To all the Trumpkike shills

How do you explain that a literal muslim cunt is working for us (whether inadvertently or not) a million times harder than Donald Trump ever has or will? She's basically done nothing but call out Israel and kikes since being elected while Trump cries about it 9n twitter and bashes her at every turn. He's the biggest kike lover we have ever elected to serve.

Im not worried about sand niggers. Everyone already hates them and if we got rid of nonessential sand niggers would be a non issue. Everyone already hates them and no one trusts them. The entire country loves and trusts kikes, its much more vital that we expose them above anything else.

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Just nuke DC, problem solved

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If all Arabs vanished, jews would still rule over us, enrich themselves off of our labour, brainwash our children with self-hatred, and send us to die in their wars of aggression.
But if all jews vanished, then we wouldn't be struggling against Arabs in our own homelands.
Nor would one be elected to represent us.

This is the choice you'll have to make sooner or later, if you have not done so already.

One of the many great things about Ilhan Omar is to watch people's reactions to her. It told you a lot to see who made no comment, who defended her, and who jumped on her straight away.

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Top OP on the board.
Trump/Anglin/Israel shills inbound.

Nigger, please. The orange nigger converted to judaism two years ago. We've been completely duped.

Bullshit troll. You Nazifags are the dumber than rocks.

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filtered and reported.

How new are you?

What a pathetic whining faggot. Kill yourself.


Here is the informant's testimony courtesy of David Elias Goldberg. What a name.

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I hear it all here. I must be doing something right.

Kill yourself kike.


Because donald trump is a foreign jewish plant and that whole production of an election was a performance, no one sane was going to vote hrc. Classic hagel

There's nowhere else to go, retard.

There is always his mom's house


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So why hasn't anyone killed that kike traitor yet?

Here in the UK, where we have a much higher proportion of muslims everyone makes excuses for the mudslimes when they rape a load of white kids or blow something up.
The difference is just numbers. You have proportionally more jews and less muslims.

They all need to go back. The Jews should go back to israel and the mudslimes need to go back to Saudi Arabia.

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Only a traitor to Communists

wtf I hate trump now

You let it happen, user. The funny thing about the muslims in the UK is that when their children go to a school that tries to cram transgenderism down their throats, the students and the parents are in an uproar because they reject it as filth and degeneracy. That would only happen with the muslims, whom are conservative and traditional, or with a conservative and principled society. They rape and plunder you brits because they see in you weakness and degeneracy; as a consequence, they don't consider you folks as people. Can you blame them when you have let your society turn into Sodom and Gomorrah? You sat on your hands and did nothing, and now you are occupied. I'm not shilling for sandnigs either. I'm just pointing out a strange bit of irony. Their progressive policy of importing muslims is clashing with their progressive social engineering agenda, and I thank God for at least that. The same thing may very well happen in my country too. If we don't turn it around (which is unlikely because we have a jew in the oval office), we're going to be in the same subverted situation that you are in.

Because its all bullshit and the media is flat out lying on every front, MSM or otherwise.

You mean Jewish lawyers protects them

That is sad but true. Only people like Breivik can truly say they did everything they could to stop the invasion.
But that still supports what im trying to say because by that same logic the US let their jew invasion happen. Same problem different invader.

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No once they got to the court and lawyer stage they were usually banged to rights.
The problem is getting the police to tackle the cases in the first place because the muslims just played the race card on the police or parents of the raped kids. The police here are terrified of being called racist.

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yeah literally fake news

The jews are pissed.

Truth boldly spoken.

Go suck his dick, he’s hasn’t done shit. He triggers leftists but blows Jewish cock 10x harder.

WTF difference would it make?

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Bump because your ZOG emperor doesn't belong here.

it is the total mind fuck. They have the person you are supposed to hate make the most logical observation. No matter which side you take they win. Picking a side is like setting a picnic table in a tornado.

Criticizing Israel is not the same thing as criticizing the kikes. The Muslims and their shitlib buddies call out the Zionist half of the Zionist vs. globalist kike false dichotomy, while defending the globalist half. If you don't recognize that both are serving different parts of the same agenda, you are merely contributing to this fake conflict and playing right into the enemy's hands.
This doesn't mean Trump's approach is the right one either, but the things the left is doing and saying about Israel will not hurt Israel, much less the broader kike agenda, because they're not meant to.

STFU you uppity murimutt.
We have 3× more taconiggers as they have wogs& together w/ niggers have totally fucked WT into the mud.

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Because Trump is rich and all the culturally destructive actions taken by the government were for all for his benefit. The abortion laws, divorce laws, subsidized slave labor laws all, undeclared oil wars all made him rich and happy. Only outsiders see how depraved it all really is.

Iran subsidizes trannies. Afghans fuck little boys. Saudi Arabia is full of fags. I'm tired of this fucking meme, they're a bunch of degenerates.

Bye, jew.

Because some federal agent is going to believe that you ACTUALLY CREDIBLY are going to use thermonuclear weapons on washington dc. Jesus christ, dude.

no u

How does one get one of these paid shill gigs?

maganiggers do it for free

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The shills are not sending their best.

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You can love and defend your race and still be a civic nationalist.

Nope. Try again.

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What in the goddamn…

I am against racemixing!

She's not working for "us". She's working to turn America into something approximating Somolia, i.e. a place so shitty that there is nothing for jews to exploit.

I am also a staunch separatist.

Bye, jew.

Does that mean you are no longer a civ-nat cuck, because it's much more likely that people will racemix when other races around to racemix with you know.

You assume wrong. Civic nationalism is possible in a balkanized nation, where the various groups of said nation work together in a state of agreeable cooperation.

Without compromising their racial groups or beliefs of course.

turn on cnn goy. congress bipartisan condemnation of mudslime. orchestrated just for the opportunity for the goyim to denounce antisemitism. good job you played your role and now we have to deal with shills using this tossed bone to shit this place up with support for scripted narratives and racial enemies.

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How many times to you jerk off to Zion Don per day on average?


are you sure about that, user?

Other than Europeans and SJWs yeah I'm sure.

Well, then I guess we better stop hating on Communism then, because there are millions of whites in there too!


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I can fix a White communist. I can't fix jew. And in the presence of jew, fixing White commies is much, much harder.
Jews act to exacerbate. Its in their nature. It really is that simple.

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Check out this nigger.

If a multi-culti state balkanised with each race forming their own territory, you'd simply just have mini (ethnostates) nations everywhere because nation means people group by definition. So it wouldn't be civnatisim anymore.

Not in its classic form, no.

Realistically, each racial/belief group would form their own enclaves within our society long before the day that we could form our own territories, so a classic state of civnat will still be viable.

Only "Americans" are so stupid not to realize how the rest of the world sees them. Having been in a foreign country now for awhile, I can tell you that people see the entire English-speaking European world as a single nation (and it is). Even when people know a little English, they can't even distinguish British and American accents.
Trump's presidency has shown the world that there is such a thing as working class whites, and they can and will vote in their perceived interests. There are even plenty of non-white people who would openly support White Nationalism. You don't have to belong to the White Nation to actually like it. That's how much many people around the world "hate" America; they'd rather Earl Turner be president than some nigger like Obama or celebrity Kike-lover like Trump.
And not to be degenerate or anything, but there are non-white women who are attracted to the hypermasculine imagery of White Nationalists, much the same way many faggots are.

Convincing someone to abandon the Jewish identity is indeed difficult. Just like faggots, they think they're born that way.
A white communist (that is, a English-speaking European communist) is someone who hasn't yet realized niggers are never gonna rise up and overthrow capitalism for them, and can't understand why that is. If you explain it to them patiently, you'll have a Nationalist Socialist. It's easier than turning a Christfag into a Kike-hater.

Has anyone read this masterpiece of scholarship?

“When Victims Rule. A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America”
is 100% normie friendly and written in a 100% respectful and optics friendly way.
If you haven’t read it yourself, you should, its a great introduction to the issue of Jewish supremacism and its 2000 pages with over 10000 citation from, and this is the best part, JEWISH SOURCES ONLY.

The link to the book is this:
The archive link for that link is this:
2000 pages of fully sourced digs on jewish subversion in the US

Wouldn't just a Federation be way more feasible? Dissolving borders would spark war no matter if nations "stay nations". It's not only about unifying Europe for example, it (should be) about recognising the individual rights of nations and not overruling them, unlike how EU does, which is not what Hitler imagined. It was a federation of nations. If you were born in Eastern Europe you would understand how impossible it is to handle us. Every single nation here has inextinguishable hatred for some others because we never forgive or forget any injustice, massacre done against us. I mean on the west same would be normal but your education doesn't teach hatred anymore like ours does.

You faggot turn p everywhere to shill (((discord))). Weeb faggots should be instantly banned because of their tendency to desecrate nationalsocialist symbols and values with degeneracy.To me you all glow. I will never care for your opinions because you yourselves are worthless human beings.

Incorrect. If people balkanized, they'd make up nations by definition and you'd have ethnostates by default. You Christ-cuks really do perform the greatest feats of mental gymnastics.