The Martian Ethnostate

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. The offworld ethnostate is sounding like a better option all the time. Third world immigrants can't get there and shit on the sidewalks. Logistically this will be possible within our lifetime and offworld colonization is something we should strong consider for a few reasons.

Numerous civilizations have been ended by cataclysm in the past. Meteor strikes, volcanic eruptions, earthuakes, tsunamis. At one point a city fell into sink hole after the aquifer beneath was drained of water. Yet another city was destroyed by nuclear fission. Not sure how that happened. Other cities were swallowed by the oceans as sea levels rose.

When you really think about it extinction is the norm and we shouldn't be putting all of our eggs in one basket.

Offworld colonies is a good idea. Of course finding an Earth like planet is way more awesome but with current technology getting there is impossible. Mars is our best bet in the short term.

You can send cargo to Mars for about $90 million per flight on a Falcon Heavy

The craft that will get the actual crew there hasn't been fully developed.

The Korelev Crater has roughly 2.2 quadrillion liters of water ice.

The Valles Marinares is 2500 miles across and as much as 4 miles deep in parts. A few scientists think this might be a good place to start a colony though there have been like 40 sites discussed.

Underground bunkers are probably the way to go for living quarters.

What do you guys think about this?

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I think we should fix our problems on Earth first before we try to make a move on another planet. Otherwise we will just import our current problems to Mars and nobody wants kikes or shitskins on there.

This is true. Also if aliens made first contact with kikes said aliens would probably exterminate the entire human species.

Establish Northern White Alliance >> Eugenics program >> Earth eutopia >> colonies mars. 20 year plan. And go.

It's 4 miles deep but it's on top of a bulge. Hellas is a better idea.

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Here is the on minuscule challenge of many for all your colonization faggots: stop breathing Earth's air. By scuba gear and live only breathing through it. Lets see how long you will last.

You are unreasonably fucking angry.

Lol no, we have no fucking chance on Earth
We fucking need artifical wombs and then to go to Mars so we can eventually build an empire that Earth can't fuck with

Stop breathing Earth's air. Save us from your stupidity.

Look mate every time I think of a solution like Sam Hyde 2020 faggots like you ignore it or give shit reasons like this
Yes Air is an issue until you realise that if you terraform some large bunkers for a few decades it'll work


nice meme

First of all, isn't it rather pathetic that we have to surrender our planet to a bunch of filthy Jews and their mongrel slaves?

Second of all, the differences in gravity can have awful consequences for the human body, which have only been tested on adults so far; nobody knows the consequences of child growth nor childbirth in low gravity, let alone the epigenetic consequences after several generations on Mars.

Third of all, nothing is going to stop the Jews from annihilating our Mars base with nuclear inter-space ballistic missiles.

Valid points. Not as if there was some money for it. My only complaint is rolling the rock. The gravity blows…

Or, if only some sort of variation of this, the Jew won't have to nuke them.

Sam Hyde 2020

I don’t think they will let the white people leave. Only way to leave is to leave the Earth quietly without importing outsiders. I am pretty sure the scientists already knew about the inevitable dooms and are likely working 24/7 to improve the technology in secret.

I can't help but wonder if it's possible to setup a catapult close enough to the firmament (antarctic treaty system not withstanding) that our space cadet OP could be launched directly onto its high voltage surface?

You think space isn't real?

I don't think the technology exists yet to create a fully self-contained, fully self-sufficient enclosed habitat. Remember Biosphere 2 (pic-related)? I don't think it actually worked. I think they had to keep resupplying them from the outside.

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Mars is dead user. There is nothing living there…it is just a blasted empty windswept nothingness whose God died when the last MicroNova scourged all the life from its surface.

Mars is practically identical to Luna, and Luna is right there.

Gravity on Mars: 3.7 meters per second per second
Gravity on Luna: *1.6 meters per second per second*
Gravity on Earth: 9.8 meters per second per second
Gravity at Venus: *8.9 meters per second per second*

Racists are psychotic people who try to kyriotate all the stupidest, least fit people of their own pigment

If you can build an off-world colony with broken idiots like that, you’ll blow the meme of hostile vacuum to Andromeda

What you’ll really achieve is opening up global off-world immigrationthat will have your “ethnostate” swiftly overrun by the unwanted people of Earth, who will be comically superior

Fuck off heeb…we are coming to kill you.

If that were true we'd be no threat.
The (((Zig Forums))) fears the Nazi. Not because he is stupid but, on the contrary, because he is superior.

It was good enough for GLR and it's good enough for me.

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Stronk womyn couldnt handle pressures of science versus social dynamics. Woman CEO couldn't handle failures.

What this guy said, with a few addendums.

Orbital settlements make more sense than both, but Luna and/or asteroids should be used for mining. If you mine and refine your materials in space, you don't have to overcome gravity with expensive rockets. Energy is basically free up there with large mirrors (aluminum foil), so you can concentrate it and easily melt moon dust into aluminum ingots, which will get rolled into panels and beams for an O'Neill cylinder.

All of this is still theoretical because space is really fucking expensive, too much to be pursued without state funding, and our kike overlords won't permit any type of escape. This is the real reason space colonization hasn't been pursued despite it's massive benefits; once you're up there with a reasonable supply of machine tools, you can tell the world to fuck off and live far enough away that retaliation is impossible.

For another example of this, look into seasteading and how even a technologically simple improvement has been stymied by politics.

Surface temperatur is 740 K (467 °C, 872 °F), and the pressure is 93 bar (9.3 MPa), roughly the pressure found 900 m (3,000 ft) underwater on Earth. We send a few probes there. The surface probe was crushed by the atmosphere.

There has been some talk about sky cities on Venus as 55 km about the surface the temperature comes down to about 27 Celsius and barometric pressure is a little more bearable. But you still have the clouds of sulfuric acid and the issue of super rotation wind speeds of 100 m/s (~360 km/h or 220 mph).

If we wanted to live on Venus we would have to siphon off a lot of the atmosphere to reduce the runaway greenhouse effect that is going on. That's OK we can send some of those gasses to Mars and make it more habitable. Venus to much atmosphere. Mars not enough.

I think the trick would be terraforming both planets at the same time if we start to terraform.

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user if I come to power I will institute a policy of mandatory sterilization for any individual who has an IQ under 100. This will do away with 95% of Africans and others shit races.

I'll incentivize breeding for people who have IQs over 150.

Sulfuric Acid is water with Sulfur Dioxide dissolved in it. People hear 'sulfuric acid' and they say, oh gee we can't colonize there. That would kill me. But so would the vacuum of Luna and the freezing CO2 windshear of Mars.

The fact that there is liquid water on Venus in high enough concentrations to have supposed "sulfuric acid clouds" is a huge plus for why you'd colonize Venus.

Depends on how completely you want to terraform, I suppose, but Venus just needs to be shaded. If we can create self-replicating balloons that feed on the high energy of the conditions on Venus, we could terraform Venus in one to three generations, compared to about 500 years for Mars of heavy asteroid bombardment for increasing its mass, rotation, water, and atmosphere to be anywhere close to habitable by Humans.

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Mars is cool, but have you considered a dyson swarm ethnostate? A swarm of space stations drawing power from the sun would be much more resilient against hostilities from earth while being in a superior economic position owing to the ease with which extraterrestrial resources could be mined, processed, and sold to earth.

The wealth of space could lull (((them))) into complacency while the swarm is built up. Eventually, the swarm would be in a position where it can hold earth ransom, allowing for the Great Reclimation to begin.

What makes you think it was water and not volcanic activity from the time the planet was still a molten blob?

Fuck off JIDF

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We could shade Venus with an artificial moon and remove some of the atmosphere.

I think OP is trying. He's at least trying to plug his futurist fetishism into how it involves White interests now.

Well you'd have to build a shade several times the diameter of the planet to do that. I don't think that's feasible. I think the best option we have that we could do right now is to create self-replicating balloons with reflective surfaces and fill the upper atmosphere with them, shading the lower atmosphere more and more.

You could do all kinds of fancy stuff later, like have the balloons link together to form floating continents to build colonies on, and have the balloons build themselves into giant thermal updraft towers to suck heat from the lower atmosphere and generate obscene amounts of power for our colonies. Picture giant yellow twisters rising out of blindingly shining silver chimneys 50km high.

At the end stage of this, it would get so cold on the lower levels it would begin to snow dry ice and glaciate into mountain sized glaciers of frozen CO2.

At that stage, you would be able to send ground crews to sequester the CO2 in colossal underground silos. This would be hundreds of years from now though.

Send up all the trannies.

Saturday mornings are the eurofag trannies' shift.

It's cool enough but it will be ruined if we start it before figuring out how to immunize ourselves from the jews. That's the core problem. They will follow us anywhere we go until we can effectively do that.

Running won't work. Taking over the government won't work. Getting rid of shitskins won't work. The onlt thing that will work is adapting ourselves so that we are no longer a viable host. This is a culture war and that's the front we are struggling with.

Yup, and we don't even have the birth rates to be a colonial population anyway. Any population we sent anywhere would dwindle away without regular transfusions of new colonists from off world. Until we complete the national socialist revolution, all futurist fetishism is just pure entertainment of no practical value to anyone.

user if we stay on Earth we will need a superior weapons system for global military dominance. A kinetic orbital strike system is a solid non-nuclear option. We'll still need space stations for this. There's no getting around it. We are going to space user.

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You're thinking about step #3469 when we're still on step #1.

What makes you think pro-Whites will be allowed to go into space by this anti-White government and anti-White society?

What, are you going to pull ten billion dollars out of your ass and the government will just say "Fine, go build your NatSoc ethnostate on mars. we can't stop you."?

I'm glad you're remaining realistic. What constitutional amendment will you enact that under?

Where we're going, we don't need constitutions.

You nailed on the wood. This is why I advise the white people to do it in secret so they cannot be prevented from achieving the space goals.

There is no better life to be had on a planet without a magnetosphere.

You are such a faggot pussy OP it isn't even funny. I can't believe anyone here could even dream of suggesting desecrating the graves of our ancestors and surrendering our ancestral land to the Vermin menace.

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How do we prevent the balloons from getting destroyed by the Sulfuric acid rain then?

They eat the sulfuric water. They have to, actually, it's the only way to get hydrogen to synthesize hydrocarbons from the CO2 atmosphere and abundant solar and thermal energy available. It's quite convenient that there's so much supposed liquid water around.

There are plastics which are impervious to sulfuric acid, and that is probably what the balloons would synthesize into more balloon hulls.

Plastics are an obvious choice, given the need for them to self-replicate in the total absence of ores and silicates as there will be no crust to mine.

The only real alternative is graphene, which is also sulfuric acid resistant. Graphene has a lot of advantages over plastic. It requires no hydrogen to bond the carbon with, and carbon is one thing there is more than enough of in the Venusian atmosphere. It's capable of being magnetized, which would help the balloons stick together and form 'multicellular' balloon organisms. But graphene production is not something we're able to do right now. Plastic synthesis from carbon and water and energy, on the other hand, is.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don't need the balloons to last forever. They just have to last long enough to reproduce themselves above replacement level. :feelio:

Kill yourself rabbi.

I think living on Mars would be fucking horrible but not as horrible as living in Africa 2.0.

For some reason this post reminded me that we need to colonize Antarctica before we try colonizing Luna. It's warmer with a breatheable atmosphere and there's sterile delicious glacial meltwater in abundant supply. Free ice cold Evian any time you want it. Plus tons of ore and oil.



Please stop your 4chan memes discriminating against People of Social Media. We are oppressed enough as it is by Jack. Thank you, and go back to cuckchan when you're done.

Are you a child? Did you actually think about how viable it would be? You’d have to first get funding which would involve a stable politic that is also promoting the ethnostate in order to even launch the first rocket… there is no way to obtain the resources and secure the possibility of an off world ethnostate without either killing all non-whites once you’re there, or from its origin funding it as an ethnostate.
I’m not sure you’ve thought this all through, we need solutions and people willing to bring them about, not someone to give up at the sight of a problem.

If we knew how to develop nanomite that can sterilise the people without them knowing.

Nigger, we can't even get together in the local park and have a few beers in the name of being white. What makes you think we area going to be able to go to mars?
The first person to walk on mars will be a chinese man or a black woman(depending on who gets there first)

Engage the linkage omnisiah

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Running to mars is the only way to do it. Thats why the mormons fled west and founded Utah, beyond the reach of the US's power at the time. Theres too many lemmings and you'll never turn the tide. The pac nw is a joke, mars is the only chance.

i think just shooting people is a better plan

Earth is flat

After the collapse there will be nothing but natural law. We'll build our new world from street level.

That's totally dumb. We'll never get into space. I want to keep blaming niggers and kikes for all of my problems until they finally makes us extinct but I'll be convinced of my superiority right up until the end.

You do know that many eugenics laws were deemed to be constitutional back in the day.

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Can you explain the launch footage of SpaceX and other private companies? Do they create a new CGI video for each launch or what? There's dozens of launch videos where you can watch booster separation and see the curvature of the earth, and the companies involve collectively employ thousands of people. My faith in the flat hollow toroidal earth is being shaken, please help me. How many people are in on the cover-up of the flat hollow toroidal earth?