"Fuck Niggers, Fuck Jews"

Outrage after white Alabama high school students are filmed making racist slurs and joking about concentration camps as they discuss 'how to get rid of black people and Jews'.

Shocking footage has emerged showing a group of white Alabama high school students making racist slurs and joking about concentration camps.

The video shows students who attend Spain Park and Hoover High Schools in Hoover, a suburb near Birmingham, discussing how to get rid of black people and Jews.

Fuck niggers, fuck Jews,’ one boy is heard saying on the video, which has been widely shared on Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter.

A girl replies: ‘Jews are fine because they’re white. We just need the n*s gone.’

The girl also refers to ‘oreos’ - a derogatory term used to refer to African Americans who are ‘black on the outside, white on the inside’.

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Reminder that women shouldn't be allowed to make decisions, especially voting

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Chad doesn't give a fuck.

Chads are vagina slaves.

Cringe and bluepilled.

The media have turned against average people. They are now watch dogs who call mobs to attack regular people.

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one boy

That's actually the opposite of a derogatory term.

Someone slap that bitch.

This was in a private residence so free speech isn't even allowed on private property now if you're White? Also this is illegal since they were filmed on a private property without consent. They are also clearly drunk talking and idea exchanging which far better then being a shitskin who would go murder and rape innocent animals or humans.

There is niggers, jews and general genetic trash that call for extermination of Whites in our congress itself. Yet any White opinions on race is the ultimate evil even in a private manner. God damn there is a blatant race war on Whites in their own nations its despicable but, the marching boots in retaliation when Whites start participating in fully unified manner against this europhobe hate will end with White victory.

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Bet she's a jew and got him to do this shit on camera.


This little faggot stealthly filming should apply to project veritas. Spy skills are on point.

This is why I don't let anyone bring their cellphones into parties or wherever there is alcohol+me. Kek. And everyone thought I was some kind of psycopath control freak weirdo.

No one has me on a recording talking about Hitler and how Jews are LITERALLY not humans.

Once again I was right.


Fuck niggers

Fuck kikes too.

Mandatory check-in

His logic is correct, he just never thought how many loafs of bread a bakery can bake.

We need to have a talk young lady.

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You can't even see their lips moving. Think how easy it would be to take innocent videos of normalfags talking about sports and overdub 1488.

Think of the media-baiting possibilities

I prefer niggers over Jews any day

Only niggers think "oreo" is an insult. Oreos are literally the only kind of black that can function in human society.

niggers are easy to identify


bitch please

Bluepilled zoomers

Act like a nigger and take a video of the phone playing the video with the new audio to add another level of masking


He's completely right. The holocaust never happened, so the jews run the world.

woke af based negro

Oreo means civilized. On a semi-related note, I should be allowed to hate whoever I want or think what I want. We willingly give up freedom for this? For what?

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You mean have some role reversals to see how NPCs react?

I remember having conversations like that in high school and nobody gave a shit. It wasn't until the internet that people started really flipping out over it. Most of it was just joking around.

Well, yes, people are very anti racist, but not like they today. It's wasn't pathological like it is today.

Hi I'm a shIIl kiKe jeW and would like to intervene and say a crazy thought


Get reeeeekt knuckleheads hahahaha, y'all believing some shit withbout goin intime n shiiet lmmaaoo, use calls us da niggas but we really not the gold diggas, yous are with da Incorrect and False statements in here.

Everyone should reevaluate their ideas and viewpoints to better reflect a hatred of Jews and hope for a day where we may be free from the shackles of a society and see that where are now relfects what ideas we will continue to lavishly pursue.

When have we ever just sat back and drank a cold one with our fellow Aryan brothers and sisters to think about our plans and their realworld implications.

My reddit spacing is being used to discourage the unworthy of reading my standpoint, anyone with a right and sound mind can see that my format is simply a vehicle to get my point across

Thank you and goodnight, it's late af and the Jews, not (((they))) will definitely get this before any oneelse.

Here's hoping to a brighter future with a more pale outlook to better represent where our traditional ideals will ultimately lead.

Godspeed anons, share this and copy it as you please. Corrupt or evangelize it as though you a free Jesuit removed from the shackles of opression that is preaching the true word of God and not the Kiked versions.

I sincerely leave you with this reddit spaceing and small part of ny essay of the mondern world view as a way to expand an open all anons to pursue their dreams and their shared dreams. I love you all and may never post again I'm here to help and dearly hope a special user picks up on this message and spreads this like Ebola Aids!!!

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Its like the teachers tell the kids all races are the same, but the kids don't believe… I can't imagine why….

Based digits.

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These are criminally underchecked digits.

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This warms my heart. Fuck niggers. Fuck jews.

They took his paper out of context.

Now I know who are behind the pro-Kike posts

Way to ruin the moment, fucking bitch!

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And little did they know that the electronic jew is sitting there right next to them using GPS tracking, facial recognition, and endless propaganda indoctrination for which they pay monthly fees.

Theyre even mostly European, its a cult, it has no ethnicity/race.

Oreos are also known as Uncle Toms in the 'Black Community'. Depending on the point of view, it's positive or negative.


Chad needs to sit Stacy down.

Overdub video
Media goes insane
Release real video
Media exposed

No, they are a racially and genetically distinct whole comprised of several (also racially and genetically distinct within themselves) sub-groups (Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Mizraim, etc.). Within the whole, and even within each sub-group, they have several major varieties of cultic practice, with a substantial amount of memetic differences between them - at the same time there are still substantial memetic similarities connecting them.

In many of them, within all sub-groups, there is no adherence to most (or even all) of the religious/cultic practices, teaching, laws/rules, and no strong belief in their group memetics - they practice and profess to believe in the bare minimum needed to maintain the ability to signal Jewishness to others of their race. Still others of each sub-group are intensely involved in the practices of their specific variety of the cult and memetics.

As well, they have mongrelized by mixing with many different races, differing in which and in amount depending on subgroup, and none remain ancestrally pure. Some have converted to kikery and now mix with the whole, but the whole is still distinct and apart genetically and phenotypically (in General) from the rest of mankind.

Cults/religions do not tend to have recognizable and genetically detectable common features, in terms of apprearence as well as emotional/mental traits - for instance their higher rates of mental illness, or the many genetic disorders they are prone to in unique fashion.

However, a good deal of them would like the “goyim”, especially the European ones, to think they are merely a “white” cult or religion, and not a kind of “multi-race” with sub-race groupings within the whole. Another way to see, more or less accurately, it is that they are as I said a multi-race with internal castes or sub-races/sub-groups that tends to function as a collection of organized criminals, sort of a racial mafia, which use their tribal in-group preference to manipulate, defile, deceive, dominate, and ultimately dominate (through financial and eventually physical enslavement) the various groups of “goyim”. They are not one cohesive unit, or one generally homogenous race (like the Japanese, for easy example), but they are still definitely uniquely distinct from the other races and they still function in an intensely ethnocentric manner.

If they were just a cult nothing would stop anyone from simply converting to gain the benefits associated with compliance to their memetic system and practices, however, nothing could be further from the truth and one would never be truly accepted or trusted with internal tribal information by any single sub-group of kikes, let alone the whole multi-race, with the vast minority of individual kikes who might individually accept one of these converts never, ever, being willing to accept such converts en masse. They are aware that this would destroy their system and degrade their functioning. They will accept tiny numbers of converts, usually by marriage and for great political, financial, and genetic benefit to the individual and the tribe as a whole, but they are wholly unwilling to allow just anyone or many people to convert and will not treat them as real jews if they attempt conversion anyway, because they are *NOT* a religion or cult, ultimately.

Excuse any errors, here, am rushing as I need to board a boat in a few minutes.and must prepare, no time to edit.

no flies on you, are there mate?

hey rabbi watcha doin, high school edition

Nazi savages

What video is that? Don't mention it then not post about it you lazy ass.

White Genocide is openly called for all the time and nothing is done about it. No need for it to be undercover unless some media businessboy needs clicks, which is fine.

This rambling, incoherent, genocidal schizophrenic diatribe was paid for by you, me, and everyone else.


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What the Establishment is betting on is that scaring the shit out of people that they can never have Free Speech will keep them in line.

It will keep most whites in line as most whites are born and bred slaves and runners.

But the problem is, it might, just maybe, might convince people it doesn't fucking matter what you say, you'll get crucifixed for it anyway.

Just sayin', this is the foundation of several modern Nation States including the US.

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lookin good kids

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based and redpilled

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Kinda like lolshiveks!!

Anons who open carry are at extreme risk from leftists and feds.

Call me when they're red pilled.

I might be on record defending the hakenkreuz, Hitler, and European culture and also that Chinks are like bug people compared to other Asians. I used to not care but now, after doing this "no phones" thing for a decade, which I still do at home and around family holidays, I have become lonely in the conversational sense and now shitpost afk at some bar where families eat; so kids hear our drunken debates on race and culture and politics. The trick to never getting the boot is A) Don't be in faggy leftist city like Importland. B) Never use "bad" words, even if you know it is stupid to oblidge such retardedness because optics in public count for businesses. C) Never Dick Dastardly. Which means never badmouth anybody or anything; including displays of anger. Simply defend the virtues of your beliefs in freedom, family, community, culture, society, and humanity in general. By doing these three things you can have any discussion with any person (in the US only; sorry Leaf-, Aus-, and Euro-bros) because you will come off as polite, kind, and considered.

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Goyim, I…

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I love this state. Alabama doesn't give a fuck. I can talk about niggers, jews, etc, whenever.
Fuuggg cheggin

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Incite all masses against jews and niggers.

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Check out this other one:
Some mulatto-looking sheboon sitting in her car apparently getting called nigger by a load of whites passing by. The fact that she appears to be wearing a Tree of Life pendant and has photos on her website with red material wrapped on her left wrist gets my spidey-senses tingling.

Tolerance: A coping mechanism for a sick people.
A quasi moral term applied by degenerates when they need to get away with something repugnant.
In others it is a product of sophistry, cowardice, apathy, uncertainty and a desire to be left alone. An attempt at a social non aggression pact with things and people they know to be wrong because they lack any real conviction.
Tolerance is a virtue in domesticated animals because it makes them easier to control.

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I was thinking more along the lines of:
Destroy real video.
Release dozens more fake videos until nobody bats an eye at 1488 talk.

for you maybe


That's 'bama Christian conservatism for you. She probably owns an "I stand with Israel" shirt.


It's about 50/50. One half sucks off the (((chosen))) while the others regard them as non-whites. You can thank the early Klan that there are any left to distinguish the difference. At least here they did more anti-jewish activism than against the negros.

expand on LITERALLY not Human? I beleive you but I'd like to know more.


Who are you quoting?

You wish, subhuman


s-so Slavs are the whitest race? Who knew…

can't stop winning the culture war
but trump touched a wall so lets not vote in 2020

Go away MAGAnigger. Adults are talking.

Decent idea, not a bad way to think about it. The distance between NPCs and real people is widening and already huge. Gotta find ways to bridge the gap and bring them to the truth


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Kill yourself kike.

This is exactly why women need to disappear from public and ask their husbands to explain the things they need to know about.

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I wonder who is a bigger whore for Israel, him or Trump.

awful meme, nobody except you will ever post it

I can hear your hands rubbing.

by (((alriel zilber)))
Only "outrage" from jews yes.

prove it instead of just astroturfing this you gay nigger

Better version

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I wish the newcomers would lurk moar

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That is not a 'woman' you fucking retard. That is a girl with girlish opinions.