Lawsuit Acknowledges The Power Of The Swastika And Alleges That It Strikes Horror And Fear

It Also Claims That 6 Million Jews Died In The Holocaust


A Chautauqua County woman claims in a lawsuit that she is suffering emotional distress because she regularly drives by the home of a neighbor who has placed two swastika flags on his property.

The lawsuit from Catherine Kaicher targets Todd Schilling, who hung the swastikas on his property during a dispute with neighbors last summer in the Silver Creek village.

Schilling placed the Nazi symbol on his property "with the specific intent of striking hate and fear of violence to those who view it," the lawsuit alleges.

"Ms. Kaicher actually is shocked, disturbed and distressed on a daily basis by the affront to civility of the display of the Swastika on the Schilling property," alleges the lawsuit.

Rochester attorney Jeffrey Wicks, who represents Kaicher and spoke on her behalf, said the ugly power of the swastika can't be ignored, especially after the 2017 march by neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville that led to a homicide and the mass shooting of 11 attendees at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh in October.

"In modern-day America it's unbelievable that we are still reminded of the horrors of the Holocaust, vis-a-vis the symbol of the Holocaust itself, the swastika," he said.

In a telephone interview Saturday, Schilling said he hung the flags as a response to neighbors with whom he has been engaged in property-related disputes.

"I'm not condoning (the Holocaust)," he said. "I'm not saying it's good."

He maintained that Kaicher was motivated by others with whom he has had the ongoing confrontations.

"This is a frivolous lawsuit," he said. "I'm going to sue her for emotional distress."

His Nazi flags are not inciting anyone to riot or to commit violence, so they are a protected form of free speech, Schilling said.

Wicks said the lawsuit is not the offspring of any neighborhood dispute, but instead a necessary response to a symbol representing the genocide of millions. Schilling cannot know whether the public display of the symbols could trigger someone to engage in violence, he said.

"Things are getting worse, not better, as we get farther away from the Holocaust," Wicks said.

The lawsuit details the Nazi Party's use of the swastika, and recent anti-Semitic violence. During the Holocaust almost 17 million people, including six million Jews, were "systematically tortured and murdered in death camps in Poland and Germany," the lawsuit states.

Citing the October homicides of 11 people at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, the lawsuit notes that the suspect, Robert Bowers, "left a long record of neo-Nazi-inspired anti-Semitic ranting such as 'Jews are the children of Satan' " on a Nazi-friendly social media site "on which usernames often contain Swastikas."

The swastika "does strike horror and fear of violence into anyone who is forced to view it and knows of its significance, and also causes distress at the show of support for the evils of Nazism," the lawsuit states.

Schilling contends that his flags, regardless of their history, are "protected under the First Amendment." Wicks differed, noting that the constitutional protection is a limitation on what the government can do to impede speech.

"This isn't the government," Wicks said. "This isn't the government restricting his rights. These are two private properties."

The lawsuit has been filed in state Supreme Court in Chautauqua County.

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I feel none of those the kike alleges.
That lawsuit being used to chill his free speech, is.
Womp womp, next case. Learn to make a proper bread OP.

File for discovery, and demand evidence that the Holocaust happened.

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They are coming for the US flag next.
corporate logos get fukt tbh

They will shit their pants if somebody did this. They lawyer will try and have judge throw it out if you are not a local or in some way a "party" to this case.
Needs don tho.

He literally saw a swastika in a username and was compelled to kill eleven jews.
If not for those usernames, eleven jews would be alive today.

I think we should encourage this one.

Swastika = 卐
Suvastika = 卍
Neither are European.
European names for the symbol are:
Tetraskelion, Hakenkreuz, Fylfot, Gammadion, Cross Cramponnée, and Croix Gammée.
Others, with more or less limbs, are called by:
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There's one for every European culture.
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The amount of rhetorical stretching that these subhumans are capable of is such that the only solution is deportation and death.

I understand how easily such sovereign strength can be abused. As an honest, hard working, educated, and useful citizen of the new reich, I'm less worried about potential abuse than about actual, verifiable kikery.

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The court will just take judicial notice of it happening, like what happened in California.

I wish women like this still existed.

I might actually move to the Bezis-fucked NWF if there was a harem of Nazi QT3.14s waiting for me.

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I think he's just saying the name isn't European, but the symbol is.

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Imagine what would happen if on some April 19th, people across the nation snuck out in the middle of the night and drew swastikas with chalk everywhere.

Then on the morning of April 20th the nation woke up to hundreds of thousands of chalk swastikas coast to coast, in virtually every city.

Pretty sure it would kick off the race war.

According to the logic above, it can then be said that the Star of David causes the murder of Palestinians. And its use by and the presence of Jews in Germany is what led to the deaths in WWII.

This lawsuit is a waste of this woman's money. My best guess is that the lawyer took it because it knew it would get his name advertised in the paper.

You must be desperate.

Well, I guess we'll have to get closer Mr. Wicks.

The Swastika was an ancient Indian symbol. India used to be white. The swastika is a symbol of whites.

he's talking about the names

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As for this douchebag with his swastika flags… He’s doing the same thing he’d be doing if he painted the walls of his house with sewage: protesting a property dispute by driving down home values.

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The gift that just keeps on giving. Kudos to Richard Spencer's handlers for organizing that honeypot. Excellent propaganda for decades to come. Even better than that Klan shootout from the early '80s. Remember to always give the Jews something to cry about while they punish you for displaying a flag on your own fucking property that you paid interest to the Jews to buy

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Oh, it's up to 17 million now! Amazing how tiny little 1940's Germany can somehow still "genocide" people all the way in 2019. The Nazi's are literally ghosts but apparently they can drag sleeping jews back in time to gas them.

The oldest swastikas date to 17,000 years ago…. in Europe. One was found carved into a mammoth bone in Romania.

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