National Socialists and Stormtards are as destructive to the White race as Jews.
It seems every time Whites take a step forward Stomtards manage to force two steps back.

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lol, white nations have existed for thousands of years, nice thread retard

90% of your post is trash, however I will agree that it isn't necessary to slap a swastika (hakenkreuz) on everything… the average person sees that and thinks you're just being an edgelord.

National Socialism failed faster than Communism you speed reading triple nigger.

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Ok retard.

maybe if you spam more hentai you fucking weaboo

lmao I didn't move any goalposts, you just can't fucking read, retard.

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If you blew your brains open with a shotgun in this instant, the most likely outcome is that,nobody would care, is this why you are making this? attention?
just delete this shitty thread already and get over it, there is nothing to argue here.


imagine trying to convince people that the most successful and prolific race ever known should adopt a system that inevitably leads to death famine and war without fail, whats more is that most people here are fully aware communism is a plot created and put in place by jews specifically to cause disorder among white people. you're fighting a losing battle sweetie


Yeah, imagine being a Stomtard.

Not an argument.

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it's like you're a Nazi who's trying to make commies look retarded

I didn't ad hom and I'm not a Commie or Nazi you blatant idiot.
I'm saying National Socialism, which is the ideology I addressed in OP, inevitably leads to death famine and war without fail.
Grow a brain, you big, dumb idiot.

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I'd take you more serious if you just posted more, then it would really look like you were from here

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"I'd take you more serious if you just posted more, then it would really look like you were from here" - Literally who

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Neo-Nazism and White Nationalism are not National Socialism, and the majority who identify with the former groups tend to have very little actual understanding of National Socialism. Neo-Nazism and White Nationalism are distractions from NatSoc, and both are typically led by Jews and degenerate goyim. In fact, I challenge the OP to form a proper argument against National Socialism.

The biggest economic miracle and overwhelming joy/support from the citizens is a failed ideology? Losing a war with almost the whole modern world against you is the failure of an ideology rather than the outside extermination of it by others? LMAO sure thing kike
I hate the jews in my country, i dont give a single fuck about the jews in israel. Let em go to their fucking homeland and fend for themselves.
Except the first claim is verifiably true and the second is not. Strawman.exe has failed
Extermination due to war is not self destructive, just like socialist venezuela destroyed itself without a war. Reported for jewish trash.

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not surprised that a jew would victim-blame Hitler

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Okay, bye.

But he is from here. Don't you know imkikey when you see him?

It succeeded faster than communism and capitalism. When Britain decided to throw their empire away to attack Germany over bullshit nobody cared about (Poland), then things got dicey. Poland isn't a problem for the US, so we'll be fine. We've learned that instead of peace, you jews want war. You want commercial dominance, you want debt slaves, you want soulless and alienated shoppers. Your hoaxes can't stop us. Laugh now, like you did in the 20s, because we will kill you this time.


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FOUND THE TURKROACH! Go back 2 Ankara subhuman.

Hitler didn't kill Jews, but he should have. And we will. It's time to make things right. Hitler was attempting a mass deportation of Europes' Jewish population, but the real answer is putting every kike inside an oven.

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National Socialism died because England liquidated its entire Empire, Russia sent tens of millions to their deaths and America spent around 4 trillion dollars adjusted for inflation.

Communism died because it collapsed under its own weight and now Jews control America.

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Could've gotten to the point, dumbo

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Shitlerism is bugman tier socialist nonsense, not real Nationalism.

gas yourself

Good thread OP.
Judging from the replies from this thread you can tell the average IQ for this board is now 87 IQ points.