Pron addict

i'm pretty much a real nazi, however i have an addiction to interracial porn for the past 4-5 years. I've been trying to stop but It always comes back. I don't know what to do. I'm hoping this will help. I guess I find it appealing because It's the absolute worst thing I could possibly look at. Im FUCKING SICK OF it and i want to stop, please help.

My girlfriend is a virgin 17 y/o (legal), a trigger is that she said she used to be a "snowbunny" and like brown /black guys. it kinda triggers me but she was pure virgin except for one kiss with an albino guy. Im pretty sure i impregnated her. Should i try to talkt o her about it? tell her my addiction to interracial porn?

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t. zack


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I reported this thread but the mods won't delete it.


I'm a fascist and I've been addicted to scat for five years, we'll all make it eventually user

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I can't smell the larp from here.

Surprise, surprise.

Suicide now.


Cut your dick off.

I'm a commie but I like paying prostitutes larp as my mother.

Your woman will internalize the values you tell her to.

So if you tell her you believe that it's hot for her to to fuck niggers…

I like porn where White men use mudbloods for their sexual pleasure, and I've done it. I especially like fucking jews.


You need to get over your addiction. Not sure she is the one to talk about it with.

tfw you can only get off to interracial porn anymore

Maybe you are subconsciously performing aversion therapy on yourself? Are you injuring yourself while watching it? That is sort of how shock therapy was used, shocking the patient whenever they watched gay porn or had gay thoughts they would be shocked to attribute their fantasies with unpleasantness.


keep telling yourself she is a virgin, and keep fucking her thinking she is a virgin. But let me ask you this, is her asshole virgin and nonetheless can I fuck her up the poopshoot while you watch? We could even DP her hot little holes.

OP are you trying to tell us youre a nigger? What is this?

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not everyone will admit this but i bet every single person that browses this place is too lol


sage, he's using a vpn to screencap for his cuck porn blog, it's a larp

if you're into black guy on white girl, then stop projecting yourself into the guy
but if you're into white guy on non-white girl, then read up on R breeding vs. K breeding, and take K breeding to heart, and to your ding dong



oh, and a side note: you shouldn't be projecting yourself into the girl, ever… even in non-porn


Seriously, even just jacking off is better. At least then you arr'not developing voyeurism. Continuing to watch porn will result in wanting more and more depraved types of porn. Probably ending with child porn. Stop while you can.

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user watches pron though, and we all know that is 'different'. With pron you can project yourself into your bestiality and no one gets hurt.

This is very true, OP should refer to this pic.

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I bet Hitler dealt with the same issues tbh. ;^)

(You) and this guy should jack each other off.



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It's because you have a small dick. Get into dick exercises (such as jelqing, stretching) and you will shake it off.