Niggers are CHIMPING THE FUCK OUT in the City of Sacramento after a Grand Jury has REFUSED to charge two BASED cops who shot and killed NIGGER Stephon Clark

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Nice, it's going to be a redpill dispenser.

Any luck finding streams, none of my usual sources are delivering

Sheeeiiittttt nigger he was just testing the structural properties of glass for his engine earing classes and sheeeeitttrt nigger

Will they chimpout without the (((Sorosbux)))?
Hasn't been a good one in forever

We need to encourage them to destroy things.

He a good boy. Gon' ta collage and sheeit.

niggers. not even once.

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the duality of man
cops are zogbots
cops kill nigger
cops are based

please ewxplain?

simple, user
this is how animals are conditioned.

Sounds like the cops were in the wrong, shooting him in the back when he only had a cell phone.

Don't know this case, but BLM usually gets involved when it's an actual thug getting BTFO. Because it's not black lives that matter, Thug Lives Matter.

If that's the case, yeah they need to be punished.

Why am I supposed to praise cops when they treat all whites like niggers AS THEY ARE TRAINED TO DO?
I wonder how many American zogbots go on training retreats to israel

Sensible chuckle. Also

It's been awhile

It's never wrong to shoot a nigger.

Not all cops are bad. But most are. There are still a handful of old fashioned traditionalists who want to protect the people from savage niggers.
Not many though. Seriously less than 2%.

Straightforwardly I know a lot of really cool cops. Higher ups. Maybe it's just where I am. Maybe it's because I'm me. But man to man, not wearing the ZOGmask, I think most of them are pretty acceptable people. I like the ones I know

yes all zogbots

Well shit, looks like justice was not done here, there's still 2 of this nigger roaming around

Ever been conditioned?

I know i know, I'm constantly shilling for total systemic collapse. I'm just telling you the truth that I uncovered in my investigations. The people who are cops around me are decent people. Does that excuse them for being implicitly anti White? No. But I'm used to people being stupid. Things might not be as bad as you may think.


Just in time for elections.

I dont want you praising them
Your mouth should be too full with cop dick to say anything at all

Blacks are killed at a lower rate by cops because black stand up for themselves and whites don't.

Black judges stand up for blacks in the Courts.

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I find it hard to believe that niggers need to be paid to riot. They didn't during the rooftop korean riots. When did they have to start paying them?

the problem comes when groups like DynCorp international who are a cia dcontract group seed police depts with hardline marxist mers as chiefs and the same with seriffs, so far dyncorp has 90 counties locked up and controlled via instslled sheriffs.,21_KO22,36.htm

they specialize replicating the pheonix program that was testes in vietnam and the use it via the fusion centers here in conjunction with the JFFT (joint terrorism task force)

HAHA another day of niggers doing stuff while I scratch my balls from the safety of my la-z-boy recliner, right fellow cuckolds?

Indeed. Whatever pieces of shit sold a cell phone to a pavement ape should be thrown in jail.

Negros are also shot at at a much lower rate. Also guns are drawn at a much lower rate.

Great post and yes, definitely. In the end the reconnect has to happen mano y mano. A huge pain in the ass that I'd rather not have to do. Work work work

Anyway if you know the sherrifs personally it doesn't hurt in the trust aspect

Sorosbux for that kind of thing only arrive shortly before elections.

It's not paying them to riot, it's paying someone to organize and herd them.

Organic chimpouts never amount to anything. Maybe a store gets looted, but the niggers soon get hungry and head to a 7/11 for a slurpee, drink some lean and smoke weed. When they wake up at 1pm the next day, they've forgotten about it.


dey deserb def :DDDDD

Fusion Center Locations and Contact Information
State and major urban area fusion centers (fusion centers) are owned and operated by state and local entities, and are designated by the governor of their state.

In accordance with the Federal Resource Allocation Criteria (RAC) policy (PDF, 144 KB, 4 pages), which defines objective criteria and a coordinated approach for prioritizing federal resource allocation to fusion centers, the federal government recognizes these designations and has a shared responsibility with state and local governments to support the national network of fusion centers.

There are two types of fusion centers:

1) Primary Fusion Centers: A primary fusion center typically provides information sharing and analysis for an entire state. These centers are the highest priority for the allocation of available federal resources, including the deployment of personnel and connectivity with federal data systems.
(2) Recognized Fusion Centers: A recognized fusion center typically provides information sharing and analysis for a major urban area. As the Federal Government respects the authority of state governments to designate fusion centers, any designated fusion center not designated as a primary fusion center is referred to as a recognized fusion center.





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia



Why aren't you mass killing niggers yet?

because they serve to keep the zogbots in check

Why is killing niggers wrong?

This is why a "civil war" would only end in the destruction of shitskins. Think about it. Niggers love weed. Weed makes you out of shape and low energy. The larger street apes all gas out in a fight in less than a minute due to all being doped up on muh weed n' sheeeit.

It's going to be worse
You will probably be able to lure thousands by leaving a small ball of flour wrapped in a tissue on the floor


I smoke weed and lift all the time. Not to mention it’s possibly performance enhancing. I put up more weight than most people too. If you’re exercising is drinking 40’s all day. Then you will gas out regardless.

if it wasn't a nigger who got shot, it would have been a White man

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They've been chimpin' all last summer over this abortion escapee. Good thing it's raining as they won't be marching

When the niggers gonna learn cops don't know you got a phone or a gun in your hand when its dark? Clark in the dark had it coming. Breakin windows, running away, and expecting not to get put into pain.

Commiefornia gets what it deserves.

To be perfectly honest….. its almost like this kind of stuff is all planned to happen the way it does, in order to stir unrest, so they can have an excuse to beef up budgets….. like typical kikery.

Thats true, and you should never run from a cop unless you want to be shot at. There is no debate there. However, it seems like these events are still pretty staged (not saying this never happened, but the chimp out riots over it, possibly). Especially when the (((media))) goes wild reporting it.

Mulatto detected.

CBD is extremely health and completely natural, smoking cannabis weakens you. And smoking it is promoted exactly because of that.

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sorry but that infograph is retarded. Don't you think those very same companies would have monopolized its harvesting for their profit instead? It's not like potatoes are legal just because monsanto can profit off them. Monsanto would profit off weed if it was legal.

The only reason any drug is illegal is because it's a huge source of untaxed income for the government to be used in any kind of shady operation. We live in an era where everything you do is tracked, do you really think you would be able to get hold of drugs so easily if they really didn't want you to? They do, they want you to buy their drugs. They just want to avoid having to pay taxes on them or be traceable income.

That's why it's so easy to get a gram of coke and almost impossible to get a fucking rocket launcher or high explosive in the black market. One only creates junkies, the other, possible threats to (((them)))

"If ten men are in a room and one shoots another and the other eight men say whatever and let it go, those eight men are good people because they didnt fire the weapon!"

Yeah and lawyers bankers and marketers arent bad because they are just trying to feed their family.

Go back to low iq chan

I remember this story. If I recall correctly those aren’t even his biological offspring. I think it’s funny that stupid nigger cum dumpster is crying about all the money she isn’t going to get from the state now. ‘’oh boohoo the worthless nigger who beat the living fuck out of me while he was alive, isn’t going to be my golden ticket to sue the state.’’

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Considering you havent brought up the race of the cops is it safe to assume they are black?


When a nigger can be shot by police in California and no charges are filed against the cops then you know they had the right guy and he was doing some dumb shit.

< niggers


ZOG never attacks ZOG in Commiefornia. They will always back the ZOGbots, because the ZOGbots are the ones who enforce their infinite bolshevist faggotry.

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How many pigs get shunned& punished,copsucker?

The nigger most likely refused to turn around and address the police officer, while acting like a nigger and talking shit. This is what niggers always do. They always act aggressive and with disdain to everyone. This is why niggers get shot.

As I just said, the nigger most likely acted like a nigger.



Niggers are "uncomfortable." Too bad, considering they should all be genocided. There's not going to be a chimp out here, they have enough weed and made it too March gibsmedats.

Thanks man

Nigger's talking about rejecting dem Sorosbux intended to pacify them

Things might get heated tonight

video of the shooting

and part 2

final video

American revolution when?

More likely balkanization and then ethnic cleansing think Yugoslavia without NATO or UN intervention

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Last thing the world needs is an independent california. Union must be maintained in order to secure a better future for all of us.

when you stop wasting your time making vods on jewtube

This isn't twitch.

not even californians want to live with californians

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Looks like the Soros BLM ops are back!

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It's pure theater from the top down. Sacramentofag here, and these same niggers are on call whenever our genuinely based sheriff runs for an election. His office is a few miles from my home, and I've seen them ooking in front of it. It's like 50 shitskins.

No sign of those riots, btw. Even the niggers I know here didn't hear about the event.


One pic related is Sequita Thompson, Clark's grandmother, reenacting her expression when she saw her grandson get what he had coming on that porch. The other is an MSPaint rendering of a proposed flag for the city. Which would you rather have to stare at for 100 years?

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It's not helping either, motherfucker.

Jesus Christ, Zig Forums has gone downhill.

It is never wrong to shoot niggers, you goddamn niggers

Anyway, in this case, Clark was suicidal. His cunt baby-momma had been texting him she thought it was funny he was going to prison and would never see his kids again. So Clark smashed a few car windows to get the police department's attention, then led them on a chase that ended with him pointing his phone like a gun in the dark.

On a related topic, I'm really surprised these officers weren't summarily shot last year. Our City Police have the worst jobs on earth, and they're all trying to get in with County. The chief here is a nigger with a criminal record, if that tells you anything about the absolute state of California.

Fucking this. Thank you for saying it.


Checking those dubs of truth. Jihadis in our midst. Have you and your buds followed the sand niggers to their homes and built profiles?



Protests again on a friday night any bets it'll get violent?

Another case of "suicide by cop".

Chimp Outs are as American as the Super Bowl and it’s been too long.

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