Under what circumstances is suicide okay?

That is, from an auto-eugenics POV?

Recently, I read this thread

and I was enlightened about IRL IQ functioning. As someone of only 129 IQ, I found it rather depressing, but it explains why I'm such a failure so it isn't all bad. Ultimately, I have now realised that I am quite unintelligent and that I'm ultimately genetic dead-weight. As a consequence, I have severe depression to the point where I can barely function. I feel like every moment is a thick haze of nothingness. I cannot go on. I believe the best choice is to commit a case of an hero; but before I go, I'm open to suggestions. Ultimately, what should I do on the way out? Because death is now certainly on the horizon, I have nothing to lose. Send me real suggestions, please.

I will set up a live stream on stream.me so that all of you may sit in pleasure and watch the final act.

Yours truly,

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If you are a jew.

Suicide is always an option and its always appropriate. You should know this if you aren't a newfag.

CM wants content like the thread you mentioned because he wants Zig Forums nice and retarded and thus harmless.

Suicide is only acceptable if it is done to further the goals of the White race.

If you are convinced that ending it is the only way, then do an Oklahoma City bombing on a soft target like a Jew temple during one of their unholy satanic masses.



I'd be weeding out my shitty genes, so check.
I have a background in data mining and have some personal info of Soros including his address.


Marvin Heemeyer had the right idea to kill himself to deny his enemies the chance at revenge against him.
Also in general if your fate is going to be worse than death then death is obviously preferable. What you define as worse than death is subjective.

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You know the drill, lads.

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Why? WTF is the point?

In your case it's totally fine

I know it is. I'm a fucking retard. But at least help. Please.

Ignorance is bliss, The less you think about it. The better you feel.

Thinks any of this small time shit matters.

I cannot ignore my own inferiority because to exist is to experience the truth of my own existence and thus my nature.

Also I'm retarded and only read your subject.
Don't be a retard and kill innocent/unrelated people. You'll fuck over your agenda if you take advice from retards like
There's a reason people think OKC was an inside job.

If you really have to kill people before you go, you should target a specific scumbag(s) for their specific action(s).
In my opinion you should blow all your money and travel to Japan and kill the rapists and killers of Junko Furuta
It's not that hard to bludgeon four rapist Japs to death with a rock, brick or lead pipe. They're probably 5'2ft each.

Hiroshi Miyano
Nobuhara Minato
Jō Ogura
Yasushi Watanabe

Normalfags and Stormtards, everybody will love you for taking out legitimate degenerate scumbags who got off free from a heinous crime. You'll be a fucking hero to absolutely everyone.

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I went on www.coolmathgames.com and took an IQ test, the test said that I only have 168 IQ points. This is totally unacceptable and even though my mom always tells me what a smart and handsome boy I am, I'm still depressed. I'm going to kill myself by sticking my 12'' penis into a gigantic electrical outlet.

IQ does not correlate with academic achievement or desire, especially in current year. Just because you haven't written a PhD in some obscure branch of women's studies or don't want to devote your life to a 25k academic scientist's salary for the rest of your life doesn't mean your automatically low IQ.

You know the way out

Well the other option is to go out like a wimp. Suicide needs to be something world ending bad. Like your genitals getting chopped off. Be selfish and live like the rest of us.

Except it totally does. Oh wait, I forgot about all the retards who are academically published. Yeah, no correlation at all. Hahaha.

Fuck the Japs. I don't care about them.

No shit, retard. Why don't you post something decent.

Only the ubermensch deserve to live.


Reported for spam.

Welp I am out of ideas, before you go give us your info so I can look you up in the obituaries and try to get to your funeral.

Maybe for you it does then. In which case listen to


If you don't care about four scumbags kidnapping, raping and torturing a girl over the course of weeks then killing her and hiding her body in concrete, only to face 0 jailtime because they were barely minors and had Yakuza connections, then do a flip you fucking nigger.

Three situations:

Anime has severely damaged you.

I'm 91% Norwegian and 9% Italian. And I'm only 26.


I think that he glows in the dark, but he could just be humble bragging about having an IQ OF 129, anonymously. Either way he is a faggot.


I believe that one of your countrymen has already lit the way for you.

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129 is low!!! Read the thread. It is not impressive at all. 140 is required for proper functioning. Therefore, I'm a retard.

So start cucking for Jews or Chinks then. Oh shit! Nope! Nah, it's just a Nip fetish.

Fuck it, I'm going after Soros. And I'll set up streaming. But that is gonna take a bit. I'm going to have to plan everything first. Thank you, user.

citation needed

Well, if you really want to off yourself and not pass on those bigbrain genes to your offspring, then I would suggest getting a bowl cut and committing yourself to the great work.

I took a Mensa entrance exam.
129 is not big brain. It is low IQ.

Mensa, plebe.

The best organization for intellectuals doesn't advertise, they find you. Then they make you solve all sorts of puzzles just to join.

Find a Hobbie outside the internet. The internet makes you miserable. You're going to die someday, what's the rush?

There are hot dinners and I'm lukewarm. And nobody wants lukewarm.

Take out the leader of an anti-nationalist org

Internet is a distraction so I don't think about how much I want to hate fuck these hot leftist women.

Any. Less whiners, better world

Don't tell me you are the christcuck from 4cuck

Don't use that site. Never have. I'm a phronesisist by religion.

Furor Teutonicus
If you're a woman, the only ones left at the Wagonfort, who'd rather not become a sex slaves to the Romans and have their babies become the victims of pedophilic Roman aristocracy.
If you're a man, you should probably go out fighting in a struggle you cannot possibly hope to overcome, if you have such an honorable fate, and see the streets of gold.

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OH the same (((nigger))) that made the other IQ threads.
Go fellate a gun


Real intelligence is understanding the world, not some man-made concept of IQ. Let me tell you about a highly important natural law that was corrupted by humans to control others. Individuality. Nearly every human being has the false believe that the world revolves around him. That he is important, that having a conciseness is giving him the right to act like his own god. That is a lie that's been promoted by jews since forever and it's why they're succeeding with their crimes. Individuality can only exist if the collective is healthy and strong enough to create the freedom needed to become an individual. Individuals are the fruits of labor, created by a hardworking, stable community, and they are the means to reach out and uplift the entire collective with their unique actions. This collective is based on race, culture and upholding morality. When you have an honest look at the history of mankind you see that only a handful of true individuals ever existed. The rest is white noise in the history books. The jews learned about this early on and used it to promote the false hope of becoming individuals to the gentiles. It's always about standing out, chasing the dream, being your own boss, yada yada yada. Meanwhile the jews operate mostly from the shadows, keep very few figureheads in their ranks, and have an entire autonomous, religious movement at the core of their group.The ones in charge send out their soldiers into the world to spread their crimes, knowing that these people will succumb to greed, decadence and immorality, but their actions are purely beneficial for the collective of the jews.Meanwhile the core of the jews is not influenced by this, they are being kept down with the teachings of the Torah, they indoctrinate each other with the Talmud, hardening their resistance to temptation with circumcision and thereby create a stable collective that can churn out more (evil) individuals than any other race.They are called the yang, and their path is the easy path of evil that will led to the destruction of the planet by going against nature itself. Humanity represents the yin, and theirs is the path of struggle to create an utopia with the powers/natural traits/abilities they were provided with. We are the creators who were given the tools to build a paradise, the jews are the deceivers who use our own weaknesses against us.


low iq

intelligence is overrated, being beautiful is what's important. Nobody wants to hang out with ugly people.

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Hijack a plane and crash it with no survivors
Seriously though, fly a plane into mecca and kick off WW3

Just in case nobody noticed…
There is a relationship between reporting, talking about suicides and an increased number of them.

OP thinks he can make us suicide
To celebrate OP faggotry, please post gore


You're on their list now.
Never announce your plans online.

Damn, beat me to it!

You are most likely vitamin deficient and lacking the building blocks for neurotransmitters like dopamine.
The depressive thoughts you overly focus on are not your thoughts, they are the result of this vitamin/neurotransmitter deficiency that you very likely have.
When you are more healthy these thoughts would either not persist, or they would have no power over you.
Before you kill yourself, get blood tests done and see where you are deficient and look into high dose therapy.
The vast majority of people in the northern part of the northern hemisphere are vitamin D deficient for example.

Essential (4 week minimum) experiment to kill depression before you kill yourself:
Take around 3 grams of Vitamin B3 (niacin) every single day until you feel better.
Take around 300mg 8-10 times a day (every 2 hours)
You could take it all at once, but some people experience gum pain at high dosage.
Fixed long standing major depression in less than 2 weeks for me.

Take Phenylalanine 1-2 grams per day to begin, tapering down to 500 mg per day maintenance dose.
Phenylalanine is an amino acid and a precursor to various neurotransmitters and is used in the creation of dopamine for example.

Take vitamin D3 and K2 together in a 10:1 ratio.
So if you took 10,000 IU D3, you would take 1000mg of K2 (do not skip the K2 it is very important)

Just these 3 supplement protocols have changed my outlook completely, I'm still well aware of all the shit I was before, but it does not bring me down and crush my spirit any more, I feel strong again.

I urge all anons to do their own research on all this obviously before taking anything.
But if you are in a blackpill state of despair this really could bring you back from the brink.

High dose Vitamin B3 with Phenylalanine, D3 and K2 is the anti-blackpill GOAT

I only eat Japanese ramen but that's all a nigger like me deserves.

if you live in norway or some other northern country, the high dose vitamin D3 and K2 supplement protocol is even more crucial than what you eat

You don't know what vitamins are or what they do.

That may be somewhat true, but you know even less if you have not experimented yourself
Are you relying on scientific orthodoxy to form an opinion or have you tried what I suggested?
Seeing as how so much research has been jewed by (((pharmaceutical companies))) I think it wiser to experiment for oneself than to blindly trust (((peer review)))
Look at how the (((scientific community))) supported James Crick when he stated truths that do not algin with the globhomo NWO agenda
They unanimously turned their backs on him and the truth, how scientific.
How can you trust anything that comes from the (((scientific community))) in the modern era?
You are your own lab
Do your own experiments
Come to your own conclusions

Actively considering it myself. Have the opioids, have the bentos, I'd just like the to have some phenobarbital and then buy a 12 pack of good cider. What are some reasons? Genuinely hopeless, you know it's never getting better, you don't want to wake yo in the morning, all you enjoy anymore is fucking sleeping and you curse when you wake uo, try to go bak sleep, then curse some more when you finally cannot anymore,
Don't want to die by going from a high building since I was in NYC on 9/11 and I saw and hear what that looks like, not pretty. Don't want to urn to death. Fucking corry I didn't get the tank of carbon monoxide before the Jew outlawed it on amazon. But looking into car manuals and wats to release more carbon dioxide then use a pool hose, tape it tightly around the end of the car exhaust pipe,then run it into the car and fucking tape the window heavily.
i have the book "final exit" and there is something called "the Hemlock society." In …either belgium or holland they will let you just kill yourself for depression, ad provide the drugs for you (but you need to be a citizen, and I'm NOT for letting younger girls with fucked up emotions do it). To use Dignitas in Switzerland, you don't need to live there but you have to have a lethal, irreversible illness.


Reminder that this is the audience CM wants for Zig Forums

There are few things in this world more repugnant than self-pity.

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Why kill yourself like in /b/-tier fashion when you could go out in a blaze of glory and kill a jew other jews depend on? In fact why kill yourself at all? If you have such a high IQ why, do you choose self-destruction when you should be able to devise the destruction of the jew?

This is the only worthwhile post in this thread. Anyone slave to opioids are jewish slaves. Jews spent the last few years murdering natural medicine doctors and no one did a thing.

Keep in mind that B-vitamins and K2 are water soluble, i.e. drink lots of water to properly absorb them. Maintain electrolyte balance with your water drinking.

Phenylalanine is a good choice and I strongly recommend balancing it with tryptophan because dopamine and serotonin imbalance usually results in mood swings. I believe the balance ratio is 10:1 but I can't remember off the top of my head at the moment. Opioid jew slaves don't realize they're spending more from their phenylalanine reserves by not replenishing it when they could just be replenishing it in general and get the same effects minus the delirious high. The jew tricked these idiots into drugs instead of fixing their health. Just look at the components the body makes with phenylalanine and see the comparisons to what opioids rely on.

D3 is fat soluble. I mean it when I say have fun with absorbing it. Take it with butter, ghee, raw organic milk, coconut milk, get more healthy fats in general. The jew spent the last century erasing healthy fats from health advice and now the majority of first world people are low in lipids and can't think properly - and lipids are arguably as essential to human life as water.

If this thread gets deleted, you should repost that advice in a more worthy thread. Other people need to pay attention to their diet and what helpful supplements there are. Most if not all depression is caused by deficiencies and even if not caused by can be reduced to negligible with the right stuff.


thats gifted. stop being a fag and dedicate yourself to something. plenty of normies achieve something because of focus and dedication. once again stop being a fag

Yet you're just a naysayer who contributed nothing.
That in itself disqualifies you from commenting.
The other user offered a possibility.
Have you examined this character flaw in yourself and decided on a course of action to remediate it?

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That reply of yours is so jewish it has forelocks and it's chewing a foreskin
You definitely should kill yourself chaim, you dirty rotten kike

We all know that you're not serious.
But if you were serious, I'd say that you should take out (((Tim Wise.)))
That arrogant anti-White kike-bastard deserves to die for his crimes against humanity.

Screw your optics and go to the local synagogue.

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Stop being a sad sack of shit and start being an Aryan, you faggot.

Suicide is never acceptable for auto-eugenics. Society needs genetic edgecases to assist in its research and stabilize its culture. Auto-eugenic suicide is a violation of collective responsibility, and auto-eugenic sentiment should never properly go beyond refusal to breed.

Although I wonder sometimes why humans ever want to do that with each other… You’re all either too fat or too skinny, and you’ve half as many legs as you ought to have…

cianigger larping - the post

Before you go, read "The Tibetan book of Living and Dying." Its pretty quick book.

If you are injured after shooting up a synagogue, and they are going to take you alive, it's ok to an-hero.

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Pick one and only one faggot

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Yours? Any.

If you're a jew, nigger, sand nigger, poo in loo, or bugman: Kill yourself.


Suicide for a straight, right-wing, natural White is bad. These kikes saying it's okay are going to have their entire history etched out of books on the DOTR.

OP, sad to here your troubles. Not everyone can have a 170+ IQ (like myself) but I know plenty of 'tards that live full-filling lives, hell, my wife's a 'tard and she's a pilot.

ATTENTION - Akarin wants you to join this minimal rules and super active imageboard Discord server:


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When you are in a kike prison world fueled by monopoly money printed at will by inbred yids where the only thing you are allowed to do is build somebody else's dream, yeah I'd say a quick death is better than a slow one. How does not having the right over your own life not indicate that you are a slave?

If you aren't white.

First off, don't do it. Killing yourself won't help the race whatsoever. They'll be time to die fighting later. If you simply must, then do it in such a way as to harm our enemies. Otherwise "we're" just going to make fun of you like the nyan cat mask kid who blew his brains out. Remember how the emt's made fun of his corpse? That will be you.

Only if you have a chronic incurable debilitating/lethal disease.

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Suicide is not ok.

If you're meant to die you will.

for manlets