Why you are (most likely) not experiencing real Christianity and why

Dear Zig Forums,

There are many anti-Christian posts made here. A large (or loud) collection of Pagan-Gang and Occultists here who think they have it all figured out when it comes to Christ. Le kike on the stick lmao.

First: Let's not forget that the only real surviving records of Asatru/Odinism/Heathenism comes from the Poetic Eddas (epic tales and stories of gods) and the Havamal (A book of wisdom on how to live life well).

Both of these were written down in a book called the Codex Regius, which was a gift to King Frederick III in 1669. This book had been written by Christian Monks who had tried to preserve some ancient poems and literature. This is 200+ years after the country was Christanized.

So with just those two books, scribed by Christian ascetics, the Volkish movements and later the hippy movements, tried to re-create an unknown system of worship using some poem books. They of course filled it with all of their natural biases and "bets guesses".

There is no authority in Paganism or Occultism. Everyone feels themselves equally voiced. It does not matter how many guys shave the sides of their heads, don suits and build cabins in the woods. There is no central authority and none of you have any power. Paganism is a psy-op against Christianity where the people end up cucking themselves.

With that said, let's delve into why most of us in the West have been bamboozled and shadowed with false information on Christianity. I will use easily verifiable sources for this discussion.

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Get fucked, jew slave.

Firstly, I'm willing to believe that outside of some scattered memes, very few of us knew what Orthodox Christianity was. I had no idea what it was. Assuming it to be a weird Russian thing.

The reality was far different and gave me a shocking red-pill on how history had been co-opted and an incredibly important part of history obfuscated. You see, the original Christian Church existed in a collection of 5 cities called the Pentarchy (Rome, Constantinople, Antiochia, Jerusalem, Alexandria).

These cities had the largest Christian populations and the heads of these cities churches were called the Patriarchs (or the Patriarchy).

All held the rank of Bishop with Rome's Bishop considered a first among equals due to the Emperor residing in Rome. Well, woulden't you know it, but being first among equals went to the Roman Bishops head.

Where as before the Bishops shared mutual respect on issues, the Pope thought it wrong that one not be enthroned on the highest. This Pope, a foreign born pope, Pope Leo IX (backed by outside "investors" and "financiers") began the Great Schism that ended with God's church split in half.

The West fell under the dominion of a foreign pope backed by bankers. They then went to work on ruining Christianity through their unbridled passions, perversions, greed and lust for power.

But fear not, for the true Church which maintains Priest marriage (to eliminate gay and pedophile priests, thus securing a sane leadership) still exists. When the Western Roman Empire fell, it's eastern half glowed for another thousand years. Constantinople became the largest and most powerful Christian City in the world.

A shield against the satanic Islamic invaders for generations. This holy imperium was a beacon to the world who jealously craved it's treasures and peace.

TBC next post.

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Jesus hated White people.
Jesus was a Jew, by his own admission.
Israel, also known as Jacob, was a greasy kike who jewed the hard working goy Esau, and Jesus claimed direct lineage from this man, as well as King David, who was such a slimy kike degenerate that even Yahweh told him to GTFO.

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Long after, in the erroneously named "Holy Roman Empire" (Germany), those same bankers and investors had not yet had their fun completely.

Making use of the printing press (media) and large amounts of money, they decided to back a man known as Martin Luther. Luther hated the Catholic church (for good reason) and had some radical ideas about how authority with the bible was wrong. Any man should be able to pick it up and interpret/read it himself.

Sure enough, backed by the power of the media and money Luther was protected from the Catholic church's power and went about spreading his ideas.

Almost immediately, the Anabaptist sect (precursor to today's Amish, weirdly enough) started a cult under a mad man who now had the authority to tell everyone what the bible "really, really means". They took over the city of Munster and a great time of horrors, rapes, cannibalism and war began.

This idea that we can ignore Authority in the Church lead to further perversions, con-jobs and re-imagining of essential Christian lore and doctrine. Ancient heresies like Arianism (not the blonde mountain warriors, but a priest named Arian (who got slapped by St. Nicholas, yes fucking Santa Clause) have returned.

Then of course we have the 100+ different churches now born from the Lutheran tradition, each less grand and orthodox (complete).

These little shards of broken glass collect tiny pieces of truth and splice it with their modern biases. They give an incomplete story. But again, fear not. For the original church has -endured-. Large areas of the Orthodox Faithful have a Patriarch (continued since the ancient times). This is why we have a Russian Orthodoxy, Greek Orthodoxy, Serbian Orthodoxy, Coptic Orthodoxy and so forth.

They have a few traditions different from each-other, but all perform the same rituals with the same beliefs on the same calendar days.

TL;DR: Christianity in the West was co-opted and most of it's lore/knowledge and spiritual practices lost. The evil forces who did this will pay.

The original Christianity has however endured in our most based populations who have been fighting generational war against Muslims while we grow fat and decadent.

Ressearch Orthodox Christianity, visit your local Church for a Sunday Grand Liturgy (The Sunday service essentially) and un-cuck your mind from generations of meddling by bankers and investors.

=Next post: Why Le Kike on a Stick is a retarded meme.

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Look up Galileans on google images. Peaceout.

Suffer in learning while I lay out the majesty of Christ being born where he was and when. To understand this we need to expand our thoughts from the next time we are going to jerk off, or what video game to play. We need to expand our mind outward and try to understand what it may be like to think thousands of years ahead. To have a plan go "just as planned".

First: God works through free will and consent. This is essential to understand. When you are born and when you die (and the millions of choices you make in-between) are known by God. However, those choices were made with your own free will and consent (enabled by your Parents who of their free will, created you in the flesh).

With prayer we basically ask for Gods help and give consent for him to intercede on our behalf. Without prayer/asking we get -nothing-.

Second: Unlike Catholicism (which fucking surprise, is Legalistic (lawyers, banking, business), the original Christianity had a very loving and benevolent God from the beginning.

Sin's original meaning was "missing the mark" like a missed arrow. Adam and Eve were TRICKED by a liar which caused them to miss the mark. This had a profound spiritual impact on the two. Not wanting them to suffer forever, God placed them back on the earth where (much later on with the Birth of Christ) they and all of Mankinds children, could be saved.

Next Post: Why Jesus was born where he was and why

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bruh, those passages say that he helped her anyway even though she wasn't a jew. she was sent away after being helped. i know the historic pagans were illiterate, but that doesn't mean you have to be too.

thanks OP, this is quality.

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Frens - I used to be a mormon, full on joe smith touting jesus this jesus that
Did the baptisms for the dead rituals , and the euscharist rituals and there really are twelve giant golden bulls that hold up their baptism font
It’s not ok. Jumping joe was a mason and so were his initial followers
Jesus was a jew, king jew no less!
The Eucharist or jesus sacrament rituals are literal spirit cooking and ritual canibalism
Sounds all spirit cookey to me

Nonsensical idea. You can't choose what you believe in, you are simply convinced based on the information you have, and your emotional content, which is biologically determined. I don't believe in God, but I can't believe in him just in case. I have no option but to disbelieve, as I'm not convinced by the information that's crossed my path. So if I don't have a choice in what I believe in, it follows that I don't have a choice in anything, since the foundation of my worldview is based on beliefs I didn't get to choose.

Free will is just one aspect of the retardation present in Christianity.

>(((God doesn't exist and free will either)))
Judaism negated.

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The Jews had a special connection with God, as long as they obeyed his commandments and followed his orders. Those that went along with the deal were blessed, honored, gloried, given women, prestige and spiritual contentment and meaning.

When they diverged from God's plan, they lost his mantle of Glory and suffered/fell to foreign enemies.

Many Empires rose, but Rome was something special. It spread across a vast area with enormous trade networks, safe roads and the Pax Romana. 200 years of stability in a world that had never seen it before.

Over in Israel, the Jews were under command of the Romans and a sect of Jews called the Pharisees has taken control. The Pharisees were also known as the separtists and they greatly displease God. They were known for their greed, rules lawyering, lack of mercy and general humaneness. They also believed that everything was pre-ordained (tyrant God model).

From an Early age, Jesus was forced to flee with his family and had to hide from the murderous Pharisee Jews. As he grew the puzzle pieces began to fall into place. Jesus met a respected holy/wild man, John the Baptist and was baptised. Jesus met his followers, Jesus began to perform specific miracles at specific places at specific times, spreading his name.

Jesus set up everything, so that when his death came, he was ready. His torture, his pain, his murder by the Jews. All of this served to -inspire the minds of the people-.

In Orthodox Lore, upon Jesus' physical body dying, he descended down into Hell where he confronted the Devil (who hid and wept in terror) and gently pulled Adam and Eve from their tombs and took them (and many other noble and ancient people) with him upward to heaven where they would now live forever.

By Jesus being born and dying in a physical body, he made it possible (changed how the rules work) for us all to ascend to a spiritual level of life after death. The blood and flesh of Communion are spiritual sacraments that, over time, change the very nature of our physical bodies and spirits. The dwelling of the Holy Spirit purifies us and saves us.

Real Christianity is a love story. A benevolent creator made us to be free and has been working to save us all while respecting the idea that we are his friends and children. Not his slaves or robots. Which is what the Satanic institutions want of us. Slavery and roboticism.

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Negate sage all you want, you're still a "muh fee fees" moron.

*Ah almost forgot one of the points:

Jesus was born and inspired people by fulfilling ancient promises and miracles. The Greeks were masters of philosophy and took an intense liking to Christian belief (becoming its most ardent followers originally). The Pax Romana allowed it to spread around the world and educated Greeks were able to write it down and teach it.

The Martyrs loved Jesus so much that they refused to cuck out against him. Even while they were being skinned alive and tortured they cried out to God who seemed to always remove their pain, letting them die in a quiet bliss that converted millions and also enshrined themselves in Heaven.

Anyone want a post about why Islam is a Satanic plot from the beginning?

Full retard has a containment board.
>>>Zig Forums

No they didn’t
They CLAIM they were gods chosenites
You cite the (( (bible) )) and it is bullshit
By the way jesus was born in bethlahem to a jewish whore mother and joseph was a cuck
It was a desperate ploy from mary to not get fucking stoned to death for being a whore
There was no immaculate conception (that is scientifically retarded) and they were all objectively jews. It doesn’t matter if they were one jew running from a more scarier type of jew or whatever. Jew is a jew regardless

Lot of butthurt atheists posting. Keep going.

When has Real Christianity® been tried exactly? Before or after judeans(OG christmutts) infiltrated Rome?

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We are not a-theist dipshit
We are anti jew
There is a huge difference. I worship God and Natures God
Atheist , wrong. A-juden more likely

Hmm final post before I launch into Islam:

In Orthodoxy we have the trinity (God the Father, The Holy Spirit and The Son (originally The Word). These three being operate in unity. One in essence, undivided. God the Father created us and the universe and uses the Holy Spirit to inspire understanding, breathe life into beings and through the Son he has rescued his beloved children.

Also in Heaven are Angels who are creatures purely of the spirit. When seen our brain can not often process them, so we see them as Angels, or beings of light etc. These beings work in the world and delight in us, for God loves us, so they love us as well.

Angels we see also have free will, but they have great consequences. The Angel Lucifer was beautiful and powerful and in his jealously, convinced many angels to leave with him. Being creatures of spirit, there was no saving them as they left to the Physical world.

Satan/Lucifer is a bitter, prideful being. "The devil cloaks himself as an Angel of Light". He is a deceiver, a liar, a conman. The ultimate jilted lover, angry stalker. He knows that killing us is a last possible resort. It's so much easier to appeal to our base passions, to stroke the ego.

Without spiritual training one likely could not discern a Demon from a true Angel. Discernment (as it's called) is a skill trained by Monks. Without this, people can be easily lead astray.

I posit that all Pagan encounters with "gods" and spirits are either imaginary OR for the real ones, interactions with demonic beings. We can tell because the fruit of their tree is rotten.

Histrionics, narcissists, obese, unhealthy, polyamorous, plagued with mental illness and self destructive behaviors. Demons -hate- you. Satan -hates- you. They live to see the things made "in Gods Image" debased, dehumanized, warped, made ugly, made stupid, made animalistic. They revel in watching the God they so bitterly hate's most beloved children destroy themselves.

The SJW/LGBTQ/RObot sexless android weirdos/Child trannies… all of this is Satanic. Not just because it's sinful but because the ideas and the people are VISIBLY possessed and VISIBLY creating destructive, alien ideas.

Tl;dr: Demon posession is not just a meme. It's a real thing and you can tell when people are, by how they act/look/dress. The most gone no longer resemble humans. They become hollow husks, modifying their bodies to appear more like their parasite.

This is also why they delight in pedophilia, child abuse etc. They can snuff out an innocent life early and turn them to their cause (like a virus).

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Take note of the violent/explosive/reactive replies to this post by the way. It seems so unreasonable right? Almost compelled. Like a Vampire seeing a cross. The spiritually impure and those plagued by the demonic, fear the Cross and hate when they see it.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy upon us the sinners.

>wanna know what it really is?

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Holy dubs.
Great thread, op, just based on effort alone. Agree or not, at least it's quality. Gods chosen people exist, but it cannot be the synagogue of Satan. It must be those who have an inborn obsession with striving for higher ideals, for purity, for beauty, for natural law. Now who does that describe?

Ask me how I know you don't belong in the group I just described.

In Orthodoxy, the Jews are no longer Gods chosen. Christians are Gods chosen. Which says a lot imo.

Joseph smith was a freemason iirc.

That's literally straight outta the talmud.

I honestly can't take Christianity seriously since there is zero proof on any of it
There were some good morals it helped enforce but other than that

Literally every Christian thinks his own brand of Christianity is the one true faith. Funny how God's word is so vague, everyone walks away with a different interpretation of it

Same shit with Catholicism

Europeans have always been god's chosen. Think about it for a millisecond and you realize that no other race could even compete. One of the most obvious reasons though is that when jesus told his apostles to go out and spread awareness to the lost sheep of israel. They all went to Europe. Now why go to europe? Because we are the chosen people. Modern jews are liars and trusting them is never a good idea.

Most people are generally in it to divert away from the true faith. The most obvious example is the mormons as the founder was literally a freemason. A christian is someone who follows the words and teachings of Jesus and the new testament.

= = = Why Islam was a Satanic movement from the beginning = = =

The Prophet Muhammed was born in Mecca and acted as a tour guide (essentially). Mecca was home to idols of many gods and beings. Most Arabs worshiped stars and various idols at the time, so Mecca became a place of religious gathering (making a lot of money for Muhammad's family).

Eventually Muh married an older widow and inherited her shipping business. He traveled the lands of the middle east and was known as a peacekeeper between Christians and Jews who hated each other quite openly (Christianity from it's inception is anti-Jewish. Only modern debased/degenerated 10th+ generation churches love Israel and think they deserve special protection. See Jewish Subversion for more.)

With a good reputation, a rich wife and a caravan, things were going good. This was when Muh (who now had knowledge of Christianity and Judeism, filled with PRIDE, went off to pray and think in a cave).

There Muh states that the Angel Gabriel (god's messenger angel) appeared before him. This is when shit gets dark quick.

In the Bible, Gabriel appears a few times and he is quite scary and majestic, but he says "Do not be afraid." The people are comforted and he tells them what need to be told.

In Muh's case, Gabriel appeared and terrified him. He did not say "Do not be afraid". Instead he grabbed him by the arms and slammed him into the wall, pressing him so hard that Islam's prophet thought he would die.

Three times he tried to tell the illiterate Muhammed to read a book he had brought. Each time the prophet said no, he was further abused till finally he was mentally able to discern the books contents.

Almost immediately Muhammad went about (after being kicked out of Mecca by his family for trying to force their conversions) gathering a group of followers. Prostitutes, slaves, widows and the lost. Very similar to Christ, right?

However unlike Jesus, who wandered non-violently performing miracles and teaching people. Muhammed said that God gave him permission to raid caravans. So he and his followers murdered, stole, raped and broke all of the commandments under the guise of "I get special permission" Satanic level pride.

Muhammed led an armed insurrection and took over Mecca, enshrining his new God, Allah, in the Kabbah that once held hundreds of idols. Perhaps Satan was tired of his lowers receiving praise instead of him.

Oh the Jews fucked over Muhammed, so he stormed their castle and made all of the women sex slaves and killed all the adult aged men (selling the boys as slaves). Just a side note.

Muhammed then went about violating the FREE WILL clause I spoke about higher. He forced conversions by sword point, took slaves, destroyed cities and peoples.

Islam became an enormous existential threat to the West. Without Orthodox rulers in Constantinople and Orthodox warriors like Vlad Dracula and the Russian Czars/Muscovites… we would likely all be Muslims by force (or dead).

Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal one. Have mercy upon us and guide us in defending against the lies, illusions and force of the evil one. Amen.

God wants you to love him freely. Satan wants to force you to obey him.

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What all denominations agree on is that jews can convert to Christianity and be saved.

For example:

Conspicuously inclusive. No mention of race. All are welcome if they agree with the nonsense.

horey smut, I have Luciferian competition
well done user
that “pro”-christian OP was a privilege to behold

whether they did it on purpose or not fwiw I think OP probably doesn’t understand religion

Yeah , ( ( (they) ) ) have a convenient way of interweaving little hints of truth mixed in with utter bullshit lies
Who in the world would’ve thought it eh?

Freemasons get the rope too

They also went to Africa, the middle east, India and China. God's word went to everyone my friend.

Whites are awesome and we have made hte best use of Christianity, but what I'm saying is that ANYWHERE it goes, it has a markedly good effect.

See the Ethiopians. One of the oldest Orthodox nations and one of the few nicer places in Africa.

The middle east would be much nicer today as well, but generations of Islamic aggression (and attacks by the Catholic Crusaders) weakend them and led them to being co-opted by the Muslims.

We once had Egypt, Jerusalem, Turkey, Cappadocia and more. The world was well on it's way to full conversion.

Even Buddhism was highly influenced by the Christian communities in Northern India.

jewniggers holy fuck

It could be that, or it could also be the shills paid to shit up the place.

You're implying that niggers are human.

You are the epitome of a kike slave you fucking sabbath goy.

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Well, good thing for you that they tend to their own Church so you would never be under a Black man's authority. Unless you moved to Africa.

I think Orthodoxy blends the ideas of nationalism as well as it can be with a universe spanning sized God.

Pic related to post above this: Won't see stuff like this much in Africa outside of Orthodox communities, I promise you.

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You misunderstand. God doesn't see blacks as humans. Neither are arabs if we want to actively put it as a full on truth then people who are decended of the people of Israel(The actual person not the country) and who follow the words of god are the true followers of christ. God literally flooded the earth because of race mixing and supporting it is a great sin.


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Your gods all fell to their knees before the Lord Jesus Christ and have been dead and gone for 2,000 years.

Vae Victus Paganger.

Might be a good thread to advertise Professor Kafir's lessons.

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It's pretty true tbh. All the nice things we associated with white people are mostly Christian values (mercy, forgiveness, charity, not being a thieving murderous, drug addled animal man).

Brown people are almost entirely owned by Islam (and ergo Satan). They can be saved but their culture, laws, rules etc are all based on Islam. Go and see.

Brother betrayed brother because they blinded by kike gold. It’s like you don’t know European history…oh wait.

No, dumbass. White people had great civilization before Christianity, and non-whites that practice Christianity are still more criminal and incompetent than whites. Furthermore, arabs that move from islamic countries into western liberalized states are more prone to rape there. Islam exists as a correction to innate characteristics of a race of people.

You faith infected morons are of no use to white well being. You don't even accept the reality of race.

"Bortha betrayed brotha" the same people who committed massive genocides, eternal war and force conversions (the Romans). How surprising that the Catholic Romans continued the same traditions of massive genocides and forced conversions.

You Pagans got exactly what you asked for. What you preach about. Don't deny them their victory, bitter one.

Some very good ideas here OP. I remember back when there were christian generals. God bless you user.


Romans didn't force anyone to convert to anything. The idea of forcing religion on foreign groups is entirely abrahamitic, probably because these peoples were city dwelling mongrels who had already lost any sense of ethnic identity.
Still doesn't justify a group of literal judeans infiltrating Rome and pushing their mongrel religion.

Triggered christuck.

You are flat out fucking retarded

Everything was fine 2 years ago until the 4channel split when a bunch of you cuckchan faggots pretending to be from Zig Forums started D&C in every single thread. This shit has been eye-opening. I always found the anti-Christian sentiment to be kicking someone while they're down, since Christianity lost a lot of its grip since the 80s. I never understood why everyone I knew from the USA's bible belt viewed Christians as bible humping Jesus freaks. That was until the 4channel split and every Christian post started to read like a Chick Tract.

There is no way in hell any movement can succeed while you fanatics are apart of it, because you would sell out your own mother for Jesus points.

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Greco roman spirituality was a decayed and humanized version of an older knowledge of God.

This thread got hit hard with all manner of (((__))). Must have struck a nerve.

the story of the Tower of Babel makes it pretty clear that God wants us to retain our tribal/racial identities.

Okay, you had your spam thread for the day. Leave now.

Cry more, yid.

Christians make White babies. Stormtard incels troll the White race for the Jews.

christmutts would rather mix with BASED godly niggers than make whites with heathens, nuff said

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I have no want to embrace any form of your Semitic rooted spirit, jew lover. Peddle your poison to the niggers like all the other missionaries.

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Pic is you

Unless you're not Christian.

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Run along now, shlomo.

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Great thread, OP. For anyone that's interested, there are two fantastic podcasts that explain these ideas in detail, specifically for Fascists: Mysterium Fasces, and the Orthodox Nationalist. The former is what brought me to Christianity in the first place.

Run along now, shlomo.

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You win the award for the most kiked post of the first week of March.

1. You have no "power" because your cult is a wholly invented inverse-moral-mirror of the kike's world domination religion, with the same basic eschatology (all non-Jews will be genocided).

The morality is inverse because this cult is a part of Judaism, specifically meant to weaken and destroy everyone else (per the OT) so that the kikes, who use the most politically powerful national morality, can have their psychopathic dream from antiquity of genociding almost everyone else on the planet (judgement day), enslaving the rest, and ruling the world.

2. Christ is your Messiah, you say? The Messiah concept is the Jewish concept of religion. Its not the Aryan concept.

You are worshipping the religious framework of a very specific group of people who admittedly want all non-Jews dead, or at best enslaved (OT, Zohar, etc).

That's what the Semitic Messianic period, or "second coming" of Christ (the Jewish Messiah) means in its true context. In fact, your NT tells you that all Christians will be genocided in this period. The brilliance of your particular brainwashing is that they convinced you that this is a good thing that you should pray for. The Jews, on the other hand, more sanely hope for their continuity on this planet and their sole enjoyment of its bounties. Funny that they wrote your NT. That's quite a coincidence that your new "god" will have you genocided into "heaven" at the "end of the (your) world" and the beginning of the new world of the Jews, parallel to Noah's new world.

"Salvation from sin" merely means the avoidance of genocide on the Semitic judgement day. Its a Jewish concept.

In contradiction with this concept of supposed salvation in Christ, Christians (along with most non-Jews) are slated fro genocide all the Semitic judgement day. What happened to salvation in the inherently contradictory Christian religion?

Anyone who can be successfully judged for serious enough sin in the eyes of the genocidal Jewish god will be "judged" on judgement day (remember that Judaism is a religion of supposed judges) and the penalty will be genocide. The Jews actually believe that framing other people for their sins is a legitimate way to avoid judgement and genocide and to cause the genocide of their enemies in the final days (see the fake Holocaust accusations among others, see their annual Yom Kippur scapegoat ritual that is meant to ritually mirror their scapegoating of others for their sins on judgement day).

In fact, their active efforts to erode morality today are in preparation for their fast approaching judgement day, which will happen within the next 221 years at most, so that the genocide of all others can be religiously justified.

Christianity has always been meant to leave the moral door open to allow them to morally undermine us to this point (don't judge lest ye be judged, goy).

The "Messiah" specifically refers to the person who will be in power as the Jews realize full world control. Full stop. Your have been Jewed. Assuming that you aren't a Jew or mud, your ancestors knew better and resisted this subversive Jew-cult to the death in most instances.

3. Christianity is a refined form of the morally degenerate Sabazios / Dionysus / Baachus / Adonis (Adonai) / Pan cult that the Jews first injected into Greece and then later tried to do so in Rome, after which the Greeks were semiticized as is evident in their religious beliefs.

As with Christianity and its later but morally equivalent secular communist iteration, the cult always started with the marginalized and lowest classes and moved its way up in a revolutionary fashion. The Romans ejected the Jews from the territory in 139 BC for spreading this cult.

The Romans eventually executed 7,000 Bacchic cult members in an attempt to stop the social rot (eating of live flesh-communion, orgies, etc) but it eventually came back in the form of the more subtle and refined Christianity that achieved the same morality and internationalist nation rotting effect in a more insidiously subtle manner.

4. Judaism itself is the mirroring, theft, and Semitic evolution of an originally Aryan religion: that of Zoroastrianism. But that religion isn't the one that you follow. You follow its weaponized nation destroying subcult that is meant only to bring the prophecies of the primary semiticized version of the religion into being. The only possible authority that Christianity can have is from its Jewish parent that literally defines it, but that parent hates all non-Jews and wants to see most of them dead. That is the goal that your subcult drives toward, and was always meant to.

5. If you want authority born of a true religion of our people that did not arise from a high Neanderthal admixture race cult for world domination and genocide, and thus has a measure of metaphysical and spiritual validity for you, then reference the more ancient Rig Veda or even its Zoroastrian or Mithraic (pre Zoroastrian) cousins. Any one of those has more "authority" than your subcult that is born of a bunch of people that mixed with pre-human monkeys from Anatolia and the Levant and seeks to wipe out all other humans that are not them.

6. Islam was born of and is a subcult of Judaism. It is the "broom" of Judaism as one Rabbi recently claimed on camera. Christianity and Judaism do not prevent Islam. Judaism uses both as a tool, as they always have. See Visigoth Spain, See Anatolia, etc. Christianity's inherent moral and internationalist tolerance has always left the gate open for them in the strict social sphere.

Run along now, shlomo.

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If you read the bible, not hear about it, but read it, you will actually understand it to be an enchiridion.
It is literally a book explaining how jews operate, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how to combat them. The old testament ends with god proclaiming the mosaic covenant dissolved, and promising the "men from the far north" will be the new covenant, literally chosen by the LORD to destroy Israel. The new testament chronicles the start of the new covenant and the duty those in it have to bring god's sword to the jews.



Run along now, shlomo.

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Run along now, shlomo.

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So you keep posting the same pics of less than 1% of Christians. And that mean what? White Nationalists "race mix" far more.

Run along now, shlomo.

what if Jesus himself was of the PAGANG. and memed occult wisdom thought by the Magoi? then the church-cucks came and integrated his memes into their false boomer doctrine, then it got so fucked up.

like a meme that goes to normiesphere not just to die, but to be turned inside-out and change its G N D E R valency to become something completely

Pastor Anderson is heralded among Christian shills on Zig Forums as a based nationalist fashy tradpilled GOAT, but he's not even opposed to miscegenation. Mainstream Christians? They're even worse. And the majority of Christians? They're already non-White.

No surprise there.

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Orthodoxy is ethnicism with a veneer of christianity. If you feel any bit closer to God, its because you are surrounded by your own kin.

Pic is still you. Why don't you address my argument against free will? I'm only engaging you on the level you engage me.


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I think you inadvertently showed your hand with this post.

there is literally an entire continent whose inhabitants are the mongrel spawns of christians with whatever races they encountered
christians are rootless mongrels in spirit and race just like their early predecessors in the ethnically confused cities of the dimming Greco-Roman world

Islam is an exact mirror of Judaism, in all of the aspects of it mentioned in the posted thread images.

These are good, but I'll be impressed when someone does the same for Judaism using primary texts (The OT and its Rabbinical commentaries, the Zohar, and the Talmud) as a reference and not third hand translations of dubious origin.

Islam is bad, Judaism is worse. This needs to come out. When people start seeing Rabbis are worse than imams, which they are, we will be making progress.

Right. Like there ar any married gays and pedos. Being married takes a lot of time. There's nothing wrong with people devoting themselves to their work in other disciplines so why should ethics be different?

Playing in the Semitic theological sandbox awards the Jews an assured victory, which is our death. It all must be uprooted in the deepest recesses of society, rejected, and quarantined in a deep, far away hole that it can never again crawl out of.

That's just your interpretation. Tower of Babel story can mean a million things to a million different people. Everyone just sees what they already believe written into the Bible. What your Bible refuses to acknowledge is that Jews are our racial enemies and that pouring holy water on a Jew will never change his racial character

Run along now, shlomo.


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Run along now, shlomo.