JEWS TO THE GAS - Dutch Soccer Fans Shout Against Jews in Match

Dutch soccer fans shout at Jewish team during game

LOL- Hilarious. What's more important are the Holocaust numbers in this article:

Muh Six Gorillion DEBUNKED Again!

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Kike free first post

Heil Hitler



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Baste and ZOGpilled

I don't see it happening in the US.

Probably not as long as they worship this kike puppet.


However nice the sentiment, the OP and self-bumping makes this thread incredibly lame.

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haha hitler was a fag who betrayed his friends and his people
do what he didn't and couldn't

Kill yourself

t. Sodomite kike

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hey new guy. there are id's here. dont pretend to be multiple people again.

good article though

gen z has been going ham lately. i think we will. i would also like to see some soccer hoolaginism stateside. maybe when the spics popularize the sport we can show up and get rowdy.

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what an ignorant post

If there ever were hooliganism, I would join in. When I see young people in MAGA hats and Q-shirts I lose hope. It's like seeing them on dope, but worse.

What's that rabbit doing?

It's derailing

I like irony. Or is that a cohencidence?


I love that anti-semitism™️ is becoming en vogue!!!

Were the work camp sports teams any good?

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Pat Condell - hopeless boomer so set in his ways no amount of evidence will convince him of the truth.

PJW - Look at his body language as he cucks to his sponsors. This guy is fully JQ aware. There's a video floating around from before he was with infowars where he made that clear enough.

have a bump

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Lmfao these kikes bring up the holocaust every breath


Being a greedy little kike.

You are late. Reading the "diary" of Anne Frank, watching Schindler's list and visiting holocaust museums is part of the curriculum in virtually all dutch high schools. School attendance in the netherlands is compulsory until the age of 18.

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this just european peasant culture, they don't really want to kill jews.

Wait…..jews are playing sports?

I read that whole long article twice and I still don't know what actually happened.

More important, I think, is the quality of people being redpilled. I think good Zoomers and Millenials are making the connections they need to. Ignore DACApedes and leftist turbofags, they basically just follow a herd anyway. Mostly I think more "broken mold" politicians are needed at a local and national level. Get a working class focused, nationalist party up from a few guys taking seats across the country. Similar to how the Tea Party happened, but actually in touch with something bigger. Prove that said guys are willing to fight, and call out Donald if he is still president when he does gay shit.
Regardless, something is still at a breaking point, based on what interactions I have with Zoomers and Millenials. Plus I think overall, most of the sites that actively redpill etc. are very young. Gen X and Boomers making the connection, not so much, although some boomers are essentially aware of the problems anyhow, so it's not all of them.
Remember too, systemic disinfo is strongest in America, obviously, so lies abound, creating a false reality. This is why the average liberal and NPC undergoes cognitive dissonance when presented with what is actually happening and actively deny it. The fact things are as crazy as they are and the topics that are surfacing are doing so now is proof enough things are changing. I guess I'm saying, keep a broad perspective.

I know this is just some tranny who can't pass and is lashing out by shitposting but Hitler stood by his friends to such an extent that when the USSR offered alliance if Germany would let them annex Finland and Romania and Bulgaria and enslave their people, Hitler said no and committed Germany to defending Europe from Bolshevism.

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Yeah soccerfans refer to Ajaxsupporterts(Amsterdam) as joden/jews. But they even call themselves superjews rofl.

Waar komen Joden toch vandaan?
Israel hier ver vandaan!
Wonen daar ook superjoden?
Ja daar wonen superjoden!
Vinden Joden voetbal fijn?
Als ze maar voor Ajax zijn!


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That's pretty funny.

Perhaps misery loves company, but it's heartening to hear that we all share in this mutual bonding over fucking crazy levels of Holocaust conditioning. They as a Tribe are pathologically insane and this needs to be known by all non-Jews on the planet.

How is it debunked?
Holland is one square of dirty toilet paper in the entire tapestry of shit-stained Europe. It makes sense if Holland lost 100k Jews, that 6 million overall died.
Looks like confirmation to me.

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Rome destroyed Judea lol. Egypt was a myth, Moses didn't exist. Babylon enslaved jews. Greece is widely regarded as way higher in culture and intellectual achievement than anything jews have done. NS Germany still runs a civilization down south which jewish shills are afraid of.

In football "jew" is popular slur against enemy team and their fans. It's, like british would call it, "banter".

Oy vey remember the velocaust

oh, does this mean you have the proof for the fabled 6 million that TO THIS DAY no one has seen yet?


Why are they all of a sudden reporting this. Ajax didn't even play this weekend, because of the match against Real Madrid. The chant "Hamas, hamas, joden aan het gas" is used for ages against Ajax. For example the embedded video is from 2009. This is because Ajax has adapted the nickname of being jews, because fans needed to walk through the jewish quarter to get to the stadium. But this all has more too do with people hating Ajax then really hating jews.

Provably false:

never forget Titus Flavius, responsible for killing more jews than jews existed.

Is PJW /ourguy/? I want to know if I can buy some water filters

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Lurk one thousand years moar.

His legions marched into the uncreated world and slaughtered them in the sight of their foreskin god.

nice try

This happens at each fucking match and it is glorious. Most jews are every afraid of the Dutchmen because more and more openly speak out against them, the holocaust spell is wearing off too.

Based Rotterdam. Too bad the Germans bombed it in WW2.

Checked and confirming from personal experience. Let us go kike hunting.

Godverdomme wat prachtig. Mijn inmiddels overleden opa zat in de SS en tot zijn dood sprak hij zich uit over de joden, de holocaust en al andere leugens bovendien men verklaarde hem voor gek, mijn vader wou niets van hem weten totdat ik mijn pa bewees dat zijn vader de waarheid sprak. Als hij nu kon zijn hoeveel mensen het nu met hem eens zullen zijn omdat zij ook de waarheid hebben ondervonden zou hij lachen van puur geluk.

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He took the shekels.

There's my nigga.

Asian Spammer

Fun times exposing things. - adl thread shilling - adl thread, post deletion - fun exposing things - bumplocked - board log, IP hash wipes + bumplock

Multi-IP "why was my marxism beleted!" kvetchfest 2019

That I would love to see.

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If he sold out he doesn't believe it anymore

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he was rolling for hitler trips


IP hopping, and collecting shekels.

That, or he already is aware, but knows (((who))) butters his bread. He'd lose all YouTube shekels, and his long-standing YouTube account if he started speaking out against (((them))).


holy fuck I have never seen a more obvious shill than this

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May your opa rest in heaven, user

Hold up can you give me the quick rundown of what’s going on in this video?
Who are these guys?

Correct. His faggotry has no bound.


Can someone give me a flyover of these guys, I seriously can't figure out what is the fascination with these brothers. So they are rich, had alot of plastic surgery, and play short sale games like Soros? or what? what is their angle here??

I never did any of those though

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Nice try, MSM. There's no way the home of the jews lost 90% of themselves.

Poland = Pale of Settlement

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cant believe these Bog freax egsist
think i looked into their story
not shure but isnt one married to some french royal bloooodline or shit?

twas much bigger than east poland dude