List of a few of Trumps great accomplishments

-4% growth in the economy
-unemployment at 50 year low
-median household income rose to 61,300
-investments are coming back to America do to tax cuts
-Deregulating the crap out of the economy
-Working to put more money into securing our borders
But oh wait… hE hAsN't DoNe AnY tHiNg

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Less niggers.

That's a good start

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But oh wait… hE hAsN't DoNe AnY tHiNg


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Man what happened to Zig Forums is a disgrace

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kys trumpnigger

All of this demotivates people to act. Radical action is only possible when conditions are shit.
Who cares?
Who carea besides jews?
Where's the wall?
Such as?
No, he certainly did nigger-rig the economy. The issue is that he outed himself as a System politician, he never truly had the White Nation's interests at heart. As such, his economic growth only served to forestall any anti-System action and thus means his entire presidency has actually been a net LOSS for American Whites because we only have a couple of decades left to deal with the System before it deals with us. His presidency just extended the lifespan of the System.

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Fuck you and fuck your curse posts too.

fucking hell, but i'd rather have a republican jewish puppet then a democratic jewish puppet

If this were really true, why are more people than ever unable to keep up with their car payments?

Almost two thirds of Americans do not have enough savings to cover a $1000 emergency

Atho I disagree with him moving the embassy to Jerusalem because I don't think it should have been a priority, It is a good thing for the simple reason that Jewish control tend to be more peaceful than Muslim control.

BTW- instead of having soft Gun Rights Hilary would have tried to Hurt the 2nd Amendment

People who quot what the news is saying, i simply say to you Fake News

found the shill

This will be good for his donors:
Housing Affordability at lowest level in 10 years



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Didn't his (((son-in-law))) just get done for trying to sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia?


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OK, from Forbes, or take your pick

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Reminder that Hitler was a complete failure whose antics made the world reject the then mainstream idea of white supremacy and nationalism.

He destroyed Europe and killed millions of whites.

He saw orientals/asians as equals and even considered pajeets, tontos, south and central americans, and persians as "Aryan."

His failure to contain the jewish threat caused the creation of the State of Israel when he turned the whole world sympathetic towards them.

And now Germany is the most cucked country on the planet.

Lastly he created devastating damage on Britain which ultimately ended the British Empire. The British Empire has done more to advance and spread the influence of Western Culture than any other group in history.

His failures ended thousands of years of civilization, achievement, and tradition. And it it's wake left us socialism and multiculturalism.

Deregulating the economy means what exactly? So niggers can get those loans and move into what's left of white towns? Fuck you and your (((materialist))) worldview putting market before your people. Milk a rock.


you guys are both fuking jokes
Hitler was neither the victim nor did he fail to contain the Jewish threat.

He failed to realize that he was being used by the Jews as a scapegoat

Useless Majors + College = less people can afford housing

Big surprise
(Not Trumps fault)

The lack of sagebombing ITT is disturbing.

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wew lad

Libertarian idiot.
Go back to reddit and ben shapiro, you dont belong here.

America's 1% hasn't controlled this percentage of wealth since just before the Great Depression

I was about to sagepost this wall in another thread that got pruned but I figure it's still a sentiment worth sharing:

Trump has been playing 3d chess, the 4d thing was a meme and has proven not true but it wasn't luck that helped him win. He was legitimately the best candidate in 2016 and probably one of the top 2 or 3 to have run during the entire season on all sides, his facto of success over other good candidates was that he understood sales tactics and deal making, and he continually worked to frame his opinions and actions in such a way that made him more and more palatable by making people think within his frame.

If there is a better candidate in 2020 I will vote for them but unless Patrick little and ron paul run on a joint ticket or the spirit of uncle Adolf truly rises from the grave It's going to be Trump.

I voted for trump because the right needed a win, the left needed to have their momentum halted, also because he was the only one talking about returning the means of production to america and that is critical because a new automation revolution is coming and if we don't have the means of production for humanoid robots to work then we wont be able to tax that robot labor and that means we go broke as fuck.

I regularly question if the accelerationist option would have been a success in voting for Hilary and while I can't know for sure I think the Trump victory emboldened European right wingers and the whole event laid a much more stable ground work for the right wing swing to come through in the west, I think Q is a cancer on that and it's an attempt by kikes to get their fingers and control into the foundation of the new right.

What I do know is that we need a "burning reichstag", we need something to show the whole world how blood thirsty and violent the left is, something that can't be ignored and we aren't going to get that if liberals win in 2020, trump needs to win 2020 so that anitfa actually follow through with a bomb plot, the already bloodthirsty left can have that wrath channeled against their jewish masters we need to win 2020, demoralize the left by explaining how the people they hate, dumb working class rednecks would be the center of the communist and socialist revolution, "those people (you hate) would be getting the most benefits", just lie to them about commissar Cletus, people hate being losers and liberal morality is based on victory, "progress" is victory and progress is determined by the winners and time, the libshits are super open to "national socialism" seriously just repeat the stuff hitler said and they eat it up until you point out to them that national socialism is what nazis did, they love the conservationism and smoking bans that came with national socialism too.

Liberals losing in 2020 will create homegrown antifa terrorists, libshit turncoats who have "If you can't beat them, join them" inscribed on the inside of their skulls, and it will force trump to stiffen his rhetoric up to get the wall faster and be tougher on foreign aid, we need that voice back, he's gotten soft but I'm almost certain the 2020 campaign will bring him back into that attitude. also if trump wins we probably get that nuclear peace with NK and a further emboldening of European and Canadian right wingers.

haha, if the jews allow it, it will come to pass

Bernie/Impala Harris 2020

Thread's about Zognald Chump, not Uncle H, friendo

The article is from 2016, but H-1B issuance has increased under Trump. American stem graduates are being crowded out by cheaper foreigners.
A Phony Stem Shortage and the Scandal of Engineering Visas - How American Jobs Got Outsourced

fuck you

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Jews didn't want trump to win in 2016, they might now but that is irrelevant, jews don't have absolute power and that is why they are sperging out so fucking hard right now with all the racemixing propaganda and other degenerate shit, they want us to make a move ahead of the election so they can say that the democratic platform is the only option to begin "healing" in america.

Mark my words there will be a "racist anti gay trump suporter" that shoots up a black church, a synagogue or a pride parade or may all of the above within the two months preceding the 2020 election. They will falseflag in our name, that's why they tried to criminalize and ban decent against jussie smollet, they have it planned.

kike thread

that traitor deserves the death penalty he sold out middle america and the whole country to kikes and niggers.

Yes deregulation is good, I belive removing government intervention from industry is good

This guy gets it.

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There's a reason why I refer to Latin/South America as the Kike's failed experiments

Trump > Nazi

That's mathematically impossible because

Hitler >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Trump

Back to t_ZOGnald with you.


tiger woods predicted this ;)

We get it, you love trump so much hes the new Jesus in your life, but the rest of us in reality realize man has limitations.


$22 Trillion Deficit
$18 Trillion GDP

So OP when is he repealing Hart-Celler? Or is the slow genocide of whites by mass immigration of nonwhites going to continue?

Patrick. It's RP. I'm in Florida. I know you won't win but goddamnit, I want to help you. How can I get involved with working for the campaign? Seriously.

Back to 4cuck
Reported for paid shilling

33 million illegals + 33 million "legal" anchor babies.

Those are good things for sure, but what's the point if all future Americans end up being literal mongrels from the amerimutt meme, like the Jews so want?

such growth

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Back at you faggit.

"I have asked China to immediately remove all Tariffs on our agricultural products (including beef, pork, etc.) based on the fact that we are moving along nicely with Trade discussions…."

DJT Translation: "China hasn't budged but I need to get the tariffs removed before the major of my supporters in Farm country start burning effigies of me! US Exports are crashing, but China Imports are still going strong!"

Jan 13, 2019: China's trade surplus with the U.S. — closely watched amid the tariff war between the two countries — grew 17 percent from a year ago to hit $323.32 billion in 2018. … Exports to the U.S. rose 11.3 percent year on year in 2018

Trumpet Score board:

The following numbers show that the U.S. economy is falling apart rapidly:

#1 Farm loan delinquencies hit the highest level seen in 9 years.
#2 U.S. exports declined by 4 billion $ during December.
#3 J.C. Penney closes another 24 stores.
#4 Victoria’s Secret to close 53 stores.
#5 Gap will be closing 230 stores over the next two years.
#6 Payless ShoeSource bankrupt closing all 2,100 stores.
#7 Tesla closing all physical sales locations.
#8 PepsiCo laying off workers.
#9 Baltic Dry Index dropped to lowest level in more than two years.
#10 Worst slump for core U.S. factory orders in three years.
#11 Largest decline in the Philly Fed Business Index in more than 7 years.
#12 In January, sales of existing homes fell 8.9% from a year earlier. 3rd month in a row with a decline of +8 percent.
#13 U.S. housing starts were down 11.2% in December compared to previous month.
#14 Home sales in southern California down 17% in January.
#15 In December, home sales in Sacramento County down 22.5% compared to a year earlier.
#16 Pending home sales in the US have fallen for 13 months in a row.
#17 More than 166 billion $ in student loan debt.
#18 More than 7 million Americans are behind on their auto loan payments.

Meaning kikes got more money while working class whites suffer
with most growth being casual and other low paying jobs
very bad as it mean working class whites can't buy a house
IE kikes are spending money in America while white people get nothing
only for the upper class nothing for the working or middle classes
you mean a shitty fence that he got through in a way that means that AOC will use it to take guns in 2025
All of these things do not benefit White people at all, only rich jew boomers


Depends on the Jew
Israel wanted Trump to win since Hillary was too loose of a cannon, Israel wasn't ready yet for war against russia

Billions to Israel is a masquerade for taking TENS of billions away from them by withdrawing troops from the middle east. Trump has actually pointed to the billions as reason why they can fend for themselves. Once we are safely out, then we can come up with a reason for stopping the financial aid, like Netanyahu's recent corruption charges.

If you think he'd get re-elected in 2020 if he refused to do that, you're deluded. White politicians can't entirely unmask their power levels so long as the evangelical base is still in Jewish pockets. If you want them to be able to, you have to turn the public against the Jews first. Move the Overton window.

you're doing it wrong…

-4% growth in the economy

-unemployment at 50 year low

-median household income rose to 61,300

-investments are coming back to America do to tax cuts

-Deregulating the crap out of the economy

>(((less consumer protection is good, goy)))

-Working to put more money into securing our borders

Also, pic related.

Trump is a zionist cryptokike with ties to Sheldon Adelson, Gary Cohn, Jared Kushner, Jeffrey Epstein, Wilbur Ross (= Rothschild), etc. Trump is a literal lifelong Jew York Billionaire Democrat that pacified whites about their replacement, without doing anything to stop it.

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And paying constant lip service to them is his ingenious way of shifting it?

Fuck off.

Once again with this 4D chess shit.


Unemployment is low because we are dying, not because economy is great.

Tax cuts are only race to the bottom, and ordinary people get less and less out of economy, the rich get more and more.


How many immigrants do you think there are in San Fransico alone?

Trump is fucking done unless you kikes in the Mossad who paid Jim for this postrig the election.
Fuck Trump I hope he chokes on the Jewish dick he's sucking.

Trump is in the process of tricking millions of illegal immigrants into giving up their locations and their resources to care for minor children thinking it will prevent them from being deported, however they will be deported because they cease to be sponsors once their child is deported or if they don't bring the child to court to be deported

"You're so impressive and strong Israel-chan, I don't want to humiliate you by giving you help you clearly don't need. We Americans are so pathetic we would just get in your way. We will pull out, but please keep fighting the good fight and take some more shekels to show that I love you and don't hate the Jews, I am 100% sure that with Americans gone Iran won't nuke you"

Trump is 8D chess, it was us who got him in, not halfchan. 88D even.

I hate you.

Get the fuck out.

the amount of moves you can see ahead is only single-digit, I take it?

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If an immigrant did this, the government would now know where they live, and deport them. You're no longer a potential sponsor once your application's rejected.

I think you hurt his feelings user. I will admit I'm nervous about the "tricking spics into revealing their locations" idea though, that's a little too risky for my liking.

He made the right sort of people really upset.
You know the type that have a trust fund and a blue checkmark on twitter.

The more I learn about the type of people who hate Trump, the more I like him.
Nick Fuentes Dox

Excuse me?
Do you think sucking that many circumcised dicks is NOTHING, user?

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Best of all he failed to kill Assad or take Kim's nukes away.

Prove it, show proof. Where is the proof? In 2 years none of this has happened, but now suddenly 4d chess will make it so?

Imagine Supporting the GOP after:
~ Globalized Sodomite Policing
~ No Repeal of Obamacare
~ $50 Billion to Israel
~ Antisemitism Bill tramples #1A
~ Bump Stock Ban tramples #2A
~ Hundreds of Billions in Weapons to Saudis (Zionist Controlled), all while Kvetching about Iran and Muh Human Rights
~ No Wall
~ Less Deportations than Obama
~ No Affirmative Action repeal
~ Muh Legal Refugees (millions already given citizenship, millions)
~ Trillions added to Deficit
~ GDP Below Deficit
~ No Wage Increases
~ No Middle Class Tax Cut
~ Federal Reserve STILL running strong
~ Jew pawns in charge of State Department, Treasury, even the goddamned Department of Justice
~ ALL of the GOP denounces White Nationalism while cucking for Jewish Nationalists and Holohoax Indoctrination in front of the Nation

Imagine being so stupid you actually believe the stock market highs are a product of something Trump did and not just inflation currency finding price sponges to engorge.


This post is 100% prime cringe.


You're retarded because we were heading this route no matter if Hitler rose or not, honestly I shouldn't even reply to the most obvious shill bait.

This guy gets it

Fuck you boomer shill, I want my NEETbux. Vote ANDREW YANG in 2020.

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you niggers hate don so much you can't even consider anything that isn't a black and white, simpleton explanation. It's like trump hit office and you removed the entire concept of strategy from your minds.

You all had no plans and the jews were literally having their fucking way with you.

List of things that completely invalidate OP's list of things

Thanks for playing.

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