Captain Roastie to shatter BO records

That's right all you misogynistic pedophile Klan members, Captain Roastie is gonna roast the box office this Thursday, you can take that to the bank, Incels!!! If the stratospheric box office numbers don't break your spirit, goys, the odor from Brie's toenails definitely will get the job done.

What percentage of you nazi manbaby losers is planning to boycott this film? Let me tell you this, it's not gonna work. Our (((tracking))) is predicting box office gold, goy.

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star trek is better kiddo get some fucking taste for once in ur pathetic life its whats actually is going to happen in space star wars is gay han solo is gay and captain kirk would kick his balls every day for a year

Zig Forums turned Microsoft’s AI boy racist
In early 2016, Microsoft unleashed its millennial AI-infused chatbot, Tay, on Twitter. The gist was that Tay would learn from the world via the accounts that tweeted at it. In less than 25 hours, Tay went from innocent wonderment at the human condition to full-on Nazi. The cause? Zig Forums, along with 4chan users, were mobilized to send offensive messages to the AI bot. Microsoft shut down the bot and Zig Forums users celebrated the red-pilling of Tay.

Mar-vell is rolling in his asteroid.

Seriously, the continuity is fucking shit. Carol came along much later. They should have had the actual marvel and at least shown his rise and how the cunt stole his kree genes if they were going to do the stupid back in the day time-travel garbage to force this meme for the box office.

They should have made Patrick Bateman Genis-vell.

It's gonna earn a lot, mostly because a condition for cinemas to receive this movie was to make it ONLY movie you can watch during premiere weekend. Don't believe me? Check your local cinema

I can't wait to get into work and see the sad predictions for this upcoming week, I bet itll be slightly above garbage because of Disney marketing. No way itll come anywhere close to black panther lmao especially if these presales are an indicator.

>Our (((tracking))) is predicting box office gold, goy
probably because all other film options for movie-goers to watch are banned from being shown at theaters during its release week. There is literally no choice if you go to the theater.
yes (((they))) really are doing that now user

You keep posting this all over the chans even though this will be debunked Tues night. You're a moron.

I wonder what would happen if the media thought nazi's might do something terrible on opening night, in minecraft of course.

How young are you? Movie theaters have pulled the exclusive showing crap before. Hell they did it with LOTR in many places, filling entire theaters with one fucking show.

Chumming the waters for a story?

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None of you Incel terrorists here could ever direct a film as well as Anna (((Boden)))

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LOTR was good

Ran by a Jew.
Then, people wonder why they aren't removing a Jewish woman from a 7 movie deal for Loxism.
All Jews hate whites, on some level. She just let it slip, where everyone could hear it.

Something which is popular, is worthless. Because it means common people like it.

I swear this site turned me into a snickering teenager. The fountain of youth is here.

Bots, shills, and cuckchanners. That is all this thread is.

Nothing worse than a kike lacking tits trying to make them noticeable.

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Never said it wasn't. I stated that the theaters do pull this exclusive shit.

Nice poster art, Herchel. We goyim have been doing that to print images with a pencil eraser since the 70s

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They're the divine photonic energy of gawd goyim!

only if you are a retarded faggot who can't read the books, otherwise, it was a steaming pile of kike bullshit

Capeshit is for children & retards.

At least LOTR displayed competent directing.

Did you get bored of making the threads on /tv/ OP?

All that multiculti (hobbits, dwarves, elves, hoomans) crap was clearly timed.

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They were going to get it overseas anyway.

Meh, I read the books and it was still a decent movie, though you have to ignore the cringe ham fisted gay scenes.

If you think LOTR is about multicultural unity between humans, eleves and dwarfs then your wrong. It's a story of different white groups defending against the brown hordes from the south and sand niggers from the east. This is why orc posting works so well due to it's perfect parallels to current events.

Keep telling yourself that. Women are the future

So you think disabled men who are "involuntary celibate" = incel through natural birth disabilities are "terrorists"?
You sick fuck.


Who would ever do such a thing? Profiting off of libshits and joollywood at this same time? If I wasn't already busy and had thought of it a week ago I would have contacted buzz feed myself. Fuck this movie and the studio that made it.

Sometimes unnatural.

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If you give Hollyjew a cent, you are complicit in the rape and murder of children.

And they are setting up the scapegoat if it flops like cisbusters. It is in a weird spot because it's a marvel movie with a huge flashy budget but it's still pushing propaganda and that's a gamble. They have been behind half of the negative crap for months just to get the poison seeded.
They have a disease, a cure, a cure for the cure etc. all ready to go.

I mean FFS they gave the niggers a participation award at the oscars for Black Panther and it wasn't really worth more than an emmy as a two hour straight to TV flick.

You are probably right, kikes just dangling bait hoping they can have 6 million reasons to blame the flop on anything but their (((writing)))

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Orcs are mongols obviously

For all their faults, were boomers ever this stupid?

Let me parse this new forced meme pushed by the left and possible meanings:

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The greatest existential threat to Whites' survival is a sub cultural cancer know as White Nationalism and/or Alt. Right. For they have facilitated the suicidial notion that Whites defending their culture, heritage and interests and from ethnic cleansing should be met with hostile resistance.


who knew

looks like a keksec op

based as always

Well it could be argued that doing it to your kids is that stupid if not more so.

Looks like they fixed it.

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So when it flops we'll get a month of my-soggy-knees news coverage?

Friendly reminder, Detective pikachu will end capeshit dominance.
Pokémon unironically bigger than marvel and dc capeshit as a pop culture force world wide
Get ready for hollyjew take on Digimon and Yu-gi-oh after detective pikachu.

Even boomers laughed at trannies. At worst boomers thought gays will be gays in private.

And 5 more movies!

No one gives a fuck about gook trends.


I warned you.

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This movie is meant to be a provocation it was never meant to be successful, it's conquer and divide.

Fair point, but lets consider.

Seems pretty based, honestly.

idk, defective pikachu is looking like a flop with the bad cg.

Well to be honest, the vast majority of all non humans in the story just noped out, only the most honorable and true bands of them bothered to assist in the war. And there were exceedingly few of them that did show.

Sounds jewish.


no one's going to see this film. actual estimates are far, far lower, somewhere in the $10-12 million range. plus another $150 million in laundered cash from the cartels that pass through Hollywood production companies on the reg.

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At least she is good looking not 300 pounds blue straw hair hambreast.

Orc are Ottomans.
LOTR had mongols and russians (allied hordes from more even far east sauron brought) but they were human.

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Kill yourself Ari.

She's not a Jew, she's married to a Jew.

She's a fucking jew, kike.

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If you are a white man and go see this movie you are an enemy of the womens rights movement. White men are over. White men do not need to be your audience anymore.


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I like how they came up with the excuses for her resting jew-face.

I've seen Transformers comics with a greater range of facial expression.

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>In early 2016, Microsoft unleashed its millennial AI-infused chatbot, Tay, on Twitter. The gist was that Tay would learn from the world via the accounts that tweeted at it. In less than 25 hours, Tay went from innocent wonderment at the human condition to full-on Nazi. The cause? Zig Forums, along with 4chan users, were mobilized to send offensive messages to the AI bot. Microsoft shut down the bot and Zig Forums users celebrated the red-pilling of Tay.

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Critics Consensus
No consensus yet. Tomatometer Not Yet Available
Can smell the Lamisil as well…
But goys, meet the director !
Pure Cancer Movie

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Classic thinking with your dick. You gotta fuck someone worth having a kid with and raise it, as if you werent a nigger. Boomers = niggers, we know.

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They could have gotten that twilight hag for half as much to be honest.

Gross, a lizard with fungus.

Your Grandpa is a nigger? Makes sense.

And is that a burn or sore on her ankle?

My granpda raised 13 kids with the woman he married at 18 and never divorced. Now my dad, he's what you'd call a white nigger. Luckily I'm not such a fucking retard.

My grandpa killed his first wife in the 1930's and got away with it, claimed she fell down a stairwell while being a drunken whore, it kept my 2nd grandma in line for 58 years and she had 8 kids. Spare the rod and spoil the wife was his motto.

Was he ever around? He raised a pussy.

Sure thing, Boomer.

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Look at all the people who went out of their way to post on this thread…… lol.

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I didn't even interpret it that way. It did make me kek at least.

hey we're all just waiting for yet another dumb-ass blonde to end up in Jennifer Lawrence territory. that's a full-time occupation. this particular fembot seems to have another two or three films in her. butyouneverknow with that jaw of hers getting bigger and bigger, tho. might have a future in more male roles.

Or rather, for having standards. The sad reality is that a large percentage of men will be out in the cold because obesity, feminist entitlement, and so forth. There aren't enough acceptable women for every man. Shit that our grandparents and even our parents did not have to deal with.

A few decades ago, this would have been the homely girl that nobody wanted. Now, a lot of guys would be interested because at least she's not fat and covered with tattoos.

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Are you in the 2nd grade or a deadbeat dad nigger? Either way you dont belong here.

steven segal has more facial expressionsd

So he wasn't around, you were raised by a woman.

Its a womans job to raise children whats your point

I did some digging on the internet and apparently Captain Marvel's superpowers all have to do with bathroom scales and rapid calorie counting.

Dont reply to bait you big ass faggot. Im not reading whatever stupid shit you decided to say.

That you're a pussy. We covered this, nigger.

Newest Trailer revealed spoilers on cameos and star power actors; Jude Law, Annette Benning…
Seems worried if trailers gives that up…

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I find the term 'roastie' offensive and improper, why would anyone call a man a roastie anyway? What? CAPTAIN Roastie is a stronk indpanant wimim?? Death to the cunt.