The Culture War

I've been kicking around the idea lately of even starting a thread like this, as I know that shills, JIDF, and glow in the darks will likely sage it into oblivion, but something need to be done about our loosening grip on the culture war. Though I don't use reddit, I will be using what is commonly referred to as "reddit spacing" being that it, akin to greentext, is reading that is easier for people to digest.

So moving onward, what I am referencing specifically is the cultural marxist indoctrination of all ages through media. I have personally witnessed a previous instructor of mine gleefully exclaim that this is in fact the intention of almost all peoples involved in the entertainment industry. He himself being of the lowest level in the industry, an animation instructor at a middle of nowhere community college, stated that indoctrination of children starts when parents mindlessly plop their children in front of the television. It is within this common situation that content creators can slip ideology to youth while mindless parents are none the wiser.

As these children grow older, they are bombarded more and more with this propaganda regardless of the media they are allowed to indulge. Comic books are slowly making classic masculine heroes either women, homosexual, or peoples of color, the worst offender in my opinion being the muslim captain Britain. Video games have taken on a similar tone with nuanced and symbolic variations of accepting leftist ideology or blatant even in the cases of Wolfenstein and Battlefield V. I don't think I even have to mention movies or television shows where you'd be hard pressed to find a positive white straight masculine male role model. Recent books by popular authors have even taken on this tone with one of the more popular ones right now being Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Now you might say that the simple solution is to not allow your children to indulge in these medias being that they are so polluted, but I ask then, what does that leave them with for entertainment? There are only so many pro-white medias out there, and they are slowly being snuffed out one day at a time via mass censorship. Not only that, but the majority of these pro-white medias are made to be understood by and entertain adults. My point is that there is a empty void with a wide berth in terms of entertainment and pro-white propagation for our youth. This leaves them with an all or nothing scenario, the all being marxism and the nothing being just that, nothing.

My suggestion is this: We need to start learning to and striving to create pro-white entertaining content for our youth. It doesn't have to be all of us, not even most of us, but as indoctrination of marxism starts with our young, we should try to start there as to keep this from happening. There have been attempts to rectify this issue, from ZOAR to Murdoch Murdoch, but these shows usually deal with adult themes put in an adult perspective. There are also a few games here and there like the Angry Goy series, but all of these examples are few and far between and oftentimes blunt or even violent which can damage children psychologically. This being the case, content shouldn't be as direct, and possibly even symbolic in many cases, delivering information in the same way that something like the rescue pets would.

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Stop letting your kids watch pozzedtoonnetwork, force them to watch deep thinking anime.

Positive idea, but it isn't enough to just say we should. If you are passionate about this you should take the initiative to do something about it.

But of course. For retarded youthful reasons back in the day, I've been studying animation and game design with a focus on 3D for a while now. I'm tossing around the idea of starting development on a children's show with emphasis on pro-white stances in an easily digestible form. There will also be simple arts an crafts tutorials within these episodes to keep it fun for the children such as how to make play-doh and the like.

Anime. You have to be careful what you pick though. You don't want your son to start having tea parties with his friends (this shouldn't be a problem for your daughter though).

Another thing to consider is to keep your children away from internet for as long as possible. Instead buy them an electronics, chemistry or biology set. I remember my parents buying me electronics set when I was 8 or so. I'm now 3rd year UNI EE student. Entertainment shouldn't just be consumption, there are so much interesting things you could be teaching your child. Placing them in front of the TV/computer is the laziest approach to parenting. Not everything should be virtual. Buy them a good old set of legos, air rifles, slings, bows, knives (to teach them how to handle dangerous objects), model planes or ships, add RC to them, go hiking, dig for fossils, observe geology… Only problem here are other kids. Social pressure will work very hard against you. Find a school that forbids use of phones. If you fail to find such school, chances of (((external influences))) go up by 1488%. Back in my days I was spending my days watching and drawing birds that visited our garden, now kids play fortnite instead. Another thing to consider is getting them to play an instrument, preferably a classical one. I can't think of more white activity than classical music or opera. Too bad asian kids are kicking ass in competitions.

Sage isn't a downboat redditfaggot.

Avoiding TV, smartphones and internet is the best thing to do for our kids at a young age. If you're attempting to compete with kike funded content in the mainstream west you're not gonna win, and in all honesty "alt cool" panderers come off as cringey, sort of like out of touch Christian boomers used to be when they were pushing ghetto Jesus in the 90s when I was a kid. Murdoch Murdoch is a prime example of cringey content.

As mentions, anime is the only half decent content kids can watch without their brains being jewed. Albeit the quality of modern anime is nosediving due to Japans own internal cultural issues, you can present older masculine gems such as space adventure cobra, berzerk or galactic heroes.

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Just make them watch old movies. Problem solved imo

Though anime might be passable as a placeholder, it is not at all a final solution. It will breed a fetish and desire in your children for a culture and ancestry that isn't their own. Not to mention an idea of race mixing with the Japanese as desirable.

Though I don't disagree with what you suggest, much of what you say isn't obtainable by your average white family as they live in the current world of debt, tax, and wage-slavery. Even homesteading doesn't guarantee access to those opportunities. My suggestion is a bit more for the immediate situation that whites face of the here and now, raising their children around undesirables due to a lack of true alternatives.

You seem to be unaware, so let me explain. A "sage", opposite of a "bump", causes a thread to not be pushed upward in the thread load order even when a post is submitted. Due to the fact that a majority of chan users tend to not look beyond the first page or first few pages, a consistent stream of sages is tantamount to the death of a thread. Lurk for two more years, please.

As I stated to , avoiding such things in the immediate scope isn't always possible for pro-white families. Creating pro-white content would just be a facet of which they could easily operate within while expanding right-wing beliefs to their children. I have no intention of combating kike funded content as you say, but ultimately what content becomes popular is up to what parents expose their children to. Of course this content wouldn't be picked up mainstream, so it would likely have to come from the hearts of low budget anons on sites like cheeky videos.

It's called learn how to control your own fucking kids.

you shouldn't be here

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Nothing will work before all jews and leftists are killed.
Create something pro-white? The jews will use money and leftist mobs to bring it down.
Kill the enemy, or the enemy wins.

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere while homesteading, this is not guaranteed option. Exposure to any elements outside of yourself is the equivalent to you potentially losing control of them. This being the case, having resources outside of yourself to expose them to that align with your beliefs is the goal here.

Well, you are certainly wrong that they will attempt to tear it down, yes. But if we establish our own platform, it will make this a bit more difficult for them to do. Granted, many right-wing platforms have been torn down by them in the past, so that doesn't say much, but I guess cheeky videos is still up, so that's something at least.

If you can't spend time with your kids developing them - don't have kids. It's that simple.

Sorry, certainly NOT wrong. My bad.

Shut up kike/shitskin. Not every thread is your nigger tier bullshit. Sometimes we just want to talk amongst ourselves for a change.

Bold statement to make with declining birth rates of whites and no safe havens in which to raise them in sight. Point being, if you think you can be present for all of your child's interactions with outside influences, you are terribly delusional, or once again, live deep innawoods. Though in a perfect world, i.e. what we don't live in, your statements are correct, I'll give you that.

imo homeschooling/private education could avoid a lot of problems we're trying to fix through infotainment since it all relates to peer pressure and (((public schools))). Don't hide the truth of the world from kids, give it to them straight at a young age, force them to mentally mature and be adults by their teenage years.

To put it simply, these media would also be for the growing children of today with pozzed parents whom have no interest in teaching their kids our thoughts and ways. In essence, doing unto the next generation what decades of media influence has done to our generations, teach with seemingly innocent tools.

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You'd have to be sneaky about it and only choose adaptations of originally Western material, which they did a lot of in the 70s and 80s.

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The knee-jerk reaction to manufacture "counter-indoctrination" is the consequence of a fundamentally misunderstood strategy. It's not stupid little cartoons that brainwash our kids, nor the colleges and universities, but in fact are entirely facilitated by absent parenting and uncontrolled influence.

We've already solved this via white communities in the PNW, where families do not even own TVs, let alone expose their children to them. All influence comes from within the community, as does all information in the form of home schooling. Even the childrens' friends are from the community, being the children of other racially aware whites. From a young age, every new child is irrevocably tied to the community and constantly pressured to remain within it or face total social ostracization. History is abound with examples of this working and, indeed, this is the only thing that has ever worked. The absence of this type of cohesive community is what enables marxist indoctrination to function in the first place, which is the consequence of several generations of excess and spoiled, sheltered children that we refer to as "boomers" but was actually a range of generations.

As the US economy silently shrinks and dies and the stranglehold on white workers grows ever-tighter, these communities are growing, becoming self-sufficient and independent from the nation at large, and becoming the seed from which a future white ethnostate will sprout.

This is how you regain control. Not in some spontaneous, sweeping "movement" that will never happen, but through ground-up development by nuclear families. So far, we have been tremendously successful.

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Private schools no, but homeschooling, absolutely. The issue with homeschooling though, it that they will need other children to engage with socially as to develop their social skills and even attract a mate at some point. The obvious issue here being, what children will they interact with? Also, for younger children, animation is a very efficient teaching tool, as it keeps their attention and is easily digestible, hence why the jews have incorporated it for years.

You are absolutely correct. The problem being that these communities are a minority, and are essentially spontaneous semi-sweeping movements themselves. Though, to be fair, I don't intend for this to be a sweeping movement, just another tool for parents who can't or choose not to become part of these communities to utilize. In the short run, your plan is unlikely due to the current state of mind-controlled whites, though I do hope it becomes the norm in the long run.

It's being executed right now. You don't have to guess at why we don't let everyone know.

The "current state of mind-controlled whites" is actually one of the factors necessitating this kind of strategy: we're producing the next generation. These "mind controlled" whites don't even reproduce above replacement, least of all lefties.

Just keep in mind that there is a physical place in the US you can go and be around other psychologically healthy, productive, racially-aware whites without compromising yourself, where you can find gainful employment, where there is a wealth of romantic opportunities with sane, attractive and uncorrupted white women, where you can and should raise a family of as many children as you can possibly manage.

OP is talking about creating culture. Even your wooded ethno-villages need culture, so shut up and quit derailing the thread.

It's rather easy to keep your homeschooled kids socialized by engaging in all manner of extra curricular activities, that will also enhance your own personal relations, and community with like minds. Activities such as Martial Arts, rock climbing/mountaineering/Wilderness Self Reliance, Horticulture, Scouts, ART AND MUSIC, all manner of viable crafts like basket weaving, sewing, auto mechanics, etc., Hell, even get into D&D style wargaming, etc….
Take these classes with your kids, and interact with other parents!
Keep their play time as connected to their education as their learning time is.
We could all take this advice to some degree, I imagine.

It takes much more effort to remember that we have a creative mind that can easily overcome these indoctrinated fears to which we've been trained to constantly concern ourselves.

I really want to ask the location and your numbers, but I know that's sensitive information with who knows who might be lurking, so I won't press the issue. I do genuinely wish for your success and for the success of this community and hope it becomes the standard. The problem with this situation is that you still operate within a Jewish system. The larger your community gets the easier it will be to single out. At that point, if people of color want to move in, you either have to let them or be dismantled by the US government. The ethno-state plan only ends well with balkinization or moving to the world's only terra nullius in Africa.

I'm desperately trying to upload relevant creative info, but my webms won't load for some reason.

Keep trying.
I think it's important to flesh this idea out - This could easily backfire. If we produce a bunch of awful content, people will just laugh and move on. Christian rock sets an example of what to avoid - most of it is laughably poor content which only served to hurt their cause. We would need people who are truly skilled, or we'll end up doing damage to our cause by making it ridiculous.

And what community would these activities be within? Would there still be people of color around? Also, the boy scouts died as soon as they started letting girls become members.

Fine, let them in. It won't hurt our communities at all but it will disenfranchise and enrage the local population. Any job those niggers get is going to be paying taxes to a local government run by whites who want them dead. Invariably, they'll leave, because there are more gibs in the inner cities and they don't want to be surrounded by racist white people. Don't forget that our modern culture of instant gratification and victimhood means that even minor inconveniences are travesties. They'll leave voluntarily because they're opportunistic cowards.

Realistically though, they won't "move brown people in." What actually happens is the establishment of some industry that, in search of cheap labor, imports and hires illegals or foreigners. There will be no such industry moving into these areas because we'll refuse all of their permits.

You fuckers
I only got 60 columns
Go fuck urself zoomers

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Did you guys see that patrick little thread that shit so quick because of all those fucking shills

This site has a decent amount of already rigged characters free for download that a lot of people use for simple animations, but, could be used for more complex ones as well.

Nice find, also the url describes my sex life

I was just told I am too polite. How is being civilized too polite?

My aunt said this to me during my grand fathers funeral. 'user, you are too formal'.

Welp, I just can't upload these webms and I have other stuff to do, so I'm going now. Create, don't create, do what you will. Though I don't disagree with good parenting being the ultimate option, I will choose to create for those who can't or won't.

For those interested in being creators, also look up the 12 principles of animation and disney cgi breakdown. These two things are great jumping off points to making decent 3D animation.

If you pay respect to those who show you none, if you pay reason to the unreasonable one, if you afford trust or grace to a scoundrel, you risk being a victim. As they do not have the same cultural understanding and evaluation of your actions as you do, and thus for most normalfags it's just saying

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The two aren't mutually exclusive. The point I wanted to make was that media cannot be a substitute for community and family and, in the absence of that, a project like yours will just distract yourself and possibly others from a far more valuable use of your time.

I should also mention that it would be much easier for you to get help with a project like yours if you could knock on your neighbor's door and ask him if he wants to pitch in. You can have that.

In fact, I think your project is a good idea.

Not your blog, whore.

I disagree entirely because I know plenty of young parents and plenty of old parents and I'd say it has less to do with the economics that everyone whines about and more to do with the fact that they all fundamentally lack basic parenting skills. Yet still try and develop families. And you can call it bold in lieu of how catastrophic our circumstances are - but you know in an ideal society only those who have what it takes to have kids are having them.

Though in hindsight it really seems like I was, I promise I wasn't rage quiting on you. I just genuinely had other stuff to do and was trying to wrap things up quickly on a thread that I was sure would be gone by now.

I'm not sure exactly what you're disagreeing with. I never explicitly stated anything about economic factors, though I can understand how this conclusion was derived. I absolutely agree that most people lack fundamental parenting skills, but waiting for a miracle won't get us the numbers we need. Fortunately on average whites have a higher IQ than the brown hoards, so bad parenting aside, a substantially increased white population for the sake of it wouldn't necessarily be a negative.

Exactly. The West already has too many Eastern oriented youth; honorary bugs who lack the heart and mind of the white.

Good thread OP, and of course it got shat up by the usual retards and jewish shills who attack any attempt at positive action.
Ignore these absolute faggots suggesting anime, they are beyond salvation. It should be obvious why no sane parent would allow their White children to watch that garbage.
You are dead on correct that we need to create alternate culture, encompassing all forms of art, literature, and music. There is no other way, and besides it's one of the areas where the White people excel above all other races. We produce the best cultural works in the world. The trash we are presented with today is nearly 100% jew produced.
I am working hard on projects related to this. One of my projects is sort of an artist's guild for the right wing. I think this would be a good foundation to gather other creatives, share skills and resources, and form the beginnings of a distribution network.
But the other thing that is needed more than anything else is funding. If people don't create work themselves they should be funding those who do, even $5 here and $10 there. Without that, we're dead in the water because of the immense amounts of time it takes to create good work while juggling a day job.

IMO this has been one of the right's greatest weaknesses, the reluctance to fund their artists. Leftwing propagandists gain easy access to billions in funding so it's no wonder they are absolutely trouncing us in the culture war. But right wingers and conservatives tend to be cheapskates and big talkers who never want to take any tangible action.
I already know the response I would get if I put one of my projects on Kikestarter and made a thread on Zig Forums asking for support. I would be attacked from all sides by a bunch of selfish cunts who have never done a damn thing for the movement besides shitposting. They would refuse to support my work because they are envious, uncreative little bugmen. This must change for us to get anywhere. FUND YOUR FUCKING ARTISTS. Every great White society in the history of the world has had mechanisms in place for the funding of cultural works, whether it be from wealthy philanthropists, or the government. We are lucky to have access to crowdfunding technology so that we don't require a billionaire, we just need tens of thousands of people to open up their dusty wallets and peel off a ten spot.

Keep working man, never give up the fight because what you are doing is critical to our success and it's worth more than 1000 shitposters who sit there seething and doing nothing.

This isn't entirely related, but it's another whitepill (that would be deleted as its own thread) on how humorless, incompetent academics and thinktanks with progressive agendas strive vainly to understand memetics.
Just assess the form without judging the content.

Understanding Normiefication
A Cross-Platform Analysis of the QAnon Conspiracy Theory
(site won't archive anywhere)

Take a step back and consider the resources that went into this study, the superficial and dismissive takeaways, and the lack of any insight or actionable conclusion.
They (presumably) expect worthwhile results when they can't even contain their vitriol long enough to conduct an impartial study. They don't even hypothetically consider that truth goes viral to meet a widespread demand. Instead, they just reinforce their echo chamber and, as always, work in bad faith.

Yet again, we're reminded that our enemies recruit based on oppression status, inclusivity, and blind ideology instead of talent…and they expect success.

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Haha, you're right this shit reads like somebody just trying to fill a certain word count so he can get his grant money. They just don't get it at all. Their biggest weakness is their unwillingness to actually dig into the material and find out what is resonating with so many people, because they know that if they do that they're in danger of having their own perceptions shifted toward the right. They subconsciously understand that we are correct and their only defense is to censor the ideas and not give them any oxygen.

That's why I am positive that we could potentially win this culture war and take back our nation without firing a shot, if we try to temper our pessimism and nihilism, and replace it with proactive strategies. We have the truth on our side, that's the biggest advantage one could ask for. They have to lie about everything and manipulate people into believing their lies, but we have truth and beauty that people instinctively accept before it is brainwashed out of them.

The culture war is the last stop before civil war. If we don't want to see our nation destroyed and our families murdered by Bolsheviks, it's time to start seriously making efforts in this arena. I will say it again because it is so damned important - if you are not a creative artist type or a writer or musician, that's fine, but please be willing to support those who are. They need your money more than politicians do, and they are way more important than politicians. Politics are downstream from culture.


This "study"—if it has any value at all—shows us what's working, why, and how, and lights a path toward further "normiefication".
From this, we can infer that so-called "bridge" media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) are the crucial link between us and the mainstream.

Circling back to OP's proposition
it's clear that we need to disseminate our ideology on more accessible platforms. Obviously, censorship is a problem that leads to two possibilities:
The latter is somewhat impractical, so I'm soliciting ideas on how to weaponize these studies to create our own "bridge" content.

Here's an archived mirror of the study.

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I automatically dislike OPs who write "If you disagree with me or sage, you're a shill-JIDF-glow-in-the-dark"
Worse still, you open with this pathetic excuse instead of opening with your actual arguments and points.
It makes me not want to even read whatever it is you have to say.

Anyway, I have not watched more than one episode, but I think that Recess is a quality children's cartoon. It's all-White (except for one black guy), it has racial undertones (such as the kindergarteners are depicted as negroid savages and the snitch kid is obviously a jew), and like most stories where children forge their own way through life, it has serious fascist undertones.

I'm not sure whether I will sage my disapproval of your rude opening or to bump my approval of your effort-thread.
I'll flip a coin…

I didn't need some gay study to know all this

If you are trying to brainwash your children into being "national socialists," then that'll fail hard. But imagine this: Teach your children to respect their body, respect their mind, to enjoy science, to enjoy finding meaning, to enjoy becoming stronger and more skillful, and to enjoy their life.

Teach them about family, about nature, and about their heritage and culture. Not in some "branded" NS way, but in the way that is true for them.

No labels need to be attached to truth. To a child, truth is as plain as day. You just need to make sure that they see truth instead of falsehood. Truth does not need to be in media or animated. Truth is already what is real.

What I needed as a child was a trustworthy antifeminist to tell me the way my mother treated me was wrong and the way my sister treated me was wronger. Trying to be what I needed as a child went over like a lead zeppelin with the left, and I mean like an actual lead zeppelin. But, y’know, I don’t regret it. Kids, if your mother screeches sexist abuse towards men or your sister is a violent pervert, these things are wrong. Tell someone in a position to do something about it. Snitch on violent perverted brothers or fathers who screech sexist abuse at women, too. You don’t need to feel like you’re doing the wrong thing. It’s okay. Society relies on people being disloyal enough to let the light in.

The left fucked up by getting loyalistic and deciding all abusers were men. I’m still leftist, IMO, even if I’m persona non grata to people who refuse to confront their own lies and bigotries.

Beyond that culturewar interacts with subsequent generations in seriously confusing ways. Once people are over thirty five you can often identify their actual allegiances by straight inversion, because the smart ones will set their children to “defy” them into obedience, rather than believing their children are capable enough of thinking to follow right ideas voluntarily. By acting the part of the other side in a twisted fashion, they set up their kids to build careers in their own footsteps.


That's precisely the point—each of us has an intuitive understanding of
I'm suggesting we conduct our own "study" that fully articulates what we all know in order to create a roadmap to

While I'm brainstorming impractical ideas, it may even behoove us to create a programme/meme assembly line/formal distribution network that governs
tailored to each platform (censorship, audience, format).

Anons have plenty of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube sockpuppets, but there's no "bridge" between Zig Forums and those platforms. Imagine a loosely organized network that pushes modified content from Zig Forums to our own Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels. (Obviously, those platforms require some PR to avoid censorship and appeal to redpillable normalfags, but there'd be specific guidelines on translating content for certain media and audiences.)

This is all very abstract and underdeveloped, but intuition tells me that this study can be used to
It can't all be full 1488, but any neutral or conservative content that replaces progressive kike propaganda would be an improvement.
inb4 "just wait for Goebbels, goy; it's has to be all or nothing; gradualism is a waste of time"

Agreed, user. In my above scenario, we would create /SIG/, /fit/, and /ethics/ content for the normie platforms like YouTube.
One can promote National Socialist values without using 'isms.
These channels etc already exists, but we should forge a direct path between us and them.

OP is any of this helpful in terms of providing a method for achieving what you're suggesting?

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Moving to the Pacific Northwest is not a horrible idea. It's likely Oregon will be a red state in the next couple of years. It is a solid option. Problem is the economy in Oregon is dogshit 6 months out of the year because muh rain. It's actually because people stop spending money every year as soon as it starts raining. That's if you live a small town or a Rural area. But there's Portland chalked full of faggots and leftists.

If you have a lot of money and you can buy a property in a rural area or a vacation spot then you are all set. But honesty last time tried to get work in Portland I was one of several hundred applicants being considered.

Another thought is actually making a stand in your own community.

Parts of Oregon and Washington are really pretty and abundant with wildlife and natural resources.

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Two things; this thread should be trashed.
And you don't need to do jack shit for kids because kids know manipulation when they see it. That's why media is freaking the fuck out over kids drawing swastikas. The more the kids get in trouble for it, the more they will do it to rebel. Adults are fucking retards.

Notice how threads like this always, without fail, get slid to the fucking bottom because they advocate using tactics that would actually be effective.
This is a great example of the cancerous subversion afflicting this board. What a retarded faggot. No the thread should not be trashed you cunt. Look at all the garbage on the catalog that has literally sat there for weeks or months, including a cover picture of a nigger making out with a White girl. Ever wonder why trash like that never seems to get slid?
"Kids know manipulation when they see it" - this has to be one of the most shit-stupid things I've ever seen on this board. Sure, millions and millions of kids just magically turn into far-left bolsheviks promoting faggotry and miscegenation. It's all organic goy, there is no manipulation. Do the gene pool a favor and remove yourself.

Yes, OP, you are correct that we need to bridge the gap between Zig Forums and the normalfagsphere. It means advocating the right values without being easily pigeonholed as racists or NatSocs. It is necessary and vital to do this but don't expect these brain-damaged queers and shills on this board to ever support it. Muh namefagging. Muh e-celebs. Muh optics. Fuck these ineffective shits. The world has gotten exponentially worse while they sit there doing little more than purity spiralling in a mass circle jerk.

Idaho and Montana are popular options as well and neither of them have huge liberal cities like Washington and Oregon do.

My apologies for triggering your specific brand of autism.

I wouldn't say brainwash per-se, more like a nudge in the right direction. Soft right-wing programs could even be a good jumping off point for parents to begin discussing right-wing ideals with their children if they're not sure where or how to start. It would also allow children to associate these ideals with things they like, they're parents for one, and the characters of a show for another. Overall, it would entirely be positive reinforcement if handled correctly.

Are you saying what you needed was a father figure? Also, though you aren't incorrect about making your chilren right-wing by becoming a vile caricature of a leftist, this is negative reinforcement, and should not be the goal unless you are of questionable morals and don't care about abusing children.

When will you learn?

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A low-threshold start would be fan fiction and fan art, because:
> there isn't much censorship (((yet)))
Example: Write in girlfriends for Kirk and Spock to counter the common fan fiction that they are gay lovers. Make the story edgy in a traditional way. Maybe they relive scenes from the Odyssey.
Writing fan fiction has negatives:

Indeed. Even a fool can understand why propaganda is a powerful tool, but some on here would rather bludgeon an artist of their rank while in the same moment wonder who's job it is to create said propaganda.

That's a decent idea. My focus is moreso on a younger audience and original content, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to create content such as that for teens and young adults who attend comic-cons. Just remember, the most popular leftist comic-con tier material has always been the most meme-able. For example, homestuck practically invented modern tumbr jargon, due to how popular it was with them, and homestuck was everywhere when it came to conventions.

So hey, do you think you would be willing to drop me an email? If not, I could drop you one should you prefer that.

Anyone here likes Murdoch Murdoch?

>>>/polmedia/ is pretty dead to be honest, we need a revival… fast.

they can play it, but can they compose it??? this is the main musical question. once something is written there are millions of people that can perform it.

she is still very talented though. of course she was probably conscripted and then beaten her whole life like most eastern countries do to their artists and national athletes.

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Recently married and currently traveling in a search to find the place I will call home and make beautiful white babies with my wife. Far away from kikes, sodomy, and degeneracy. Are you all Christian?

Masculine tea parties only

I actually have kids. All you do is tell them the truth about the jews and homeschool them. Just be honest. My children are race realists who know all about kikery. That being said we only watch DVDs, no TV shows or ads at all. The kids know why. In my experience honesty is best, especially with kids. Stop trying to trick or brainwash your kids because your scared the jew is gonna get them first and just be honest. You'd be surprised how well just telling the truth works.

Fuck degenerate modern civilized culture. We'll teach our children how to shoot, and fish, and fight, and survive. Your idea is gay, and you should feel bad.

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We could also undo the same history of the people who are trying to destroy all culture of every place ever. For instance, push for a new movie on the Diary of Ann Frank starring Keke Palmer or an Einstein biopic with Denzel Washington as its main lead.

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Get an asian girlfriend and stop the racism 2019 yaaas I love chans yaaas


Whitoids lost that war 50 years ago

These are kikes.

Why not just let them grow up and make shit from other peoples hard work?

What do you mean?