The KGB Papers: Here Are the Originals

The KGB’s worldview and tradecraft, which shapes the vision of Vladimir Putin, is based on these three previously unpublished documents. If anyone can translate these documents into English for our benefit, please do. And if anyone can work out how to download these documents for future dissemination that would be sweet as well.

Link to the original documents:

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It won't even let you download the documents, you have to scroll through them on the website? What is this shit? If you can post the pdf here to download, I'll send this to my Russian friend to translate

That's the problem. You can only scroll the fucking things, you can't download them as far as I can tell.

Here is the first manual. The other two are coming.


I have the last manual, but at 54 MB its too large to upload here. Any ideas where I can upload it?

And at the risk of being called a faggot, here is a link you can use in the mean time:

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I only see two different documents, the Middle East one is absent. The wank-stains at thedailybeast posted the recruiting manual twice.

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i'd really want to see this translated. Any russians wanna help out?


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It looks like taken from recent published Latvia archives

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