Google found it was underpaying more men than women for similar jobs


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Probably intentional, social justice and identity politics are just an excuse for revenge.

Lol clown world

They took actions based on lies like the wage gap myth. Women were never underpaid by as it's illegal since the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

I suspect that it's a way for men to secure their wealth, that's why they push trans ideology.

When it comes down to it, pay based on negotiation rather than merit is inherently unfair.

When two exemplary employees can have vastly different levels of pay simply because one pushes harder for raises during annual reviews something is wrong with the system. Equal pay for equal work should apply to everyone, not just cunts and transnigger faggots.

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How is it unfair? if you feel like you're worth more than you're being paid, you can negotiate and if your boss says no pay rise you can leave and work somewhere else.

When you enter into employment you are entering into a contract with another party. It's up to you to negotiate the terms. You can't rely on HR niggers to get pay rates right as evidenced by the story.

Never seen this before, nope.

Anyone remember when Obongo kept repeating the x cents per dollar crap during his time in office? What a fucking idiot.

Will they learn anything from this? No. Will they change their policies because of it? Only grudgingly.

It's "unfair" because women, even the stronk independent kind, are too retarded and meek to negotiate.

It's as if James Damore was right or something.

What do they even do with 10,000 software engineers? It's not like Google has made anything new or innovative in a decade. Haven't they run out of bugs to fix? Do they just hire these hordes of people to verify solved traffic light captchas or something?

Google has a lot of double standards when it comes to gender. For example:
Apparently it is okay to host a manga of an adult raping a child so long as it is a woman raping a boy and she is compelling him to crossdress.

It's unfair because AUTISTIC RETARDS - like 88% of channers - are terrible at negotiating. However LOW SKILL CHADS are excellent at it and will get raises even if their performance is terrible.

Most of them are working on shitty cloud-based apps and then just mired in meetings 90% of the time so they can't get any actual work done.

If you've ever been in HR you'll find the majority of complaints come from women. At the same time, the executives and shareholders expect better productivity/profit while pushing sjw nonsense into the workplace but in addition to your own ears and eyes there isn't a single study in history even by women showing women in any job or field being just as good as men not even cooks, cleaners, tailors, and nurses. So they don't even do as good of a job or work as hard yet expect the same pay and the virtue signaling millionaire/billionaire idiots up there in their isolated luxury meeting board want us to make paradox a policy. Clown world.

I worked in their SF office as a contractual programmer on a couple occasions. They have an absurd amount of money that they can piss away on basically anything they want. They're basically just a massive tech vc firm with insane ad revenue to cover any risks.

OH I know. The sole reason women were pushed into entering the labor force was to dump wages.

How many pajeets did you meet?

Someone has to play pingpong.

Surely the women were performing better thus the increase in pay?

Leftypol approves of this social justice.



Keeps them off the streets and out of competitors' hands. When you're that big you can afford to hire most of the top talent and waste it on useless busy work to drain the pool for everybody else.

Backend complexity. I mean think about it, all of Google's products are total shit, and yet they have a ridiculous number of developers. You know what those developers are working on? Data mining in the background. All the window dressing on the frontend is mostly for show.

I made it a personal point to never hire anyone who has any big tech experience on their resume. Total fucking blacklist. I toss their application into the trash because I know those people are at minimum unethical pieces of shit, at worse they are leftists.

Gee, you think so? But hey, ask ZOG and these woman were WORKING HARDER than the men so they deserve it, don't you know goy?

If your a women or nigger in tech, you basically guaranteed a management job because muh diversity.

Literally had front holes and nogs promoted over me even though they had half the performance I did, and were late / absent all the time.

Most of the time once the diversity reaches +50% in a department, it starts to fail, then upper management steps in, shuts it down and fires everyone and then moves the duties to some other no pozzed dept.

Next you will say that what you build, own, and sell isn't speech and the 'Fair Housing Act' is a respectable law that doesn't violate the first amendment.

Only in group hiring settings where people are getting the same levels after being hired. But then is it unfair to have different people have different schedules or work environments ?

You should join me at Mygrozobd where people are paid the same as everybody in their level and raises and bonuses are performance-based. There are lazy people and stupid people galore but most are not non-europeans. Sekrit based club.

Women are often better welders. The ones who can weld tho.

And to increase productivity (monies for jews) and break up the family.

For you.

Absolutely this. Don't need any laws to tell anyone how much to pay anybody. This has a natural way of working itself out. If you are valuable and there is work around, it is absolutely up to you to game as much pay as you can. We should not rely on the Government for things such as this as evidenced by the complete clusterfuck that everything they touch becomes.

Why the fuck did it capitalize "government"? lol

Five'll get you twenty women are still slightly overpaid compared to men.

Twenty'll get you a hundred the coozes still do much less work than their male counterparts.

A hundred'll get you a million every single one of them still expects free gifts/the man to pay when they go out on a date.

Because, zoomer, incompetence rises to meet the level of success.

Being anti-social is not an excuse to underpay people, it's top-tier jewry

Women are shit welders

If you say something has been welded by a woman people will lower their standards and say its good, Like if something was welded by a kid.

Revenge for what? Creating society and taking care of women so they could be wholesome house wives that have lots of children?


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Wow, I guess I should spend time giving a fuckvabout that while the jews are fixing to hail mary a third world war.