April Fools!

Serves them right.

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Stop watching pornography.

Tor is free. Make stickerz.

Seriously how is this supposed to work? Every porn site in the world is going to implement the UK ID system? Every ISP in the UK will block porn? On Apr 1 I will set my VPN to England and see what happens.

We need to meme all the fucked up shit that's really happening in England and elsewhere, and play it as april fools. Except it's not a joke, it's real.

Tough shit, you should have been an American.

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They building the great router to watch all traffic going through like the gooks?

Probably the same way they tried to ban pirate bay, basically if you have basic fucking computer knowledge this won't effect you because boomer jews have no fucking clue how the internet works.

Oh fuck me what am I saying. Like they don't already have one for violating britbong privac…

You know what there's some shit posting that just can't be completed because of how absurdley funny it all is.

I love the optimism you have for the crown.


lol not everyone is into CP dude

Unironically good. Porn destroys mens willpower, especially when they start watching it at 10 like most boys in the UK. It also makes them prey on teenage girls in their teens and pressure them into degenerate sex. This will boost British male achievement and leave more virgin girls past 18.


I feel bad for you limeys. But on the brightside, you can just dress like a muslim and get all the free cp in the country!

Fucking animals is no better mate.


Certified kike-free first post.

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Show me dat porn loysense, maty!

Men can still get easy nudes and porn from snapchat and reddit (which they won't ban because soyim would actually lashout about that)

nu/pol/ will defend this.

Right on cue!

Porn is a drug you fall into over time. If you can never stumble upon gangbang footage, you don't go looking for it. Most 11 year old boys google "boobs" out of curiosity. At the moment that leads them directly to "milf with huge boobs pegs young boy" or "teen gangbanged by old men" or some other crazy degenerate shit that hugely moves their overton window of what normal sexuality is, and turns them into hypersexualised rapists at 14.

nu/pol will oppose this

Right on cue!

Yes it is.

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How about we stop going to jew extremes? You're acting like hysterical women. Back in the day I got to experience tits at the age of 11 in a magazine. I didn't turn into a rapist. Quite the contrary I developed a healthy appreciation for women. What I didn't have access to was the degenerate shit. Seems like the key in everything is moderation. Kids do not have the impulse or self control necessary to decide whether they really want to see something or not before doing so and will just right in. That fucks them up. The open access to the net with all the garbage on it fucks them up.
Until you remove the jews producing the crap and the degenerates that WANT to consume that crap, you need to limit what your kids have access to. Completely taking away natural discovery will fuck them up in other ways.

No, they both earn the oven.

That is an added benefit, all those used up half-nigger jeweses turn into healthy young Aryan virgins the moment they are routed through TOR.

Who gives a shit? Fuck Europe.

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Maybe you're older, but I had internet porn at 10 and it fucked me and others up. I used my first gf at 15 as a sex toy and we both thought it was normal. Same with my second gf at 17. The entire youth culture is corrupted by porn access. At that age you're so innocent, if you have huge access to films of degenerate sex you will assume that's ordinary and healthy because so many adults seem to be doing it. And parenting has pretty much gone out the window for large sections of society. The older generations have no idea how easy it is to stumble on filth.

The porn block won't stop, for instance, google images from showing breasts, or womens underwear catalogs. Boys for millions of years didn't have porn mags, I'm sure their psychological development will survive missing out on interracial teen blowbangs.


Like I said there was a difference and it needs to be limited for kids. Fucking jews put it in everyone's head that they were to be treated like little adults and we have huge fucking problems where the kids often have more control than the adults responsible for them.

What if the mare consents tho?

Sorry mate, you semites all act alike.

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If you don't think that the UK is a trial run for what they are going to implement here in the states, then you need to get your head examined.

Cocksucker, I'm old enough to remember when they required a credit card for age verification.

Yes, which is exactly what this law does. Over 18s just have to get a card from their local shop. It won't be called a "porn pass" it will be called an online proof of age card or something. Probably will be usable on gambling sites too for plausible deniability.

Still, hardcore porn is an extremely damaging hard drug, and anything limiting its ease of access is good. It really makes me wonder why they're doing this now. Porn has existed online for decades. Maybe it's just a further late stage cash grab before the financial crash.

Seems pointless when they can be stolen and used just as easily as a credit card. Or will they have bobbys show up whenever they have a hit on the system to check the validity of the license?

Oooh spoopy thought, are britbongs required to have webcams yet?

Porn isn't the target here. It's any website which might have porn, they need to have an easier way to tag people who might be getting into those naughty opinion parts of the internet. Get more control over information and all that and set a principle that yeah it's totally fine for them to ban you from doing things on the internet.

Normally I'd disapprove of the "Oi! do you have a loisense for that?" shit but this may work out in our favor if it keeps people from getting hooked on porn at a young age.

In b4 April Fools

Well if this is some sort clever shock therapy by pushing everything so far to the left and hoping that society counteract by pushing things to right or perish. Then they played it out so well that I'd be honestly surprised. But as we know, man can dream.

That is the main problem. Porn does promote dangerous and unhealty sexual intercourse.
All that promotion of unprotected anal intercourse, followed by vaginal intercourse, yuck.

Welcome your vaginal and urinal infections, complications up to infertility!

Unfortunately the generation grown up by the boomers is even more irresponsible than the boomers themselves.

That is the parents responsibility.
Creating a censorship infrastructure is a stupid and irresponsible thing. Nobody forces parents to give children internet access, internet is the world and not all places are save.

Well actually the jews managed to do so through child abuse laws and putting it in everyone's head that not having a fucking cellular phone is abuse and the internet is a human right. So yeah, they kind of did.

Yeah it's totally pointless. As we know every 12 year old steals their parents credit card regularly and buys things with it

Yeah, leaving it up to the parents is not working.

They are morons, to this day I still fucking pirate shit easily off pirate bay, all they are doing is embarrassing themselves like always.

The British who stayed made a mistake.

I see, you're just being an argumentative disingenuous fucking jew. Thanks for clearing it up.

I agree, so did the Hessians.



Reminder: this is just to get the masses used to having to turn over ID online. Same with Facebook’s real ID stuff

No thas. Keep your homoshit

Really? This is the thread that was kept? The OP explains less than the first one.
We'd be better off hiring pajeets off of fiver to be mods.

I will slap you with the Freemasons, and throw a few lodges at you.

You can lose your driver's license and car too.

Then encourage them to ban snapchat and reddit until those sites ban pornographic channels for the britts. This is all kinds of win. Push it harder.

Well, they want to cull the weak, so they need your medical records, mainly height and dick size.

They were here because I am. They don't work for you.

Who else expects a lot of cuckoldry, destructive fetishes and BLACKED porn getting onto the okay list but anything about white people having sex to make babies will suddenly not be approved by the state?

Dealing with your goons is a job.


You're one cheeky cunt m8

You're a smelly faggot.

actual subhuman nigger intellect at work here. you're going to buy what they're peddling goy? you think the actual purpose of it is what they say it is? you gullible fucking retard, defenestrate yourself

porn is degenerate

yes it is, that's not the fucking point though. the point is that the britbong government get to block citizens from accessing any arbitrary content they decide is wrong. and tie everything you do online to real life ID. which will be used later to throw you in gulag when they later pass thought crime laws. it sets a utterly fucked precedent. don't cheer this shit.

don't cheer porn. the doomsday scenario you envisage is reddit-tier "slippery slope" thinking

ah you've convinced me. i was wrong. this is great. the government is great and only mean well. they'd never do anything like that. ever. not even kikes would do something like that. hey, maybe it's all actually ok. maybe kikes are our allies. maybe we should go to sleep. oh man what a wonderful world we live in, full of these fine individuals.

You're so fucking dumb.
Do you really believe Bongistani politicians give even one lick of a shit about the effects of pornography?

This 'porn ban' infrastructure will be used to ban Nationalist websites and other politically relevant anti-establishment content, the pornography aspect of it is merely an excuse to gain public acceptance from the dumb masses. Zig Forums will be the FIRST site to get banned because it hosts both radical nationalist politics and disgusting pornography.

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porn is degenerate. if they expand it to other activities that's a different thing. it's different. one thing is not another. porn is not "any arbitrary content" but if they do decide to limit other stuff then that should be taken on its merit. defending porn by saying you don't trust the government just defends porn.

Fuck off. Every single time Jews introduce a ban on porn, whether through the government or a large corporation, they use it to ban pro-white content. If you want legal precedent, check out the Canadian ban on importing porn from the US in the late 90's, which they then used to confiscate books from WLP's National Alliance at the border.

The locked-down British internet will look like the public wifi at my city's trainstations and McDonald's restaurants, where you need TOR or a VPN to even read fucking AmRen or Counter Currents.

Straight out of the horse's mouth, Yuri Bezmenov. Here is a webm of him explaining how the USSR was able to execute every single target in one night in Vietnam.

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have you even been on this site for more that this thread? who runs porn?
gangraping and trafficing "pure white women" is not the best way to run a society
that's not legal precedent, that's canadian nonsense
the irony of you ranting about canada banning nazi books whilst defending the degenerate international criminal gangs who destroy the moral fabric of "white" countries is astounding
in other words:

right sure but do you think Hitler was a "free speech defender of porn"

I really hope you're a shill, because I don't like the idea of complete retards being on the same side as me.

Our enemies do, which is why it's so fucking obvious that they have ulterior motives when they propose to build legal and technical infrastructure to filter it out of your internet experience.

You're preaching to the choir, and you're strawmanning me. Nothing I've written could be construed by a person with an IQ above room temperature to be a defense of porn. I'm in favor of burning all porn, and all porn producers with it. I've bkocked every porn site I know in my router.

If the government wanted to ban porn, they would ban porn.
Instead, they move to censor the internet, because they want to censor the internet. This lockdown is literally a direct attack against this website.

the "internet experience" of porn is not anti-jewish, Mr Rabbi
then why are you against limiting access to porn?
maybe they will in the future, like China
freespeech defender moron
listen, Rabbi. PORN is not SPEECH

Daily remnder that white/asian Hapas are and always will be universally superior to white cucks and asian soyboys. :^^^^^^^^^)

Can't wait for the porn pass list leaks in the future. Those on the list will be exposed, ridiculed for abusing and taking advantage of women (in the current feminist government), and later criminalized (in the future caliphate). Brits, make sure your enemies are on this list.

Do you people realize that we're talking about a government that arrests people for calling trannies by their real pronouns?
How on earth can you believe that such a disgusting government would be concerned about limiting degeneracy?
They're obviously just trying to get you to accept the idea that they should be able to control what you can see on the internet.

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this is just so they can apply this to websites like this since porn gets posted here

gender fluid King/Queen soon
can't wait for xir to grow up

More complex than that. I'm not going to defend the pornography industry, but porn has historically been a male domain. From a much more innocent era, it was often simply an outlet for men to look at attractive nude women. IOW, sexism. Remember that in London "sexist" ads are prohibited.

So it's basically an attack on men. That is its intention.

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It's jews, good sir. They deserve no capitalization, for they draw capital from it.

Don't forget, it's not jew, but modern-day pharisee.

No. They aren’t banning pornography but rather handing over what is essentially a monopoly of the British market to mindgeek. Laws around content were in fact loosened recently.

This is nothing more than a phase in a long-term plan designed to implement full control over and streamlined accountability of information transmitted via the Internet. Understand that the British state requires theatrics in a way that other authoritarian states do not because it refuses to acknowledge it is one.

China can ban effective access to the Internet with a simple piece of policy but Britain must take a tiered approach to achieve the same end. This stage of implementation will create the opportunity for the state to establish the precedent of mass blocking websites that whilst do no serve illegal content do serve legal content in an incompliant way.

And how much of that purchase goes to the (((prawn industry)))? All of it?

Putting (((porn))) behind a paywall and block it from society seems like a good move for everyone involved. I dont think people should long for the 'freedom' of doing degenerate things, so why should i care some faggots will let go of their shekels to fulfill their marxist needs?
Apart from the censorship already in place, they wouldnt need to ban information/sites/people for censorship. People are kept in their own digital bubble. Its much more effective than banning things.
Anything worth doing is worth doing well. We have pajeets here with better manners. Why do you niggers rape everything you touch? From women, to music, to language to societies, you fucking rape everything to a pulp and leave it barren.
Get made me think, but i still dont believe you can prevent a capable people from finding what they need. The problem remains your people not knowing what lies beyond their own social media bubble. (((kiketube))), (((beakbook))), (((yakoob))) and (((jewgle))) make sure that bubble is cozy, get those alpha waves flowing. But (((You))) keep worrying about how the government is banning pro-white content - when its already pumping out the anti-white agenda at full fucking force for more than a decade now.

Removing porn from society is a good thing. Let the weak of mind and body spend their shekels and energy on it. Let them be the bad example we need for our kids.

Amateur porn is the best porn. No more fake titted, makupe slathered bleach blond Jewish whores fucking black guys and spreading degeneracy.

Your not wrong but this isn't about porn. Government will censor any site it perceives as dangerous to itself under the guise of it being adult rated content. The goal is to hinder media that it deems to be dangerous to zionist ideals.

This will make lots of money for Jewish smut merchants, who are back to the Weimar practice of selling dirty pictures in a Kreuzberg back alley.

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Seeing all those obsolete currencies at the bottom made me sad. Also, Playboy was specifically intended to turn women into degenerates – that's what "the girl next door also likes sex" was all about.

I actually don't have a problem with them blocking porn. It's actually a step in the right direction for a change

you are from cuckchan: confirm/deny

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Don't believe the slippery slope lie, goyim, we're only taking away your rights one almost imperceptible slice at a time

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While I abhor pornographers, this is clearly just more shekels for the porn industry, it's just an assault on free porno sites. Also these fucking niggers have no idea how the internet works. Literally none. Attempting to censor anything over this digital hellscape is absolutely pointless. It is best to let things sink to the depth of this ocean of degeneracy.

I stumbled on porno when I was probably 7? 9? However at that point in time I had already been abused, so like… idk guys… I just don't know. This sounds like more of a parenting problem…

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what a shame