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Why is this thread so important? Because it gives a way to fight back against subversive (((Russian))) politicians in a manner that is *NOT* anti-Semitic, and which gives a springboard into exposing corruption.

Dual-Citizenship of Public Officials Creates Conflicts of Interest

If we can get the 100k signatures, there's three possible results:
(1) They don't give a statement: we can ask normies "Why wouldn't they honor their commitment? Everything in the petition is really reasonable, don't you think?"
(2) The whitehouse gives a mealymouthed non-answer statement: "See, look at how compromised they are, they can't even give a straight answer to a reasonable request."
(3) They actually give a good answer: "Holy Shit! Did you see this statement on [link]"

Prevent more vid-related.

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It's never the Jews. Nice use of the (((echoes)))

There are Russians, and there are (((Russians))).

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Great idea, plus, it will remove most non-jewish immigrants as well, if it works. Assuming we get this to spread, there's still a good chance the Democrat and Republican Politicians will both disapprove, despite bipartisan support from voters. That will result in further removing trust from those Washington kikes, and speed up the arrival of our eventual collapse and/or revolution. The great white chimpout may come sooner than we thought.

Thank you.

Yep; a lot of the immigration problems we have is that a bunch of rootless cosmopolitans either in government or heavily influencing it wish this to be the case.

We have a week; I've tried all of my social media, and making lots of threads on half-chan's pol and a few here, but even with all that effort there's still less than 1000 signatures.

Right now I'm kinda disappointed, demoralized, and tired.

I stopped reading after "normies".

The question is, how many jews - not Russians.
There is no Russian collusion. The only collusion there is, is between Trump and the jews. Adelson bought his election to further the zionist cause.

All money is laundered through AIPAC and jewish synagogues.

See .

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Bump. This will get lib's heads spinning.

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This is why you ==NEVER== give women the vote. Once they've betrayed their own people and sold us into the debt of others, after they've swallowed the cut cock of degeneracy, they bitch about their fucking clothes.



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It's a demonic spirit that doesn't care about labels. We have to root it out no matter what it calls itself.

Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior, is the only way to protect ourselves… but fortunately he hears our prayers.

Totally understand.
I just tend to name the jew outright instead of going about in a roundabout way

I see the whole issue as a problem; I mean remember Ted Cruz – – so it's not just Jews.

I aim to clean the underlying issues, rather than symptoms and parasites taking advantage of it.

Done. 100k .






If you have a dual-citizenship, you shouldn't have a job anywhere near the government. You can repeal your old citizenship, excuse to still have it.

I love using Russo-phobia to trick libshits into policy that would impede illegal Mexicunts. Aiming it at Merchants is even funnier.

Absolutely endorsed.

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putin so BASED

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Normies don't care. That's why civilizations always fail. Niggers and degenerates win because they have no sense of dignity, hence no challenge.

killyourself shill

saging my own post


It is truly sad how many anons in this thread do not understand OPs true intention. Im not even referring to the shills who are paid to immediately derail a thread. I mean the anons who are trying too hard because they just got here and want to fit in.
I get what youre hoping to expose, and I understand your reasoning behind the method OP.

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Thanks man.

There is a week left on your petition you said right? It may not gain the traction but im sure it could be retooled and tried again. Especially as the dems are trying to ramp up even more bs reasons to do investigations about russia.
Getting people thinking about the biases inherent with dual citizenship with other nations while "serving for the people" of America will eventually get them asking about other nations, and eventually to the jewbagels.
As we know the jews on either side will vehemently fight this and label it anti semetic like with the mudslime congresswoman they were so proud of two months ago. Attacking them on all fronts is not a bad thing.

I'll try again if it runs out; I was feeling pretty down that there was so little spread on it… I mean less than 1000? Pathetic showing.


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Always kill jews.

Great idea OP. Problem, though: it's an online petition, and human censors on Facebook and Twitter probably have it marked and shadowbanned. Is there any way to collect physical signatures for this thing?

If you think that's bad, you should see who the candidates we have to choose from for Prime Minister in Canada are:

1) a Cuban (Justin Trudeau of Liberals)

2) a Punjabi (Jagmeet Singh of NDP)

3) Americans (Andrew Scheer of Conservatives, Elizabeth May of Green Party)

4) Frenchmen (Bernier and Blanchet)

Impossible to find people without foreign interests!

OP are we your sloppy seconds?

Sadly, she would have been a good housewife if she'd been raised properly

I dunno; at less than a thousand signitures I'd bet that it's completely unnoticed.

That's a good question; I don't know but I'll see what I can do.

I posted pretty consistantly on 4/pol/ that is one of my many threads on there. I did pop one here on 8/pol/ but the less frenzied pace made me a bit lax in bumping it.


goddamnit you faggot. the obongo petitions do nothing… not one single thing.
Zig Forums already did this, with much greater success, and we were ignored. We got our signatures within 6 days, showing overwhelming public support, and yet nothing… not a response… not a acknowledgement. NOTHING.

You are literally advocating something that is a complete waste of time. The repeal of the NFA has triple the needed signatures. Go ahead and sign it. It feels good. It doesnt do anything else, but you can FEEL like you're doing something.
Just like OPs shit thread.
This is the state of nu-Zig Forums

This is a good meme, user.

I think the main purporse of dual citizenships is to protect criminals. One thread from a couple of weeks ago was about some pedophile who moved to Israel after getting caught. People who think petitions or reasoning will solve problems don't understand how bad things really are. Trump is a fag. Look at Ann Coulter. He didn't listen to her. He's not going to listen to anybody who only has good points to offer.

I fully support OP. I bet that raging anti-Semite Ilhan Omar has triple-citizenship: Syria and Iran!

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On a separate note, one of the strangest thing about Israeli dual-citizenship is that it is sometimes extended to non-Jews. For example, John Bolton is supposedly an Israeli citizen according to some lists.

That is so obviously a reward if true.

this actually is a good angle to play at. I saw a copypasta about (((jews))) but they'd replaced the word jewish with russians so that people may come to their own surpising conclusions when they start to look into it

"Repeal the NFA" – yeah, I know, but the executive branch is entirely the wrong branch there; Art 1, Sec 1 says:

That is litterally the first sentence in the Constitution.

Ted Cruz has/had Canadian and Cuban.

>>Because it gives a way to fight back against subversive (((Russian))) politicians in a manner that is *NOT* anti-Semitic, and which gives a springboard into exposing corruption.

Holy fucking boomer bullshit. We have guns to 'fight back' with. We're anti-semetic. You realize most people here have student and car loans and rent/mortgages right? The 'springboard' they want, is to a better life. One where they don't have to work next to some payeet and count pennies. I could go on but I know there's better stuff in the catalog. GFY.

I don't care if they're Israeli, or Russian, or Canadian, or Cuban, or Mexican… I want all the multi-citizenships exposed.

So, no, it's not antisemitism; it's pro-US.

They're loyal to Israel and that's it.

Liars lie

I am loyal to myself. Everything else is just to keep the animals off me, and ro stay out of the cages of hell.

Women cannot be trained and should I encounter one claiming such they will be swiftly annihilated

Yes, but that thought that most Senators and Representatives aren't loyal to the US or its people is completely outside their Overton Window.

The way to get it inside is to first introduce them to the problem of dual-citizenship and fractured-loyalties, then it's only a step to say "Well, what if they have no loyalty to the US, or us?"

Daily reminder the entire Russia thing started with the piss copypasta hoax from 4cucks.

There is no Russian 'collusion'. There is only Jewish collusion. Anything else, and the Jews will use it to push their war efforts between Russia and the US. The only subversion going on is Jewish subversion, in both Russia and the US. Be direct about that. It's the only way to keep from going to (((war))).

There are Russians, and there are (((Russians))).
An investigation into the Boslevecs reveals they were the latter.

The worst part is the bullying. No discussion/democracy. Just "Fuck you. They suffered. We learned about it in school. Fuck you." No discussion about diversifying the media. No disproving any of the arguments made by people who chose imprisonment over apologizing for telling the truth. Now we have no choice but to look to foreign leaders for a way out of the mess he and his kind created.

(((Foreign leaders))) are precisely the problem; they will not save us: they hate us and want to see us destroyed.