Soros Funded Kurzgesagt Taking Down Refugee Shilling Video

>ATTENTION: This video will be online for 12 more hours. Then it will be deleted. If you are confused why, please watch our newest video.

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Why would Soros take this down?

I dindu nuffin goy

We need more refugees

LMFAO…that video is hilarious. I laughed through the whole thing.

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We need more rape and murder too. And more cannibalism.

This isn't kikechan.



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Every video made by this group of shady jews is full of disinfo. Yet normalfaggots eat it up like candy.

Good goddamn, I don't frequent sites like this or jewtube anymore, but after going through a few comments, it's astounding how God awful normalfags are. Their brainwashing is too deep, they'd be better dead than anything frankly.

I live under a rock. Can you name anything off the top of your head?

That video OP linked is a great example, watch it yourself.

Jesus Christ it's fucking invidious you retarded newfag niggers. That's like saying anyone who posts from hooktube is shilling hooktube.

And? Jews say they are going to improve the effectiveness of their propaganda, and we should like their old propaganda now?

What does your idiotic bullshit post have to do with me or anything I said? Are you a nigger or something?

No it's like saying you're all faggots shilling youtube content for clickshekels. Just because you access it via an alternate front end client doesn't remove that factor. And since these videos are on youtube it generally means theyre kosher propaganda.

You're on a roll moshe, you're shilling like a mongoloid in other threads too.


Invidious doesn't give them traffic you retard.

You dont get clicks on invidious you fucking retard.

It isn't about traffic you worthless fucking retards. It is about promoting jewish propaganda. The propaganda itself is the problem. A literal fucking kike pro-"refugee" propaganda piece is being promoted on Zig Forums and you braindead cuckchan niggers are spouting "lol its vidus is ok durrr newfag!111".

Nice IP, weird how it is from israel.

You're just grasping at straws now. You make absolutely zero sense.

That nigger has been shilling his mental jew shit in multiple threads. He spouts nonsense like a typical jew. His IP is from israel.

Sure you can rabbi.

Brilliant logic.

Nice pivot.
You aren't fooling anyone

at about 1 minute in it stated that ISIS was to blame. zionists don't like pointing fingers at ISIS because it's well known that its backed by US and Israel. I wouldn't be surprised if ZOG media starts to avoid any mention of it and it fades into a memory of the past in the upcoming years. That video is also over 3 years old. The narrative has changed way too much for Soros in the past years.

Holy fuck he's straight out of transcetera. Tell me trannykike, where did I change anything I said? Where did I suggest anything about ad revenue you waste of sperm?

You don't even deny it. You're such a dumb little jew.

Is this what the JIDF has been reduced to now? That's pretty sad. Prove your magic rabbi powers and tell me my IP Shlomo!

Releasing IPs is against the rules here little dumb jew. You can't trick me. Still it's funny how you jews are too dumb and too lazy to set up a decent shield for leftypol directed shilling campaign.

I don’t understand why ousting propaganda is worse than ignoring it. If the authors supposedly regret these two videos, wouldn’t remembering them be useful, to be better able to hold them accountable in the future? It’s no different from a two-faced politician or a game developer riding on positive PR over intrinsically good games claiming they’ve changed. People are more complex than their individual actions, and so being able to call upon past offenses to convince people of the present is important.

For anybody wondering, they're taking the video down because they felt it was too biased and hostile. They admitted to not researching the video very well and not getting it checked by any experts.
They also took down a video about drug addiction for the same reason.

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They're actually admitting their video was poorly researched and biased? What made them do this?

I wish I could actually get addicted to something. It would make dealing with life that much easier. I can't stand most drugs, and get bored easily.

Kurzgesagt is actually a very respectable series and I'd recommend watching everything they have that isn't political. I think they're trying to depolitize their channel, and I support that. For the nuclear power episode, they did a for and against nuclear and it was actually very even-handed. I don't know if Soros actually has a hand in this series, but I highly doubt he'd peddle well researched unbiased (other than those 2 videos they're removing) science videos.

See, the entire point of this operation is to normalize and legitimize this anti-white kike propaganda outlet. But you tards can't stop spazzing out about how its fine because no shekels.

Huh? Watch their other videos… there's no politics anywhere else.


Learn to fucking upload the videos to here, Faggot OP.

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Thank you for the heterosexuality of embedding an mp4.

Some paper pusher investigating them to see if they qualify for gibs, so they clean up a bit.

They are almost all non-political science videos. Have you even spent a minute looking at them or are you too much of an intellectual coward to risk being proven wrong? Other than the "refugee crisis" video they usually have nothing political at all.

How is a video explaining CRISPR, bacteriophage or the Dyson Sphere talking bad about the White race?

I'm doing a copy paste job, I'll WEBM the videos in a bit.

>Worked with (((Soros))).

Neck yourself, Shareblue.

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Hmm, lets see.
Loneliness - niggers are fine you just don't trust them because you are lonely.
Organic - the nutrients are the same so eating pesticide doesn't matter goy
meat - white people are evil and shouldn't eat meat because poor niggers
plastic pollution - all the plastic pollution coming from Asia and Africa is white peoples fault
weed - being a sedated goy is good
GMO - oy vey its just like breeding eat your GMO and be happy because we could use it for something "good" like more vitamins, so the fact that we use it to add pesticides directly to the plant is also good
overpopulation - let niggers breed out of control and destroy the entire planet because we poisoned white people with xenoestrogens so they can't reproduce any more
human origins - you're all niggers goy!
war on drugs - druggie losers are great and you should care about them and give them money
I am not willing to sit through any more of this anti-white kikery, but obviously there's tons more. Fuck you and all your foreskin heeb ancestors.

LOL. Foreskin eating heeb ancestors obviously.

Can anyone explain two things to me:
1.) Are we expected to believe that all the refugees are
and not Africans that live off gibs
2.) Why is it
to provide for the refugees in the first place? Subconcious guilt for not supporting Assad despite him being the correct kind of leader? Europeans need to look at South America and understand that certain populations need to be ruled by dictators, they'll tear eachother apart otherwise.

I have the opposite. Too many people.
I prefer organic.
Meat is good for you.
I care about local environment
GMO needs to leave. It's bad enough we can't get rid of Monsato.
There's a solution for that
If I were a nigger I would have a cutie blonde going on adventures with me.
Drugs are fine. Addicts can just fuck off. If you can do something and walk away from it without fuss, you're probably an addict.

My ancestors didn't chop foreskins.

Get out, you goddamn refugee. We've been full since 2014.

Wow, so objectivity, much facts.

Are you retarded or something?

Isn't it hilarious how they claim that Europe invested heavily on border security and as evidence, they animate IsraHell's wall?
That's pretty damn funny if you ask me.

Just download the video or watch it on Hooktube, you quintuple niggers. Downloading/looking at 42 fucking megabytes is worth not letting these niggers get away with memoryholing the video. This doesn't even require a discussion.

There you go, video one webmed. Working on the 2nd one.

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Kill yourself.

I don't know if I should laugh because it's fucking retarded or if I should just feel nothing because it's just that. Nothing.

And the 2nd one. Do with 'em what you will. Just know that (((they))) don't want it on Facebook or Youtube. I wonder (((why))).

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You went against the hivemind, prepare your bhole.

This board has become completely unusable due to qlarp boomers who realized they can call everyone a jew here.

video 3 about the removal

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No. It’s some of the most transparent propaganda I have ever encountered.

It is content designed to be consumed by those who believe that horrifically complex subject matter can be explained and understood in six minutes and fifty-seven seconds. Nobody in their right mind would watch a video claiming to explain string theory in less than ten minutes aided by animated funko pops.

Kurzgesagt grooms a specific audience with it’s subject matter, uses language tone and style to appear as if it is only too keen to diminish any authority you may choose to place in it and then acts with authority. It tells you what to believe with the use of framing. String theory is cold thinking cap stuff and social matters are emotional. But that isn’t the case, or not necessarily. Complex mathematics can be emotional and social matters can be calculated, as in statecraft. But Kurzgesagt won’t direct you that way, because it is propaganda.

The entire project is the propaganda. Consider that the only videos that you are object to are likely the ones with which you are most familiar with the subject matter.

This is a “discord tranny”

The investigative journalist Chris Bollyn - who lived in Israel for 7 years - says that Soros doesn't operate independently, but instead is a public front man for the Rothschilds and other scheming jews.

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to not remind people they are shilling for refugees
they will also seem more trustworthy after this, allowing them to shill even harder in the future (or until their trustworthiness is shot to shit. then they will rinse and repeat)

>If you can do something and walk away from it without fuss, you're probably not an addict.

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We also need more tribal violence and religious extremism.

You need to see:

> Just know that (((they))) don't want it on Facebook or Youtube. I wonder (((why))).
I mean, it's not like they literally said they're ok with people reuploading it because they are aware they can't actually memory hole shit from the internet

They aren't. This is the comment they've stickied to the top of the "apology" video.

Upload them anywhere! Except on the two biggest platforms!

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This is all false, it's just repeating the lies kikes were telling europeans in 2015. It's been 4 years now, it's a clusterfuck.

They keep assuming that the refugees are syrians. They're every one. Every one is flooding the shores of europe. Nigerians, Syrians, Lybians, every one.

It's a repeat of all the lies they were telling when the video was produced. Nothing to see here.

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Jesus Christ normies are the worst thing on the planet.

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The video was from 2015. This is the new one

get out, I might be retarded but fuck those videos are bad

the fag shows his colours

I just think the videos are shit, I'm not a qfag

At a minimum, you're a newfag. News and kikery has always been discussed here and previously on 4cuck/pol/.

Kurzekat, or however the fuck you spell it, is your typical Dawkins-tier progressive atheist types.
1) Doesn't believe in god, but still believes people
should be treated equally.
2) Advocates for UBI.
3) Gets plenty of funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
I enjoy the astronomy videos but when it comes to immigration or socialism that guy is no better than your typical liberal.

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Hooknosetube and insidious are both kike ip harvesters. Make a webm/mp4 or post the original. Stop using shill mirrors.

you guys might not know so ==read this==
another major youtuber who is a science channel called smarter every day dropped a video about finishing up his service to the DOD which nobody knew he worked for as a weapons system engineer tester and in the last day of his job got to film the rimpac exercise where various nation navy forces join together to blow shit up.
after he filmed that and took various footage of ship missile impacts he was then allowed to one on one interview with a ==4 star general== in his private office and ask him about the future of warfare.

this shit is huge and mind opening, its a major look into how a general thinks and also how they think about the battlefield, well worth watching and discussing as ive never seen something like this before.

They're barely better than the "god is us goy don't ever expect better than yourself because what results from your personal actions are as good as it's going to get also donate to my patreon." line of shills that function throughout most of philosophical media. I suppose I shouldn't expect more from an oozing orifice but I guess I just desire more from the twitching limb when it desires my links and mental debates from a topic it is too cowardly to approach and instead sinks other limbs and creatures into the topic so that they may debate the hot topics whilst bottom feeders and dreg scavengers like itself contemplate the greater meanings behind those questions. Participate or be forever subjected to meaningless topics and debates you filthy fucking warmongers. And with that said, converse without remorse or subjection, And instead consider what it means to understand our war-torn lands

Their embarrassment that they express is embarrassment over being found out and negative press.

They do not express any remorse, nor regret. They have no embarrassment over being liars. They have zero embarrassment over being traitors to Mankind, nor the Western Nations. They use their 'delete it' video to shut it down – to promote more stupidity, manipulate further, and proclaim even more self-pious leftist/progressivist glee.

They lied, and are only embarrassed that some of their previous lies tarnished their ability to sell more lies.