/our/ girl?

Calling out the (((duel citizens)))?


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Also this lulzy shit happened.
>Sgt. at Arms (((Anne Lieberman))) resigned Friday afternoon after delegates accused her of using an anti-Muslim slur. "The sergeant of arms of this body had the nerve to say to us 'all Muslims are terrorists' that's beyond shameful and that's beyond freedom of speech," Del. Michael Angelucci, D-Marion, said.

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Is NLP used by kikes to create hype around ecelebs and controlled opposition. Omar is just a useful weapon in the fight against Zionism. Stop being a fangirl and stop using kike buzzterms.

pick one

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Why does she have a pillowcase on her head? Is she cold?

This is actually the meme I get the least. Pure, full blooded European women have worn veils and head coverings in various regions for thousands of years. Of all the shit to get concerned about regarding Islam, head coverings are not one of them.


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we’re not chewing your bones anymore quit tossing them.

/our/? no, she's a shitskin moslem.

HOWEVER, she is anti-jew, and that is better than the rest of congress. basically:
which is worse? obviously the former, which the rest of congress is

basically like Corbyn in England. he is still anti-white, but at least he's not a jew lover. these two, Omar and Corbyn, as basically 'brown nationalists', like white nationalists for shitskins. anti-white, anti-jew. better than the zionist establishment

you mean christcucks? name any aryan civilization where women wore headcovers as daily attire.

forcing women to wear garbage bags and beating them with sticks is unironically baste. the bad things about islam are the dick-cutting, jew-god-worship, inbreeding, miscegenation, beastiality, etc. not headscarves and falafel

And then we evolved from foolish endeavors. Sandnigger bags are just as bad as all other religious pomp and circumstance in the modern world.

Almost every European culture but as decoration, not as oppressive cover.


It's absolutely true. You can observe it objectively today as much as you could in the past.

There's a reason everyone in history noted kikes are nothing but a pack of backstabbers no matter how well you treat them.

To quote, a jew can NEVER be a patriot, only a bad insect.

Kill yourself /jew/.

There has never been a shitstorm like this before. The kikes fear their mud skinned and built golems turning on them more than anything because they built up a narrative for years it won't be like before there won't be a single white or any race to protect those termites.


Doesn't matter. She's bringing the heat. We can't avoid the truth because of who speaks it.

That's their problem. We control the narrative now. Their diversity is working against them now. Blacks, sandniggers, trannies, and everyone should realize the truth about the jew and be free of them. No group of people deserves to be controlled by the jews.

She can say what she wants compared to the rest because she has a gorillion oppression points to the current progressive stack lunacy ironically the kikes themselves jewed themselves with. She's some nigger mutt mudslime creature who will pretty much be the end of them.

The light shines brighter than you, Zio-fedora-nigger

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Don't hold your breath waiting for the white golem to turn on them.


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Fuck off yid, you haven't had control for decades. You're just good at pushing lies and convincing people you still have it.

Not since James Traficant

Still waiting for that Rapture?


(((Duel citizenship))) is an easy redpill to pass along. The msm has been memeing the foreign Influence thing with trump nonstop. How is being in US government and a citizen of another country not "foreign Influence"?

AIDS kills homos does that mean it's good to have?

The masses and anons aside, name one white in congress who isn't a ZOG traitor.

If it's the shitskins that catch it in addition to the homos, then sure.

Duel Citizenship is a good idea. We need dueling to stage a comeback.

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Yeah, no. I am going to have to sort of disagree with you there

There's none. Ironically, Christian women are explicitly required to veil only when praying or teaching from scripture, with the reason being primarily one of modesty, but (((feminism))) has utterly eradicated that edict from mainstream religions. Coverings aren't required any other time, nor is a type of cover specified. It is completely unlike the body sacks of the insecure rape-happy mudshits.
The primary excuse that cucked clergymen give today for disobeying the commandment is that "Corinthian prostitutes went unveiled, so christian women were being told not to dress like prostitutes."
Besides the fact that prostitution is never mentioned as a reason to cover at all, archaeology has proven that the veil was never standard headgear for women, prostitute or not. Roman and Greek women of every economic class enjoyed displaying stylish braids and there are hundreds of portraits, statutes, mosaics, etc of unveiled women from the first century. The Roman Catholics, being just as kiked as mudshits, were the ones who forced veils onto women 24/7, but like today, it had nothing to do with scripture. And of course, atheists once again side with the feminists to prove that catholics, mudshits, feminists, and atheists all get it wrong, and all on team jew balls

Your jew fairy tales won't save you.

Pic related needs updating.

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nu/pol/'s strategy:
Don't name the Jew unless you're white!
Lol at the state of this board.

Name it all you want, don't walk it back as soon as the jew snaps his whip.

I agree, but her apology was two-faced and unsatisfactory, at least according to twitterjews.

Want to know how I know that OP is a half cuck refugee?

Because it works so well when Louis Farrakhan does it.

Leave and never return.

Want to know how I know how new you are?

Farrakhan isn't an elected official, and white Americans will defend the Jew to the very end.

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Dear diary…

Idiot op, muslims can’t be trusted, our ennemy’s ennemy is not our friend

If the Jews had believed this, Hitler wouldn't have lost.

If that was true, the allies wouldn't have included the Soviet Union. They are a friend, for now.


"Not our friend" sure but they're useful idiots and signal boosting their message is better than fighting them as long as our interests are aligned.


Nope. Nevertheless she is still one step above every other Jew lover in the US Government. And her district is heavily Muslim, thanks to Jewish pushing of tolerance and diversity. so she'll be a thorn in the Chosen's sides for many, many years to come.

Nobody said anything about the white golem turning, merchant. Is the lady in the OP not white?

you make the mistake of thinking that the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

And you have garbage reading comprehension.

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Awww, poor baby.

She isn't white, but the true golem is.



She is a semitic sand nigger OP.
NOT /our/ anything.
She is closer related to kikes and niggers than she ever will be to us.

Ah. If whites are the only true golem, then the world's (((smallest minority))) has nothing to fear from the rest of the entire world hating on them.

>then the world's (((smallest minority))) has nothing to fear from the rest of the entire world hating on them
They certainly behave that way - count the number of dead at the hands of their white golem.
No, but they are the most useful and loyal. Change my mind.

you niggers are retarded this bitch Is getting gassed like the rest of shills

I hate Muslims, especially Marxist assholes that ultimately just want to install a caliphate and take over the country. But if they are red-pilling leftists on the true (((oppressors))). Maybe we can eventually form an alliance and get rid of the parasite. Perhaps the Muslims will be happy enough with just getting rid of the parasite and living much more peacefully without Israel’s wars. As for the leftists they are lemmings who will just end up confirming to our ideals as we regain the power of our nations.

Holy shit, I would marry her

But she isn't Jewish

#WhiteGloveMovers #DenkoMechanical

yeah just search 'traditional [european culture] women dress' you will see a range from braid to flower to scarf on all European women. It is argued to be a religious (jew) thing:

All European women have similar clothing: white blouse, colored dress, contrasting colored apron, apron-matching hair wrap/tie, black flat shoes
sometimes a corset or a belt

So churchjews following semitic tradition? Wowzer.

nu/pol/ everyone

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Not a friend of ours, she's part of the (((left))), which is anti-White and not our friends. Just as Hitler and his men were against both (((capitalism))) and (((communism))), so should we be against both the (((left))) and Zionism.


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Cold War wasn't entirely staged, people actually died trying to cross the Berlin Wall. The kikes didn't care, though.

They're the most loyal… for now.

The jews are so devious and crazy I can't help thinking this is exactly the narrative they want.

They want all the jews packed into Israel so the rabbis can rule over them and keep them under tight suveillance of their religious laws. It will be the ultimate ghetto.

If this ever happened it would be the poorest place on Earth.

A reminder bitler saw use in muds against kikes and to this day there are still muds who idolize him.

Este post esta subvalorado

There are less Aborigines than Jews though fuckwit

Jack has less money than Jim.
Jack has fewer dollars than Jim.

Bill has less hair than Edgar.
Bill has fewer hairs remaining on his head than Edgar.

William smokes less grass than Chaim.
William buys fewer bags of weed at the dispensary than Chaim.

That is one, and it is not the same as Op.

More proof, kike?

I am 100% for exploiting this as a wedge on the left. There are serious benefits from supporting our Arab waifus against the Jews. You should also feign interest in them as potential wives to make white women jealous and step up their game to secure you as a husband. In the meanwhile, have lots of anal sex with the Muslimas (do not impregnate them, miscegenation is degenerate) but do not ejaculate (this is onanism) and secure your vital essence for a white women after you have bleached your cock to remove sandnigger germs.

Pick none. /ourgirl/ rhetoric belongs on 4chan.

muzzies are a death cult, they don't care about this life, only the afterlife counts and they'll do anything, say anything to get it.

suppose they succeed in killing every jew, they'll turn around and start killing christians, pagans, buddhist….

they're not that hard to understand

why do you care about how it is phrased? This is someone we should support. Her opposition to Israeli-Americans is more valuable to us than her belief in creating Sharia Law here is dangerous.

We don't support Muslims

Why are muslim shill so apparent?


I don't know what the fuck you want tbh. You could have looked this up yourself.

no she is not our girl. she is a dual citizen whether she has the paperwork or not.

They hate whitey with all of their being, this was never supposed to happen. In their own way, they are every bit as naive as white liberals.

It is also why you have seen an increase in Jewish conservatives over the past couple of decades. Many of them realize that other groups won't be bluffed into servitude so easily.

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If I lived in her district, she would have my vote.

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Imagine being such a cucked state, that none of the whites representative will tell the truth, but a somali woman will. America is dead and will serve as a moral tale for centuries to come.

No. Not now, not ever. It's just a stupid nigger running its stupid nigger mouth. If it happens to wreck some kikes along the way, then great. But it can't be counted on for anything.

So it is not proof, just (((hypothesis))).

People with your low IQ and readiness to use the echo symbols inappropriately should simply be banned. You add nothing here.

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Yes, cover up goyim, the trashbag is your tradition, yes.

And we need to push for that too.

ALL of the semitic religions are a DEATH CULT.
Muslims can't be loyal to a nation or a people ever, they are more like the kikes than anyone can imagine. They are natural subversive traitors who only job the entire time they inhabit your country or goegraphy is to wage JIHAD against you until you are dead or until you have submitted to their nations authority. They need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice wherever you find them. They are worse than the kikes because they are more numerous and they are only loyal to their kike semite overlords.

The enemy of my enemy and whatnot..but really I don't even care anymore. I am simply tending to my soul these days and all this earth-bound hu-man drama is of little interest to me, however, it is entertaining!

They fight ZOG, we should.

I'm making an appointment for dick removal surgery right now so I can be more like her.

Did they wear them in Parliament?