Religious Socialism

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We all know about ba'athism, pan-arabism, christcom, etc., but what about lesser-known forms of Religious Socialism such as Jewish Socialism, Hindu Socialism, and Buddhacom gang?

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Bad epistemology - faith - makes for bad ethics and bad politics. The working class needs more rational analysis and materialist thinking, and less superstition.

I am deist so my distate for religion is even bigger than atheist because I know you don't need religion to experience god

just gonna leave this here.

Religious "socialism" is an oxymoron. Religion created capitalism and all forms of hierarchies. To this day, the people that are the most ardent capitalists are religious sacks of shit.

Socialism is inherently not only atheist, but anti-theist. Religifaggots are class traitors and they get the bullet too.

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t. (You)

Hindu Socialism would only be cool if it is based in the Vamachara.

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Karl Marx was rerering to the cancerous spread of religion. Religion, under socialism, should be outlawed and their practicers hanged.

Marx said that while the Opium Wars were going on and stories about broken men and lives in the opium dens of London were a cause célèbre. I doubt that it was said with and positivity toward the subject.

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X socialism smells of autism like when anarkiddies use Xchism to describe their special snowflake brand of anarchism.
There's only socialism, if you wanna be religious and socialist then go ahead and do your thing but don't go out creating snowflake brands.

literally no one ever claims this

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Sure. It's not like the anglosphere (the ones that actually created capitalism) was christian. Also:

If you're christian/jew/muslim/(insert spooked religious identity) you're part of the problem. Socialism = atheism; that's non debatable.

Capitalism began as a mode of production in Italy, and it exploded outward when the Spanish and the Portuguese colonized the living shit out of the New World and the Indian Ocean.

The second article says the opposite, that capitalism created American Christianity. The first article is just Weberian bullshit about the "Protestant Work Ethic," and the third article is responding to the first article.

Holy shit you're confirmed as retarded brainlet who doesn't even read the links he quickly googles to try to come up with an """argument""".

First article is by a neoconservative tard praised by thatcher and reagan, GEE great unbiased source here.

Second article talks about how Christianity actually used to be pretty anti-capitalist until the capitalists launched a massive pr campaign in the 20th century.

Third article talks about how Christianity is the exact OPPOSITE of capitalism.

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Thoughts and opinions on Navayana Buddhism?

Zen or bust.

I'm ok with it as long as atheists are killed in the process.


Islamonazbol when?

Religion will be forcibly suppressed by the proletarian dictatorship

Pretty based. Juche shamanism.

Catholic socialism. They know how to establish a state

They call it Ba'athism.

I'm a Christian but I prefer to keep my socialism entirely scientific and empirically-based.

My religious community is socialist in theory and practice but we don't use the word.



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