fags. Funniest thing about them is how they think “chud” is a scathing insult

CPAC has always been like this. I was there in 1996, 1997, 1998, 2008 and 2012. It's all about appearance, attracting political heavyweights and getting press coverage. There is no substance whatsoever and if there was substance no politician would go there. Trump's recent speech was all about legal immigration and why we need more of it, so there's a good chance that the organizers did it to appease Trump.

they refuse to give us anything or do anything useful. fuck them.

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