76K Migrants Entered Through Southwest Border in February — Most in 12 Years, Says CBP

They are already taking advantage of loopholes.



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Build complex obstacles. At least some barbed wire.

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nearly double what illegal immigration was in Obama’s last Fiscal Year.

That's projection, so not certain, but it's not looking good.

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What's funny is that image looks like it's staged for the photographer, as the wall is falling apart just a few feet away.

Something like multiple fences with barbed wire may have made the most sense. Most of the Israeli barrier actually looks like that, they only have the high walls near cities. Hungary does it that way as well.

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I'm tired of winning.

the only thing that needs to be said about this is assassinate politicians. murder zogbots. mutilate the media. and torture jews.

But Trump said 'mergency, 'merica, and MAGA! And we need people now anyway cuz 'conomy doin real gud!


hurr durr look lets post about epic border defenses that have 0 chance of being employed

DOTR cannot come soon enough.

It's good because everyone absorbed The Wall bullshit because it was a Trump talking point. The Israeli example is extreme, plus they have lots of money to throw at the problem, but what Hungary is doing looks pretty realistic.

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A mine field would keep the neighbors kids in their own fucking yard.

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What do you guys think the real number of illegals in America is? Trumpenstein used to say 30 million, but now he parrots that bullshit 11 million number. It has to be well over 30 million by now, not counting their (((legal))) children.

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I'm telling you faggots, the wall is going to be built one day, but it won't be to keep the illegals out, it'll be to keep us in.

Gas The Trumplestein Race War Now

The White birth rate per month in the US is not that much higher. At what point does it become acceptable to be black pilled towards a peaceful solution?

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idk but i bet it was 150k not 76k that made it last month shit maybe 200

We're reaching levels of BASED that shouldn't even be possible

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They are already taking advantage of loopholes.





2,800 Goyim Slaves Per Jew
It's coming Goyim
ZOG Emperor and Jewish Messiah Kushner guarantee it.

Fuck politicians, but Sessions basically tanked being a Senator because he thought it would be better to work with Trump, and he put up with a ton of shit because of it.

They wanted sessions out of the way so they could turn Bama Blue.
t. Bama user who went to church with Sessions
He was a good, loving family man who hated niggers and spics. Boomer, but a good guy. Trump fucked him and well never forgive him for the mocking.
I seriously hope Trump has a heart attack in office. Fuck Trump


Eat shit and die.


i bet he is. no chance he slits infant throats and showers in the blood while masturbating. he showed up for church with a smile on. deception isnt real.


he has an Asian grand daughter, you got duped

Militias could solve the problem. The country needs to see the military rushing in to kill those who defend the border.

If you meet a Mexican and he says he's from California, he's a border hopper.
They never say Texas for some reason.

if they're actually from Texas, they're usually Tejano and actually have lived in the state for generations

Jose Rodriguez is Jose Rodriguez regardless if it is here illegally or been here since its great grandpadre Jose Rodriguez the 1st. Jose will never be John and will always side with Martinez before Martin.

no, they hate mexicans. they tend to drunk drive into their fences.

Donald Trump. The most pro-jewish, anti-white president ever

And not even one shot by ordinary citizens?

Muh guns.

And even if you dont want to shoot them, cant you just drive next to the border and scare them off by playing border patrol, like using binoculars, using floodlights etc.

Looks basically just like the old Inner German Border to me kek

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Forgot my vid

It won't be coming at all. No Whites have what it takes.

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I support the Vlad Tepes model
It would turn the invading horde around in its tracks. Send them packing with tales of terror the likes of which haven’t been seen in a thousand years

Your more likely to get arrested yourself. That's the real reason Trump sent the military down there, to stop the local militia groups from dealing with the caravan.


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how do you get 76,103 when they dont even know how many snuck through and thats a lot. 1000 would be newsworthy but its way worse than that.

Tired of winning yet?

76,000 in a month.


These numbers are staggering. It's almost laughable how stupid you have to be to believe that Trump actually accomplished what he said he was going to. Or that he's even working towards it. Economy, trade deals, all that shit is just smoke and mirrors to distract his base. None of it matters without massive deportations, and stopping legal immigration entirely. The fact that Trump didn't do that on the first day is more damning than any other piece of evidence I can think of.

We're just waiting for the shambling corpse that is the United States to finally collapse. The damage has been done, it's terminal. Millions upon millions of parasites have finally overcome the host. You want to see the future? Look at the shit that Congress has proposed so far this year. Outlawing all firearms for civilians, reparations (I guess 50+ years of welfare and tens of thousands of dead white men to abolish slavery wasn't enough reprashuns for them), etc… They are going to take every dime of your paycheck under the guise of "social justice". This country has been well and truly fucked for decades but we're really seeing the decline speed up now.

Hopefully something better comes out of the coming dissolution of the American "empire".

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So, about that wall, got an ETA?

I heard on reddit that Trump is doing a very good job with the border which is completely Bullshit. The reason it's bullshit is because if we stopped that many people we would be running out of prison space because Jews and Liberals try to tie up the justice system to subvert it.

Latefag here. Is op telling me that they’ve let the caravans in?!?!

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Ya, when you think about it there's no other way. 76,000 in a single month? What is that military task force doing?

I don't completely understand the numbers, they stand out largely because they are so much higher than the usual, and because this does not appear to be some odd fluke, but the new normal with the new rules.

A lot of illegals are people who simply overstayed their visas. Others don't cross the wall, but are simply driven in.

And read this part:

>The Trump administration’s latest budget proposal includes $1.6 billion to start building a wall that the administration has estimated will cost $18 billion. It asks for funding to hire more Border Patrol agents. It also includes $33 million to build a new Border Patrol station in Freer, Texas, northeast of Laredo. But it doesn’t directly address needs at other checkpoints, and it proposes zeroing out new spending on tactical infrastructure like roads used by border agents and replacement border fencing.

>The proposal also would end funding for efforts to find and destroy border tunnels built by cartels to get under existing barriers. Border security experts have warned that constructing a wall will lead to smugglers trying to dig more tunnels.


That is from a year ago.

In all the talk about the wall, so many people forgot that you can simply drive illegals right through with a pretty good chance of success.

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There were 28 days last month so the Military let 2,500 illegals cross the border every single day.

They are boiling the frog fast now.

Too bad no one pick up their guns.

There were reports of armed individuals going to the border, soon after Trump sent the military to the border to do paper work.

If the militia is scared of the military, then they might as well give up their guns.

Also, supposedly both the armed men were there with the military.

so they're larping?

It should be plain as day at this point that the government is not interested in protecting the country's existence. They're barely even trying to pretend anymore. I think this is the fate of every democracy, in the end.

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What's sad is that no one is doing anything about it.

dressing up like the patriotards

We're just an economic zone to pilfer before nuking and leeching on the ping pongs next.

everyone supports the kings guards (((the police))) and they're more police per capita than ever before.

I know. I'm just trying to raise a family, keeping in touch with like-minded men, buying supplies. I think the ship has too much momentum at this point to avoid the iceberg and the best thing to do is be prepared for shit to fall apart.

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I think it's going to end like Rhodesia or Haiti where niggers and brown just straight up and kill whites, after like 20 years where white become minority.

They do that today. A few years back a black woman abducted an 8 year old on Christmas even to torture him to death with a welders torch.

I'm saying on a much greater scale.

I don't understand why no one does anything about it.

jews live in your head rent free, you've already lost using jews indoctrination terms, framing the discussion in jews' terms. fail.

Your response is your answer. They already do target us on a much greater scale. The Jew has even us believing our genocide is steam chambers, electric floors, oven rollercoasters, and gas chambers. We are racially desensitized to our present extermination.

This is exactly what Trump is working to stop, why are you blaming him for this?

Why didn't the military stop them?

Stormbagels are infantile. They blame everyone yet they themselves are much to blame for the political problems Whites face.

It was sort of semi-ironic bait, sorry. Thought it was obvious.


that's enough to replace my hometown's population twice over.

For what, driving around, turning on lights?

slide it


It just keeps getting crazier.

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accelerationism is the only answer now
we need open borders
the country must completely collapse to be rebuilt again
move to a rural area and start stockpiling food weapons and ammo

Here is the predictable part. You know it would be christcucks of one type or another.

I looked up the Hope Institute.


And if you look at staff, it is basically a Catholic organization.


Profiting off of anti-Trump hysteria, and pretending he is not the best ally they could have.

Nope, we're going to keep on winning!

They even funded the "Migrant" comic book.


Not sure how to get the whole thing down.

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