Based Gen Z Hitlerjugend. Eternal Reich soon Zig Forums have a happy RedPill!

Based Gen Z Hitlerjugend. Eternal Reich soon Zig Forums have a happy RedPill!

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Forgot thread title.

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For what? Arranging fucking plastic cups? 1st amendment my ass.
Muttmerica as a political country is done.


Checked and kek'd.

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based refused post

Lad in the long sleeve white shirt is ready for RWDS.

gen zitler throwing gang signs drinking that liquid along the lines of ready made lanes; and boomers still pray and wait that someone will bring them salvation. and the frog leaps across the bog

Normalize National Socialism
Go full 1488 IRL

How many times is this now? Can someone make a collage?

This occurred in several high schools the past few months. /comfy



A bunch of fag degenerates isn't redpilled

Good morning Tel Aviv.

A bunch of teens being a bit edgy while still doing what the Jews want is hardly something to get excited for. Back in school we did the same thing, people still went out and became degenerates.

My friends and I were the same way back in high school and even jr high. Now im 27 and work a min wage job and live with my grandma

Based OC. To celebrate, here's my own OC from just this afternoon.

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It might not be too different from what you and I did as kids or teenagers, but the fact that they're doing it at the present time and the world's reactions to basic teenage edgelordism is what's going to be significant.

Nothing would have redpilled me harder than being a 15 year old bum, just doing some lazy shit with a swastika for a throw-away meme to my friends and then having the world lose it's fucking shit over it like these kids are going to happen. Threats, doxxings, disciplinary action at school, being treated as a mentally ill could be terrorist by the education system, for a fucking plastic cup swastika.

Some will bend and repent and beg forgiveness, a good portion however, will become more entrenched if only out of spite.

Kvetch harder rabbi.



It's probably a bit unwise to go full-on Rockwell in your daily life just yet, but taking strategic opportunities to do so can work out OK. We have to start somewhere.

I met a couple of Austrian guys at a New Year's eve party this year. A little the worse for drink, I couldn't help myself but let go. I turned the conversation full-on to Hitler having done nothing wrong and the holocaust being a lie. The reaction of the guys was interesting. One of them was too well programmed and seemed genuinely aghast, but the other… he went through the motions of protesting my words, probably for the sake of his friend, but his face told a different story. He liked what he was hearing, perhaps especially because it was coming from a Brit saying that his country was in the right. I bet he had some elderly relative that told him how things really were, and to keep his mouth shut, but never believe the lies, that the truth would come out one day.

I cannot tell you how liberating it felt to openly and unapologetically speak the truth in public like this. Of course, the environment you're in makes a difference. This was in Budapest, and a large proportion of the Hungarian people know what's up with the Jews. I didn't need to fear the sort of repercussions I would get for this in London. But my point is, take the opportunities when they come, speak the truth, name the Jew and don't back down. The fire is rising everywhere - it starts with whispers, that rise and rise until there is crescendo of voices shouting WE HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE FUCKING KIKES. As it was in Weimar, so it is today, the white man prefers to avoid conflict, but once our threshold of tolerance is crossed, we saddle up and get to work. The kikes have truly dug their own grave this time, because it's happening everywhere at once.

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Wanna meet up user? I'm in London. 14/88

If you are in london email:

[email protected]

Let's have a drink user san ;)

you respect them way too much

Let's meet up message [email protected]

I am becoming more and more suspicious about (((right-wing))).
Right-wing is an umbrella term and kikes use it to identify us with (((lolbergs)))
However as they wear natsoc uniforms I somewhat trust you
also we should more open about our national socialist views, it will make it normal for people to call themselves as natsoc

I am quite sure all people who want to meet up from anonymous imageboard are part of secret service but everyone has to take their own risks.

Yeah but the harvard law non-euro is gonna get in trpuble 100% somebody wil identify him. Sad. Gril in jean jacket 10/10 would make N

Nordic babies with lel.

haha fed you aren't even free in your own country mate presuming you are actually European and not some shitskin import which is actually quite likely that you are a shitskin

I'm not secret service user, I'll just be meeting for a drink, I'm a londonnigger, you'll enjoy the drink just email me.

I am half Russian half German fyi email me london cuisin [email protected]

Can't, will be arrested for wrongthink.
Besides, England is shit and has square bread in the stores and cider at the pubs.

Awwww cmon user, I'm a london nigger who already almost got put in the prevent terrorism programme, let's meet up. Email me, the worst that can happen is a good time haha

Bump for the kvetching

Once more email me son if you live in london [email protected]

So now you are snitch that sucks tbh I want to meet up with anons here in Spain but can't because I am only 13 even though I am already sponsored and will get in trouble. Go to beer hall and sit there all night and talk to people. Try not to go to jail. I am off to play more minecraft using the tricks and tips I got from this bohemian minecraft strategy message board.

It's important to consider that normalfags do this kind of thing as a joke more often than not. It's still a good thing because it reflects on them not taking the whole ebil Hitler and holohoax narrative too seriously.

you have to go back, red army rape baby

man just email [email protected] man, I would love to get in contact with a london user :)

Breaking the conditioning.

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Oh look yet another thread. I'm tired of these 12 year olds on Zig Forums


No it's not.
So why would the school be investigated. Indeed
does this have to do with the school at all?
Implying the "inappropriate anti-semitic symbols" were a crime.
Journos and their editors pull this kind of shit every fucking time. You don't even get a foot in the door as a modern journo or editor unless you agree to write fiction. I hate 'em.

Which was the beauty of the entire IOTBW campaign.

It's like we're getting closer and closer to the top of that first highest point at the start of a roller coaster.

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In a time of maximum PC culture, the only way to rebel as a teenager is to express yourself with the ultimate taboos. The kikes did this to themselves. Yet this happens all the time and is only making the news because the Jews want to use their conditioned good goy masses to be shocked and then compliant when they mass enact their 'oy vey, anti-semite!' hate speech laws and try to eviscerate the 1st amendment. Because if people are allowed to talk about how much they hate jews many people begin to realize they all share common ground and the powers that be cannot have that.

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Good, next time when those kid show up with a swastika, they won't be playing a drinking game.

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Just a bunch of degenerate morons and sluts looking fof attention, nothing that helps our cause, fuck off you idiot SAGE

start with legalising 卍 卐
its an ancient meme anyway, they have no right banning it
plus it looks so aesthethic and can tessellate in beautiful ways
Legalise swastika 2020 2卍2卐

Make memes about legalisation to spread awareness along with pics of the actual meaning, which is well being, also represents bliss, excitement, eternal
Did you know there is an emotion for when you ejaculate deep into the womb of the woman you love and who you want to bear your children and raise them with you, that emotion is represented by 卐

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Sage negated Juden. Bump.


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>arrested. He didn't get "arrested", he got sent to the local synagogue for (((re-education)))

Checked, the fuhrer has spoken, heeb

Young whites forming their own beer hall and starting to wake up? Oh yeah, that's just baaadd. Shut the fuck up juden

Checked and Heiled! Zoomers are waking up

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They have nowhere left on the planet to run to, not even Israel is safe.

Rockwell kept it classy as fuck.

How's the weather in Haifa?

Shieeeeeeet ya feel me

Have fun kids

meh the dimple isn't centered, looks accidental and sloppy

Indeed, but from a purely practical standpoint, it's useful that there is now a place we can expel them to to gather them all in one place. Then we can cut the cord and let the Arabs have them.

Trust me they'll probably kill themselves especially the girls, not trying to be pessimist but that's what girl tend to do since they're really emotional beings

as pozzed as cali is, its the state where in prison whites organize as one and run the show and there is an aryan street gang presence. the shitskins there respect this (seeing as they only respect strength). theyll be fine. now if they went to school on the east coast you can guarantee theyd get jumped by niggers for this with nobody to have their back if they decided to defend themselvrs and inevitably get sent to prison for self defense.

It is an illegal arrangement of plastic cups.

woops lurk moar faggot or go back to r/t_d ya feel me nigger

Isn't it motly spics larping as whites though?

Imagine if boomers were so extreme when it came to rock n' roll back then.
Imagine them kvetching for kids to be doxed, arrested, set on fire, killed etc, because they noded their heads or made the satan sign with their hands.
They didn't. Now that culture died out because it really was only a phase.
Now just look at the trumpkike hat debacle.
Pathetic really.
They are actually radicalizing the youth for free.
The kids will not forget 1 single thing.
And by kids I mean the whole generation.

They will rue the day of the floss

no. pen1 is the street faction of the aryan brotherhood. spics are not allowed do you not understand you have to kill a spic or nigger to become a member?

The jewess that snitched on our Aryan brother, going to try to get an IP address from her, hopefully she takes the bait and answers my message

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Her YouTube channel

bitch literally looks like a pigeon we can probably make her commit suicide

Let's do it, srsly, a good kike is a dead one

We can spam her YouTube and IG comment section with muh "anti-Semitic" comments, let's do it until she responds