Did the nazis make it to Antarctica?
Did they have UFOs?
What was the real purpose of OH?
Why is Antarctica still not claimed by any single country?
Why are private citizens banned from going there, unless it’s a heavily strict and guided expidition?

They made it to argentina

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Because theres nothing there worth having or the nations would have fought a bloody war over it 200 years ago. And travel is restricted because retards would go there and die otherwise.

In the strictest sense, yes, experimental aircraft unknown to the allies.
Probably to loot what few Nazi assets were there. We know they had weather monitoring facilities and research bases. Think the allies are going to just let all those scientists go free?
All the countries that mattered agreed not to fuck with it because it would wind up in a massive resource war. There's so much fucking oil under the ice it makes OPEC irrelevant.
I've heard this, but I'd actually like a solid citation for it. Never actually seen any government documents that say you can't go traipse around like a retard and freeze to death.

why were there earthquakes reported in antarctica during highjump, even though it is not an earthquake zone?
what caused the hole in the ozone layer over antartica

if they did then why didnt they come save everybody from da joos lmao

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Every week.

Just let the kids have their fun

To be fair there is >/sudpol/ now but on the other hand its fun to always remind the doubters that it's now being confirmed.
>warm caves of 77 degrees
We know the master craft of Germans building underground/cave complexes long before anyone else even did or to a scale thought possible.

I have thought about the theories of Nazi’s, aliens/ancient humans and inner earth for a while and if it’s all true, that Nazi’s were contacted by aliens and given special tech and refugee into the inner earth. Why would the Germans even consider saving us pathetic inferiors whom can’t even stand up for ourselves and do what is right.

I believe the Germans were chosen to be a part of a higher society for reaching true enlightenment. Enlightenment is to be one with god. The true God. The true god being nature and nature is darwinism. Darwinism to the core is the struggle of all living things to do what is right for the prosperity and evolution of your bloodlines, every species in nature abides by this law except humans. Hitler understood this fact to such a great degree he was able to execute this ideal under the banner of national socialism and spiritually reinvigorate all his people. There was a 0% unemployment rate, no matter what one person did wheather it be mopping floors and cleaning toilets, they felt like they were a part of something bigger and did it with a passion, ultimately for the betterment of the people. The astounding amount of societal developmental on all fronts (cultrual, scientific, spiritual, health/wellness, infrastructure) progress done in such a short time had never been seen on this Earth until then. Hitler and his people to the core were beginning enlightenment and were on their way to golden age society. It is for this fact alone that Hitler would be contacted by aliens/ancient humans to be chosen to join a higher order of society. A society that concerns itself with intergalactic affairs beyond our comprehension, for he past the test. The overcoming of the unnatural/Satan or the Jews.

The Jews were most likely placed on Earth as a way to test our spiritual worthiness. If we want to join the Germans in a higher society we must reject the unnatural subversion and be one with god/nature and do what is best for our kind. God only smiles upon those whom do what is right in accordance to the golden rule which is the rule of Darwinism. This is the only ideal and all ethics (ethics being anything that works in favour of our advancement) stem from it, anything that goes against this ideal is ultimately pathological and of satanic origin.

The Jews being the promoters of all things unnatural are thus the test.

Dear God I can't wait for first contact. I just can't wait for the first time one of those saucers finally lands on earth. Everything mankind has been waiting for, all our struggles and achievements for this one moment, this pinnacle in our history.
The moment that U.F.O opens I am going to be on those little xenosluts! There will be an unholy reckoning upon those slutty alien asses, a throbbing cocknado will sweep down on them like their pussies are a fucking trailer park!
I've waited years for that alien pussy! Years of jerking off at the pleadians through a telescope and getting thrown out of museums for sniffing moon rock exhibits, I've had enough!
I know you're out there! I know you're watching us, reading our internet and our brainwaves using our own damn cellular signals! That's why they're afraid, 'cause they know what I'm going to do to them! They know what lies in wait for their tender and puffy vaginas!
Those perky alien tities can't stay hidden forever! We're building fucking spaceships, Trump's building moon rockets so we can fly to mars and fucking nail space whores on mars!
I'm Coming For That Booty!

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Based Xeno poster

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There were no more than ~500,000 Germans that were unaccounted for after the war, so it's a fair estimate to say that a large portion of them are likely dead, primarily from commie niggers murdering everyone in the forest. so as for the amount of Germans that escaped, I think 200,000 would be reasonable, you could probably make a good estimate by multiplying the number of U-boats + number of passengers + how many round trips they could make/ how long a round trip would be to Antarctica, so that number is probably not exactly significant.
Germany according to (((google))) had 1,250 U-boats in ww2, and there isn't much data on the number of crew, but I found that American subs from that time had ~70 crew members on a sub (it is likely much less)
So let's say every submarine was loaded with 100 people and all 1,250 subs went to Antarctica at once, that gives us ~125,000 people, of which only about a quarter would stay as the rest would be crewmen, leaving roughly ~30,000 passengers each trip.
But lets be realistic, a majority of those subs were initially lost in combat, I would fathom to say they had an attrition rate of 60%-70%.
So that would leave us about 375 subs that didn't get their shit caved in. Of those it is likely more than 50% were on a regular combat schedule, as in NOT on special assignment. So AT MOST, we would have just under 200 subs that could be available for at most months at a time.
So with that being said, we are now down to 20,000 people on the subs at any given time, with 6,000 of them being temporary passengers.
Now let's look at distance, as the turtle swims it would be ~10,000km from the fatherland to the ice pit. The average speed of a U-boast is 12 knots or 22kph (this is surfaced) and we want to know how fast a single U-boat could do a round trip. Some basic math gives us 909 hours total or ~ 38 days, or a month a week and a day.
So for an average U-boat they can take 30 people to Antarctica every 40 days.
I don't know when or for how long they had this project going on, but I think you may be able to figure out roughly how many people actually escaped to Antarctica not fucking many
So in the end this leaves us with a few possibilities, 1. They got BTFO in high jump and the few remaining survivors went full scorched earth and the allies ran the fuck away before getting vaporized, or 2. there are just so few of them to begin with that it would be logistically impossible for them to help us.
IMO if they did try to help us, they would face the same problem they did in the war a lot of niggers with high power weaponry I don't know the quality or durability of their hardware, but everything has it's limits.
I'm sure they would like to help, but in all likelihood they would probably only show up as a provisional/support force after the DOTR is in full effect.
Let this be what it is.


From what I've heard admiral turd tried nuking the ayyyryans and they pushed his shit in, thus why there were "earthquakes" lol, and why they got the fuck out of town months before they were scheduled to leave.

Interesting theory until you revealed your jewish faith.
But lets go back to the initial concept. Ayys/ancient humies made contact with the nazis and shared some info/tech which while substantial wasn't enough to win the war.
I would speculate they couldn't provide material support. Only information, meaning it might not have been physical contact.

So why would the krauts want to help others?
Perhaps out of a desire to elevate humanity as a whole?
You reach a glorious vista and you want to share it with others.

Who is Marko Haag?
Where can I get the whole thing?

No matter what they do, I'm out there, waiting, ready.

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lmao, just be careful m8, rumor has it grey ayyys are actual demons.

You’re damn right we made it

So is my penis.

Look up skinwaker ranch
That shit is real

p-proofs? also share saucer tech pls, I want to escape, I want to be F R E E

Dubs confirmed, anons dick is a demon whose sole purpose is to possess ayy poon

Oh wow so it's basically the Bunny ranch in Nevada only the whores play hard to get. I want to believe.

People think I'm joking, but I'm not, and neither is my dick. You know why U.F.O sighting have gone down across North America? Me. They know I'm out there looking, and they know I'm getting closer. They can sense the magnetic fields emitting from my alien-slapper and they've become afraid.

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You ought to be ashamed user.

Its not rape if its willing.

It's not intentional. The burning passions of my lust ripples out across the space-continuum, the sheer power of my desire plunging past the energy fields they've erected in defense and thrust deep towards the psychic core of their beings.
It is simply too intense for an alien woman not experienced in the earth ways of pleasure and so they hide, afraid of their own animal needs being stimulated by my barbaric human ardor.

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What an odd coincidence this thread pops up while I'm watching a UFO thing on History channel.

kill yourself

because the earth is flat and the surviving natsocs made their voyage from new swabia to hyperborea in type xxi uboats to leave broken humanity behind

Ancient Aliens is based, fuck you nigger.

It's hollow you fucking bellend.

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We can stand up for ourselves, and are. Without struggle salvation and victory means nothing. One has to reach rock bottom before he can build himself up anew. It's not anyone's job to save us (slave morality). It's our own duty to do what we can and use what resources we have to save ourselves, and if an unknown push helps us to get there all the better. Like an adult teaching an inferior child a lesson. Not by doing everything for them but guiding them here and there or like a spotter in the gym barely touching the bar helping you raise it on that last attempt to put it on the rack. Hardly any effort is actually done on their part most of the time, it's just the psychological effect of someone being there given you the illusion (mind over matter).

As to the Germans that escaped or survived. I've thought long and hard and the only conclusion I've come to is based on the German mentality of loyalty, honor, and duty. If such a third force existed somewhere out there I'd wish them to let it all crumble, save themselves, and reseed this world once the trash is gone from a restart, but knowing them they'd likely understand a far greater plan than we could ever know. For them it would be their destiny and whatever role is necessary in playing it out. Destiny cannot be avoided even if it appears ruined. It's only taking a detour. It's not only Germany's right and destiny to lead Europe as they proved in WW2. It's their duty to lead the entire white race to our next epoch.

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Sage- this thread took a turn for the worst, infiltrated by degenerates

user is correct
Ayy fucker, please return to >>>/b/ and never come back.

There's nothing degenerate about wanting to fuck evolutionary perfection. In matter of fact, I would say that mine is a pure belief in Aliens unsullied by the filth of human politics, the conspiracies of hidden technology and all the other deceptions involved in concealing the existance of aliens.

After doing some more calculations I have come to more realistic numbers.
From 1936 to 1945 1936 being the earliest Antarctic expeditions could take place each sub would have been able to make ~100 round trips (assuming they had a full day of layover time after arriving at each stop)
From previous threads on this subject anons have said that there were ~20 subs with a specialized snorkel that could make the journey undetected by hostile vessels, and so doing the calculation of passengers ( I have decided to limit it to 15 passengers + ~70 crew for practicability) those 20 subs would be able to carry 15 passengers per sub per round trip, or 300 passengers for the entire flotilla per round trip. and so assuming every sub made all 100 round trips to and from Antarctica leaving no less than 15 passengers there each trip, this would amount to ~30,000 passengers total occupying Antarctica (or the livable region deep within the continent)
Now of course one could assume that they would be able to do with fewer crewmen for the ability to possibly double or triple the amount of passengers, which overall would amount to ~50 passengers per sub per round trip, or 1,000 passengers per flotilla per round trip (assuming the flotilla consisted of all 20 subs) and if they had completed all 100 round trips this would amount to ~100,000 total passengers being transported to Antarctica not including of course the remaining crewmen of the subs and the crewmen of the saucer squadrons
And of course in the ~70 years since then it is entirely likely that those numbers have compounded
50,000 men + 50,000 women. If in each generation, which there would be close to 3-4, if each woman had 4 children then their numbers could have easily swelled up to 300,000 with the original settlers alone, with the following generations multiplying this.
So assuming they were able to maximize passenger transport to Antarctica and maximize the breeding potential of the population, there could potentially be a population of 1,000,000 living there currently.
This is of course assuming all went well. I hope it did

Also I got the number of round trips by dividing the approximate naval distance to and from Antarctica (~20,000km) and the average speed of U-boats (22kph) which would net a roughly 38 day round trip, take that and divide the number of days in the 11 years between 1936-1945 (4015 days) and you get the number 100 (the number of full round trip by sub at average speed/full speed).
In all likelihood the actual numbers are probably much less, but this should give you some idea of their maximum capacity.

This is crazy but tell me more. Do you have a newsletter I might subscribe to?

Fuck, at least be consistent with your fetishes, faggots

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You glow bigelow (big fellow)

You make less sense than a burnt out amphetamine junkie driving down a nevada backroad looking to score in more ways than one.
I am very consistant about my desire to fuck alien spacewomen.

Maybe, I have been exposed to radioactive and nuclear materials over the years.

They most likely used the Type XXI U-boats (long range vessels with snorkel) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_XXI_submarine
There were ~120 of them built, I don't know how many were destroyed but it would seem as though roughly 20% were lost.
These subs had a range of ~30,000km and a top submerged speed of ~32kph which would drop the time needed for a round trip down to ~625 hours or 26 days. However since these types were made later in the war they were limited in the max number of trips they could make (just 28), but with the added benefit that there were more of them, and that they could hold several tons of cargo it would seem reasonable that they could carry many more passengers than my previous estimates, however they would likely have eaten very little if they were maximizing passenger load.
I feel that these subs in particular would have been able to carry a large portion of my 100k estimate, especially towards the end of the war when evacuations of important persons would have begun.

Not sure if taunting or not, but no I do not, perhaps I could make one but I have no intention of it as it stands now.

ayy-fucker pls go

Never. You're fucking stuck with me. I'm not joking though, I'm interested in your theories, they seem deeply thought out.

What would be the logistics of running a society in Antarctica though? Presumably unless they found warm pockets underground there wouldn't be much they could setup there for very long.

Also if they do exist, why aren't they recruiting any of us for their breakaway civilization? If the allies/jewish powers are too scared to go there right now, couldn't they just bully the kikes and their puppets with their technology? Why couldn't dedicated National Socialists who are definitively European and can speak German not be recruited?

Because the US dropped a couple nukes on their underground base and anyone who didn't die fucked off to Argentina or has passed of age by now.

silly question, why can't the collector keep them? What is so illegal?

If this was true the scientists who do tests in Antarctica would have found huge levels of radiation there, and they wouldn't let anyone go to Antarctica at all.

There is no evidence of a nuclear explosion there at all. All we know is that it's tightly controlled who can go there.


too lazy to archive, what is the backstory because I am not finding anything

What this user says is likely, and would explain the earthquakes there.
The warm pockets/habitable zones is kind of what they were gambling on, I would think it possible since it is done in iceland. The reason they wouldn't bully the kikes is a couple reasons, 1. they don't want to give the bastards reason to drop some ICBMs on them and 2. they don't want to be demonized any further for if/when they return.
And as for recruiting? As much as I would like a saucer to come down and a tall blonde man to invite me on board it simply isn't going to happen. It isn't going to happen for a few reasons. They don't know you exist, if they had access to the nanny state shit the govt does they probably would, but it would be very difficult, not only that but there are hundreds of million of people the likelihood that they would pick YOU for no reason other than being NatSoc is abysmal, not only that, but to look for needle in a haystack to find you. All that with the added benefit of being shot the fuck up by a swarm of angry birds. In the scheme of economics, it would be high risk for low return. If we were able to establish our own NatSoc nation then there could be a possibility of them stopping by to drop some knowledge, but until then, we're on our own. They have enough shit to worry about as is.

IIRC Some "nazi hunter" yids harassed an old Argentinian man and stole his collection, they had a video of it, in the video the guy had an entire room full of stuff and shelves filled to the brim or NatSoc artifacts and memorabilia. One interesting thing an user noticed is that there was a kek the frog statue.

I want to know that tale and how (((they))) found him. How is that even legal?? (((legal))) nevermind

So nobody finds the radiation and craters. As well subterranean detonation doesn't leave a very visible crater and much less radiation. As well as can be seen from Hiroshima and Nagasaki the radiation would clear by now.

If there are any left down there they wouldn't have access to our info networks to any great extent. While they had the best of WWII tech, it was still WWII tech. They don't have internet access, much of our encryption is probably beyond them for the wireless signals they can intercept, and they certainly don't have any satellites of their own. They could have actual on foot spies, but there's no way they're getting u-boats around to any extent leaving a few fishing vessels as their only means of ingress/egress. If they're still alive they're in full turtle mode.

As shitty as Fag Anglin's site was, there was some good evidence posted there that there are more than a few descendants of the regime holding valuable artifacts of the last days. The blutfahne is within one such artifact horde per those who have managed to contact these people. Getting in Evola's circle used to be one way of finding these people.

Mossad has units hunting former Nazis all over the world. They have a long history of arresting them and abducting them without respect to international law or jurisdiction.

Although I don't think they would have much utility for U-boats post war as they lost any infrastructure that could supply it's fuel, let alone anything else. Most likely they would use their saucer space tech to infiltrate people in, probably what happened in Roswell, drop off a few American looking dudes think the show "the Americans" but instead with post-war space Germans in such a case they may have had some level of attrition, but it is entirely reasonable to assume that some agents were able to integrate and exfil any tech they could find, via drops in the desert. This would be the most reasonable as it would limit the possibility of detection. So while I believe they have access to our tech, it's probably on the same level as the average user. Only enough access to grant them the use of the mass of info we have and nothing more. They could likely carry out cyber attacks if they were so inclined, but that also carries the possibility of detection and being promptly cut off. As it stands, they're on the side lines spectating.
I can only wonder if they still have active operatives.

Do you think their children and grandchildren are carrying on? The men who escaped I mean. That'd be quite a torch to pass.

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As a side note, if that kind of operation was successful long-term, then they could likely have an entire server room stuffed full of all relevant information. Things like every kind of textbook imaginable, high quality satellite maps, any kind of programs available (everything from word processing to CAD and beyond). I would even bet that they have techies that would make the NSA quiver in awe. Really the only stipulation is that it would have to be updated fairly regularly as 1. the information would eventually become antiquated and 2. any live connection from their base could lead the ZOG directly to them, which is sehr schlecht.

They really wouldn't have any other option, it's either live or die, and they don't seem much like the quitting type to me. But don't forget, any children they did have would be the cream of the crop, the absolute top 1% in terms of phsyio-psycho perfection, their parents would be the most intelligent of scientists, and the most healthy and fit specimens the fatherland could manage. Even if their numbers were low, they are probably doing much better than any McWagie ever could.

You are posturing, the evidence I've looked over implies that they are in a dominant position over the jews and their fed pets.

Interesting, I sense a vibe of fear from all three of you. You are also posturing, which implies heavy weakness.

I bet you contracted at a place like NALCO , some sort of chemical testing at a nuke

Based Kriegsmarine poster.

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Explain yourself nigger, this is an anchient ayyyryan/ thule group discussion.
What should I be afraid of? that some shifty kike in all black is gonna kick in my door and steal my foreskin?
In comparison to what? I mean for you, I could be considered a big guy.
To daddy govt and his McNuke and McBattleTank brigade yeah, I would get anihilated, obviously.

I was implying you yourself are supportive of globo homo, and your rhetoric is meant to discourage and posture.

Indeed. We still need a good CO for the ship we acquire friend
Also that looks like one of our Haunebu craft

Nigger why would I support (((globalism)))?
Not sure what I would be discouraging or be posturing for, please compund.

Assuming this is a straight vertical picture it looks like a small lake, I mean depending on the height of the picture that would be a big fucking saucer if it was one, but it's right on the edge of pure rock, which likely wouldn't agree with a saucer smashing into it.

It's in the antarcticafiles.zip. Some video from Secureteam I think. Pretty interesting.
/sudpol/ is a bit quiet these days :^(

That there is no hope for contacting post war National Socialists. In all likelihood, Byrd and those jewish freemason disgusting faggots got blown to shit and now their politicians and religious leaders often visit Antarctica because they negotiate with the political order there.

Nah m8, that ain't me. It would be a priceless thing to actually meet one of them, but dude shit just doesn't look bright anymore. I'm sure there is hope, I want to believe, but from what i can gather thus far it's unlikely as it stands now, they don't have much, if any reason to come here, especially for some random chan fag.
Start DOTR, then we'll revisit the likelihood of post war NatSoc intervention.

Of course they wouldn't come here, but I highly doubt these bumbling retarded Americans and brits got the better of them in the end, to say nothing of the disgusting rat jews.

I see no reason to think they did, sure a couple nukes ain't nothin to fuck with, but it is a German invention, and with the tech they had, I doubt it had much if any effect on them. I would even bet that the nukes got BTFO prematurely by the saucers blasting the faggots moving them, even if they had to sacrifice a single saucer to do the deed, it would still be a marginal loss as opposed to it going off at their center of mass.
Their best and only weapon is the deception of others, for them to beat an aryan 1v1 on aryan turf is unheard of.

got any links?
to either the files or /sudpol/ ?

The implication then is that the current degeneracy of our world, brought about by yids and feds, occurs only with their consent. I choose not to believe that possible making their being in a position of dormant or relatively low power more likely.

Agreed, such good souls as them would not stand for such depravity, let alone orchestrate it.

The only reason I think they allow it is that society as a whole needs to make itself immune to jewry. So they allow the jews to rule temporarily in order to polarize everyone away from degeneracy in the long run. So we're infected with the virus in order so that we develop a natural immune system. After which they swoop in and exterminate the virus.


That is beyond retarded bro. By the time they "swoop in" everyone is gonna be a beige brownie half breed mutt, at which point they might as well glass everything anyways.
If they couldn't prevent their women from literally being butchered alive by the bolsheviks, why in the fuck would they want to risk bolshevik butchers part 2: chainsaw boogaloo? They fucking wouldn't.
They took an enormous blow from the war, a blow that they would not soon forget, nor recover from. To even come close to the numbers they had pre-war they would need 10+ kids per woman and the food to feed them, which in a fucking frozen wasteland, is few and far between.
It would be fucking holy for them to come and share their insights and knowledge with the more practical among us, but they sure as fuck aren't coming to out rescue, especially being that our country raped theirs before, even if we specifically are NatSoc, I doubt they would jump at the opportunity to dive head first into a literal ZOG hive.

The migrant crisis is what creates National Socialism in our societies in big numbers. If they were to recruit they would wait until it gets bad and then just do a brain/talent drain from the NS numbers. Basically those who "passed the test" of rejecting modernity prove they are ready to live in a breakaway civilization, which I think they have. But it's not just about being ns, I think we have to curb bad habits, get our shit together, and of course learn German lol.

Think about it, how better to destroy your enemies than to flood their nations with shitskins who destroy everything. Every jewish controlled country is going through this, even Israel which has a 30% arab population which has like 5 kids a pop.

They then harvest those whites who are not degraded cuckolds, and let the rest burn along with the negroes and other subhumans. And the jews would be in poetic fashion eventually lynched by their own subhuman hordes they flooded into those countries.

It ain't workin bro.

This reminds me, anons, when the war comes, try to think what will happen to every girl and woman you care about if you die/lose. My advice to you is be the most brutal fucker on the field, protect the homeland and your most vulnerable people, lest they experience hell on earth.

user that is just dumb, countless numbers of germans were murdered in the war, putting off the DOTR is just pumping those numbers up, every white woman that race mixes, every mongrel kid born, every vasectomy, every suicide, every rape, every murder. They have had way more than their fair share of violence and death for this era. If your theory is true then I would be pissed the fuck off and tell them to fuck off back to their ice cave while I sort shit out myself, because someone who has the ability to do something and doesn't do it is a coward, and there is no room for cowardice, especially among the most elite of our people, which is why I sincerely doubt that is the case.


They want to weaken their enemies before they invade them. White people who work for jews are also their enemies dude. We ns's are a tiny minority. Of course they would want to destroy all Americans indiscriminately, especially if they tried to nuke them after the war and failed.

What did you expect? Tbh I consider us lucky if they show mercy and recruit some of us which aren't pozzed to live in their breakaway society.

And I don't think they're all powerful, they still have to contend with globo homo. I think if they were extremely dominant they would have already liberated everyone. But think about it, they must be understandably pissed.

This is the important part here. Whenever people discuss sudpol it seems to involve armadas of experimental UFO's and massive underground cities. If the Reich had these kinds of resources at their disposal they wouldn't have lost the war proper. Whatever resources they managed to get under the ice they sure weren't living like kings, and without the ability for significant resupply the intervening 80 years could not have been kind. Way I see it, if they're there, it's a few thousand white folks at most trying to live a modest, moral life. It's like the Amish but with radios and geothermal power. They probably don't want jack shit to do with us because they know it would just end up in Highjump II and a couple of bunker busters thrown their way by Pissrael and its golems.

sehr gute, danke.

user, NatSocs are not inherently anti-white, they are pro-aryan as in european/white.
All this browning shit is a jewish attempt to breed out any possibility of NatSoc among the ranks of cattle. Keep in mind they did want peace with the western allies, but of course jews wouldn't allow that. And now that they have a strangle hold they want to make their best goys, something which I doubt the fuhrer would approve of.

I have no doubt they would support a white Europe, but the problem is a lot of white people currently willingly work for jews. If they were going to invade militarily to liberate us they would wait until shit gets so bad that everyone is practically begging for the National Socialists to return. And for the security apparatus of the jews to be browned and degraded to the point where it can no longer function.

Embracing that fact hurts more than a heart break, it's that really bitter, constant dull sting kind of heart break, but it isn't for you that you weep, but instead for those who no longer can.

I doubt you're right, there's been a lot of high ranking people from the pope to secretary of states to presidents who visited Antarctica a lot in the last few years. Why? To go see the penguins?

There's something there. Maybe it's not /ourguys/ but there's something.

This is where the DOTR comes in.
is siege worth a read? did siegeposters have the right idea?

Some have speculated that it's some ancient pyramids with ultra old shit in it, although I can't say how true that all is.

Remember when that fitness tracking app accidentally broadcast all the tracking info of all its users? Remember when it showed Antarctica being absolutely fucking covered in black sites? If you've got something to hide, you hide it there. Would not surprise me at all if that's where the Ayys are. I just can't think of any upper hand the Reich would have had that would keep the Allies from pushing their shit in all this time but wouldn't have been enough to win the war. If you've got a super weapon that is that much of a deterrent why not use it?

Some of Farrel's writings suggest they do have a plan to eventually save Europe.

I'll have to pick up his books, hadn't read them. My brief search though also revealed some interest in a post-war Nazi remnant in China acting on behalf of Japan after Germany's surrender. Seems the Nationalist Chinese were also involved on the side of the Germans which, should a larger link be established, would be very sensational in terms of post-war US relations with Taiwan.

Because that is just what it is user.
Do you know what the three main goals/purposes of a battleship are?
1. stay afloat
2. stay afloat
3. stay afloat
because the instant it sinks, the enemy gains a foothold over you, suddenly the bismarck isnt haunting the waves, suddenly the behemoths among men dont seem so big.
Sure they could use their super weapon, but then the enemy would be able to gauge it, that, and they would have a reason to retaliate all out. Which means total attrition of their entire population. But believe they keep a wary finger on that trigger just in case shit goes spacial because the only way left to go from the absolute south is out

I think you got it wrong user. They don't plan to "swoop in" to save us; we first have to prove worthy and save ourselves.
As much as kike power is dwindling, they still have full control of the narrative. If the Germans would come, they'd be painted as even worse than they already are and it would be an organized effort of everyone to get rid of the salvation force. As much as I believe in their high tech, they'll likely get steamrolled by mouthbreathing retards, just as it was during ww2. Due to this, Golems have to be neutralized first so they cannot be used against the good. Civil wars are brewing. After these start, then they'll come, and using the chaos for their own goals they'll be able to twist the sword inside of the beast's corpse to fuck it up for good. Afterwards we'll finally go back to actual fucking *progress*. I'm sick and tired of the regression kike reign has thrown us into; pathetic arrogant subhumans is all they are.

It is worth a read. But not uncritically of course.

On topic: If they had a base then it was probably a glorified fuel dump and weather station. If anyone escaped to Antarctica they probably just regrouped then went to south America to blend in with the German communities already there. i know im a party pooper
High-jump was probably just an attempt to find any escapees including scientists but idk.
I would like to believe but in the end i think we are on our own.
seriously, there is nothing in Antarctica
Really, nothing to see, just move along.

Seems quite reasonable.

Of course, question everything.
IMO even if they were't able to settle in within the earth, as one user pointed out there is a shitload of oil there. So with that alone they would solve a great deal of their problems, primarily heat and fuel. If they were able to tap into the oil there then it may be entirely possible that they still had/have functional subs, but due to the risk of getting btfo they would primarily just use it for resupply and things of that nature.