Angry Goy Cover

Reposting here because /v/ is too cucked

I made printable covers and discs for Angry Goy 1 and 2 both for anyone that would like to make their own physical copies to put on their shelf. I took the opportunity to shill the Nordic Resistance Movement, erase it if you don't want it.

Also, Angry Goy/redpilled games thread in general. Constructive criticism is always great but if you just want to trash the game I implore you that you instead name a good and redpilled game with a preferably clear political message. This way we can filter out genuine anons from (((them))).

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>(((the dailystormer)))

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Second game

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Aaaand you’re a kike.

anglin is a kike. weev is a kike. you are a kike.

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Too bad the games are poorly crafted dog shit. The second one in particular with all those faggot alt-right e-celebs shoehorned in is insufferable. I dream of a world where AAA devs create games about killing niggers and kikes and millions of young Whites enjoy them, bug free and expertly balanced. Instead we get this bush league garbage and White Genocide still marches on relatively unabated.

If you translate that from jewish it's 'Angry Cattle 2'
Why do you call yourself cattle, (((user)))?

No way you can't find at least one character you like here.

I didn't name the game but it's a good word for normies to look up.

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Only worthy characters are NattDaneLaw and Hitler. Everyone else is a cringe faggot.

Natt danelaw did the voices for angry goy and he hates weev
stop derailing

third pic in the OP adverts. (((dailystormer))). not derailing, pointing out shit OP posted. kys



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Yeah remove the DS logo and it'll be kino

DS had nothing to do with the production or distribution of either angry goy.


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The first game was at first published on DS, I did consider whether I should have it or not seeing as it's not even there anymore. I decided it would be unfair to not have it in the end.

then play the classic and shut the fuck up

Cantwell is the one distributing AG 2 and DS hates him.

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if it's not mossad/stormer it's american feds. based.

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I'm aware the second is on Radical Agenda, hence why the second game has Radical Agenda logo and not DS.

Weev ran with the 'fed' narrative super hard as a propaganda hit on cantwell so I'm not believing it.


cantwell admitted to being an informant. it wouldn't even bother me if feds are going after low iq (((neo-nazis))) who dont know the first thing about national socialism if they also went after the source of such stupidity: anglin and weev.

hey anyone know where the updated album is at? i only have 12 atm

If cantwell was deliberately serving feds he wouldn't have made a public statement about it.

He did it so that people will keep an arm's length distance away from him because he knows they're monitoring his in/out communications.

omfg im too drunk its 6 am where i live i meant as in where i can get the full albums and by 12 i meant i only have 12 tracks

why play this when you can play Moonman doom?

Funny enough that is most likely next on my list of covers I'm making. Good stuff.

You should provide links.


do you have the links for the cyben4zi album and angry goy album?

Looks like you need to register though and sadly jewtube keeps purging.
Wondering if I should wait till fall or not.

>associating the (((dailystormer))) with Zig Forums
Get out, kike.

tell us when its finished. and post some ingame footage

Can you fuck off and stop polluting memes into cringey trash?

This looks fucking great, haha. Thanks for posting.

Are you talking about Angry Goy? Two games are already out and there's footage in the covers.

You were told to fuck off from Zig Forums last week, nigger.

No I wasn't, I'm telling you to fuck off now though, make sure to write it down.

Why not start being part of the creative solution? We honestly need to start participating in the culture war. There are many online 3D modeling resources and UE4 is free.

Couldn't be any more wrong in a single statement.

While the kikes own the banks and hence, control everything, we are cattle.
It's like being reminded we're cattle should make us pissed and motivate us to correct that. In theory.

You were told to get out a year ago, you're still here.

Peter Steele approves.

Pol isn't Colorado.

You posted this cringe shit with one hand?

This so much. If one user can make these games, imagine what 100 or even 10 could do. Anyone that complains should seek to contribute instead.


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I end up saying this about once a month here.
I am a former systems designer, creative director, and former art team lead
Literally the only thing I cannot do is code, because i start sperging about how the language makes no sense. I am once again, as I do repeatedly, offering professional level design, art, writing, and engineering for any fucking game you guys want to make, you literally just have to find me a godamn programmer, and some artists to lighten the load wouldnt hurt.

It takes exactly one, just ONE

again, seriously you faggots, just ONE FUCKING PROGRAMMER. Its been YEARS ive been trying to kick this shit off and theres never a programmer willing to do work for the cause, hes always a shekel grabber.
I left the industry because I got redpilled and couldnt participate in that bullshit, but I am happy to reunite with the craft to make something worthwhile, and I have a million designs we can seriously just plug themes or elements into for the purposes of expressing values.

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i'm just wondering if anything's happening with the game idea 'destroy a nation with degeneracy'

nothing at agdg?

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no, they are lazy as fuck.
Ive appealed to them for years for a programmer who worked literally whenever he had free time, and offered 100% of any profits that would be made, because I dont care about money, but I do care about my people, still no, still lazy and still greedy. One of them added me on steam and just stopped responding to me, and another two had me stream a weird ass french puppet movie and then never returned my scheduling email.

I gave up on those guys some time ago, and just try my chances on Zig Forums because I figure at least they have some form of motivation. Even then, everyone here seems to be a nocode pleb like me.

I dont even play video games, I dont consume any entertainment because I am too busy working in my community and with my family and for myself, while despite all that I am eager to set some time aside for this cause, I cannot find a single NEET whos willing to give up a fraction of his faggy anime shit to program in the name of white interests.

How does one get this game asking for a friend

There's a group of individuals referred to in the 2nd Murdoch Murdoch AMA that is currently trying to create a mecha shooting game based off of Galaxy MM88 that's looking for people, I think. I'm not sure whether or not they could really employ someone like you, given your history/expertise, but I'm sure they'd always be interested in the talent. I'm not sure how you'd find them, but they more than likely communicate on Gab or something

On another note, I'm a jobless NEET with a bit of experience programming in C++/Python 3 with a big idea concerning a game I'd like to work on, but I'm not particularly interested in divulging any information about it unless I can spark up regular communication with potential peers who are like-minded and trustworthy. Are you looking for compensation/payment for a project, our would your services be provided pro bono? Because depending on how you answer that is ultimately going to determine how likely you are to find someone in this community to work on a game with.

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I really do hope you find a project fitting for your skill set. As a side note I've been toying with some ideas for a future Moonman mod I might make for Skyrim. I'm not gonna go into detail, but I'm pretty sure I can at least make 70% of what I have in mind on my own and I'm reluctant to ask for any help before I've even started or got something to show for. I also got a job and a gf so my time is limited, that's why things like these covers are quick and easy for me to make solo.


terribly lazy, at least create your own artwork and style for a cover.

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Technically that cover is inside the game and therefore valid. I agree though, unfortunately I am shit at drawing detailed things from scratch so it's not a matter of laziness, if you want to create something better and more fitting I will swap the front.

what kind of broken logic is that?

That it's not like I just ripped something unrelated and pasted game on it. Music from that album is in the game too. Like I said, if you can do better, go ahead. I don't have my ego attached to things if someone else can improve it.

Okay I made a new version, I hope this is good enough, with the extra effort I put in.

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Are not. Come back and help us chase off the cucks you fucking faggot.

I like /v/ but faggot mods deleted the thread, not taking the piss at my good fellow anons.

this reeks of cuckchannery, go shill it there

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it really doesn't though.

I heard that as well, but Ive no idea how to get to them, but yes, they would likely not need my work, as they seem to have my job covered.
Its a shame really, because I had a prototype for a mecha game, my concept was essentially about traditional gender roles, but in war, and in giant machines. So it would have been a fit.

I would only expect payment If it was taking me away from my work, of course. If later there were options to donate to the project it would be nice to have that income for equipment, but im mostly interested in putting out our message.

Its also good practice in the indie scene to do things for the love, and accept money if it occurs, ive seen teams torn apart by financial disagreements, avarice is for jews.

This brings up something good. I have two traditional gaming systems Ive developed and I need to write settings for, Who would I go to for publishing that? obviously the common publishers are all faggots, Is there a publisher whom I could rely on even If I were doxxed and outed as a neon nazi?

modding is where it starts. Back in the day (before bluehairs and homos took over) all the great developers came from modding backgrounds.

appropriate, only friends and family will take you at your word, everyone else needs a result. This is why we typically start with whats called a "design document", where you outline your plan. In the case of a mod, I would outline all the changes you aim to make, in what order, and give sketches or mockups of what the vision is, include in there what you are capable of doing, and what you are seeking.

but who uncucks the mods?

Your IQ is on the left side of the bell curve if you support these buffoons

Just because you’re wanting to submit yourself to fascism’s lie doesn’t mean the rest of us do. Learn some independence and some concern for civilization. Didn’t the left prove in recent years that it’s more joyous not to be narcissistic?

As a "big picture" guy with limited technical ability but a lot of ideas for games, I want to say that one of the best ways to influence a population politically is to avoid making any overt political statements in your medium of choice at all. People are getting really sick and tired of all of the degenerate shit being pumped out non-stop by (((Hollywood))), (((Netflix))), and (((major video game developers))) and are hungry for novel, superb gameplay and amazing art design without a political statement. The great thing is that for most lefties, purposefully constructing a game without an overt leftist agenda IS a political statement. It might be hard to picture, but if an American triple-A studio put out a game like Dark Souls, you'd be surprised at how many lefties would immediately begin blogposting about the games inherent white supremacist agenda simply because of its lack of PoC/WoC/LGBTBBQ characters, or the like.

I only say this because I'm concerned that the games currently coming from the modern red-pilled developers are exclusively made for people who are already supremely red-pilled. While I think that these developers have their hearts in the right place, it should be noticed that one of the reasons the left has been so successful in co-opting the modern gaming scene is because they started off by infiltrating studios that were already producing largely apolitical and well regarded games, then slowly subverting the titles with over a decade of relatively innocuous "liberalism" before the onslaught of outright leftist themes. This is a common activity for the Communists, who separate a "frontage" or facade of their intended activities which is intended to play upon the emotions of the masses, while simultaneously agreeing to a "program" of legitimate desired outcome behind closed doors. A similar approach should be used by the right, in which mostly innocuous content is very slowly introduced to games which are mostly apolitical, but resolutely gripped by people who are unabashedly red-pilled. This way the individuals who hold the reins of the development can begin to ramp up the message of the games as they increase their dedicated player base. Understand that a fatal flaw of the lefties in media control is that they've overplayed their hand, their "program" is basically known to anybody with a eyes in their skull (and a brain in their head), and so people are getting tired of watered-down content hollowed out for an extra dose of lefty-POZ every time a new game is released in the West. We shouldn't make that mistake.

Just to ask, what exactly was your idea for a mecha game that supported traditional gender roles? I'm just not sure how to mesh those two things together with regards to gameplay.

Make a Doom wad.

Well thats why the games like angry goy and block lives matter were mostly good for a chuckle and little else.

The concept was that x-military began a program to pairbond pilots, the men controlled the armors while the women provided support. The idea was like a woman operating a telecommunications switch board, only the information was related to command and control, and the men were essentially lone tank operators, only its a mech.

The plan was that early on an operator loses her cocky pilot and is stranded in a radio deadzone, she detaches from her pilot's mech and attempts an escape. Despite that she is designated with non-combat coloring she is assaulted on the way to a radio zone and attempts an evac, a pilot arrives, has her link with his mech and then uploads a virus to her that shuts down her pod, she is taken to a facility and interrogated, with the aim being to understand their communications structure, and break it down; its worth noting these bbegs use ai operators, not human. Her pilot is picked up by evac and survives, but when he learns about his operator he breaks out of the hospital and goes after her.

The initial stage which was meant to introduce the controls features the operator making things much easier, she calls in support, gives battlezone information on a map in the HUD, and you even take down a ship with her, however after losing the pilot (or so she thinks) you will retain this information as the operator, but cannot perform combat roles, and the deadzone prevents air support. When you switch to the pilot, you have no more air support, no map, nothing.
After the operator is rescued i figured some anime shit was appropriate so I wrote it out that the bay where her pod is being inspected is destroyed, but she still manages to provide assistance to her pilot in the final duel, where the bbeg says something cringe like "but how??? you dont have an operations pod!!!"
So power->power lost->trials->reunite with powers->more powerful than ever having learned from your trials

It was basically just me wanting to pay tribute to the game cybernator and the old soap opera gundams.
I estimated the prepared content to last between 1 and 2 hours, which I think is ideal, a problem ive always had with JRPGs (and now even many western rpgs) is the filler content, I think my summation there gives you the bulk of information and lets you know the notes I want to hit, Id not planned the game to be much different, the idea being that you are less familiarizing yourself with characters and their relationships, and more with the concepts behind them.

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Has anyone here played Principles and Practice using C++? friends say it has a good replay value and pretty good objective based multiplayer.

Of course it does. It's something other than doing literally nothing while site administration replaces all positions of power with opposition groups.

I cringed so hard at this tryhard. Why do you want to try and derail any sort of Nationalism, OP?

Yeah, no. You think leftists tell their (((people))) to cool it down when they make games where you kill national socialists, like Medal of Honor, Wolfenstein etc? If you don't like it, fuck off. We need to to move the overton window and if you have a problem with that you are either kike or cuck. These forms of entertainment needs to be normalised. That's not to say subversion isn't a valid strategy too as some people have pointed out.

I'd really recommend that you try to accumulate concept art for this game and open up a discord/github for it. That way you'd have a centralized hub for trying and selecting potential contributors to the title without having to guess-and-check the ability of the people who are attracted to the idea of the game. Wish I could help you more, but I'm not really a programmer. Still, it'd be cool to be able to contribute something to a game made by other Zig Forumsacks.

Also Zig Forums.wad

It goes together well with Moonman Doom except for the opening hallway, where some of the enemies are illogically Nazis (moonman versions of the wolfenstein troopers from doom 2 secret level MAP31.)

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Did they ever fix the bug where the first Angry Goy needed to run as admin? Obviously not reassuring to those rightfully wary of malware. You could technically run it as an unprivileged user, but the game state broke as it went along, I assume because it needed to update file(s) which were in the game folder under Program Files, rather than in %LOCALAPPDATA% where Microsoft have been telling developers to put shit like this since WinXP. (You could fix such a situation by manually editing permissions on those file(s), though.)

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Where can I download this game. I should give it to my one of my blue team friends for Malware analysis.

It seems odd that a game would need to run as a privileged user.

If you can't chmod -R 777 /game_folder/ and run the thing it probably has malware.

Is this game open source or does it have any kind of official website?

Looks fun to play.

If you install it on your desktop it does not require you to run it as admin to play. Played through the game several times without issues this way on my end. Well, the only bug I had is my character lost his head a couple of times and unable to shoot, but fixed itself when going through loading screens.


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Keep trying to desperately derail.

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The shills are saging (instead of just sagging), this is a good sign. -)

How can anons contact you if they find one? Don't forget, the enemies of the Lulz are watching this thread.

Oy vey! Don't you know that everything fun and culturally colorful about Zig Forums or the far-right is, in fact, a trap set by the feds, reds, or other distasteful group? I, as a definitely far-right kind of guy, might be the only person on here who isn't a federal agent, so the only person you should believe is me.

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I heard that Angry Goy was fun and I like the music Cybernazi makes, is there any spyware in it like I heard or was?

I can understand cringing at Murdoch, Tay, and Moonman, and I myself am not a fan of a lot of the skinheads on the list, but you're a HUGE faggot if you don't at least like two or three of the people on the roster.

It never tried to connect to the internet or anything
NOD firewall was silent



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never could get that game to play right. it only recognized my controller a few times, and most times never loaded the enemies, or i couldnt move properly, or the screen would not advance.

anyone know if they ever got that stuff fixed?

weev is a kike. he called cantwell an informant because cantwell admitted to talking to feds about antifa while in Cville's jail.

however, a week ago cantwell tried to dox a white nationalist, and then reported 2 white nationalists to the feds, and then contacted antifa to dox these guys. even if these guys were bad actors, cantwell still cannot be trusted after that shit.

tl;dr weev, and cantwell are both blacklisted by me

Gotta post all relevant info on Weev being a kike. Not all anons might know that much about Weev and too many throwing around the ___ is a kike accusation, to deliberately muddy the waters.

What the fuck was that. I still see Cantwell being brought on shows, but we know he colluded with our opponents specifically to help himself get ahead, which in part betrays his intentions, hes at best in it for the money.

I think the tds guys said something way back about him too, like the dude came in hard and fast, and i dont think they were admittedly suspicious of him, but they basically said he was dangerous and chalked it up to od'ing on redpills.

This is actually a good idea.

Even without any info, the most damning thing is that side by side picture of weev and ginsberg. Looks like father and son.

I'm assuming you are talking about the second game because of the mention of controller. Never had any of these issues myself so I'm guessing either it's been fixed or it's something unique to your system/game. As for the controller though, this is from the readme:
Personally I use a 360 controller, but technically you should be able to get any controller to work if you have some third party software for it, that's what I did to play the first game with a controller (much more comfy).

Nigga nobody's going to buy this in a store or at Zig Forumscon or whatever. what's the point?

Well I could get into a long explanation for all the reasons I prefer to have all my games in physical form. I am pretty sure I am not the only user here who would like them on my shelf, plus if nothing else it also raises awareness for the game(s). I enjoyed them and I think they have a positive message, that's good enough reason for me.



True, that one is pretty obvious but don't forget the shills always play the everyone who disagree with me is a kike game with either little or no proof.

It is a Nazbol-Fed plot, fellow white far-righters, to tur anons into pipe-bombers!