Australians kicked out all their dual citizen officials 2017-2018

I never paid much attention to Australian politics so I never knew about this until today:

I'm too ignorant to compare the viability of Australian politics as a whole, but it seems like they had the right idea and America could follow from their example. The mass unearthing and renunciation of British citizenship that happened there could be mirrored by the mass unearthing and pressured renunciation of Israeli citizenships here!

So far as I know, the only guys who have voluntarily done this are Ted Cruz (renouncing his Canadian citizenship) and some other guy. We should keep track of guys who did this and hold them up as shining examples to emulate. Remember: EINSTEIN did it. Surely the other wonderful Jewish citizens of America would want to follow Einstein's example and renounce non-American citizenships to show he is no longer loyal to them!

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How do we push this for the US?


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glorious cunts

Did they oust (((them))) from politics or deport them? The former is okay but the latter is better.

How do we continue to fan the flames against AIPAC in the US? Many normalfags saw it for the first time and were furious it even existed. You could easily use AIPAC as a stepping stool to redpill people on jews.

The fact that it keeps slipping by into obscurity is a shame. Never expect normalfags to know something as basic as AIPAC until it's a household name.

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I'm not sure how I feel about this, on one hand, kick out the dual citizens. On the other hand, it is a shame that so many of them were replaced by globalist nigger and subhuman trash.

Constantly shill it everywhere link it to foreign govt US elections tampering is the absolute wet dream I can imagine.
#aipac election meddling
The rest will unfold like a barbers straight razor.

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All white people, not a single jew was removed. This is terrible. Look forward to your new influx of "refugees".

Yeah and how does it affect those who can give up their citizenship and reclaim it on a whim?

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It led to a bunch of whites renouncing mostly British citizenships, it was mandatory for them to ONLY be Australian citizens.

The point isn't that this was necessarily a super-important thing for Australia (then again, perhaps the Jewish influence is worse in England than Australia? Natives, tell us) but that it is super-important for us.

The great thing about us doing it here is we win either way. Either the Jews can't be leaders because they refuse to renounce Israeli citizenship, or they do renounce it and this gets publicly reported on, which will then make people aware of just how many Jews there are in congress.

Can you imagine a headline like…
100 members of congress renounce Israeli citizenship to remain in office

It would be GLORIOUS.

You stupid fuck, either you're a jew shilling matzo or a nigger if you think the rules affect jews in the slightest. They can renounce their legal citizenship all fucking day long but they always have the right of return.


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Physical removal. Anything short of jews being deported is useless.

Hasn't made any difference, in fact if anything it's hidden them better.
Jews can still stop anyone entering Australia they don't want in. So who has political power really?

Anything short of jews being exterminated is useless.




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Just being a kike automatically gives you citizenship so removing it does very little.

And lying to goyim doesn't count.

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It's a start. We're lucky cos we are small population. We can still hold our elected officials to some sort of accountability.
Don't get me wrong, we have our (((influences))) they are just losing power to the working man.

The most pronounced incident I can show from recent times is this (sorry for lack of archive, its late and I'm being shitty phoneposter)

Lot of the times its just ignorance that has allowed us to trip over, but its possible to overcome.

Why is that faggot Avi Yemeni or whatever the fuck his name is still in Australia??

Just ousted them from politics. No deportations.

Nice compilation matey.

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jews with australian accents bug me out

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The Jew treasurer seems to be exempt from it though.
But apparently that's ok because he isn't a Hungarian duel citizen.
Its like putting the rats in charge of the grain stores.

They didn't get rid of (((Turnbull))) or any of the other kikes though because Israel foesn't count apparently.

Fuckin heiled, cunt

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checked and kept

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The funny thing is the guy who started the idea in Australia was a fat pseudo commie
He just wanted to jab at the conservative party because half of them are dual British nationals
But then it came round and bit labour too because so many of them are dual indian/chink/africa/Americans
The guy who started it himself got into trouble because he had an American social security number

Not after being traitors like that.

Thanks ya cunt

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I wish we could do the same here in the States, but it would probably require a Constitutional amendment.

Fuck 'em, their primate brain knows they are being outcompeted but they can't express this bc 'social Darwinism' is a dirty phrase..

They're only doing that because she's White and is having White kids.


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the first thing that comes to mind is does the whole "right of the return" shit Israel has for all Jewish people mean that they could technically renounce their Israeli citizenship when it's politically necessary, then easily get it back as soon as it's time to jump ship from their half dead host country?

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My sides you cunt! Well done lads.

Australia still voted for fag marriage so they're disqualified


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Those look like drunken indians like the feather nigger Indians that are , you know , drunken

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Thanks cunts

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Kind of shocking that anyone in Australia can believe in racial equality with abbos there.

None do besides the greens who try cash in on it. All abo communities are full of incest rape and petrol huffing while the abos who live in the city are treated like pets by the greens to use when needing political gain.

I have known quite a few abos who got bred out a bit who will fully admit to how sub human the entire race is.

some people fuck them…..

Some people fucked their slaves, some people fuck animals. This is not really a surprise


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It's bad enough to fuck a negress here in the States, Abbos look even worse.

tempest in a teapot.

"Constitutional Crisis" LOL. Govt sending official notices to guys with Brit/New Zealand citizenships from parents, meanwhile the Jews can get laws passed to put people in prison for Holohoax questioning.

Prob with Dual Citizenship is the other nation doesn't have to tell another nation if you are their citizen, and you know the Jews are ready to bring up the Holohoax as a reason Jews need to be exempt from being outed as Dual.

Exactly. Shitskins in this country frequently shit out 4+ kids - all on welfare - and nobody bats an eye. But they're very vocal about shaming any White woman that wants a large family. Wouldn't want that White reproduction thing to catch on.

Why didn't I ever hear about this?

That's under the assumption that the voting process isn't rigged to begin with.

Exactly, she and her husband are being very bad goyim!

I first saw mention of it on the front page of the English-language version of (((Wikipedia))), no mention of it on the TV news, except for (((Bloomberg Radio))) that had a segment about it.

I hope AOC takes control of the Democrats soon. Nancy is worse than a ZOG stooge, she's a traitor to these United States

Cortez is the same kind of shit as Pelosi, except younger.

Nothing stops you from regaining the citizenship after you're finished in politics though right?

I know, and this will be easy to demonstrate. The point is that this will out them. The very act of renouncing Israeli citizenship will show how many of (((them))) made religious pilgrimages there and got it automatically, and how they could easily be embraced there again, so even renouncing it is effectively meaningless.

Opinions like yours are what I will want to hear once they begin doing token renunciations.

Getting them out of congress isn't useless. Forcing them to publicly renounce to stay in congress isn't useless.

You're missing the point, the Australian thing wasn't about Jews, it was largely about Brits. But we can use it as a precedent to show that it isn't inherently anti-Semetic to ban dual citizens from running for office.

The value isn't in removing their citizenship, but rather the news coverage in response to doing it, like when Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship. Also the kvetching from those who don't want to give it up. We will get SOURCES, and be able to make LISTS of ex-Israeli citizens. The point is that people will become AWARE.

It's probably harder to regain Russian citizenship, for example, than Israeli, yet what do you think awareness of being an ex-Russian does to someone's political aspirations? It becomes a talking point. Being an ex-Israeli will also become a talking point.

People will begin to wonder: why did these people not renounce their foreign citizenship until they were FORCED to? Why didn't they do so voluntarily like Ted Cruz?

Banning dual citizens isn't a prophylactic against Jews, nobody's arguing that. But it would serve as a tool to out those who became Israeli citizens, which also outs the issue of how easy it is for Jews to become Israelis at any moment via ROR so you can never trust them. Even those who never pilgrimaged there and got it already.
Not sure, but as you can see it's still having an influence up til 10 months ago. Can someone point out to me any Jewish politicians in Australia who have pilgrimaged to Israel?

YUP, and you should MEME the hell out of that. We should pressure them into renouncing (they think this will help them) but all they have done is outed themself as Jews. We then hold up a candle and compare them to people who have renounced other citizenships (like Cruz and Canada) and how it is much harder for people to regain them.

Cruz is "ex-Canadian" and we can then refer to all the renounced Jews as "ex-Israeli". Then we can refer to "ex-Russians" so so on, meme them as covert Russians, etc. Have people understand the concept of a cryptoRussian so they are prepared to understand the concept of a cryptoJew.

Good, LET them do that. That's still a win for us, because it will serve as yet more evidence of the double standards they have for themselves vs the goyim.

Nope, and we must make Americans aware of this, and how HOLLOW the gesture is for a Jew to renounce his Israeli citizenship, or for a Jew to not have gotten it yet. All Jews are potential-Israelis, and going through this process will provide material to educate the public.

India doesn't allow duel citizens. Have to surrender India citizenship if you get citizenship in any other country.

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by first exterminating the jews.

Like it's of any real significance.

They've been doing it for decades, only difference is they're enforcing it harder to make sure their "Australian Heritage" is kept proud behind the walls of the parliament.

You want worse examples? My cousin is from the Isle of Man, and they wouldn't give him a proper UK citizenship (rather, he couldn't move out of the country) because our grandmother wouldn't sign the papers because they hated each other. After her death, he had to work for in East London for at least 5 years to get "properly naturalised", that or go through expensive paperwork and a lawyer to speed it up, and be left in massive credits.

Besides, an Australian Passport is even more powerful than a UK one. They should be a bit happier they get that honour, there are some EU countries that won't even let you have dual-citizenship under any circumstance.

Besides, it's actually worse and more "nannified" here in Albion than Downunda.

P.S. I found this photo in a /int/ post by some Irish guy talking about how it's "supposed to be worse" down there, and I kek'd…

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Australia is the most over legislated 'developed' country in the world. Unfortunately it's only matched by their staggering ignorance, apathy and propensity to witness everything that happens in the world, then do the exact same thing and wonder why the result is negative.

Your information might be out of date, says they allow DUAL citizens

nice dubs

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Hey vaginas are for making babaies not pleasure. Quit being whores.

What did you meme, user?

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The world grows weary of owing the world more than the world can pay.

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