Corrupt Prosecutor Tony Golik Fabricating Crimes and Covering Others

Tony Golik, far left Portland State University graduate and criminal prosecutor for Clark County, Washington
Track record of corruption
Charging Billy Wilson for fleeing from Antifa domestic terrorists


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What did you send him, OP ? Show what you did first so anons know what to do next.

I haven't sent anything I'm shining light on a guy that's clearly corrupt. If anons pull at the threads in OP I'm certain there's more to find and exposure could start the ball rolling to seeing the faggot in prison.


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What bullshit did I present niggerbrain? What's there is already enough to see Golik and his associates are both criminal and pozzed.

It's getting something started. Cry louder kike.

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Fabricating Crimes and Covering Others

This is happening in europe too, many shit skins attack white men and if they defend themselves they get charged with a variety of made up charges.

Yes, the Criminals in Power (CP) are traitors using government power unlawfully against us. We must pursue criminal investigations and charges against them, and stack civil lawsuits against the cities and counties where they operate to drain the treasuries.

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Wew lots of shilling. Patriot Prayer broke the Antifa control in Portland. That's only 1 notch down from their bases, Berkeley and Chicago. That's a huge victory.


Is this what passes for shilling today? Seriously?

The so-called "Northwest Front" is dead on arrival with the court system currently in place. Listen to this man's story at the hands of another Multnomah County circuit judge for a self defense action taken against a literal masked mob. Quick rundown: the judge refused to allow any of the multiple surveillance cameras showing a large group of antifa protestors to be used as evidence, and the defender was railroaded into a sentence where he is forbidden from taking any video in public.

That doesn't make NWF DoA, that means people need to be prepared to go through the system and when it doesn't function properly, use force.

Like when a criminal operating under color of law wearing a costume raids your house to illegally seize your weapons, you don't just say hope is gone, you kill them.

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