The nazbol gods are awakening…

The nazbol gods are awakening…

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I only recognize one God, and that is Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

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Do you love the god of the Old Testament, or the god of the New Testament?
Do you love the Demiurge / YHWH, or do you love the true God?
Out of the father, the son, and the holy ghost, which one do you worship?
How do you rationalize pope idolatry?

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They're the same, so both.
YHWH IS the true God, wtf is the demiurge is this some dumb gnostic thing?
The Trinity is one God in three eternal coexistent persons, this would be like asking: Which of the following do you worship: YHWH, YHWH, or YHWH? It doesn't make sense to consider them as separate Gods, but I guess this is your gnostic heresy speaking.
I'm not a Catholic.

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The trinity is a god-head.

why not both?

Peter was the only true pope, and he was a disciple of Jesus. idolatry is fine because they're just pictures and icons.

there ya go.

Yes, I am a sneak deadly gangster con artist parroting puppet scum on top playboy for the World Wide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God.

kidding aside about popes, the last great pope was Damasus II. everyone after was an antipope.

I think this is where the west fell to d e g e n e r a c y

after this guy everything went to shit. the popes afterwards were agents of the Demiurge.

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Fuck your gods, faggots. Socialism is inherently anti-theist.

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No, gnostics hold that the demiurge (Creator of the material realm) and the God of the Old Testament, YHWH, are the same being.

How comes NazBols are getting into this?
Surely gnostic horror of procreation works against perpetuating the Master Race?

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Slaves of the church not welcome here

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Savior from what? Your original sin that you didn't commit? Sounds like a scam.

A breeding competition between races is imaginable only in an open globalist rotten society. Race war is something the Capitalists strive for, not us. Also, nazbol is all for quality, not quantity. To be honest, a breeding frenzy is something more akin to marxist-leninists with their messianic outlook that can postpone revolution in generations afar than not nazbols of which this conception is alien. Lenin for instance - and I hate to go against Lenin - said in a diss track against an anti-natalist crew that giving birth to children was somewhat good because they would overthrow the old regime one day. It's insane: you make the commune for the people, not people for the commune, molochian behavior.

Thanks for your reply.
No offence meant but it does sounds somewhat like the alt-right denial : "The Nazi's weren't imperialists, they just wanted what was best for the German people."
While it's true that they weren't (overseas) imperialists (like the British,) they were colonialists. They looked to the East for lebensraum.( Hitler lays out his ambitions in this direction in Mein Kampf.) What was the reason for his thinking? The undeniable poverty of the German peasantry. They didn't have enough land to sustain themselves. But instead of expropriating the Junker class, the Nazi's invaded the East for land.
I'm not saying NazBols=Nazi's, straightforwardly, but my question is, what is the NazBol position?
Today, would you be in favour if expropriating the property and assets of white billionaires in your own country. If not, why not.? Crackdowns on Immigrants, welfare mums, etc are a drop in the ocean in comparison. A leak in the wealth reservoir.

I take your point about Lenin, but it'remains true that most rightists are in the demiurgic camp as regards breeding. I would have thought theres more gnostic potential in LGBT s

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I'll take it as "no."

Impossible. Being lgbt is the epitome of identity spookery. Yes, there is a gnostic school of taught that embrace deg.eneracy of any kind, but it does it exactly because it's deg.enerated and doesn't believe in the world's gimmicks, like sexual identity for instance.

My response is in your own post:

The nazbol position was an eurasian continental block made with the Soviet Union to maintain the German Chajusong and keep the anglo menace at large

because they are rightist, as well as leftists, together in their false opposition, they are embroidered in Maya's veil.

I feel your reply is an elegant way of avoiding the "White Billionaires Question."

It's not the only question of course.

I think what makes the far right so appealing is it doesn't duck other questions.
What has the left got?


Things are either reduced down to their constituent parts. Religion for example is reduced down to being just bits of myth cobbled together in various permutations, or reduced "up" to what its function is supposed to be i. e. the opium of the people. This doesn't capture the religious or spiritual experience .

. I'm experimenting with a visualisation in the morning. My body is filling with light! It's pouring in and I'm glowing,it feels like a warm yellow light like from a nice old gas lamp.

Reductionism wouldn't capture the feeling of it. If it was *just* an opiate to get me through the daily grind ahead , for example, a coffee and smoke would do just as well.

I think it's the same with the white billionaires question. White billionaires may be porky, but far rightist still feel a spiritual affinity with them.

Here's the thing, though, Not necessarily is everything connected in the Universe. There could be gaps, voids. (The gods could be drifting.)

You can de-link things that aren't really linked. (You can expropriate white billionaires without it being against white people.)

No. I slipped that part because I don't know what you are talking about. Do you think there can be exploiters in the New Atlantis Angkar?

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White billionaires

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Oh shit, these kids are killing machines

Based ChristCom

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this is a Nazbol thread. bitches leave.

"white billionaires" is codespeak, huh?
not that I care, it just shows moderators should not exist.

if we could be reductionist with our vocabulary, with these "white billionaires" buzzword, how many other words can we get banned until this board can't exist because it will summon the great other? maybe Jim can help us here….

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not that I care, it just shows moderators should not exist.

No it isn't. I asked *The White Billionaires Questiion":

(I still haven't had a reply.)I t was meant to show that Capitalism can't be reduced to "the Jewish question", for example. Capitalism isn't a matter of sneaky Jews hoodwinking the white man,
If it was, white billionaires wouldn't exist, (like the one funding Richard Spencer in the Jacobin article linked to! )

If NazBols aren't opportunists seizing on gnosticism for its perceived metaphysical anti-Semitism (though it is as much anti- orthodox Christianity) why do they avoid the White Billionaires Question?

NazBols hold the belief that white billionaires are bourgeois jew sell-outs and should be killed for that reason. In fact anyone who is rich is a sell-out to those that hold all the wealth, there's no way around that fact.

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mostly it can, but there's a few good boy conservacucks willing to wage war for capital, you know that, right?

one thing though is that Stalinism and Nazbol are not the same thing, where as one makes the state a central role, Nazbols not only do that but rid all private property and even allow the citizens of the given state freedom to bear arms, all workers, and allows more freedom of association and free speech than Stalin would. essentially its like leftcommunism but without the semitic overtones and more of a sense of national belonging than them, who thought nationalism was nonsense. hence its basically nationalist council communism.

But jews aren't the guys who hold all the wealth. The richest people in the world are named Bezos, Gates, and Buffett. The richest family in the world is named Walton. If you want a race-based conspiracy theory about who controls all the wealth in the world, it would make more sense to make the Anglo-Saxons the Big Bad.

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A likely story Padraig…

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Maybe so because of Empiricists, pushing the degenerate "Yay Science" on people. But a lot of mid level business ceos are jews and that cannot be understated.

Come on don't bring the Irish into this crap

What the hell is a "mid-level CEO?"

Faith and beggorah! It's just like another potato famine, it is.

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Like corporations "too big to fail"


What? Make sense.

I am, you idiot.

You opposed to righteous anger, old man?

The eventuality of communism is the death of all whites.

not necessarily true, if you look at the German ones, the ones that divided themselves from the Sparticans.

Good thing I'm a socialist and not a communist.

Cancer or heart disease is the eventual death of all whites who do not die of some illness or misadventure first.

NazBol is fun I hope it keeps going.

Don't worry we will save some specimens for the zoo.

"Souls [of mortals] produce a fitfully visible light, soiled by the many compounds in the realm of generation."
-Iamblichus, De Mysteriis Aegyptiorum

White or PoC, we all expire in the end.

Lefties will always be in support of more shitskins so for that reason the majority of them will always be corporate stooges. 50% of Nazbol are just old tankie commies that want to actually seize the means of reproduction and NOT for the purposes of funding bourgie nonsense like transvestites.

though some actually believe in Evolian mysticism and are not atheist and merge the two like I do.

Nazbol is an idiotic right wing meme ideology

p sure Quakerism is the only form of Christianity that's compatible with the true left. This isn't to negate the great work of the Catholic Liberation Theology movement, but Catholicism in general is pretty oppressive.

Was hoping for a real nazbol thread but got godcucks & larpers. Feels like rhetoric. And whappen to calling out the WASPs? If u choose a side these daze ur not paying attention. I hope everyone her at least listens to Crass….


No one listened to Crass, not even in the early 80's. I'm old enough to remember the original anarcho-punk scene.
The joke was you'd buy the Crass LP for the liner notes and throw away the record.

Say hello to the green fairy.
The effect at 3.15/5.05/6.18 sounds like one of our nazbol Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers,.who by some miracle of self discipline have decided to stop posting gibberish on Zig Forums and get down to some practice. (An invocation to Kali Ma is audible at 6.18.)
The thing is as music it's great. It's really affecting. Sometimes the Devil has the best tunes.
With this skeptic atheist BS we're just ceding ground to the right wing.
What to do? Read a book. You don't have to become a believer in anything, but Graham Harman's books will give you all you need on metaphysics. "Object oriented ontology" It sounds obscure but he used to have a side gig as a sports writer, so he knows how to write clearly.

Ur mom is an idiotic meme

Crass are/were fucking gay.

Edgy cuntzi nonsense.

Case in point I was in a cringy Asserist/Nazbol larper party and then the guy who led it tried to convince me crass was good (it failed so he had a npc seizure and threw me out of his party, no explanation. Then I hear he's saying ANTIFA have the best optics than any other group. I'm convinced he's another fed.





Why you inbreeds think that haterosexuals are jews ?
faggots have more AIDS and HIV than anyone else, DISGASTANG!