Is 5G going to be the straw that breakes the camels back?

The technology is going to be implemented in Australia this year and I need to convince my family that they're in danger. Please lend me your autism powers and help me make a detailed presentation on why 5G is bad and how we can protect ourselves from it. If we each give a little bit of effort, I'm sure we can make a huge difference.

Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in The Hague, The Netherlands:
> Translation:

Oct. 26th, 2018
About 150 suddenly died.
> "The animals are not emaciated, do not seem ill. They just fall dead from the tree", says employee Sharon Lexmond of bird shelter De Wulp.
> Bird Shelter - De Wulp ( shelter De Wulp/@52.0656227,4.2262182,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe83cff3949192497!8m2!3d52.0646284!4d4.2293571?hl=en-US)

> The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is having a number of birds examined in the laboratory of Wageningen Bioveterinary Research. Which is 95.Km from Huijgens Park. ( Veterinair Instituut/@52.5509988,5.4833003,15.5z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x47c6270bb0cf579f:0x86273f43eb632e6b!2sCentraal Veterinair Instituut!8m2!3d52.5507902!4d5.4877112!3m4!1s0x47c6270bb0cf579f:0x86273f43eb632e6b!8m2!3d52.5507902!4d5.4877112?hl=en-US)
> The Hague ( hague, netherlands&FORM=HDRSC4)
> The Hague → Huijgens Park (, 4.320262&qs=n&form=QBLH&sp=-1&pq=52.073389, 4.320262&sc=0-19&sk=&cvid=7D7D94EA828749E0878CB0C8FCC81DF7)

A cell tower mast was outputting 7.40 GHz, which corresponds to a wavelength of 4.05 cm. Apparently the test was 400 meters from where the starlings had fallen dead. The source of this claim has 404. Can someone find confirmation that a test was being conducted? Are there any Cell towers nearby? News stories about 5G in the area?

Cellphone study:

Cows affected by 5G: Nederland/10423/groningen_wat_mankeert_de_koeien_van_stitswerd?fbclid=IwAR01cQDx9KinGeYqs_ga0O2WzO5dT7h4BoevjY9ijXaXfSaqcOcBT5KQ0zA

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why is it so hard to get insurance for 5G emitters?

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I think Israel is our greatest ally and therefore back their decision that 5G is hazardous to human health.

start by finding out the exposure limits for radiation and then getting hold of the transmitter datasheets. it's an open secret that this stuff is completely illegal, a lot of money is exchanging hands that is why we are where we are at today. they are trying to rush it through without oversight and then say oops we didn't know.

That;'s about Scalar 5G and effectively utilizing it. This thread is about the hazard and dangers of an all pertruding electromagnetic field, which is in the hands of (((Our Overlords)))

howmany times do you 5G retards have to make these threads?

This, fucking this. There's a haphazard and huge rollout of 5G commencing, while the public isn't aware of the ill effects of this network: they just hear how fucking great it is that they can communicate with their refrigerator when they're being driven in their (((self-driving))) car

5 shills on 20 posts. 5G definitely is high up on the list of topics to disrupt


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BBB, skin penetration, worsening short term memory loss. Look into these things.

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I don't think birds dying in Netherlands will get jews to lose money on the project. They are probably disappointed that more didn't die.

5G is a weapons system that can be also used to transmit data, however the current configuration is not civilian. this is the scandal.

Dead birds? Good. 5G can't come soon enough to get rid of these flying cunts that shit everywhere.


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killing birds is always a good idea, just ask chairman mao.

5G is fine
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Killing birds in cities =/= systematically exterminate them in their natural habitat. There's too many birds, take pigeons for example or those huge swarms that form clouds. You think they're eating insects? They're eating garbage all over the city and straight from garbage dumps. Sure they eat *some* insects but nothing that will severely affect your livelyhood should they disappear from -cities-.

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Is it possible to build a room-sized faraday cage? Would this make any difference?

You can buy some Faraday nets that go around your bed. You are also gonna need something under your bed you create a full shield

not once fully activated.

But if (((they))) decide to turn up the 5g up to 11, only a nuclear bunker will protect you


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It shows that 5G has the potential to kill life. Look 10 years into the future: 5G has been rolled out in most major cities. When the Revolution is happening (they know this will happen, which is why they puth these kinds of weaponry in place), they just simply increase the power of the 5G signal to paralyze and destroy the humans in there.

Next to that are the long-term effects of such an electromagnetic field are named here,
and all the effects are not known yet.

5G is cancer

5G is completely safe. Scientific studies have proven Wi-fi and other wireless technologies harmless.

You are all morons who don't know the first thing about electromagnetic waves. Please kill yourselves or stop posting about things you don't understand.

We now have 2 fucking 5G schizo threads. Fuck this board and fuck the mods.

5G can be used to identify, discipline or even kill. in terms of power it is orders of magnitude greater than wifi or current cell tech (which btw is not harmless but takes a very long time to cause unintentional damage). A single 5G emitter can kill 25 100lb humans, of course they would have to be standing very close to it, but many engineers and techs are very concerned about it. the whole rollout is so corrupt speaking up will cost you your job.

not only is it safe, it is actually beneficial to your health. it is especially good for unborn children.


Electromagnetism influences living beings and will be used to stupefy is further into submission. There's much general fatigue and tiredness in the general population, and it coincides with the rise of (((wireless internet)))

Do you maybe have a sauce for this?
If this is truth, it will be impossible to destroy these things up close.

This makes me sad

The cumulative effect of ANY electromagnetic radiation is a bad thing, especially if there is a chance for "beats" of EM waves to occur in areas. 5G is just another layer, it is less than TV in terms of frequency, but it is still technically a microwave.
So I think you can imagine what would happen if we add more microwaves to our environment especially in areas of multiple waves combining and forming "peaks" in areas - that could make the energy levels of that specific level much higher than a mere microwave.

That said, I'm pretty sure solar radiation is our biggest issue in our environment still, considering UV radiation from the sun is still bad enough to burn you in minutes.

Where's the other thread?
EM radiation is a huge concern.. because we're making more and more of it to the point where we might be impacting our health too much. Frankly, wireless technology is a bad thing, we should be relying more on wires to reduce radiation pollution.

5G isn't going to harm you, just go back to taking your meds alright gramps

Any emitter can kill a person IF it transfers enough energy. The problem is not that, because there's no need for that much energy transfer.

The problem is mainly the already existing EM pollution in our environment. It's a real concern as these waves lower frequency waves tend to be harder to block than say UV rays. Basically we're just adding more energy to our environment in a form that is more able to constantly hit us than higher waves like UV.

Go take your dragon dildo faggot. You should be concerned about humanity's blissful ignorance of wireless connections in any form.
ESPECIALLY TV waves which are higher frequency than 5G.

Plus we never talk about how these waves all add to each other.

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Here's food for thought, could EM waves be used to nullify other EM waves though?

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post 1/2

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Electromagnetic and RF pollution IS the main reason for colony collapse disorder in bees.

The accumulative effects of EMF and RF can cause damage to DNA and other health effects in living organisms.

Ant's now follow EM waves?
Seems far fetched user.. especially considering those "ants" look awfully fake.

Birds, however, are known to be impacted by EM waves. 5G is unlikely to add too much to the already existing human made EM wave issue. But that doesn't mean there is no human made EM wave issue, there is and it is already made by lower "G" EM radiation, TV waves, Radiowaves, other infrared waves, other high spectrum waves, etc.
People don't really discuss light pollution in this manner enough for example. That said, we've been using man made light for millennia in the form of fire.

I do not think that the way we use that frequency of EM is like how we use radiowaves, which seem to be more tuned and therefore more likely to "beat" and less likely to just mix as "noise".

What about artificial light though?
Wouldn't that be worse than lower EM waves?

All of these things humanity ignores. We simply think it's infallible that our own light bulbs can cause us this same issue.

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Actually, why are we not concerned about light pollution in cities and constant exposure in our homes?

Wouldn't they potentially superimpose potentially with all other EM? While that may cause them to cancel out in some areas, they would also build on each other in others. They're also increase or decrease in frequency in areas if the right waves with the right frequencies combine.

It's really a major concern that humanity simply ignores.

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That one also looks fake.

that THQ Q&A was a good idea mark

The conclusion of this thread is that 5G is only the tip of the iceburg of the overall EM pollution problems plaguing modern human society.

The conclusion of this thread is that Fight Club is really going to have to happen right now or we are all DEAD.

This is known as well poisoning.

incorrect, 5G is a totally different technology, this is why they require a hundred times as many towers, they will put one on each street light. Where do you think the money to pay for all this stuff is coming from? The technology in its current form is completely illegal and breaks all the standards, preliminary safety tests on 5G were aborted because it was completely failing every single test even for thermal (lol).

The light itself is more dangerous outside, but indoors in homes that may be an issue.


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Is it being set up by Huawei?

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yes in europe. and people are going to prison for exposing it. It is an enemy weapons system and the people taking the bribes are traitors.

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i heard somewhere there's a city called China in isreal is this true?

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