Are pakis really this dim?

Just asking as I hear a lot about their IQ’s. Also, just how ideologically possessed to you have to be to prefix everything with “the racist?”

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Middle easterners used to have much greater caucasian admixture (see old photos of people from the near east), Now they've been BLACKED, also, something like 50% of pakis are married to a first cousin. You knew inbreeding was bad with the muslims but now you see

Arabs, Niggers and Pakis are all massively inbred and incest is natural in their cultures. Yes, IQ does take a huge dip. Also deformities are more common, as are some genetic defect like sickle-cell nigger disease.

They are absolute subhumans. Avoid at all costs.
t. Britbong in equivalent of Burger SWAT.

It's obviously a troll retard. no Paki would have a union jack on his twaater avatar. Judging by the response of retards like you, it works pretty well and if ZOG kicks in his door, he can just say "huh? I was just offering him help!" IS this your water user or are you really this fuckign stupid. Also, I'm turn because I DESPISE tommy robinson's kike ass but then the idea also despises him. Christ's fake, there are only 500k out of almost 70 million people in the UK. We can't find one Christian to lead??
And all you fedora topper assholes, always remember one thing– nature abhors a vacuum. The vacuum left by Chrstianity will be filled by sand niggers. Based on burial rituals, man has been practicing some form of religion for 100,000 years. You fear types take it out at your peril, esp when 99.999% of you fedoras would never dream f serving in the ZOG military against men who will willingly die for the faith that our people no longer have thanks to bugmen like you.

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They've been fucking their cousins for a thousand years; what do you think?

Why do so many of your police seem to be pozzed af? I'm not talking about cunts and sandnigger diversity hires, but white anglos.

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Same as military. All entry level positions are full of cucks. Any position that requires advanced skills and the ability to do real, serious combat is full of rightwingers. Our squad leader is a 146 IQ EE major with a black sun tattooed on his back. Served three tours in Iraq as a commando. We basically get paid to play Predator with blackies. Pretty good.

To be exact, normal/easy positions select for normal people. Normal people are cucks. So… not hard to figure out.

But Tommy Robinson is racist. Their entire tribe are the actual racists.

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IQ will destroy the left ideology once and for all.

Do people with higher IQ have more braincells?

They were originally similar to caucus peoples. Then they Got PIE'd. Then they got Arab'd.

The term Aryan came from a self designation of PIE peoples in Iran (which has the same root).


Has nothing to do with ideology. They were promised our countries and Women. When non-Whites say racist they really mean "oppress whites."

Over 75% of pakistanis in the UK are married to their first cousin or closer.

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Yeah, great average IQ 84 'jews' (khazarians) are racist against the other assorted semitic nigger trash with 76 IQ…its all subhuman trash so they can rank themselves however they want. They all need to be exterminated. Just fucking scrub the ENTIRE REGION. GLASS THE WHOLE THING AND BE DONE WITH IT. AFTER THAT THE REST OF THE KIKES AND MONKEYS WILL SETTLE DOWN.

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Surprisingly, sickle-cell is an adaptation against malaria. Not entirely sure I'd consider that amongst the deformities list.

KEK. Probably gay boys, but still funny.

Is that first one a turkey on his head?

that's actually an evolutionary adaptation against malaria, nigger.

Pakistanis are White faggot.
The muds you see who emigrated to Europe are actually Israeli Mossad coming to kill your people. You goddamn low IQ britbongs.

Thanks Moshe

Pakis are 'white' BWAHAHAHAHAH

Some questions answer themselves.

Pakis are about as stupid as your average posted here.
They've got a better grasp on the English language, though.

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so what race are pakis then??

Generally a mutt breed of poo, bug, and dune.