Never forget: Zogbots are not your friends

Recap of events during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:

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Kill yourself you jew piece of shit.

Some are not your friends. Some are.

The fact that they occasionally kill regular niggers doesn't make them good.

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not hiding your power level

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That's like saying just because one nigger can be a normal person doesn't mean we should treat the majority of nigs like that.

What areyou going to do about it, goy?

The war is over. You lost.

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yay op … if nothing else white people understand modesty

fuck that nigger. that bitch needs capital punishment

We've made a lot of strides getting White police and military on our side in the past 10 years, it's a bit slow since they tend to be the conformist jock type, but it's going along. Infiltration of their ranks is critical in fighting the jew. Sticking your fingers in your ears and ignoring the power structure is literally nigger-tier.

Unfortunately the American WN community is still crawling with myopic skinhead type Whites like OP.

Hey Zogbots ain't all bad, they kill a lot of niggers. As far as Katrina goes, did hear about how the Black Water troops killed a hundred raping niggers in the Superdome? I did, a friend of a relative of my, was one of the troops who did it.

Nice Hitler dubs.

Shills have long waged a pretty successful campaign of demoralizing any attempts at recruiting lawyers, judges, politicians, police, military, and academia. They also push that we only be either NEETs or uninfluential blue collar jobs like bricklayers or electricians.

Too many of us have fallen for this ruse to not infiltrate the power structure, but much like Trump, so many of us have rebounded from this blindness and understand that we're going to need the muscle of the state on our side.

They're called Kikes™ user. Kikes.

Remember Kelly Thomas

I updated everyone of his murderers' doxes the other day on doxbin.


You know the NSA has all of this, in some form, somewhere, even from back then.

When the news comes out, won't it be the Day of the Massive Hemp Shortage?

Kike full first post. Fuck off, Jew.

You know he was a piece of shit just from that alone.

At best, you might be able to get a minority of rogue types on our side. I'ts better than nothing, I suppose.

Here's a nice pic for op

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how did this get justified legally?
did nobody legally challenge them?

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And to think, all your people had to do was commit suicide.

there's nothing jewish about pointing out the obvious fact that cops, feds and military are anti-White and anti-American. you think in a SHTF scenario they are all of the sudden going to defend you? COPS HUNT ARREST BEAT KILL AND IMPRISON THEIR NEIGHBORS EVERYDAY. COLLAPSE WONT CHANGE THAT DUMMY.

The level of intelligence in this place must really have dropped for you to have to post this stuff. It is basic knowledge, and anyone who has run an op in the real world can attest to this.

and what strides have the left made in that time? Obama culled all the swinging dicks and now they are more concerned with "sensitivity training" "white privilege" and "the founding fathers were terrorist BS"

that institution should be starved of our men

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source please

hasnt happened since before lincoln. keep dreaming

Shit. But these fucks have been pretty unsuccessful, though. Thanks to the Internet and places like this, and gun rights orgz (anything besides Negotiating Rights Away), their plans are backfiring.

It's always good to remind people of these facts.

I can't wait for these zombies to pur into Zig Forums when the election cycle starts.

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Niggers kill a lot of niggers too.

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This fucker….

Pretty sure the jokes on you since the war hasn't started.

Prison tats are the only acceptable tats.

There are no acceptable tats, with maybe the exception of military ones, and even that's an iffy.

U must be mistaking he USA for Syria – the latter is the place where the war is over. Zionist jews and Israel lost.

What are you gonna do about it? Scape-goat poor Bibi with a rrumped-up corruption charge?

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Always be careful what you meme.

That's a retarded example since most are normal white people making a living taking niggers off the streets.

Jarheads are faggots. The race war is being fought every day in the pen.

Was the monkey taking fake pictures of fake dead prostitutes.


death to all pigs

Tattoo is Celtic and Slavic.

it's degenerate in this day and age


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By this logic: niggers aren't all that bad either- niggers kill other niggers by the fucking boatload. Niggers are by far the biggest killer of niggers

You filthy ZOGbot dick-licker

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Tattoos should be an immediate disqualification from holding a position of authority. If you don't have the long-term thinking capacity to understand why you don't want a fucking rose tattooed on your arm for the rest of your life like a prison bitch faggot you don't have the long term thinking capacity to be trusted running a seven eleven let alone a fucking police department.

I have tattoos and my handiwork is in space. Suck it fag.

We need to end the fucking tattoo trend already. I feel the chans have failed a little on this score.

Stupid move, dude, honestly. It doesn't bother me nearly as much if men get them, but it's not a wise decision. Even if you think that you are secure in your employment, tattoos are an identifying mark, and who knows what the future will bring?

How old are Police officers historically? 200 years old? All it is is a control mechanism.

It's funny how these threads always bring out the most shills

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Even less, the first police force in the United States was in Boston in the 1830s.

Ex military and cops are both zogbots.
Difference is a majority of cops are against us,
While a majority of ex mil are not against us.

I dont trust either side, but cops willingly support zog, while jarheads were more tricked into serving

It's degenerate for faggots

Tattoos are the last thing ZOG needs to identify you.

Shut the fuck up. Literal fucking boomer logic.
Fucking boomer. Absolutely die.

I don't know what this bitch is talking about, she's not even going to have grandkids at all.

We're going to need the units that went full treason identified, as well as the names of their commanders.

ZOGbots get the rope too.

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As the other user said, ZOG has plenty of other ways to identify people. Frankly I just don't give a damn anymore. I shitpost under my real name and have had leftists threaten my employment multiple times to no avail. If they want to get me fired and put me in a more radical position, I say fine, lets play. The only thing I care about anymore is fighting for my people, I don't care about what happens to me in the process.