Ocasio-Cortez Charged with Stealing $1,000,000 Campaign Money



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Alright here is the thread hillarity shall ensue, it seems meteor woman is going to burn up on reentry.

Not even a day after she supported Omar in calling out Yidsreal…


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I think it's weird they haven't come up with something like this on Ilhan Omar yet.

Regardless, AOC apparently just stole 1,000,000 from her donors for personal use (pay her boyfriend and probably pay for her apartment), which is fucking insane

Are you nigger lovers happy now? Are you going to tell everyone about how they need to support you rfeeble corrupt SUBHUMAN FILTH because, "muh subhumans are our freinds"…they don't steal, marry thier brothers, commit felonies with immigration, commit felonies with their own finances.


Okay this is epic

Brown niggers who don't give money to Israel and don't want us to go to ww3 are objectively better than jews who do

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Who fucking cares? She is a subhuman KIKE stacked layers deep on other turds like herself until our government is almost as POZZED as Canadas.

She wants to abolish ICE and have open borders. And she isn't exactly leading the charge on calling out the kikes, either. That's the Somali doing that.

Why not get rid of both? Why chose between a subhuman schizo and… the same fucking thing, except this one wouldn't rather die than perform physical labor. Both are objectively shite and have to be dealt with.

WWIII is the only way that the planet is going to be able to exterminate it's kike/SUBHUMAN infestation. They are too entrenched otherwise to be extracted from any nation without a mass global purge of the subhumans.

campaign manager is a cia plant and did this on purpose like cohen tried to do with trump who is still a jew btw

We have ICE, right now, and yet still, we have open borders. So what's the difference?
Pic related you fucking dumb nigger baboobn

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instead of looking at these events as organic happenings orchestrated by individuals in control of their own actions why dont we look at it like its more scripted kikery sent down direct from moloch to try and figure out what the play is here? have you really not learned by now? they throw you these bones every so often and you waste days coming at them like theyre organic and not tactical then after a week or 2 its forgotten and you still have no idea what the play was. or continue being the fox news comment section not investigating these articles as a script.

AOC has been a goldmine of hypocrisy so far.

ICE isn’t border patrol, ICE finds illegals in the country and kicks them out
Border patrol keeps them out

Just like how well that worked the first two world wars, right? The jews really lost out on those two bad boys huh.

Let's see if anything happens. Jew servants and jew pets calling out their masters typically result in punishment, but sometimes (((they))) make them feel to heat to remind them who they serve and in the end everything is the same as before.

I just posted the article link and text you goddamn nigger. Up to you how you interpret it.


I wonder if this will turn spics against you?

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Let's have a look at what they publish, and who publishes it:
Remove Rep. Ilhan Omar From the Foreign Affairs Committee
The rest is here:
Are these /our/ jews, nu/pol/?


LOOK MORE D&C from kikes pretending that they don't TOTALLY CONTROL BOTH SIDES…


Why so angry, Schlomo?


Why so hopping mad?

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It is incredible how brainwashed people are that they have been reduced to the point where they can only imagine the two choices that the media presents them with.
red vs blue, donkey vs elephant, jew vs muslim, jew vs shitskin.
The answer is none of them. It's all cancer.


Here's another one by
Carl Horwitz
of the Zig Forums trusted NPLC
How Long Can Democrats Make Excuses for Extremists Like Rep. Rashida Tlaib?

I wonder if CARL HORWITZ has an agenda.

Could he be an America First Christian? An atheist in support of the golbal White ethomovement? Hmm?

Pelosi doesn't forgive. Maybe that dumb spic will make the connection…maybe.

6 million nanoseconds on Google, you Jew propagandist.

Who gives a shit what it fucking thinks. WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ANYWAY? NIGGER/POL/? OR SPIC/POL/? That we would give one shit about either of those skank bitches…GET THEM OUT OF OUR GODDAMN NATIONS FOREVER.


Your insults aren't very bunny. Why are you on such a hare trigger?

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*he seems to scream as he's taken down*

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Just because you are muslim and a support of turd cunts doesn't mean that you belong on Zig Forums faggot.

A spew that steals? No. Say it ain't so.

I've been here longer than you, Shlomo. Don't expect anyone to do a little digging and see what and who is behind the story?

She should scream anti-semitism and get the jews' tzitzit in a knot.

Also, I love posting that video because I know how that blood-curdling scream makes your Jew ass feel. For most of the organic anons here, it's a white pill.

she played a large part in fucking up the (((Amazon)))) (((NYC))) deal and she has bucked the Dem establishment leadership in DC. I think she's fresh out of friends with any juice. Her shitlib activist rabble can't bail her out of this one.

On 'salary' to destroy European civilization, I am aware that you have 'been around' you fucking glownigger piece of shit.

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You two traitor kikes are going to get it on the DOTR.

I know you're doing your best to shill, but I just don't carrot all.

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He's a moron. I filtered him in the Omar /our/ girl thread too.

Let's continue talking about how Occasion Cortez is proper fucked, instead of arguing with obvious shills

oh yeah, I can't believe how retarded she has been
She was pretty much guaranteed the 2024 presidency but now it looks shaky

You will never be white.

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Quite the understatement if this turns out to be true.

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I hate this cunt and want everything bad to happen to her.

hold on now… why does this coincide (within a DAY) of AOC supporting ILHAN Omar's anti-Israel tweets?

she still is tbh

absolutely nobody is going to give a shit about this. the public will simply go "isn't that what all of them do"

Literally anyone can file a complaint at the FEC

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I wouldn't go that far, but her prospects are greatly diminished. She's either going to kiss the (((ring))) and stick with the big D approved narratives, or her career will be short and they'll burn down those around her.
They're not going to let her be another Bernie '16 situation where her movement can't be transferred to the (((chosen))) candidates (or policy objectives in this case).

She thought she could change the kosher system from within. lol.

I should add that I don't believe there is going to be a lake house "carrot" offered to her (ala Bernie); It's going to be all fucking "stick" this time around.

We need a montage with every facial expression on the traitors' faces as the shitskin dared utter the truth.

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And for that reason, she deserves our support over these allegations.

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Nope, I'm a capricious god. If it pleases me the cunt and the jew press spat a bit, that isn't the same as deserving my support. Get fucked.

I think she will stand by her principles and accept a fate of sheboon rape in prison with pride. lol.

She'll make a pilgrimage to her homeland. kek


Reminds me of the theft earlier.

She would have to be charged with something first.


And then she went on to get raped by sheboons in prison.

She'll surrender before that happens.

Not sure what part offends me the most.


The heeb was also running a meth lab.

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Time for a special prosecutor.

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no way. that's absurd

probably enjoy it

That didn't take long. I knew it was coming but it came fucking fast. There are certain people in this world you do not want to piss off; Dick Cheney for example (think Lara Logan gang rape Tahrir square, revenge for calling Dick a liar on national TV 4 years earlier). And Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton. Those two especially Joe who comes off all smiley and relaxed all the time, they're fucking fucking evil. The payback will be hard and swift. This bitch and her big fucking mouth have landed her in a sea of woe.

& Skankles is going to prison any day now.
Trust the plan.

You dun goofed, son

This place is irreparably ruined.

She learns fast! She'll go far in congress.

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Accelerationism = jew shill invention.

The elite are afraid of AOC because she is a dumb cunt who doesn't understand how accelerationism works. She is hitting the gas and they are freaking out. They are trying to bury her because they know she will cause white americans to start flipping out the more she is in the public eye.

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Aren't they going to have to take down pretty much the entire brown female 2018 House crew then?

Calm down.

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Nice selfie. Kill yourself for being so fucking new.


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Why didn't she just shack up with the other DC beaners?

Looks like she had a bunch of undefined "consulting" contracts, which is the classic technique to do a payoff when you don't want money to be traced. She could have paid it out and routed money back to herself, for example. Could be many recipients, but she obviously had a strong motive to get cash fast.

The key thing is criminal subpoena power. Without that, it will be hard to track down all the bank transactions necessary to proof fraud and embezzlement.

I think that American politics are only skirmishes in a more profound political struggle going on in Israel.

Benjamin Netenyahu and his Likud Party are fucked, they're losers. They got their asses handed to them in April 2006 by Hezbollah and Israel has been just lying there with its anus gaping open to the world ever since. Benjy is under heavy attack for corruption as well and so is his wife. Trump and Benjy are close allies and Trump is under attack as well.

Occasio Cortez and her brown sisters seem to have been placed in their prominent positions by the anti Netenyahu faction and now the Likud Netenyahu Kushner Trump faction is pushing back

She would have been better off shacking up with Sheldon Adelson and drinking his filthy cumb.

Wouldn't be surprised.

She already got the job though.

Your persistence has helped to wake me up, at least, and I'm sure plenty of others too. When Q ultimately is proven a fraud, the disillusioned 'qanons' will desire a new place and new leadership to go too. You know that Zig Forums can fill that void.
Unplug a bit and get some rest.

I wanna pet that fucking bunny