British monarchy going full-cuck; will raise gender fluid child

As if marrying a mulatto wasn't an indication already:

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Long, long gone. If there's one cursed bloodline that deserves to end immediately after the Rothschilds, it's these faggots.

Proof that this public spectacle is nothing more than a psyop to help normalise this nonsense worldwide. Effective message: even British royalty are racemixers with tranny kids so it's totally normal and even high-class.

If you think this is organic, you may have brain damage.

The best part is that no one will ever fight back against this and the white race is already extinct. We just get to watch it happen.
Did I say best. I meant suicidally depressing.

So how does bongland work? Can they just vote to stop having figurehead monarchy altogether? Why would the commonwealth have any need to keep paying for royalty?

Quatroon.One of itz parental units is a hi-yeller.
.. and it is beautiful!

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Yes but no. Theoretically the Parliament could put it up for referendum like they did with Brexit And they TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOtally would respect the outcome if they didn't like it but that's not likely. They like the status quo. Why rock the boat if you're the (((captain?)))

So long as we survive and reproduce our genetics and memetics we can survive. Not in britain perhaps but elsewhere whites can survive. Survival will come at a price and we will have to harden ourselves to do this. But it's necessary.

The British monarchy is a pack of merchants that picked up a crown they found in the gutter.

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Fuck you OP. Show us a little respect and learn how to make a thread you lazy nigger.

negro Mutts have no culture or identity so can be easily given an artificial progressive culture. They are then loyal to that culture.
Eventually you have the creation of a slave race of rootless, cultureless mutts.
The msm is their culture, religion and identity all in one.
Their masters tell them to like the latest fad and they all bow down as one.
None of them will ever rebel or resist their enslavement. Since none will even be able to comprehend they are slaves.
This will be humanities future forever. If it isnt stopped

reduced to a cattle race of low iq consumers enslaved by a globalist super state for all eternity.

What difference, at this point,does it make?

Nuke the entire site from orbit, just to be sure.

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she looks already like she will age like milk. can't say i'm too disappointed tbh.

Work? This abyss does not work. It's the worst point of rot anywhere in the western world. We are dead and this is hell. It is my hope one day to leave this accursed and satanic land.

What does it matter that some non White mud is further degenerate? It's shitting on the piece of shit, oh noes, you got shit on it.

This is now a Bongistan hate thread.

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Then these faggots should remove the gender specific title of 'King, Queen, Prince and Princess'

I wonder how they expect the public to address that thing lol.

After the Rothschild's, user? They are Rothschild's kikes. Well maybe not that nigger bitch but you get the idea.

Meeeeee…I can't wait to see all the 'public mourning' and all the interviews…

Perhaps we should petition them to have all titles of royalty changed simply to 'Royal Xir'.

More like 'Royal Cur'

Ireland's final revenge. Well done you Celt bastards you somehow managed to lose every battle but win the war.

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Not only necessary user, but mandatory.
Harden yourself.


except ireland is being overrun by migrants too

The monarchy in Britain hasn't been legitimate since Oliver Cromwell's coup.

That is because you aren't willing to KILL THEM.

You are aware that Irish Republicans were and are Marxists, right? And that current Irish parliament is a disgusting shitshow full of cuckservatives and EU cocksuckers? And that there is no legit Irish nationalist party or movement in the country at all?
Funny thing is, all of this considered, ol' Eire still fares better than Bongistan.

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At least the tranny mutt can never rule.

The nigger saxon deserves this fate. One of their king could have stopped the aggression against Hitler but the subhuman nature of the nigger saxons repulsed him so much he abdicated and married a sloppy second amerimutt whore.

It seems like we're already there. I mean, the White race and Western civilization died at the conclusion of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Come to the States, m8. Although, I can't say we're much better on the cultural front, but at least you can't be arrested for calling niggers, niggers, wiggers, wiggers, and spics, spics…yet.

Me as the boy in the middle with the permanent "WTF!?" on his face.

Dublin is full of Nigerian dindus, and the Taoiseach is a half-streetshitter faggot. I can't say that Ireland is doing any better.

With the way Great Shitstain is going, she'll demand the throne after the old hag croaks. And will get it, because refusing would be rayciss.

It can if it marries its Rothschild cousin, can't it…got to condense that nigger lineage right into the bloodlines, know what I mean?

. . .

Every time.

Mutts aren't part of Western Culture. They aren't part of any culture except Rapefrican culture. Can you imagine being a half nigger and thinking that you had made some contribution to 'Western society' LMAO…

Some of them end up seeing things from our point of view. Seeing how their mind-kiked parents made a huge mistake and doomed them to such a life.

britain needs to be cleansed, and this time we won't be having no jews get in our way

Truth of almost James Bond dubs.


You can't make this shit up

(((they))) are everywhere
to say the jews lost WW2 or were even HARMED, is the biggest joke since black power

Actually,demographically you blokes are still better off than we are,but not for long.Just replace wogs with spics& breeds & you get the idea.

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Looking at his exes, you wonder WTF was he thinking? He had dated beautiful blond young girls. Is he a blackmailed child fucker?

IKR it is the funniest thing ever…that man never date a chimpanzee in his life, just beautiful young blondes, the very cream of society and now look at him…nothing more than a nigger breeder with a suicidal tranny mutt child…LMAO…they are just making a laughingstock of their bloodline.

I was, yes .
Thank you for rereminding me.
The Irish are as cucked as the rest of us.
I was just going for the slightest respite from my eternities in hell.

Bongs are definitely worse off. The spics aren't anyway near as bad as mudslimes blowing up children's concerts, turning little girls into kebab meat, and raping little girls in the most massive scale. Then there's the bong niggers who are statistically worse than US niggers despite being less. Must be because they lack white admixture, they're just full nigger niggers who nig.

i'm already waiting for the royal suicide report

Me too.
I grew up in a very one world, one people religious cult .
Nothing was mine, not even my room.


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youre delusional. youll see how much better they are when they are confident in their numbers and they cut your heart out then decapitate you.

more like dutch jews that stole the crown from the scottish stewarts

We won't have to wait long…they will probably butcher it while it is still alive (genital mutilation) in order to garner public support as well. This is going to be so interesting to watch them slice and dice their own offspring with the care of cannibalistic parasite towards its own spawn.

If someone did that to your most beloved relative, you'd sit there and enable it with defeatism. The only Brits not utterly drenched in emasculation are the ones destroying your shitty country.

They are worse. They simply have a different methodology of murder. The arabs are terrorists, so they like sneaky fucking underhanded killing. The spics are fucking sociopathic experts at torture and mayhem. We need to be MUCH BETTER THAN BOTH AT KILLING. It is time for European men to think about their skill sets and assess how they would kill massive numbers of their enemies (guns or not) this is not going to be a hand to hand combat situation. YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO USE YOUR BIG BRAINS AND SKILLS AT HUNTING AND SLAUGHTER ON A MUCH LARGER SCALE.

Fucking hell, the kikes got you brainwashed n' played you like a fiddle

I've slowly been showing shit like this to my mom over past few years and my views on hitler/natsocs/kike and she's slowly beginning to see how fucked the world is


The kikes are fully integrated into every society on this planet, user…there are 'obvious kikes' and covert kikes that wear the skin of us, their enemies in order to subvert us from the inside. They bred with us to wear our face and become 'trusted' so that they could more easily murder us. I am pretty racially aware user. I know the techniques of the Khazarians and how they used to disguise themselves (race mixing and inbreeding) after they had slaughtered a caravan in the clothes (skin) of their prey so that they could slaughter the next caravan (people of the Earth) as well.

Look at Tommy Robinson. I have pictures of him in his job with the Rothschild's. On Israeli tanks, wearing the flag of the jews on a t-shirt. etc…they wear our faces, names, and skin so that they can better betray us from the inside.

Spics are way better than sandniggers. Brits got a bum deal. Even sandnigger "food" is garbage like British cuisine. At least spics got tacos.

I unironically like talking to myself, user. The point is jews aren't the problem.

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Dubs agree. We have to learn from Jews. The Jews in Israel treat shitskins like subhumans, they don't even allow them the same rights. We have to do the same we need to emulate the Jews they know the truth and the light about shitskins.

Israel has anti-miscegenation laws on the books. Name one other country that has the same? Israel is BASED.

I am painfully aware of this fact too.
We need to seperate ourselves from any known groups, as (((they))) have infiltrated all of them already.
Independent, not alt-right, is anti-kike control

Ha, how do we act like the Jews when they already control us?
The moment we try this approach, they'll pull out another bullshit problem out of their ass to (((divert))) us

They are marooned on a small island group with a pop. density higher than China.
65 million& growing( not wyppo) blowback is a bitch.
& USSA LEARNED NOTHING bring their retarded pit bull, maintaining their empire with your kid's blood.

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My favorite is that graphic that shows that there are more niggers in London, which I can personally attest to than there are Whites in ALL OF AFRICA…I would upload it but I am TORFag for a couple days.

My other favorite is that during the kike/islamofaggot slave trade where the Barbary pirates pillaged European coastlines that more Europeans were sold into slavery in Africa than were ever taken out.

Doesn't look good for the idea of 'bleaching niggers and others' because the IQ of whites seems to lose when combined with nigger and subhuman DNA. Their retardation cannot be compensated for…their animal instincts and brain structure is too prevalent. So if you race mix like Harry you are dooming forever your entire genetic history to nigger IQ, looks and behaviors.

It will be interesting if their nigger offspring loses it and murders a lot of them in an 'incident' I think the chimpanzee people have less tolerance for being raped as little kids and no doubt this one, since it is going to be raised as a tranny will have a LOT of grown men's penises in its asshole.

Only rightwing Western whites are people of Western culture, which essentially revolves around truth and its importance. That's its defining thing. Nonwhites are concerned with face, not truth, because they are strongly wired that way. And leftists totally reject the concept of truth altogether and therefore have ejected themselves from Western culture. They are post-Westerners. Western culture is effectively dead.

By turning around their "fellow white people" strategy. 'Convert' to judaism and let these genestealers rue the day they started calling themselves greatest ally or fellow whites.

English have roasts and Yorkshire pudding and other such delights, all of which are better and more impressive than any thirdworld food. To claim that they only eat fish and chips and sausages is a lie. I will agree that those items are subhuman, but if you compare them to other thirdworlder working-class food, it's much more appealing. Are you sure you aren't a commie or cuckservative? I only ever hear anti-Brit food signalling coming from them.

Here is a graphic of some traditional English cuisine. All of this is better, infinitely, than your taconigger slurry and Thai povertysoups. Stop spreading anti-white lies.

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Yes, exactly, I wrote a paper on Transcendental Rationalism and the importance of maintaining Virtue as opposed to Empiricist ideologies. The idea was that only through rationalist thinking could mankind advance since empiricism required mankind to make judgements about ideologies based on humanist principles rather than abstract and thus eternal ideologies. When mankind lowered his view from something eternal, the judgement became personal (postmodernist) and collapsed into chaos because anything that was exceptional was cut down to accommodate the weakness of the least capable rather than tested against the strengths of a Virtue that was transcendental to humanity. Thus progress died in its crib a stillborn to the cult of liberal animism.

I actually think that English, Scottish and Irish food was just outstanding world class cuisine. I have never once been disappointed. I like expensive food though.

Fuck you for posting tasty looking food. Now I'm hungry.

I will make this right again. I must save Britannia.

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Oi, you got a loicense for that weapon, mate? And did you fill out your suicide application at the council?


Brits having shit food is a lefty talking point to signal that they prefer third world beanslurry and MSG broth grease.

Sounds interesting. Is it published? I myself am a researcher. I have helped publish meta-analysis on IQ but have recently moved into Germanic history and philosophy research. Should be publishing with TOQ (K Mac's) soon.
Yeah, it was the logical next-step (absolute relativism) after adopting nominalism and empiricism, both of which essentially claim that only that which can be seen can be real. Such a presupposition precludes truth itself from being real in their system because the truth is not a physical thing. It can't be observed. Not to mention that the systems themselves cannot even prove their own validity as both statements and truth values are not empirical things. Any civilisation or culture that builds itself on such contradictory and sel-refuting ideas is destined to fail.

Both logic and truth are abstract and eternal, though. How are you supposed to advance by removing them from your worldview and philosophy? How are you supposed to even function? You can't have even have a non-contradictory system without having both. And any kind of advancement necessarily requires the existence of these metaphysical things which are also the basis of any religion or "eternal ideology".

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just let britain sink lad.


Decent post.

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It isn't published yet but I am going to in a few months, hopefully. Oh my goodness, that food looks so delicious.

Good luck.

Decent post.

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Now I'm convinced the kikes are grooming Harry to be king. No way is he just coincidentally the most degenerate puke in European royal history – which is one hell of a bar to vault – but he is specifically working on being a kike's dream candidate.

Shortly after Muhammad-descendant Elizabeth II dies, but before Charles can also die of old age, Prince William and his white children will die in a tragic (((airplane crash))) the way Nigel Farage almost did. This will leave only the responsible Prince Harrold and his Hot Mulatto Princess and Stunning-and-Brave Gender Fluid childx to inherit the throne. Cap this.

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That needs an update. The US soldiers should be wearing rainbow fatigues, enforcing Trump's global pro homo initiative while a Jew feeds Trump McDonald's burgers using a conveyor belt.

Other than that, 1st class OC.

Double reply, but I didn't see those impressive digits until only a second ago.

Whoa…its a sign from God….tad-ah…the sky parted…must p u b l is h…

The spirits of the aetherial integer realm demand it. Tis an omen, user.

Im american and can tell how shit your taste buds are

Those are only random images I pulled from Google to make a point against the huge agenda that Brits only have shit food.
Personally, I try to stick to the diet of my Cornish fisherman ancestor's. It's a genomics thing.

This is what you get for waging a pointless war against Europe.

Is this karma?

everyones food is shitty, you only ever hear about the super sweet or the salty deep fried crap that people can make in 5 minutes and sell fast, no american brags about meat loaf, greenbean hautedish, chicken continental or wonderbread, scandis dont go around trying to sling fermented fish, lutefisk or lefse

No, some people have better food than others.
I wouldn't know, I don't watch cable TV. My food knowledge come from spending lots of time cooking around various Europeans. I also ran a restaurant in college.
Americans do brag about junkfood and McDonald's though, especially their patented supersize meals.

its all vendor food

That's all foreign.

its all foreign junk food