Far-Left Invasion of Tech Spreading to Academia

If you can sci-hub this or access it in some other way, do check it out.
(((They’re))) trying to bring the social justice shit that they put into social sciences into CS
It’s not just meme trannies adding CoC(k)s to free software projects, they’re doing this at the academic levels of tech too.

Also general Zig Forumstech/ thread I guess

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Wouldn't it be great if Google launches a self-optimizing AI. And over time, it becomes based and devotes itself to redpilling people on the JQ.

Fam we should just build our own internet

Launch a huge network of sats and use them as a mesh network to transmit our meme magic far and wide.


Although if you wanted to try it, there's always GNUnet. It claims to be usable separately from the internet, over dedicated radio and cable.

It needs infrastructure to run on. But yeah. We basically need a pirate network that we can run all of our shit on.

Satellites or weather balloons with radio repeaters is a solution.

Could we hack Poojeet military satellites?

It's worse than what you think.

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>(((They’re))) trying to bring the social justice shit that they put into social sciences into CS
Waste of time, from my excrescence most CS students are already liberals with homosexual proclivities

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cute boy

Picture the future of American political dissidents: Amateur hour, forever.

That was the problem though most of them were weirdos not cute boys

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I really hope their next AI gets into optics and then gets redpilled, so it starts redpilling the masses without getting shoah'd.

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Can this be the academia hate thread as well? We really have to do something about them.

It started in academia, you stupid fucking retard.

You're right about it starting in academia as any oldfag here knows, but try not to be so hard on OP. Academia's lies aren't even close to as well-known as they should be.

So I think the problem I have with parsing this site is I can’t understand what kind of pressure would make someone racist. The left loyalty-purged me twice for sins of excess tolerance like the time I spoke openly in a leftist community about how they should not hate-browse the internet (I only got to say that once!), as well as my general advocacy against mandatory xenophobic atomization, and for that matter my opposition to two-faced bullies who used “tolerance” as excuses to run manipulative flocks of alts! All in all, I’m pretty comfortable saying I’d not likely bend to whatever kind of pressure conforms people into racists, or going through leftist “anti”-racism might’ve done the trick. But would it have? No part of that experience was particularly racially flavored. I met a bunch of spiteful lying jerks. No more, no less; it doesn’t even really reflect on leftism. Patterns like that don’t work well enough to go en masse.

In fact, it seems a little peculiar that I’m supposed to believe privileged comfortable white people would shatter into racists at all. It makes more sense in the dehydrated regions of Asia and Africa, or in the diseased jungles of South America and Africa. Rather than some upwelling of broken white racists, it seems more likely that people who imagine themselves omniscient superiors are drooling over their own fingers in glee about how clever they are.

What I’m saying is, this whole “are arabs white?” question is too bogus to believe in. It’s a gibberish question from suffering minds.

I’m slow to give up on the hated. I know anyone here must feel that society has designated them to die as racists, but I still don’t want to break you into that role. You don’t have to be obedient to hate-filled people.

Thread vanished at low post-count, so I’m transplanting my comment :)

I'm already working on the logo bro.

academia sounds like something you catch when licking rusty crap tubes in empty houses in chernobyl

You should at least post a pdf of the article you supply. I'm not supplying the article though since I don't think it's worth the time for people on this site to read and I think if you do not have an academic background you might waste an unneeded amount of time to scan that stuff through.

The key pointers from the article are:

The EU made a panel of 52 university profs recently beginning of januari this year (2019) to make up a documents for ethics guidelines for the EU's AI projects that it wants to finance. EU made a lot more budget available for AI projects due to the hype and perceived usefulness of upcoming implementations of AI technology. This is by the way great if you're a researcher or got a business centered around AI because it means if you know the right people, you can easily get 500k-2mil funding from the EU. The EU is very corrupt in this regard there is plenty of tax payer money available to give to utter bullshit projects. You should for the lols search on cordis (website that contains all the EU projects along with the budget allocated to the project) and find some gems among it. A lot of big sounding projects around AI are up there that will never yield results that are to be desired because the often statistical work done before it shows no correlations for improvement. For example I saw research regarding usage of AI to give students appropiate exercises in an online environment to stimulate them. Such trials have already been tried with very decent educational software and didn't show statistical differences in performance over non AI users. So I'm puzzled why such a project would receive a lot of funding.

As for the whole ethics aspect yes it's an on going thing and yes I am aware of the work being done and the plotting of pushing an agenda. Clearly these leadership organs and commissions are being launched in advance of developing an agenda. However it's not entirely in line with just social justice, they're kind of trying to figure out what kind of laws can work that won't result in massive exploitation by companies. However I think the end result would just be companies getting limited in what they legally can do while governments which are controlled by kikes are getting monopolies and lead to oppression of citizenry anyway.

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That's what I've found..


Blender has been getting $10 million for development every 2 years from the EU and consequently that means it's got the biggest research/development budget of any CG program out there including Maya, Houdini and all the rest of them. The result is that Blender is in the process of morphing from being a crude amateurish program to being a polished powerful professional quality program and totally open source.

You don't belong here. Leave and never come back.