Green New Deal

Some call it a parody on FDR's deal to sell America to the Jews. Others call it a opportunity to secure the countryside for the whites. Whether or not you want a better environment but not a better people, the Green New Deal is a big issue the left is proposing to use in the coming years.
The most prominent impact of the Green New Deal would clearly be the mass regulation of airliners. Airliners under the deal would be using turboprop airplanes for domestic and jet airplanes for international. If you want to take a flight to California, your best luck would be to get on a MD-88. That is implying your horse and buggy even makes it to the airport.

If the Green New Deal goes through, what will you do to secure your oil and a future for your cars?

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Hitler was an environmentalist, it's anti-white to continue treating the natural world as we are.

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You're not convincing anyone to go full luddite amish nigger by citing Hitler, kike.

It's already law. There's no stopping it now. No one is going to fight back.

You're paid to post here.

We should live naturally in the world and preserve it, not shit into it because muh dopamine rushes.
It's funny you use the Amish as an insult - really shows your true colors.

You're following your teaching to a T is see.

Kill yourself. "Amish" is an insult. Dumb luddite niggers who LARP a perpetual 1700s vibe from some retarded (((religious))) perspective is utterly fucking stupid and an easy way to get wiped out.

I fully support the Green New Deal
Accelerationism 2020

You are paid to post here.

God isn't real. The gods are proof of this.

I hate how the retards here have been trained to think that caring about the Planet is only something leftists would do. "Drill baby drill," don't want to be like one of those progressives!

I can do that. We already do that on the east side of the state. No more buses for the faggots in the cities. Start walking hambeasts.

I have mixed feelings on climate change. I think it's important to protect the nature and wilderness of our homelands. But not to give them away to niggers and pajiits and chinks. If we are going to let our nations be given over to the savage hordes while we die out then I'd rather they inherit a desert.

How about rather than exploiting the world to sell tech like a jew, we work with our world to elevate our tech in natural ways and stop letting shitskins drag us down?

I like her.


Removing such filth is an important step for protecting nature. I would love to see eco-fascists turn on niggers.


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Raping it like it's the 17th, IS, niggerjew.

jews, jewish puppets, and controlled ops and not right wing. there is not a single rightwing politician

Smells like shekels oy!

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kek, conservative just means using lube so the asshole doesn't wear out as fast.

Standard commie crap of full state control over everything. Now under muh environment excuse.

Well it would be a good idea to do away with the Left/Right wing terminology of the French (((revolution))).

Kill animals and pollute the planet.

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You mad I am capable of taking you women from you?

But I neeeeeeeeeeeed a new phone every 1-2 years! That's called progress, or don't you like SCIENCE! I fucking love science and technology and don't want to be held back. I need the very latest in the palm of my hand and this mindset fuels the economy. The market provides the resources, I don't need to think any further than that. Don't you want a good economy? We're a consumerist society, let's take as much as we can.


conservative, republican, "rightwing", yup

I usually wzit a few years. I went from the HTC surround sou d phone fro pre Mayan end of the worl until recently with what I have now.

Stay mad,


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Mad? You're the nigger banging the keyboard like an ape. kek.

You have a fascination with retards and diesel, like I have a fascination with retarded Indians electrocuting themselves. Funny to see.

See, it's about jew profit. We can already do everything they whine about without needing to rape the planet. jews don't want people to have nice things and they certainly won't part with a shekel to make it so.
All the tech that goes into landfills, the cars, the planes, everything created in excess and just left to rot for profit. I hate jews. I really do.

Yep. I love diesel. What those niggers do to them is just retarded. They are literally turning into niggers.

I would buy a rickshaw and leftists as slaves to pull it around.

Oh so Hitler never had the Luftwaffe fly the Messerschmidt Me 262? Weird. I guess *all* of my history books are wrong then, and you've convinced me that Hitler the Environmentalist would *never* allow jet engines to be developed let alone deployed as powerhouses for war machines…

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"climate change" is the left's politicization of pollution, and we all know who is doing pollution.

Powerful. I'm 100% not a fan of Hitler now. In fact you moved me so much I just went outside and turned my car on, gonna leave it running all day. MAGA

Either you're pro-Aryan or pro-Earthling. Fuck this planet. It's been held ransom by kikes for thousands of years too long. These are OUR resources to use to forge a space-fairing empire. For all we know about the history of our race; we could be a lost garrison… with a real homeworld waiting for us to return.

Strip the planet, build the fleet, and conquer the stars.

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Nice stretch yid. You don't have to end technological advancement to be a proper steward of the planet. If you were white you would know this.


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wasted digits, do the environment a favor and kill yourself.

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Hang yourself from a cliff beaner.

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The Green New Deal is an absurd amount of money and I'm confidant that they're just going to sell all of the US oil to Israel to siphon away all it's resources anyways.

this thread is a false flag shill.
>>>Zig Forums

A trillion dollar legislation being tossed around to introduce to Congress isn't a false flag you retard. I wouldn't be surprised if you were a vol.

Daily reminder that the Jewish texts promise to revert society to the stone age during their transition from this world into their Messianic period. They claim that Azrael (the White gentile god according to them) stole technology from heaven to give to humans, and that they will chain Azrael up forever and take the technology away.

can't even say i'm surprised anymore

Sounds about right

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someone pushing this green new deal on Zig Forums by citing hitler is certainly a shill. catastrophic global warming is a hoax, my man. oil is nearly limitlesss.

lurk more, retard

Can't those desert thieves come up with anything original?

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It's pretty hilarious that the people who want to destroy the environment by filling every single square inch of the Earth with unsustainable rabbit breeding populations pretend to care about the environment when it means telling the Middle Class who can't afford a Tesla they can no longer drive their Ford to work.

jew are paid to post here

Anyone with a European brain opposes the Green New Deal. There are very little real environmental protections and it's mostly just a 100 trillion dollar affirmative action aid package for niggers and spics. That being said, if you are not an environmentalist and you don't care about creating a healthy future for your children then you lack the basic mentality required for being on this board.

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This Green New Deal is the Demojew's version of the Wall ™. They'll work up their base over it but there is no way in hell the airline industry, car industry, etc will allow this to pass.

And anyone that isn't a kike understands that yes the deal is shit and yes raping the earth is jew-tier.

What are they paid with?

bro. the earth is doing just fine. Get over yourself, and lurk moar.

Something else people need to keep in mind. Whenever it's a jew behind conservation efforts, it's to distract and disrupt. It is a continuous shell game moving from one way of raping the environment to another while stopping innovation and creativity just short of making what we are using better so we are forced to move on and try and make the new raping less painful. Again.

I'm not your bro, filth.

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You don't belong here.

you're a filthy low-class mudman luddite. Man is destined for the stars, not a low carbon kosher mudhut for white people. i hope you suicide for gaia

Glad you finally came out of the closet at least.

We know, nigger. No need to announce it.

I can't see shit!

See? There it goes again. kek

There goes what? How about you quit being niggers and get off the tax payer teets?

Hitler wanted to preserve the nature for Germans, you want to preserve it for Jews and subhumans. Environmentalism is a kike scam to take away freedoms from people.

Daily reminder that (((people))) shilling (modern style) environmentalism as a NS policy are the same ones who push the agenda that Hitler was a feminist and a Jew.

Daily reminders jews are trying to poison the well when it comes to protecting the planet appropriately.

Hitler was a Feminist, but he wasn't a Jew.

How is this a bad thing? First of all most airlines are going to do this anyway. In the 1990s McDonnell-Douglas was actively working on drop-in conversion kits for their existing MD-80s, although Boeing shut it down when they merged. More recently Boeing has their Electric (hybrid) Freighter program, and back in the mid 1950s the USAF tried running a Convair B-36 off an onboard nuclear reactor. And the world's largest airplane is the prop-powered Hughes H-4, at least until later this year when Stratolaunch flies.

If anything such a measure would make the cost of propeller planes to become much cheaper, which lowers the base cost of buying a private airplane. This is good.

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Hitler was a feminist in the sense he wanted to empower women to be women, he was not a jew(notice how you capitalize it in reverence), and environmentalism is very much at the essence of what it means to be a National Socialist.

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Ford also tried doing it with their 15P and Flivver, although it never went anywhere unlike their larger Tri-motors. Ford's airplane division would go on to make B-24s during WW2.

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We need to figure out indestructible reactors so we can have their power everywhere. kikes sabotaged that route as well. Made it near impossible to work with safer nuke technology.

Get out.

I am literate and not underestimating my enemies, you can write their name in lowercase as much as you want, it's not hurting them. Exposing their schemes like modern environmentalism (which you are in support of) is what's hurting them, aka you. If you want to preserve the planet for cucks, kikes and niggers, then you should start by killing yourself.

Environmentalism was of tertiary importance in NS policies, of course you don't want to ruin the environment where you are living in. It had nothing to do with eco cultists and other retards of today.

Which is a fucking retarded idea and completely ignores how turboprop and turbofan engines work. It would be less fuel efficient to fly a turboprop from LA to NY than a turbofan. To put it simply it's because of the altitudes these engines are most efficient at flying. Turboprops are more efficient for a short flight because they won't reach as high of an altitude and the props have more air to bite. Higher up they are less efficient than turbofans.

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Maybe they'll start limiting height next.

How would mandating propeller engine use not make it cheaper for actual pilots? You realize that a propeller engine is just a regular ass car engine right? It just moves a propeller instead of a driveshaft. Therefore mandating their use would create a situation where Democrats would support fossil fuels.

On the same token, turbine cars sadly never took on despite them being far cheaper and more efficient than regular motors. Certain (((people))) were behind this.

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The ineffectuality of the present-day green campaign is rooted in its refusal to admit that the entire historical conception of a progressing civilization has been a mistake, even as it grapples with the symptoms of this mistake. The conservationists in particular are a case in point: they speak of the green planet itself as a consumer product that humanity must learn to enjoy over other consumer products, in other words they appeal to hedonism to solve a problem created by hedonism. The conservationist attitude towards biodiversity is identical to the consumerist attitude towards commodities: the more variety the better. (These are the people who, for example, defend systematic rape of giant pandas to force them to reproduce against their will.) It is no coincidence that conservationist ideas are largely Jewish in origin, indeed their original source is the Judaic story of Noah’s Ark.

Any environmentalist whose ideas involve the concept of sustainability is non-Aryan. Sustainability means nothing more than refraining from working a slave so hard that the slave dies. Its motive is wholly pragmatic: to keep the slave alive so that the slavery can continue. A sustainable planet is a plundered planet where the plunderer has a plan in place to ensure the plundering never needs to end. Sustainability is ecological Zion, where the planet is the Goy.

Aryan environmentalism, in contrast, is not merely about being calculating rather than reckless in deriving our pleasure from the planet, but about ending its exploitation at our hands altogether. Our motive is not pragmatic, but conscientious. In our eyes, any quantity of plunder is repugnant (and hence sustainability the most repugnant idea of all since it would imply a theoretically infinite quantity of plunder, spread out over time). The Aryanist aim is to eliminate all plunder as quickly as possible.

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Remember when white people built things?

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What you wrote sounds more like Marxist aim than Aryanist aim. Pragmatic sustainability is the only sensible approach to ecology, everything else is SJW cultism.

The Green New Deal is a good plan and would massively benefit White people even without an acceleration angle. Though it's definitely also that.

The biggest impact is most certainly NOT the regulation of air traffic or the mass production of hundreds of millions of electric cars.

The plan calls for nothing short of the complete demolition of every building in the United States.

I M A G I N E.

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It's a proper noun you sandal sliding goon.

That's what Feminism is. Letting women be free to be themselves. This stuff now is just Jew divide and conquer. I won't argue with a women over this stuff, it's a waste of time and power.

Failing to do what you can with what you have, being pragmatic, in the name of a higher ideal is asinine but so is not having a proper vision of what should be.

That picture made me sad user.

That's what (((sustainable))) looks like.

it's pretty clear at this point that anyone pushing hitler for anything is a false-flagging shill.

I don't see a single reason why we shouldn't seek comfort and pleasure at the expense of muh nature as long as it can be renewed and not destroyed long term. Only people (and by that I mean whites and few other races) should be exempt from "plundering" . Kikes have ruined the planet trying to own it and are now trying to force everyone to "save" it. This hypocrisy alone should be enough to be anti-ecological in the modern context.

Yeah, kikes and their golems think that we worship Hitler as a person, while we show our appreciation to him as an eternal idea, the Fuhrer. We've been over it countless times, and they still fail to understand it. Subhumans gonna subhuman I guess.

Foolishness. Nature is self replenishing, and if properly guided it will grow into a garden. True, in this instance there are a fuckload of weeds, so gas is in order. But that's not at the expense of nature, it's in defense of it. It's not impossible to build with nature as opposed to in spite of it.

Take meat farming for example. In natural conditions, the animal will feel comfortable and live free of threats until it is killed painlessly. Better deal than what deer get, and their genetics are fucking everywhere now. On the other hand, factory farms are not natural in the slightest, and instead torture the animal apart from nature. There's a difference there and an Aryan knows it instinctively.

The very concept of Man v. Nature is a jewish inversion om reality. It'll kill us all if allowed to run its course. So as I said, first you pull weeds then you replant. In that order.

Wow, well done rabbi. You have actually posted something so profoundly stupid I am actually impressed. Everything you said isn't just wrong, it is the opposite of reality. There are only three options. You can live unsustainably, taking more than nature provides, you can live sustainably, taking less than nature provides, or you can cease living. There are no other options.