Why does Israel Hate Poland?

Poland was always much less populated then lands in the west.
There are many reasons for this but that is a tangent.
The fact is that due to this sparse population it was common to allow certain privileges to groups of people if they would come to our land and behave.

Were we too kind?
Is there still a chance to improve relations with Israel?
Do they deserve one?

Did they behave?
It is no secret that behaving according to the rules of the land was never their strength nor was there even a proper attempt at the cultural level.

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I thought the plane crash a few years ago fixed things. The animosity between elites must be theater to please the citizens until capitalism takes its toll on those massive marches.

because they're white, or honorary white like slavs and japs

The jew hates us all. But the hate nationalistic Goyim more than other Goyim because they're a threat to jewish power.

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What are the recent guidelines for appeasing terrorists?

jews look so unnatural.

If those who call themselves elites are putting on a show then this implies they are already in supreme and unquestionable control.
Is pretending that they aren't in complete control the most effective strategy?

Or perhaps they are not in complete control and spreading fatalistic beliefs that they are in control is actually the most effective strategy at maintaining an upper hand?

More poles died in the holohoax than jews, so they despise the polish for removing one of their keys to power, the white guilt.


Israel hates the Poland can speak the truth. Is there chance to improve relations? Not really, any 'improvements' are simple fake lies to gloss over things. A sociopath would consider you loose ends Poland.

Poland has the real ultimate victim card of WWII.

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Belarus are probably the only good White countries left. Italy, if Salvini goes into power may be the first Western European country to come back from the brink… yes these countries are more poor than Western Europe, North America and Australia/NZ but that's what the jew does he exchanges petty monetary prosperity for chains and shackles and rewires the brains of the Whites in these countries to think like jews and worship money and despise blue collar workers.


The anti-Polish campaign on Krautchan and halfchan's /int/ was a very transparent pro-(((EU))) propaganda. And while we looooove Germany's past, everyone knows if you support Germany in modern times, you support the heart and soul of the (((EU))), which is literally the USSR of the modern world but with indirect demographic murder instead of traditional Gommie murder.

Imagine hosting a jewish Disneyland (((Auschwitz))) since at least 1989 and still getting the proverbial stab in the back.

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It can’t be a (((conspiracy))). Must be a cohencidence.

Some time ago jewish military jets wanted to do a low flyby over Auschwitz, Polish gov said to not do it because its a historical monument and it might destroy it - they did it anyway.

They dont care at all about anything. Such low quality people.

Jews hate you because you exist and you aren't jewish.

because they killed off jews that stayed behind after ww2 and now are one of few countries fighting back against kikes genocide plans.

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Israel doesn't hate the Pale of Settlement. It's their home away from home.

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Poland is conservative, catholic, resists sexual degeneracy and pornography, race-mixing and is mainly white.
Thats all you need to know


Because they can't be poles.

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except they are, and have been since Catherine.

There was this guy who wrote a fantasy novel about an evil race of reptilian alien vampires that sucked the blood of White women in order to survive.
The ADL and the jewish anti-White hate crew immediately began attacking this author as anti-semitic.

So essentially, the kikes are upset because a man wrote a fantasy novel about evil reptilian vampies and the kikes assumed he was talking about them.
That's how evil they are.
They actually identify with evil reptilian vampires more than humans.

Speaking of which…

Oh look. Here comes the kike to try as usual to get Europeans to go to war with ourselves.
I stand with my brothers, as always. Choke on a foreskin, kike.

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Welcome to retarded.

The Jews tend to resent anyone that they spend a lot of time around.

Per their OT, they feel entitled to all land and resources and so I would guess that they merely begin to see any non-slaves as an impediment to that. This is why the Jewish apocalypse calls for the genocide of all non-Jews.

Unironically enough, the Jews spent most of their time in Poland as collectors for landlords. They were the class that were the most hands-on in keeping the Polish serfs down. I hear that the old joke culture that used to target Poles as stupid originated with the Jews, as a special reward to the Poles for that relationship.

The Jews were likely full deserving of any hypothetical Polish targeting of them in WWII. And they may as well have, as the Jew will always scapegoat his victim for the sins of the Jew. As we can readily see here. Predictably, the Poles are innocent.

People don't realize this, but the Jews hate philosemites as well. (((They))) hate the USA, (((they))) hate Poland, both countries have generally been very philosemtic.

what's the source on this? this is some doomsday-tier fearmongering

Kind or not, polish nation is equal to (((them))) and should be exterminated alongside jews, niggers, weak, dumb and of course niggers.

Poland was the breeding ground of the jews for most of history, they were protected and allowed to thrive there while other countries expelled them

no, they're slit-eyed piss niggers that slice up animals alive and sex traffick white women for their porn industry. TWO NUKES WEREN'T ENOUGH and WEEBS GET THE GAS

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I don't think poles deserve genocide, that sentiment reeks of kraut salt, they are white; but Poland should be about 1/3rd of the size that it is and all poles should be deported there


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My nation doesn't deserve anything. We were always troublesome for everyone and we are not white. We are genetically closer to pajeets than, for example, White French.

We are already at 1/5th of our former size, so what territory are we getting back?

Good question.

Pretty sure that's the work of some of the kikes in Japan.

Pretty much this. It boils down to this simple idea honestly.

It's an (((art project))) dumb goyim!



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Kikes have always subverted through their "art". The Marx brothers had us let our guards down with their "comedy," also.

We can turn this against them. The holohoax was an art project too.

They aren't capable of gratitude on any important scale. They're transactional creatures at best.

More like Hyenas than rats.

Guys, we have tradition in poland, we hang a Jew upside down for Money. Mostly its a Banker Jew.
Also our Media goes against the Jewish Supremecy.
So stoo thinking we are for Jews. Some of us startet the War against them. We been the one how show the Truth Nature of the Jews to the World. But you asume that we are for the Jews. The Establishment is, but not the Polish Peoples.

Because lies of the holocaust comes from Poland (geographically). So the they unconsciously try to destroy source of lies to bury it forever. Evidence destruction by criminal.

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No. There is a demand for white women in japanese pornography because white women are attractive. They have the money to pay them, so some whores will fly there for the job. Therefore, the japs are among our enemies and deserve genocide.

As for actual sex trafficking, the yakuza would be involved, which is majority korean- not jews.

this is what I think should be the map of Europe. Poland should be pushed south and east like where they were in the 1400's

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Comes from subhuman who is tolerating shit like drag queens. Your shithole is the main exporter of the most degenerate culture in the world and despite having guns you do nothing to stop this. If anyone deserved the nukes it's definitely you and not just two.

if you're not white then you can FUCK OFF


Why don't you fuck off with your poz and keep it to yourself, you worthless cockroach? It's very ironic that cunts like you somehow have enough balls to spew "TWO NUKES WEREN'T ENOUGH" when your country continues to export the worst possible poz around the globe which also brings us the worst possible cancer such as child prostitution.
You're the most sick fuck this Earth ever carried along with your masters and your words are meaningless to me. Kill yourself, you fucking scum and stay away from the rest of the world.

you're the faggot


No. THIS is the ideal map of Europe.
It is 100% based on ethnic majorities. Unlike yours which is based on fantasy and would lead to more brother-wars, ethnic revolts, and White Genocide.

We can argue on how to divide up non-White areas. But seeking to oppress Irish, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Romanians, Slovenians, Czechs, Russians, and Swedes is a semitic mindset.
No more White Genocide.

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Looks like I was mistaken, you're not a faggot, you're actually a filthy kike.

And that's the best you can do, cockroach. As I said, kill yourself, you're in no position to say something when you're the main exporter of the cancer. I'd ask you to fix your country but you'll never be able to do that anyway, the best thing you can do is to spew your meaningless shit on the Internet without even acknowledging that you're the biggest reason why even Asia is suffering. Oh, and also you can report meany people.
By the way, how do you feel about saving the most disgusting race on the planet after your masters which would be chinks?

the same reason they hate every country on the face of the earth you stupid fucking retard.

*Note, actually it is less than 100% based on ethnic majority as I made a few common sense exceptions.
1. Switzerland has remained one of the most stable states in Europe for almost 200 years. Clearly they have multi-culturalism figured out so why fix what isn't broken? The same reasoning applies to Andorra and Monaco as they have maintained their independence for hundreds of years. Thus, I opt to leave them alone. Vatican City is annexed to Italy.
2. Scotland has been reduced to the areas that mostly voted for independence from the UK.
3. While Euska has been given independence for remaining majority White, Catalonia has not. They not only are leftist shitheads, but they couldn't even muster enough courage to fight for independence under Franco or the fake democracy.
4. Finnish Swedes identify with Finland more than Sweden.
5. I awarded most Bosnian majority areas to Serbia and Croatia because if I did not, this would look terrible. They're just muslim Serbs anyway. I can explain this reasoning further if anyone is interested.
6. Wales and Britany do not get independence because they appear to identify with their "parent" nations more than the want independence. Though, if I am incorrect please enlighten me and rest assured, I'm more than willing to grant their independence.
7. Friuli remains independent but unrecognized until we can determine whether or not they're Italian.

Get out.

Oh cool, Poles murder 1million+ Germans and take their land “It’s ours now fuck off” please Germoney help us against the evil Russians they are so scary and you are no longer around to keep them in check

You are obviously a non-European retard.

ROI is a marxist terrorist state, all of the British Isles belong to the UK
my map has a rather generous Poland for the Poles to be relocated to
i.e. Russians
again, there is a large Romania
they're basically Croat-German hybrids, fine to put them with Croats
there is still Czechia minus rightful kraut clay
biggest country in the fucking world, oh so oppressed
Skaneland is DANISH
wew, drama queen

I stand by map related, made a couple minor adjustments. perfect map of Europe. and European countries would get back their colonies according to post-WW1 borders

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I love how because he disagrees with my opinion on something, he has to quote me in the "HEY GOYIM" context, as if anybody that could conceiveably disagree with him about anything could only possible be an evil jew

these retards have destroyed this board, they basically overdosed on red pills to the point where they started becoming foolish in their own unique way

Very semitic of you.

That is as true as claiming that all of teh globe belongs to IsraHell. Nigger.

You have the mindset of a jew.

Fuck off mutt.

Again, this is the mindset of a jew. You are not pro-White if you support White genocide.

t. Mutt who has never met one.

You shouldn't be making maps then, anti-White. Like the jew, all you want is land theft. Fuck off.

This idiot actually thinks that borders = nations.
You're a civic nationalist. Not a real nationalist. Fuck off.

t. Mutt
Okay then. Since you worship London so much, annex Texas to Britain too. It's as British as Skaneland.
You're a child trying to recreate EU4.

Anyone interested in an actual map that represents PEOPLE rather than this faggot's EU4 savegame, this is the correct map of Europe.
Instead of exterminating millions of Europeans and stealing their land, I propose that land reflect people and we do away with multi-culturalism.

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Fucking mutt, you despise Europe. Here. I made "Ideal Muttmerica" for you.
It makes as much sense as your EU4 fantasy

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swear you have a mental handicap or something

all of the USA should go to Britain, actually

except Alaska, which should go to Russia, Puerto Rico/Guam which should go to Spain

eh nvm about Alaska, be nice to give that to Britain too 'cause they'd already have Canada

something like this, just replace the Europe with the one in

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Britain does not deserve more land. They squandered what they have.
Go play EU4 you ignorant child.

You can't even make your own map. That map is from Crusader Kings 2. If you had actually put some effort into your map and not just loaded a savegame, then your map would be realistic pro-White.
As it stands, you propose ethnic cleansing of Europeans. Fuck off kike.

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Well get on it user, no time to waste!

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it's called "irredentism", nerd
I swear you are not right in the head. you're one of those that got utterly drunk on redpills to the point where you ended up retarded in the opposite direction

I think this board would be better off if you didn't post

All that one needs to know about you is this map

If you did not support multiculturalism, why the hell do you create ONLY multi-ethnic states?
By stealing land of course.

This is how I know you are a kike or a child.

I should not have replied to you

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Seeing as he effectively wants to revive the (((British Empire))), I'm going to say that he's a britkike who should fuck off back to >>>/britpol/

This is how we know is a kike

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If it were not obvious that it is based on an EU4 game, I'd assume this was designed to destroythe concept of nation-states.

Literally every border in its map contains people of other nations. So either he is pro-multi-culturalism or pro-ethnic cleansing of Europeans.

Don't over-think it. It's quite simple, really:
1. Poles are white
2. Poles are not allowing enough Black/Semitic immigrants into Poland
3. Poles don't fervently believe in the Holocaust
4. Poles are not paying Israel lots and lots of money

found the double-digit iq amuttican

Reminder that the moderators allow these paid shills to post here.

Poles talking about land theft, golden!

Yeah Goyim you wouldn’t want to change the results of WWII!

You don't know anything about Europe and are obsessed with maps and borders rather than nations and people.
Go actually learn about Europeans you cultureless mutt.
Rootless Americans don't give a shit about who rules them. But people with souls do. Anyone advocating forcibly expelling Poles and Germans and French to create a multi-ethnic superstate is a spiritual jew.

Poles will be expelled, because they have shown, that despite all the loot they made, they can not hold peace.

And this is how we know you are a jew.

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I know where your opinion belongs.

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They just want the territory.

Poland + Ukraine (they tried) would result in a permanent kike toll gate tax for muh russian pipelines into the rest of europe. To the north, Germany, kikes own it, to the south (Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania) kikes control most it (Turkey is the only straggler).

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Zionist Jew must believe in words 'Nobody but us', he must be taught from birth that no goyim is good or trusthworthy, he must learn that man of chosen nation is worth more than a goyim.

If you understand those things it's very easy to understand why jews,in spite of many examples of Poles sacrificing their lifes for their jewish friends, are hated more than any european nation. There were reasons to build polish-israeli friendship, many of them,but zionists can't afford it,since it'd destroy 'Goyim is evil' dogma. Truth about this relationship is potentially much more damaging to zionist identity than any other relationship with goyim.

Jews need to hate Poles in order to exist as nationalist state. In their eyes all sacrifices of Poles were what goyim OWE their masters. You don't thank cow for giving you meat, it's something you expect. But when cow rats you out to nazis, you might want to punish it.

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Why not just give all of Europe to Germany?

They are trying to mock the idea of an 'Elders of Zion' type deal going on, and yet for lack of introspection they don't realize how redpilling such an 'art project' can be.

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< (((Give)))
Rather than respect historical and racial heritage of those regions. The map is a compromise that does not go far enough.
The only country that was "given" it's existence & land out of nothing is israel I suggest you fuck off back to that shit hole for as long as you are allowed to hold it.

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Hey mutt, reminder that you are so worthless Hitler rather allied with racially pure non Europeans than shitty subhuman mulattoes who support communists.

Would have been preferable. Poles and other trashes are worthless niggers.

Cry more, toilet licker.
You KNOW what will happen when the truth of the 20th century comes out. Relish in the stolen land now.
Because your posterity wont be able to. You will disappear for good.

Tell me more about your desire to slaughter Europeans.

So I presume you advocate exterminating Slavs? Tell me more.